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by: pornhub

We tallied up the votes and are ready to announce the top 3 winners for August's MILF Mania Viewers' Choice! And don't forget, the top 50 videos will also featured in the next few weeks on Pornhub's homepage!

Shout-out to our top winners from our "MILF Mania" Viewers' Choice contest!


2nd Place wins $2,000: Sweet-Darling - MILF Yukari Yakumo - Touhou Cosplay 東方project

3rd Place wins $1,000: yinyleon - Big Ass MILF is Handcuffed and Ready to get her Tight Ass Stretched out

The top 50 videos will be featured on Pornhub's homepage in the next few weeks! Payments will also be added to next month's payout. To see who made the cut, click here and then the drop-down arrow near "DIY."

Click here for more info on Viewers' Choice and how to participate. The winners are chosen by votes, so be sure your fans on how they can help you win get featured and win of the top 3 prizes. 

Thank you to all the Models who participated in the contest!



All Comments(228)

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SexwifeKaty 1 month ago

Thank you to all my fans who voted for me!!!😍 29th place is also a good result!!! ❤ 😍💋 Next time I will be in the top 10. Well, I'll rest until September😉❤😘😍

AliviaSint 1 month ago

congratulations! you're the best!

Lo Pounder 1 month ago

Congratulations beautiful

KittyKikay 1 month ago


Best4fans 1 month ago

Yes, thank you very nice!

Bambifirst 1 month ago

Good job and good chance 😊

Just_BigAss 1 month ago

Very hot baby

AnallBela 1 month ago

Congrats! Well done!!!!

AnnabellaSecrets 1 month ago

I wish you a better result and place, next time!💋😘

HumpdayHannah 1 month ago

Oooh congrats! How many votes did it take to get 29th place??

SexwifeKaty 1 month ago

Спасибо 💋😍

Naste420 1 month ago

Your my number one 😘😘😘

SexwifeKaty 1 month ago

oh, I was wrong, 28th place😉

Shyla Nervous 1 month ago

Congratulations to all in the top 50! I am guessing that it takes thousands of votes to make it to the Top 50. I only get between 75-125 votes per month but can never crack the top 200. Wouldn't it be great if those of us who do not make the top 50, to transfer our votes to our personal favourite models and PH friends that make it to list? It's just that our votes just get deleted at the end of the month, it would be nice to pass along our love and support to others that are in the running.

amazonlovrrrrrr 1 month ago

Does it

LacyLexi 1 month ago

What a great idea!

Shyla Nervous 1 month ago

Awww, thank you sexy!!! xoxoxox

Imsowavy122 1 month ago

I love ur videos

Edgetator 1 month ago

I can actually get you accomplish that goal free.

SweetDarling 1 month ago

I'm a small/medium channel and getting 2nd it's huge for me ! it was thanks to my fans so now I will buy a new cosplay from choice of my fans ;3

LongblockskinnydK 1 month ago

Love your videos keep it up!

LacyLexi 1 month ago

My channel is still tiny compared to yours. Keep up the good work and congrats is in order. You inspire me to keep on keepin on.

CurvyDub 1 month ago

That’s cause you are gorgeous

Ruby singh 1 month ago

You have great content love

Nika Royal 1 month ago

Contests are a great thing to increase model recognition Wink Emoticon

LacyLexi 1 month ago

I agree. We work hard and to not be recognized or insulted hurts. Being recognized like this, makes it all worth while.

ElenaVolkova 1 month ago

Congrats for the winners!! And thanks to all who voted for me =)

RjMcStuffins 1 month ago

I'm fairly new to all this but am excited for more monthly contests! The one video I entered in a contest several months back has now gotten over 25k views and to me that's a crazy insane amount of views so thank you ph for giving regular people like me a chance to be seen and thanks to everyone who upload content on here because all it does is build all of us up! 😁💯

ischadie2014 2 weeks ago


LacyLexi 1 month ago

I couldn't have said it better. Keep on keepin on I say. Good luck to you in your endeavors. 😊3

Melissa_Burn 1 month ago

Great choice! I will definitely take part in the September contest😈

LacyLexi 1 month ago

And through doing that, inspire a bunch of girls like me...

Saywife 1 month ago

I’m sorprese about my video!! Don’t have many revenue!! I did same thing not good??? I wish we next video I k do better 😂😂😂👍👍❤❤

Kate Utopia 1 month ago

what a hot milf ❤️

SaraRaush 1 month ago

Congratss❤ please followme🔥

LacyLexi 1 month ago

Done ❤

Dominant BBC 1 month ago

Each video looks amazing, congratulations everyone that won. And congratulations to the top 50 videos that will be featured in the next few weeks

Alena Ass 1 month ago


StacyHSSM 1 month ago

Congratz to all in the top 50! Am gonna try also to participate here soon, I'm just new here to in ph 😊

MissCinn 1 month ago

You need to pay ALL models for the work WE do!

Cherry Lips 1 month ago

¡¡Gracias a todos por votarme!! 😍. Ah, no que no he ganado grrr.

Leo Hellstrom 1 month ago

Congratulations to everyone who participated❤🔥

Ricky222299 1 month ago

Hot 🔥 💋 🔥

Just_BigAss 1 month ago

Super) ty ph ) like

AnallBela 1 month ago

Congratulations to all the winners, and we will continue to shoot the video !!! 😈😈😈

TomaStevi 1 month ago

Congratulations to the winners and everyone who participated ♥ voted for everyone who asks ♥

Akalillmami 1 month ago

Can’t wait to start posting!

SpankKaters 1 month ago

Congrats! Maybe I’ll submit my spanking video next month 🥰❤😈

ShyWifeEmily 1 month ago

Congratulations to the winners. Some incredible videos competing 😍

AnnyCandyPainboy 1 month ago

Congratulations to the winners, the battle for the first places was hot

WikkiNikki 1 month ago


MaXXXimumMilf 3 weeks ago

I came in 22nd place in MILF MANIA and I’m so grateful for the love of my friends and fans who supported me 💖 thank you so much, everyone!

Gntlmstr 3 weeks ago

Thank you moderators, for removing ALL of the videos that did not meet contest requirements! A fair contest is so much more enjoyable, instead of people entering vids that don’t meet the criteria

Badd Sofia 1 month ago

How fun! I want to participate next time for sure!

Neon Angel69 1 month ago

winners, congratulations!)

INFAMOUS DYME 1 month ago

My apologies should have saluted the winning models an contenders # awesomely done 💯 continue to rise

GeekCave 1 month ago


SallYTrav 1 month ago

I love sweet darling

HotMil 1 month ago

Поздравляю! Молодцы! Жду вас всех в Азербайджане!!!

Queenmaddie100 1 month ago

Anyone know how to get money by sexting

LoveHardfuckLady 1 month ago


whusyourdaddy 1 month ago

Hola saludos soy nuevo y quiero Acer amigos mucho éxito

amazonlovrrrrrr 1 month ago

Amazing Amazon CBT content I placed 29th

GothicaWest 1 month ago

Congratulations to everyone who won.

Lo Pounder 1 month ago

Congratulations to everyone that made top 50🤝🏽🔥🔥 check my videos out thanks

Daddysbadgirl096 1 month ago

Gonna definitely have to do the next milf contest 🙊🤤🤤🤤

MeanGirl15 1 month ago


Eroticali 1 month ago

Hello everyone, I am new and I hope to have everyone's support. Kisses and thanks. Valery

HornyHoneyBunny69 1 month ago

Hey guys all i want to say is go check out my videos and my fan club as well Love Ya'll Wink EmoticonSmile Emoticon

Good Dick Rico 1 month ago

Hey everyone I'm new check out my page thanks ?

Bigstroke210 1 month ago

Any female in san amtonio I want to f*** you hard while you lay on the bed and I'm standing at the edge butt naked with my boots on choking you and ramming you and spitting in your mouth while ur squirting and shaking all over my fat cock word up

Yourfreakscouple 1 month ago

I wanna win

PecyL 1 month ago

Very good ✊🏻

MerksteRdALLy 1 month ago


thugwater 1 month ago

Any girl from Florida wanna link up… if so hit me and can get to know each other

womanthings4you 1 month ago

Congratulations to all the winners! 😘

oralgenuss 1 month ago

Good job!

bbcandgirlschannel 1 month ago

I want to win the next contest, come to my page , i am a reel BBC

Phara Jul 1 month ago

Hey! Congrats to everyone💕

Risk0821 1 month ago


MissBRITISH 1 month ago

Well done everyone. Thank you to anyone who showed some support.

Cat Woman 1979 1 month ago

I was 38th till 4 or 5 days to go. Now my video totally disappeared from the ranking. Can anyone explain what the hell is going on?

Goodick8 1 month ago

Congrats for the winners

cherry-mobile 1 month ago

Congrats for the winners 😊

Flame Jade 1 month ago

I love these videos, amazing choice! I hope more cosplay vids will be winning in the future ^_^

viraglaci18 1 month ago


Erotic Art by Softapproach 1 month ago

MILF Mania was so hot Smile Emoticon Congrats to everyone Smile Emoticon

Mia_Luv 1 month ago

It was Pleasure to Compete 😍🥰

Coitus00Couple 1 month ago

Congratulations to the winners 🎉🎉😊

Pedro800TV 2 weeks ago

🔥 🔥

GOODFANTASY18 2 weeks ago

O bb

JulToy 2 weeks ago

Спасибо. Интересно вас читать😊😏

DANZIG72RUSH 2 weeks ago

I love all MILF big fan of Mommy cougar porn love to have a mommy and then share mommy cougar with other men women and couples MILFS Are the essence of PORN

Fuckoholics 3 weeks ago

Congratulations all you Hot Milfs!!! Loved your videos!!! Letha Reign💋

DBfreakkw 3 weeks ago


sxs55sxs 3 weeks ago


Ricky222299 3 weeks ago

Hot 🔥 💋

El pollonsote 3 weeks ago


Sexcoupleteen 1 month ago

Congratulations to all, I hope to grow and participate one day 🔥

Ftecky 1 month ago

Cool vids they all made me cum

Casalconteudo 1 month ago

Congratulations to all the winners, we are a couple and we are constantly producing content for you loves, follow us to receive firsthand the news, hà and be our fans ok.

Casalconteudo 1 month ago

Parabéns a todos os vencedores ,somos um casal e estamos constantemente produzindo conteúdo pra vocês amores ,nos sigam para receber em primeira mão as novidades ,hà e sejam nossos fãs ok.

NickNastye 1 month ago

Thank you to everyone who supported me!! I came in 26th place and I’m motivated to post more new content regularly for y’all to enjoy 🥰😘 xoxo 💕🔥

My_Wife_SexyDreams 1 month ago

Great!Good job Smile Emoticon)

INFAMOUS DYME 1 month ago

Any advice on upcoming events or contest to help improve

bbcmoodswing 1 month ago


Kingdong215 1 month ago

I need to pair up so I can win one day

Miamivers90 1 month ago

Congratulations to the winners! Much deserved! A lot of stroking to be had

da spyderwoman 1 month ago


LongblockskinnydK 1 month ago

Hell yeah if anyone tryna do collaborate I and willing to start big

MakeUsCumm 1 month ago

Can the pornhub family please support me on my career and go subscribe to me please

Queenmaddie100 1 month ago

I need a black sugar daddy online only

suzzy98 1 month ago

someone help me guys i have no work for a long time because of pandemic dont know how to earn more i wash laundry for others but not enough for everyday meal need a help any amount will appreciate 😭

LoveHardfuckLady 1 month ago

I really love to cum inside

SZETA HOT 1 month ago

Congratulations beautiful

aaron692019 1 month ago

Congratulations well done

Arabian boobe 1 month ago

انا فتاه عربيه اعشق الجنس الثلاثي مع زوجي

Arabian boobe 1 month ago

I am an Arab milf who loves threesome with my husband

2rickylicious 1 month ago

congratulations to the winners

Liyah G Stacks 1 month ago


Sonia teen 1 month ago

Eso sería muy interesante

Yourfreakscouple 1 month ago

Hope yall vote for me

Cash Scarlett Rose 1 month ago

Thank you for the views. Show some support to me and my sexy ass busty milf of a wife. Please we are just starting and show us some support.

moanpal 1 month ago

Nice! I am looking forward to your next post!

LolaFilms 1 month ago


Priscila Love 1 month ago


Giulia Sweet 1 month ago

Thanks to all people that vote for me

Navzkeh 1 month ago


Derpyherpyderp 1 month ago

Fix pornhub

Bill and Sandra 1 month ago

Next Time i Will participate too 🔥

RedNovas 1 month ago

congrats to all the winners hopefully ill make it up there some day

TayshaKarys 1 month ago

Check my profile 💋

zacharyblazed4days 1 month ago

So sexy I wound eat your ass so good girl

Salvatore Erotic Amore 1 month ago


samshadhan1100 1 month ago


Starbotty 1 month ago


Robethz 1 month ago

unknown 1 month ago

Yo no entiendo cómo participar en estos concursos,alguien podría apoyarme en eso ?

NongNongHUBB 1 month ago


meninoemenina 1 month ago


Corvsan 1 month ago

Felicidades a los ganadores del concurso, podemos seguir creciendo gracias a los fan, todos vamos a crecer y personalmente serán muy grandes en la vida para que disfruten la plenitud de gozar dicha vida

Classicwht 1 month ago


enjoyingsex31 1 month ago

Congratulations to the winners 💋😘

R3ye 1 month ago

thinking of all

Cherry Love TV 1 month ago


Barbie Rivas 1 month ago


PERVNATAN 1 month ago


Danniel1986 1 month ago


Paohernandez1987 1 month ago

Great job ladies

sissy_ass_slave 1 month ago

Congrats all winners! 💖 Keep up the good work! 🌸

Vladyslavvv9 1 month ago


4GUSTINA23EBAMFIEL 1 month ago


Jarko1987 1 month ago

Jestem nowy a dokładnie nie rozumiem

KittyKikay 1 month ago

wow congrats! 😻

Best4fans 1 month ago

Wow! Thank you all for the love and congratulations to the winners. Looking forward to winning more prizes. Good luck!

Cindy Al 1 month ago

V erry hot

NoeNoelle 1 month ago

Gratulation 🍾

hotclubb 1 month ago


AnthonySJ7 1 month ago


William Strongly 1 month ago

MILES are the greatest most fun

Cofla93 1 month ago


Cindy Al 1 month ago


Deemagicxxx 1 month ago


Madlinpt 1 month ago

Like you

theberryguild 1 month ago

Good stuff!💖👍

MrDeepupinyou 1 month ago

All you horny milfs cum add me. I'm looking to meet some naughty gals....💦💦

Shy Nikki 1 month ago

Congratulations 👏👏 Everyone Did Great!

MaryHott 1 month ago

Guys all thanks!!!Smile Emoticon

big_Sancho007 1 month ago

Run my views up pleases ladies 🥺🌹💯

Emiamateur 1 month ago

Merci à tous, 145 ème pour un petit profil comme le mien c'est juste super !

ChIkY HoT 00 1 month ago


Misslexis 1 month ago


Devils Kos 1 month ago

Not bad

Emma_Davis 1 month ago


Jenny Altezza 1 month ago

Congrats 🥳🤩

Mama Alice 1 month ago


PERVNATAN 1 month ago


Hiddencat X 1 month ago

Congratulations to all

Lux Eva 1 month ago


PDButts 1 month ago

I love this Idea how do I get involved involved

fuckmehome 1 month ago

Merci à tous ceux qui ont voté pour nous pour notre premier concours. Toutes nos félicitations aux gagnants. Pour nous et les autres, courage on y arrivera un jour à être en haut de l'affiche.bises à tous.♥♥♥♥

brendi_sg 1 month ago

Felicidades 🎉

MakeSex69 1 month ago


samm26cool 1 month ago

Congratulations to all the winners

Sexy Swiss Tatted 1 month ago

Congratulations ladies

KylaSuzin 1 month ago

Good luck

Sexygay294 1 month ago


CumBlush 1 month ago

Congratulations to me

LolaFilms 1 month ago


Fuckyoustupid69 1 month ago

Congrats to winners everyone wins here tho

DisTinyToy 1 month ago

Good job 👏

Milly Chanel 1 month ago


HotExplotion 1 month ago

Thanks to all for the votes

DesiMasalaIndian 1 month ago


Risk0821 1 month ago


MrThickers 1 month ago


Candy Camille 1 month ago

Congrats to all the sexies milfs!

MJayHard 1 month ago

Congrats to the winners and the top 50! Hot hot hot!!!!

HellHare 1 month ago


Queenbubblyass 1 month ago

Add me my horny big dick n balls men 💕

Queenbubblyass 1 month ago

Damn I should entered and put peanut butter in my ass with jam and call that a asswich 🥺 I coulda won

MrDeepupinyou 1 month ago

All you horny ladies add me.

Diamond nudes166 1 month ago


Brynn Leigh XXX 1 month ago

Amazing Congrats to all...Im excited to try one of these one day

kinganthonyking 1 month ago

Congrats to all the winners Smile Emoticon

Risk0821 1 month ago


Leah Bianchi 1 month ago

I would like to participate sometime 😍Follow me to see my new content 😉💕

Leah Bianchi 1 month ago

Congratulations to all the winners 🎉💕

Tomy8512 1 month ago

Gdzie można pobrać gry 3d?

Tomy8512 1 month ago

Witam 😃

alexamato 1 month ago

great work!

MsMrDebauched 1 month ago

Congrats to all MILFs =)

ZimmermannCouple 1 month ago

Congratulations!! We got position 777, a great first contest.

Inkynellz 1 month ago

Add me ladies 😝

wetsweetcandy 1 month ago

Congratulations to winners😘

toval1987 1 month ago


Fedestination 1 month ago

congrats all!! 😊

Sonia teen 1 month ago

Yo espero ser la próxima

Sonia teen 1 month ago


Alena Ass 1 month ago

Wow, congratulations!

GayOfFinland 1 month ago

All of them are straight porn...There should be gay video contest as well.

Cee_cee24 1 month ago

I'm new to Pornhub, check out my channel please

Magicthroat97 1 month ago

Gratz all, that was all nice videos 🤤😘😜

Sex Perfumer 1 month ago

Congratulations ! 🍆💦💦💦🍑

Ariya eatmeowt 1 month ago

Congratulations 🔥

Jennyfer Queen 1 month ago

Congratulations to all and especially to the winners, the videos of the contest are getting hotter and I will participate again😍💦💦💦💦

MikeMahomez 1 month ago


lovestheass 1 month ago

May they be paid in Stamps. Great job. 😁

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