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by: pornhub

Is it just us or is this an exceptionally sexy spring? It’s time to dust the cobwebs off your profiles and optimize them for success! Maintaining an updated profile is a key factor in your success on Pornhub. Think of your profile as a one-stop-shop for marketing yourself and all your content! It’s important to keep your profile fresh with updated photos, links & information. 

Avatar & Cover Photo

Your avatar is a great way to showcase your personality and help you stand out from others. An enticing high-quality photo is more appealing and more likely to receive clicks than blurry images, according to Google’s Search Engine Optimization Guidelines. 

The minimum picture specs are 400x400. Take a minute to review your profile on desktop and mobile and update your avatar photo. You can update your avatar directly from your profile by simply clicking on it. We recommend updating your avatar every 6 months or however often you change your appearance. For example, if you changed your hair color recently or got some fillers, show off your new look with an updated avatar!  

The same applies to the cover photo on your profile. While Pornhub offers generic options, we recommend uploading your own cover photo to stand out and market your brand! If your cover photo is a bit pixelated or the text is difficult to read, now’s the time to replace it. The minimum specs for the banner are 1323 x 270, or larger. You can replace the image by clicking the edit icon in the top right-hand corner of the cover photo.

For more info on taking great pictures, check out our crash course on basic photography tips and our crash course on social media photography.

Do you have professional photos or headshots? Add them to your photo albums!


Having links on your profile is a great way to make new fans and retain them. In your Model Settings, click on “Personal Information” and scroll to the “Social Media” section. Here you can add the links to your social media profiles in the designated boxes. If you have a personal website, include that link in the designated space for “Personal Website”.

We recently removed some harmful or invalid websites from profiles and recommend taking a moment to review if yours was affected. You may need to update your official site link on your profile.  

IMPORTANT: many Models have had their Instagram and/or twitter accounts suspended or deleted. If you’ve made new social media accounts, remember to update the link on your profile to ensure smooth redirects. Take a moment to ensure your personal website and social links lead to the correct pages to help your fans find you!

Don’t forget to fill out the ABOUT ME section on your profile. This is a great way to show off your personality and attract viewers.

Your profile should give a good sense of who you are, what you look like, what kind of content you make and how fans should interact with you!

Don’t forget that an entire section on profile optimization is available in the helpdesk

Have any tips you find especially helpful for optimizing your profile? Share them in the comments! 



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litclit69 1 week ago

You are currently making a lot of effort to give us models good tips! Thank you Pornhub 🧡

LadycreamyPr 2 days ago

true love

inzolia 5 days ago

Yesss! As a newcomer model I'm swallowing all that info 😜

SophiaMarval 1 week ago

😇como debe ser siempre amor👌

Ace Ham20 1 week ago

All very good advise, thanks

TomaStevi 1 week ago

Thank you for this information ♥ * kiss *

Ladyking0612 1 week ago

Great advice ill be sure to use it to the best I can

Thomastommie1969 1 week ago

Excellent advice for your site.

Ricky222299 1 week ago

Nice 👍

jonathan_fracassi 1 week ago

My sunglasses cover my face. How can I optimize it? I miss my nose and mouth.

College-Couple 1 week ago

Hahahahaha Evil genius

FanteDiPicche 1 week ago

Are you sure you have your eyes under your sunglasses? Check it out.

TwistedFantasy77 1 week ago

Thanks for the tips! ✅

Coitus00Couple 1 week ago

Thanks for the info Pornhub 😘

Olarlawka 1 week ago

It turned out to be a very useful article.

LadycreamyPr 2 days ago

any some tips how update my profile

Pink Asian Doll 4 days ago

Very helpful! Thanks PH

SosoKane 5 days ago

we appreciate all the wonderful information definitely gonna soak it all In🤫

Alice Wonder 6 days ago

@pornhub When will Premium be back up for purchases and fan only content??

Zack FIT 6 days ago

yesssss!!!! come here

Blessed Couple Zero 1 week ago

Thanks for info! That will be a great course and we update our avatar and cover by those. 👋We are your new favorite couple! 🔞💦🍓 Making real sex&love with hot wife 👄

SkinnyGuySoloFUN 1 week ago

Nice tips! Thank you! 🙂

Johnmark1234335 1 week ago

Thanks for advice

Big ass veteran 1 week ago

Thank you a lot

CantrellCocks 1 week ago

Thanks for the tips because I was ready to put some new pics up

Dee Love 1 week ago

Really good advice. I have some advice in return PornHub... Get your credit card situation sorted!!

SophiaMarval 1 week ago

Excelente, es lo que necesitaba, sigan haciendo un buen trabajo chicos💛

Loraylaggaye 1 week ago

thnx this information ❤ love

Alienlove12 1 week ago

Great Tips!! Thank PH

Ray_Roberts 1 week ago

How do I get my head shot down to 400x400 mp ?

TeenBand 1 week ago

All very good advise, thanks

BK Fantasy 1 week ago


Carly Cloud 1 week ago

Thanks for the advice.

Gigi_explores 1 week ago

So helpful! Thank you!

Pegaso Y Athena 1 week ago

Estoy feliz con las novedades y ayuda que estás ofreciendo. Dando una orientación clara y detallada, sigue así Pornhub 💕

LexxiLogan 1 week ago

Great post!

TaylorTrap 1 week ago

Thanks for the advise

2rickylicious 1 week ago

Thanks PH 👍

ButterflyBunz 1 week ago

Great advice !

Alex Cum 1 week ago

Thanks for the information


ok muchas gracias pornhub por la informacion y apoyo

Cat Woman 1979 1 week ago

thanks 🥰

Leoinches 1 week ago

How to i write a post on my timeline?

MsShe 1 week ago

Thanks for the advice, I hope I get popular someday.

MissCocoDeville 1 week ago

Thank you PornHub! Xo Miss Coco

Johny Diesel 1 week ago

Good advice. Do you think my profile picture needs improvement?

Sothyze 1 week ago

Thank you 🙂

LocoCoupleOF 1 week ago

We’re just out here trying to get recognised

Iliketoplaywithmys 1 week ago


BigMeat1001 1 week ago


Blossomnica 1 week ago

Hope im 50 to the million pornstar in world

MrsLiquidStore 1 week ago

Thank you for the tips, gonna apply them all 😊

renimasks 1 week ago

Not really sure how important profile pic and cover actually are on this site...

CANE JOE 1 week ago

Check My Profile

Elizabethlovee 1 week ago

Great way to help!!! Thank you

Pornhub vibe 1 week ago

Good advice thanks😘

BIG_ASS_TV 1 week ago


Sultry and Slutty 1 week ago

I appreciate the advice, my pussy deserves to be photographed by someone who knows what tf they're doing.

timmmy4600 1 week ago

kayna chi mghribiya hna ndiro wa7d l blan?

MJayHard 1 week ago

We love the advice, thank you!

Cafe_con_Cacao 1 week ago

Very Interesting Read 🤔✨

CoupleHW 1 week ago

super 🙂 love love love

Thenugagamage 1 week ago


SereneXX 1 week ago

Thanks for this post, if anyone would like to help me applying these ideas or if you have suggestions for my profile please message me ! Serenexx 💋

soloFleshlight 1 week ago

thank you, i hope people check me out 😩

Sce857 1 week ago

Very cool information. There really is a lot to learn.

SweetAngel895 1 week ago

Yeah i’m ready to FILM 😉

Erotic Art by Softapproach 1 week ago


Gina WAP 1 week ago

I hope I blow up here just started yesterday lol 💀

FUCKDENIZHamburg 1 week ago


Sofia Ansari Hub 1 week ago


PAWGandSpud 1 week ago


PrimeSS37 1 week ago

After 34 videos we're not rich and famous yet but we're going to keep trying....

Sexy Hot Wife MILF 1 week ago

Great tips! I really need to try this!

ultimopolvo2 1 week ago

Gracias por la Información

Alli Leigh 1 week ago

Weirdly enough, I updated my profile before I saw this article... but the same day it came out XD

Servile Sarah 1 week ago

Thanks 🙂

ErosBrown 1 week ago

Thank you

Missplayboy 1 week ago

Good Information 😎

Andrea Regini 1 week ago

Thanks for the info Pornhub ♥

Succubus Sin 1 week ago

I feel so attacked because my profile needs updating from our hiatus. Lol

angdmangdm 1 week ago

Alguien para Grabar en Chicago ?

Sub_princess22 1 week ago


AllMyDreams 1 week ago

Merci beaucoup for the good advice😊

Miaa Sweet 1 week ago

great advice!!! thank you ❤

Jhom Sal 1 week ago

Thank for suggestion.. i think i change my profile to hot,yummy profile

Porno_Tempus 1 week ago

Пойдёт для новичков 🙂

MariahLoveCD 1 week ago

Thank you for the advice 🙂

Carly Curvy 1 week ago


Joey Lee 1 week ago


GraceElla1 1 week ago

Very good 😊

DingooBlack 1 week ago


Yourfreakscouple 1 week ago

Hope people start buying my contact

AriicFree 1 week ago

Thank u ! Let's gi ! 😁

Your Sucker Punch 1 week ago

Thanks for the tips! 🙂

TrulyRoger69 1 week ago

Thank you!

TheAriesLovesJade 1 week ago

Great any payment updates on for sale videos ?

Argent Flower 1 week ago


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