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by: pornhub

Gather ‘round friends and freaks, we’re going to need all your help on this one!

Pornhub and the Museum of Sex have partnered up with molecular biologist Lee Silver (Professor, Princeton University) and Kristen Mark (University of Minnesota and the Kinsey Institute) on a fascinating new research project.

We launched SexType.Me, the largest sexual personality survey ever done. SexType.Me utilizes sophisticated analytical techniques used for genomic research to discover sexual personality traits, a.k.a. "sexual dimensions." Additional features allow participants to compare their sexual personality to friends and lovers and discover Pornhub Models that share their sexual personality traits. 

As the sample set of participants grows, SexType.Me will discover new sexual dimensions. The more participants, the more accurate the study will be allowing researchers to periodically announce new, significant discoveries. Click on bottom to complete the survey. Do it for science!

 SexType.Me Survey 

Completing the survey will also allow the sexual personality of consenting participants to be directly compared and matched with those of Pornhub Models such as Asa Akira, Kira Noir, Angela White, Keiran Lee, Jordi El Niño Polla, Charlotte Sartre, Aubrey Kate, MySweetApple, LuxuryGirl, MissLexa, Mini Diva, Lil D, June Liu, Jade Kush, Jkab Ethan Dale.  

Besides discovering new personality traits, this research project aims to help individuals learn more about their complete and complex sexual identity, and help researchers understand whether sexual personality traits are linked to well-known characteristics such as extroversions or empathy; or are unrelated domains of mental expression. It also aims to empower participants to understand their sexual nature, start dialogues with partner(s) and lead a more authentic sexual relationship.

The test takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, and it’s a guaranteed A+ assignment! 


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SexwifeKaty 1 week ago

pornhub you forgot to add me to this list again🤔😉😊

2rickylicious 1 week ago

I totally agree with that😘

Alex Cum 1 week ago

Ok there I go, everything is for science.🤓🤓

TheDawlMaker 1 week ago

I have to agree with u as well.. algorithm strikes again. Lol. XOXO. -DawlFace

WikkiNikki 1 week ago

Да вообще похуй,верните визу и мастеркарт🖐🖐🖐

Petite Slutty 1 week ago

Mmmm.. Interesting!!Wink Emoticon

Ricky222299 1 week ago

Hot 🔥

Fellow Uncos Newboy 1 week ago

Like if you took the survey, and reply with a link to your results.

Titegaby 1 week ago

I did the servey and the results were completely on the opposite of what i feel. Pretty weird.

Miss Sweet B 6 days ago

SAME!!! Both me and my husband got opposite of what we actually are!

Edb33 1 week ago

I love it ready to match up

litclit69 1 week ago

Yeah thats very interesting guys! Do it for the science and to learn about yourself 😍👍 I am excited who could bei my match..

Littlechanel 1 week ago

I honestly think is awesome you guy think about us like that. And concern about us to learn more about our complete and complex sexual identity. I love it 😻 💦💦 This will deff help me and my partner to get a better life sex. Knowledge and awareness is lovely 🥰 more room for freakness 💦💦💦

Margo4Master 1 week ago


activecouplearg 1 week ago

it is fantastic and a good way to learn and interact better sexually

SexNotFace 1 week ago


FrogZzZ69 1 week ago

Click like if you got a high sex drive!

Covid__21 1 week ago

Everything new is well forgotten old - that's the whole story 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁

TomaStevi 1 week ago

I want to be on the list ♥ =D

Sunflowerinthebed 1 week ago

Is anyone having trouble receiving any sort of notification or alert or emails!?

Cherry Lips 1 week ago

Do it but it’s to long 😂

MrDeepupinyou 1 week ago

All you dirty little sluts ADD ME........

ghelson166 2 days ago

Add me i do everything for science

Gotyouth 2 days ago


Gotyouth 2 days ago

Lexi lore

nawtyandnice 2 days ago

Nope completely the opposite

Liza_Mee 3 days ago

Y I can't upload my sex videos.

Dee20323 4 days ago

Hope i can find my match soon😫

digital35mm 5 days ago

Not filling in as I've not had any actual experience

WifeOnTop 5 days ago

Pornhub, we're very like what you do

Rosey Indica 6 days ago

I did the quiz, it wasn't that long, pretty informative for the new comers who don't really know what they like yet for themselves. But still an interesting little experiment I would say~♡

mxnicole 6 days ago

Y eso para que es??? 🧘🧘🧘

CaramelShizzle 6 days ago


Miss Sweet B 6 days ago

This is such a good and fun idea... unfortunately the survey is extremely inaccurate! My husband and I took it and across the board, the results are almost the exact opposite of what we actually are. I think they need to reanalyze some of the questions. I think these types of surveys can be great when they are done well.

Nadia Malone 6 days ago


Ascazzman24 6 days ago

I'm pretty curious on on results. But thanks for coming up this the idea and the invite.

I snow angel 1 week ago

I would like to be in that

Exotic Royalty 1 week ago


Kimmys feet 1 week ago

lost 30 minutes of my time.....site dont work as usual...this aint my full time job Thank god....

juturb 1 week ago

I want to join the industry Buh I don’t know how🥺🥺I’m from Africa 🇬🇭🇬🇭+233555287977

AnnaBacardi 1 week ago

It was interesting to try this test. But his results are not true as usual.

vision208 1 week ago

Any sexy ladies wanna cum with me right now dm me

EPstudios 1 week ago

Oh My my my

Realstumper 1 week ago

Awesome, good test I like my results...

HerPolishSausage 1 week ago

I took my survey, I feel it states who I am and my sexuality. ❤🍑

Kunbae 1 week ago


besthxd 1 week ago

I going to take the test (hhhmmm have so many favorite sexual preferences) and post the results on a video... subscribe to my page to b sure you'll see the video when I upload it soon

MD0671 1 week ago


Fuckoholics 1 week ago

Love the article! 💋 Letha Reign💕

Exotic Royalty 1 week ago

New to porn hub you guys check me out and dont fprget to like an comment 💗💗

sexytt2019 1 week ago

When your wife is away, she can accompany you like a wife. She is your indispensable life partner. If you need, please contact me whatsapp: 1 (627) 225-2779

SidraSkywalker 1 week ago

Interested to see how this changes over time bc I felt mine was way off😅

papiciulo 1 week ago

the link doesn't work...

KantotPh 1 week ago


stivenVergon 1 week ago

Quién quiere de mi verga??

LovePleasureSex 1 week ago

Походу порнхуб уже не тот ;(

Bambifirst 1 week ago

Heyyy! 😊

ThatGuyWithVideos 1 week ago


Erlan Cum 1 week ago


CoochieMakesMeCum 1 week ago

Hmmm, interesting. 🤔

Chevrohub 1 week ago


KennyKanKum 1 week ago


eva_gray 1 week ago

novice models have no chance ... it's sad

Afro Home 1 week ago

licking sweet pussy 😋

VjSprice 1 week ago


Luxury Star 1 week ago


Dee Love 1 week ago

Why dont you make more effort to get our payments back up and less on stupid stuff like this??

Lex Zakros 1 week ago


Darko House 1 week ago

This is awsomee! Moat of the questions were great and I love what you are doing! Yess, full support

Florin86 1 week ago


black swan 1 week ago


Primitivecouple 1 week ago

Very good🔥🔥💦💦

Hollywood Goon 1 week ago


Hollywood Goon 1 week ago


Wetnwild721 1 week ago


FugitiveDick 1 week ago


EdgarDanielPH 1 week ago


Meri-Mouse 1 week ago

who cares

MaryVox 1 week ago

For me it is a useless occupation

Vcruz17 1 week ago


jiloa 1 week ago


Faust356 1 week ago

Хочу секс! я с Молдовы (Кишинёв) пишите кто от туда и желает встречи. Жду любых

Cupidcouple1 1 week ago

Sounds interesting, I’m up for it

lovestheass 1 week ago

Why would I need to give up my username? I’ll pass… seems suspicious.

Jetsfan1983 1 week ago

I want to do my part and complete this assignment. For Science!

EvaStive 1 week ago

interesting, I will go with pleasure

miki668886 1 week ago


Carly Curvy 1 week ago

Hey there

Eli Astamd 1 week ago

can't wait to know my results !!

Phantasyamore 1 week ago

Playing with fire

NaughtyCouplePY 1 week ago


AgathaHarris 1 week ago

Very interesting idea)))

SaniYFredi 1 week ago


Zatirus 1 week ago

Lovely! I'd love to know my type people Smile Emoticon

mysweat-cranberry 1 week ago


Erotic Art by Softapproach 1 week ago

They are just stealing emails and want you to register on that site.

polishmarriage 1 week ago

Sounds great Grin Emoticon

Aryan rekha 1 week ago


Dicksaster93 1 week ago


brendi_sg 1 week ago

Si claro me encanta

CasalVorazBR 1 week ago


Succubus Sin 1 week ago

This is actually pretty cool, because I have been looking for one of these tests for my partner.

Rosey Indica 1 week ago

Uuuwww this sounds really interesting, I love being studied lol makes me want to really show them all about me hehehe For real though, this looks pretty good for people who want very specific types of porn or insight on themselves sexually speaking.

ITN23 1 week ago

Don’t forget me

Brum420 1 week ago

Nice.... we are in!

Richi Tello 1 week ago

Ok ok ¿quién lo va a realizar?

FromBarsum 1 week ago

Ок, заполним

Mei Pang 1 week ago

What my sex type? who fucks me 24/7 hs

John Lemon 1 week ago

oh wow sounds interesting 🤘

alexamato 1 week ago

look my video!

Hello Im Thab 1 week ago

plz watch my video hahaha

Julia Sea 1 week ago


oralgenuss 1 week ago

Very interesting. Очень интересно

medosoda 1 week ago


SirEdgeAyLot 1 week ago


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