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by: pornhub

Fall is officially here, and what better way to keep busy and stay warm than getting a little frisky between the sheets?! This month's Viewers' Choice is all about creampies and cumshots. So grab your zoom lens, flaunt your camera skills, and show your fans why you deserve to win November's Viewers' Choice. And don't forget, we're giving away up to $6,000 in cash prizes to the top 3 winners, and the top 50 videos on theme will get featured on Pornhub's homepage. 

The winners are chosen by users who vote for their favorite videos, so be sure to remind your fans on how they can help you get featured and win one of the top 3 prizes. 

Monthly Prizes

1st Place  win $3,000

2nd Place wins $2,000

3rd Place win $1,000

Top 50 videos will get featured on Pornhub home page

Click here for more info on Viewers' Choice and how to participate.


Contest Rules

1. Videos must be submitted by November 30.

2. The content must be thematic. If your content is not on theme, we may remove it. Non-thematic content will also be disqualified from being eligible for the top 3 prizes.

3. Videos must be at least 7 minutes long. 

4. Videos more than 1 year old are not eligible.

5. Any evidence of fraudulent behavior will lead to removal of contest entry, without ability to resubmit an entry in the same month. Repeated offense may lead to more significant consequences.

If you need a refresher course on Viewers' Choice, click here.


All Comments(254)

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TomaStevi 1 month ago

My favorite category ♥ I will watch and support everyone who does the best ♥ I like it ♥

Jamesmakky 1 month ago

That sounds really sexy 😉

Sunflowerinthebed 1 month ago

Hell yeah thank you for that!

SexwifeKaty 1 month ago

I hope this contest will not bring such surprises as the last one?!??🤔😉😁

aleksar32 1 week ago

хочу предложить тебе вместе отсосать член

Sunflowerinthebed 1 month ago

What happened?

Wanda_Swan 1 month ago

Sorry.. Could you tell me please what the surprises are you talking about?😅

Nara Girl 1 month ago

Полностью согласна с тобой!

lovestheass 1 month ago

I’d love to give you a creampie 😍

Total Fucking Awesomeness 1 month ago

Perhaps pornhub won't remove our entry for this contest like they did for the Halloween contest. Just because we added too many new friends in a short period of time. That's some bonafide bullshit.

Sweet Baby N 3 weeks ago

Хочу к вам

Kinksters2gether 1 month ago

Agreed! That's how they shift the results in favor of themselves.

Kimmys feet 1 month ago


enfj1986 1 month ago

At least they gave you an explanation.... Others didn't even get a reasonable one. I agree... Bullshit.

FoxyElf 1 month ago

Oh, how difficult it is to start participating in a new competition after what PornHub did in the previous one. Good luck to all.

Sunflowerinthebed 1 month ago

So you saying only the top models end up winning?

Kinksters2gether 1 month ago

Agreed. We won't be participating.

TanlineJourney 1 month ago

💗💗I think my videos would be perfect for this : always creamy and insane juicy! Massive loads of cum mmmhhhh......yummy. Good luck nasty ones 💗💗

Jamesmakky 1 month ago

Haha! I like that

littlelillyfckslut 1 month ago

I'm interested in seeing how this contest is conducted. I absolutely will not be participating until I know it's running correctly though. After the Halloween contest and this one being announced so soon. I have doubts that anything has changed on their end.

Kinksters2gether 1 month ago

Boycott Contests! The Revolution has begun!!!!

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

it will be the same crap...remove vids as they wish...no wonder the site is always DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE

oralgenuss 1 month ago

When it will be possible to upload my video? There is no active contest available

oralgenuss 1 month ago

Still not possible. And also no support here since days Sad Emoticon

Wolfgang Coine 1 month ago

Are you able to yet? There is a button for add video but it does nothing when I press it. Thanks!

oralgenuss 1 month ago

Still not possible

SexEnBogota 1 month ago

We hope that this time the winner will be someone creative with the theme. Not just fucking in disguise.

hotcouplelovelysex 1 month ago

I think you will love our video Wink Emoticon

Sabrina_x 1 month ago

did more people get thrown out from last contest? they guilt on alot off weird things, anyways last contest was obv rigged

Chessie Rae 1 month ago

Can't wait to see all the entries!

Toystest 1 month ago

Free Cum Delivery)))

Jimmy69uaslut 1 month ago

Yummy hottie

Kim Equinoxx 1 month ago

Hope this one will be more fair

Kinksters2gether 1 month ago

I doubt it. We are boycotting this one.

TheJennaVive 1 month ago

This is going to be such a fun one! Can’t wait to see 😈 💦

Jamesmakky 1 month ago

I’m really excited about this!!

Rastagop 1 month ago

something strange is happening with this competition. and the site is constantly undergoing technical work.

oralgenuss 1 month ago

Let’s go, good luck and huge cums for all of us!

Jamesmakky 1 month ago

Lol cum conference!!

Ricky222299 1 month ago

Hot 🔥 💋

Enrico Wood 2 weeks ago

too bad im sterile after smoking all that crack. hAH! jk. great category. :3

Sunflowerinthebed 1 month ago

This will be our greatest video to date. Can’t wait to have you all view it! 🌻

SecretsUnleashed 1 month ago

They didn't say anything about squirting. I'm going to assume squirting and creampies are encouraged

Frele01 1 month ago

Tengo algunos vídeos para la competencia 😈😈😈

litclit69 1 month ago

Hey babes 😘 can anybody upload a video for contest today?

Bdsmlovers91 1 month ago

Not yet, it's stupid 😳

Funwithflaco 1 month ago

We can’t wait !!!!!

Tumpaking 1 month ago

Think I'm ready to start now

par3jahorny 1 month ago

Can’t wait! 🔥🔥

BigBootyBoyss 1 month ago

Good luck everyone ❤

Cocksmithcmr 1 month ago

My huge cumshots should do great for this contest!!

Veronikonly 1 month ago

Quién quiere hacer un creampie conmigo? 😋 Suerte a todos con vuestros vídeos 😘❤

MaxiLovers 1 month ago

Mmmmm I immediately really wanted to get anal creampie 🙏

octavia sky 1 month ago

I love it, it is the category that I like the most 😍🤤 I will make the best video 😌

Prettybttmdj 1 month ago

im about cream all over several dicks all in one day why not be a slut

Jamesmakky 1 month ago

I love a slut😉

Jimmy69uaslut 1 month ago

Fuck yeah baby take those Hard throbbing Cocs I wanna be fucking your wet pussy with them

Meri-Mouse 1 month ago

I will participate, I just like it when they cum inside me)))

Nara Girl 1 month ago

Hello everyone! Guys, can someone upload a video to the competition? I wrote "The topic of the competition has not yet been announced" ... And the previous competition ended on October 18th, although they wrote that the competition was until the 20th ..

lovestheass 1 month ago

I think I’ll just save myself the loss and keep uploading my huge cumshots for fun. 😇 good luck everyone.

Ricky222299 1 month ago

Hot 🔥

MaXXXimumMilf 1 month ago

Good luck, everyone! Creamy goodness cumming soon! 🤩

litclit69 1 month ago

Good luck to everyone 🍀 lets support! I think its a fine topic for us 💦

LolYak 1 month ago


Marik_95 1 month ago

You want cumshots? I have a lot of them in stock, finally a competition right up my alley! Count me in !

Nickbrook 1 month ago

Who needs a cream pie for this

BadCuteGirl 1 month ago

Wow, great theme!I love creamy climax🥵

Anna Mole 1 month ago

No words only emotions😁💜🤍🖤

RouzLuxury 1 month ago

we will try😏

Kinksters2gether 1 month ago

These contests are all manipulated. Removing actual top performers for no actual reason in order to allow the scammers to take lead. They create fake contests in order to suck the profits away from actual contestants. I'm boycotting these contests until the scammers running their pyramid scheme are removed. "Who's coming with me"?!?!

TylerMarlasSexClub 3 weeks ago

An awesome fan of mine showed me a link to “Creampie & Cumshots” Contest for Nov 1st - Nov 31st. And I’m currently entered in this contest for the same dates. Does anyone know how I can enter for the “Creampies & Cumshots” contest or send me a link to enter? 😅 I’d really appreciate your assistance 🙇‍♂📿🐉

dirtycompilations 1 week ago


Yoursexyboi9 1 week ago

Very cool does anyone know when the themes are announced each month?

FacelessFuckersss 1 week ago

This is our first competition, go easy on us 😉😘

Jc Dickerson 1 week ago

Hmmmm I wonder how many loads till I'm full 🤔

YellowstoneBones 1 week ago

My video will be out soon💦

Dream4Angel 1 week ago

I'm very curious what will happen here...Smile Emoticon)

couplearabico 2 weeks ago

My favorite category ♥

couplearabico 2 weeks ago

very good theme i participate

DarkWetDreemz 2 weeks ago

Still wondering after why after contacting support and messaging support on Twitter our contest video is not back up. Our video was on theme, we have all IDs and forms, did not break TOS and you flagged and took down our video. We do so much for our fans and have given this site some amazing videos. Where is our video? It was an amazing video we wanted our fans to experience and it’s still not up. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? We have won contests before, always been verified.

YungNHung9995 2 weeks ago

Does anyone know how I enter?? I'm not seeing any button or link to submit.

ThaPusyCreamer 2 weeks ago


Josh gold 2 weeks ago

Anyone wanna help. Me enter pm me

SweetMariePH 2 weeks ago

Fuck my wet pussy😋

DaddyD And BabyJ 2 weeks ago

Good luck you dirty little sex lovers! May the best fucker win!

Renate Lehmann 3 weeks ago

I am sure that I have the best video on this topic of the competition🥰

Fantasiafinal 3 weeks ago

How do we participate?

MelFoxx00 3 weeks ago

Will be joining soon!!

Luciosasha 3 weeks ago

Awesome theme this month! Hope you like our video 😘

sneakymilf420 3 weeks ago

Smile Emoticon

Joey Lee 3 weeks ago

LOVE this contest! I’m excited for the results! Hopefully my husband and I place in the top 50 again!!

David Lee 3 weeks ago

I'm trying to figure out how to enter

SexyGermanGirl 3 weeks ago

Hot 🔥🔥🔥I love cum

AlphaFortune 3 weeks ago

I’m going to win this

Stev and Zoe 1 month ago

Okay!!! Got it! Working on it!! 🔥

Tommybigdaddy69 1 month ago

Well they took my video down oh well

Spanish_Rose 1 month ago

Ohhhhh my first contest that i get to enter.

Anghelosado 1 month ago

Los vídeos tienen que ser solo heteros o pueden ser gays también?

William69420a 1 month ago

Any beautiful woman need a fill up 😏

BigSippi07 1 month ago

Everyone this is MINES let the fun games Begin

Sabrina_x 1 month ago

at least they said themself it happened to more

Kink Barbie 1 month ago

i'm already excited!!

Jamesmakky 1 month ago

Really! We on that page

JulToy 1 month ago


Simi Lou 1 month ago


Sloppywetman 1 month ago

Follow me ya

taylorandjulien 1 month ago

Good luck everyone. 🍑💦

coupleofcustom 1 month ago

Our video is online! Watch a big uncut cock shoot a creamy load all over her face and body!💦🤤

AlphaFortune 1 month ago

I got what yahll Want already Thats My Favorite Content to Make the Easiest Too 😝😝😋💯🔮

Leo Hellstrom 1 month ago


MissCinn 1 month ago

Love the extra cream, would love to add a new vid but PH not paying us has me doing private vid's instead!

Donald A Cuck 1 month ago

I have just recently gotten involved on PornHub. Where do I see the videos that have all been submitted. Not that I want to watch creampie videos. Sorry gentleman but that does nothing for me. I will say, I do love having my Pie Creamed by a man. And donald, my cuckie, loves eating them. I hope someone here can answer this for me.. 💋 ... Agness

ChanelFrost 1 month ago

I haven’t gotten a creampie since last may… so I’m ready 🤩

ChanelFrost 1 month ago

COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!

jbbeausexy 1 month ago

i want see things videos orr movie romantic without sex

Prince James III 1 month ago

Excited to enter our first Viewers Choice Contest!!!

SweetBabies69 1 month ago

Pegging rules😈🤗

JessTheSexDragon 1 month ago

I just started on here, I wonder if this is worth doing?

AliceWeaver 1 month ago

I get creampied like every day. This should be good

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

PH is down for maintenance every 5 minutes....already removing videos before the contest starts....

GingiiBear 1 month ago

Ooooh this is going to be fun to film!!! one of my favorite categoriesWink Emoticon

Argus gape 1 month ago

Can i join the contest?

kiss_kate 1 month ago

Good luck to everyone )

Jabilobo 1 month ago

Y dónde se suscribe el vídeo para que pueda concursar

Jabilobo 1 month ago

Todos podemos participar excelente 😁

Rosey Indica 1 month ago

I'm so excited, cant wait to show off our home made cream pies~ 😘😍🍑 hehehe hope to see everyone's best efforts for this months choice~!!!!

Tasha Blues 1 month ago

I deal! ^^

Rick Slide 1 month ago

NYC gay dudes who wants to collab?

Sweet Petit Alexa 1 month ago

We need to urgently come up with something and shoot a video)))😉

Mr PipeHer20 1 month ago

Niceeee... I’m in on this

SexTutorials 1 month ago


Babybbwjamaican 1 month ago

Great! I need a partner for this. Maybe we could do something like this?https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph6177004d0b897

TATE 1 month ago

Stunning. We'll join it.

Libertinocomecu 1 month ago

Good cumshot....

Misssprettypussy 1 month ago

Yeeeee it’s gonna be lit!! Can’t wait to get freaky and nasty on camera for my loves. S/O to all my subscribers!

Fuckoholics 1 month ago

Can't wait to make a creamy video for this one!

Nerd Vibey 1 month ago

I gave the naughtiest Milf a cream pie to go back to her husband with, she went back to him filled with my cum. Just posted this month.

leoleyla 1 month ago

I love it, it is the category that I like the most

Gingerbn90 1 month ago

Have something really great planned for this one. Something a lot of my fans have been waiting for! Smile Emoticon

Bhrissyshaft 1 month ago

Lmao let’s make some bread man 😭

Askeladd2018 1 month ago

Me too this will be fun

Kayla Knoxxx 1 month ago

mmm this one is yummy!

Peaches and dreams 1 month ago

Good luck ladies Wink Emoticon

Bbcspazz1 1 month ago

Lookin for a mate to shoot with

mysexymodel 1 month ago

oh yees! thats what we do the best for the ppl who know us 🙈🙈😈xx

YuScreamZaddiiee 1 month ago

I hope to win my very first contest one day.

KateKravets 1 month ago

We will try to take the best shot 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Nephew Margiela 1 month ago

Any women in Jacksonville FL ? Dm Me 😏

Hottie2Naughty 1 month ago

Cumshots, creampies, what's not to love!!!!

69xhaxxexed69 1 month ago

Going to win!

Alexandra Miret 1 month ago

Yes please

EJackThick 1 month ago

Who is in San Diego and wants to get This down together hmu

RouzLuxury 1 month ago


Chanellbabyy 1 month ago

I can’t wait to show what I’m cuming up with 💕

jackcole_07 1 month ago


SlutivaXO 1 month ago

Fans have been requesting creampies lately 🤔

Prinz_Aleksy 1 month ago

Good luck everyone 😘

horse2387 1 month ago

Hmmm. Interesting. Now, I wonder if solo is allowed since it says cumshot...? Or do they mean the cumshot while giving a creampie...? See this is a bit confusing.

Sasha Paradise 1 month ago

Oh my God) I want to pick up the camera faster and press record

DaddyDhino 1 month ago

Sounds great tho I would love to Partner with someone from the community - LDN

Lizardtongue92 1 month ago

I’m here for the show

SwedenFamily 1 month ago

cool,love creampie

lalalovesdaddy 1 month ago

Yay! This will be our first time entering a contest!! We can’t wait. Any ideas for us 😈😘

SwirlLifeOfficial 1 month ago

You all will LOVE what we have to share with you 😉

Kitty_2cB 1 month ago

Got it

SweetCoupleTwix 1 month ago


Ace E Ham 1 month ago

Fun Wink Emoticon

Le Gumnos 1 month ago

Show time !

julesishot 1 month ago

my favorite category and my birthday month?? got a show to put on😩🤤

ForeverChaotic 1 month ago

Hell yeah I'm gonna cum all over her and in her ass and pussy!

Shortcakes96 1 month ago

If only I can find the right person

Pelikan4ik 1 month ago

Okay, we too :3

alphayellow 1 month ago

I want to participate because this category has my name all over it, butSolo straight males don't get a fair shot or attention; we don't even have our own section :/... It would be nice to work with someone in my area(Miami) for this and make a hit vid together 🤔

LUCKIE LUST 1 month ago

👏🏽👏🏽🎬 this might be my first contest I love the holidays 😍💦

itsLushPink 1 month ago

Can't wait! 💦

2rickylicious 1 month ago

Too bad it has to be at least 7 minutes long otherwise I would have had a few nice videos😊

MyBigMoustache 1 month ago

Nice 🔥🔥

Ysatxe 1 month ago

lets fezz

Arden Tate 1 month ago

We are preparing a mountain of sperm for you💦💦💦

NastyNelsons 1 month ago


kushiepastel 1 month ago

Awesome, can’t wait! 😁😈💕

ingasweetdoll 1 month ago

cool! I want to participate in such a competition

Succubaa 1 month ago

WOW !!

FornicationFreeway 1 month ago

This is gonna be a fun one!

Persephone Pink 1 month ago

Super excited for this one! I love getting filled up 💦

MissBRITISH 1 month ago

I'm making my entry tonight. I usually finish in 200th place lol

Brum420 1 month ago

we sure participate

AmayasPleasureTV 1 month ago

I think this is my time now to impress my supporters

ummdis_diamond 1 month ago

Ouuu I can’t wait to participate in my first contest I promise to not disappoint

IvannaBangYou 1 month ago

I can’t wait

IvannaBangYou 1 month ago

This will be my first contest!

Elsa Good 1 month ago

Can’t wait to see it 😍🔥🔥

Inkynellz 1 month ago

Subscribe to my page ladies 💯

Hiddencat X 1 month ago

Great cumshots, perfect! 💦💦😜

Thatshyguynextdoor 1 month ago

Ohhhh can't wait to get in on this action

Cat Woman 1979 1 month ago

niceee 🧡

Penny 4 Play 1 month ago

Can't wait to contribute a entry

Sweet Juus 1 month ago

Can you tell me the meaning of the contest is to cum on your face ?

coffee_with_milk 1 month ago

I'm so exicted ❤ let's gooo

EightTwenty 1 month ago

Oooooo I’m intrested Wink Emoticon

coupleofcustom 1 month ago

Oehh we love this! Can't wait to make you something special💦 🙈😳

Candy Camille 1 month ago

Damn i love creampies a looot! it going to be amazing!

ElenaVolkova 1 month ago

Lets do this!!! =) I love creampies

TonyaTheTease 1 month ago

2 of my favorite things. I am excited to make a new video for this.

Teegan Lane 1 month ago

definitely will be joining this contest . I love a good cumshot and facials

EvaStive 1 month ago

ou good news💗💗💗

Cassandra_best 1 month ago


Balls_and_Shaft 1 month ago

Sounds like a fun challenge to accept! ;-) Random question, "on theme" meaning just the "creamy part" or does a submission also have to be a theme to match the Fall Season?

TOXICALATINA 1 month ago


HotThumbelina 1 month ago

already filmed a few takes 💦💦

Cockoldfantacy 1 month ago


Deya luna 1 month ago

Yeahhh I love it creampie 😍😍😍💦💦💦💦

Donald A Cuck 1 month ago

Are compilation videos eligible? donald was already considering making a compilation of him cleaning us.... Agness

vANALik 1 month ago

Жаль что не смогу участвовать

Ragan12 1 month ago

Necesito a alguien con quien grabar Smile Emoticon

TylerMarlasSexClub 1 month ago

This sounds like a lot of pleasurable fun! 😜

Arabian-Sofia 1 month ago

I'm so exicted ❤ let's gooo

NataliaRickX 1 month ago

Good idea!


I’m gone do it

wetsweetcandy 1 month ago

will try new contest😉

Aldohway 1 month ago

Helle all

Sonia teen 1 month ago


Nova Starr 1 month ago

Can’t wait 😜 so much for my mans no nut November 🤣

getatme007 1 month ago

This is going to be good

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

I will blow your mind on yhis one

Carly Curvy 1 month ago


foxygoddess1 1 month ago

Oh yes😍😍

Mrswet bigD 1 month ago

Can’t wait

Xtrade64 1 month ago

game on !

Teen Close up 1 month ago

Nice ❤

johny21011997 1 month ago

Let’s go 🚀

Ana_Sam 1 month ago

go go go cumshots my feet

RedNovas 1 month ago

my first video was made for this

HairyGirlPussy 1 month ago

i want a 1st place ))) with my hairy pussy )))

Juiiced Upp 1 month ago

Creamy pussy 🍆💦

alexamato 1 month ago


Convictmodel 1 month ago


foxygoddess1 1 month ago

Oh yes

Lottie Blue 1 month ago

Good luck everyone 😍😍

Bad_Sofia 1 month ago

What should be the point of the video?

PDKnsk 1 month ago

Oh yeah. Girls prepare yours sweet pussy for my dripping creampie 😈

Cupidcouple1 1 month ago

Mmmm sounds like fun

SodoLila 1 month ago

We will be ready soon

HandjobHarryStyle 1 month ago

Might have a go 💦💦💦

ShaeButterBabyy 1 month ago

Creamy Climax getting some idea!

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