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by: pornhub

Over the course of the last 8 months, the adult industry has evolved in more ways than one. We have all had to adapt, and once again, adult content creators have felt the repercussions of these less favorable changes the most. This is why our platform continues to evolve with the intention of offering the best and safest options to the sex work community creating and monetizing content on our platform.

These last few days have been rife with mixed messaging and feelings of uncertainty for many adult content creators, but we would like to be clear that we are committed to creating a stable and supportive environment for our Models. As an initial show of support to those who have undeniably made Pornhub what it is today, we are pleased to announce that we are increasing your ad revenue by an additional 15% for the entire month of September. This is on top of the permanent increase that we announced 2 weeks ago, offering you the highest ad revenue payout of any adult site. Whether you’re new to the Program or have been a PH Model for years, if you upload at least 4 new videos from September 1-30, you’ll become eligible for the 15% increase on your September earnings from all the videos in your library. *In order to be eligible for the September bonus, the four September video uploads must also remain active until October 5th. This is the first of many positive changes to come in our plan to help you build a regular viewership, to help you grow your fanbase and to create a stable platform that is focused on the safety and success of the sex work community.

We know it’s been more challenging this year for our Models to monetize content. In the absence of a single platform that combines high traffic with the ability to accept credit cards, we want you to know that we are still working tirelessly and doing everything within our power to reinstate these payment solutions. Our advanced moderation tools will ensure a safe and sustainable platform for all content creators to enjoy a steady stream of income. We’ve also been developing new features to help diversify your income streams and grow your brand. We are excited to share these announcements with you in the coming months.

With adult content creators in mind, we are working with leaders in the industry to create a one-stop platform designed for sex workers to succeed because you are the backbone of Pornhub. Our priority is to offer a safe space for sexual freedom and expression for you to best monetize your content.

If you have questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact us. Our team of Model Coordinators is here to help in any way that they can and help you succeed. We've also put together a blog on how you can use Pornhub to grow your brand and make it work for you. 

If you need to talk to someone about how to cope with all the recent upheavals in the industry, we want to remind you of our partnership with Pineapple Support and encourage you to reach out. Their mission is to ensure sex workers and adult performers have access to the resources, therapy services, and support you need for your well-being.

*Updated on October 1.



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SweetDarling 1 month ago

Yeah, it's nice have a higher revenue but what about the VIEWS' FLOW? I keep a nice grow rate (views/subs) but my earnings drops more and more every month... PH needs a complete re-work ! On my experience with other platforms PH seems to have a predilection for large channels, forgetting potential content creators (small and medium channels).

Fellow Uncos Newboy 1 month ago

Yeah, last month $15 for 9 premium video views. This month $0.45 for 6 views? What the heck?

MrRyYouyou 1 month ago


HighVoltage66 1 month ago

I think they should change the way PH FanClubs are working ... _____ It simply doesn't make sense for everyone to join OnlyFxxx! ____ Why not to set up a fee of 5, 7 or 10 USD per month for the PH FanClubs and then let the guys watch the FanClubs of ALL VAs - not just the FanClub of 1 VA ! _____ The money in the FanClub pool (!) is of course distributed according to the number of views (... of the videos in the FanClubs).

Bigtallman 1 month ago

How about we let pornhub do what they can right now to get credit card companies back on board, before we start bitching and complaining about a complete rewrite of there servers and systems. Let them finish what on there plate, before mores added. Because a rewrite will probably pull the site down for weeks!

diiorbaddy 1 month ago


Sra Exibe 1 month ago

Swit-Darling. This has been happening to me for months without any explanation from the site. I have already sent several emails demanding an explanation. This month I already have almost one million views, but my earnings do not follow this number. they decrease month after month. I publish at least 3 videos per week, not per month and my average of acceptance is 95% but my earnings do not follow these numbers and the site simply does not explain why, obviously because nothing would explain

SweetDarling 1 month ago

On XV ALL uploaded videos gets featured. Videos remain featured depending content quality ( quality=more views), so If your video it's good it' will be featured constantly. But here on PH we depend on an algorithm that doesn't work well, the system feature videos only 1 time and sometimes that feature it's on horrible hours (example of bad feature time: a Monday or Tuesday at dawn)

Sra Exibe 1 month ago

It will be great news if the site actually does this. I have over 270 free videos. I publish 3 videos per week, not per month, my views have increased by almost 20% this month, but my earnings are not keeping up with this increase. I am demanding explanations and the site besides taking a long time to answer, is limited only to say that it is checking. I hope you REALLY increase our earnings in practice, not just in the texts of the site.

1080420 1 month ago

I can tell you why you aren't getting views.

HighVoltage66 1 month ago

I think it would be a good idea for the staff to give a serious explanation of how the featuring system is working / to create trust. Wink Emoticon

Sra Exibe 1 month ago

We receive an average of $0.56 for every thousand views. It doesn't matter if the video is 1.30 or 15 minutes long. You are only eligible for monetization if your video has at least 1000 views. Of my 272 videos, only the last two published this week do not get paid. All the other 270 get advertising money. All your videos are sex videos and at least 20% of them do not have 1000 views. So to have or not to have sex does not mean to receive money from the site.

Sra Exibe 1 month ago

xxxjav37 ; Learn about advertising monetization. It is calculated on the number of video views. It does NOT matter the size or the content. I have over 120 videos over 12 minutes long on my paid videos page. The free videos are teasers of the paid ones. My page has three times as many views as yours, twice as many followers, and I am a thousand points ahead of you in the model ranking with the size and content I publish.

xxxjavi37 1 month ago

With videos of more than 1 minute, you can not expect to earn a lot of money and I see that you have little sex, the videos should have an average of 7 to 10 minutes.I do not justify the failure of PH but you should do your part and you will surely win more.

lovestheass 1 month ago

So we have to add more content to earn off of the content we currently get robbed on? Seems legit.

Handsomehunt 1 month ago


Mia Marley 1 month ago


diiorbaddy 1 month ago

This. Smh

twinsfantasy 1 month ago

up this one

milfymilker 1 month ago

Pretty much sums it up!!!

LuckyPlucky1 1 month ago

Endless deletion of videos that have an interesting scenario. An infinite number of videos from Team skeet and MYLF in Hot of all countries is probably also part of the support of the creators?)) Lol

Anastasia Secret 1 month ago

This is all fiction. Always talk about some mythical percentage that cannot be verified in any way. The site won't last long without sales

Mexfuckr 1 month ago

Que choose what is more than a plasure for us And have an percent about this Life style

Nika Royal 1 month ago

Interesting. Where did the tags from my videos gone? There were 15 and 16 on each, and now 5 and 6.

Anna Bali 1 month ago

I really want the videos to hit the first page of not only stars

MuscleOso 1 month ago

Fuck! Wouldn't that be great! The content we produce isn't just because we are exhibitionists (well, maybe a little), I would like to he rewarded for the work we do personally to produce, edit, and publish our videos. We are the true stars of this platform... the porn stars have their company to support them, we just ask for Pornhub to support us.

LofTits 1 month ago

I´ve been uploading vids and pics the last 2 days and they take like a whole day to be available for visit when the first day I posted 2 vids and it took them like 2-3 hours... Is there any issue for the reviews or is just the qeue is very long?

Yara Curly 1 month ago

Like Harlowe mentioned, it's really necessary to keep PH safe and US safe too! So it's a great thing!

Harlowe Blue 1 month ago

The queue is probably super long, they do human moderation now for each vid uploaded so you gotta think that’s a LOT for them to do in a relatively short period of time. I usually don’t check my uploads til the next day. Be patient!!

Chloe cum queen 1 month ago

Thanks Pornhub. I felt obliged to comment as I always see negative comments on here, but I think Pornhub is doing a great job to support it's content creators. Would obviously be great to have credit card payments again or some form of a solution, but one step at a time 🙂

Bigtallman 1 month ago

yeah everyone wants to complain about here systems, but they forget there still working hard to get the CC companies back on board. Like can we let pornhub do 1 thing at a time before we start complaining about other stuff.

Mariah Milano 1 month ago

Bitch all you want, there is no other site out there that pays as well or as on time as PH. That's just a fact. I would like to see adrev earned on the other sites they post our vids on. But I'm thankful for the way PH has been run. They've always been more than fair with me and I've made great money over the years Ive been with them and I've tried all the other platforms. No one is even close.

Anita Cox 1 week ago

Hey I've asked a few people but no answer, but if I have my account set up for direct deposit I can't get it now? Im in US

PeterHardAsRock 1 month ago

I have used the site for years for pleasure now, even ex girlfriends of mine go on it to get off or watch some before sex. And now i thought its time to make my own little productions, the HD quality never beats PH, i have used so many sites and nothing comes close to PH dear. I hope they come out on top for helping creators, especially smaller ones that need help as pornstars have all the big companies all helping.

Danika Mori 1 month ago

Good news! Smile Emoticon can't wait to see what's next!

Candy Love 1 month ago

Stop complaining, be grateful that someone cares about you 💖

Bigtallman 1 month ago

I agree fully. let them do what they gotta do first.

diiorbaddy 1 month ago


Toystest 1 month ago

Do More - Take More...capitalism )

SexwifeKaty 1 month ago

I am very glad that I became a part of Pornhub. And it brings me a wild pleasure. And I really want to enter the top 100 best stars of the 10th anniversary. Thanks to pornhub for 15%, this is a good incentive not to stop at dusty! 😍❤

MyBabeFucking 1 month ago

I hope they would give more support to amateurs and those of us who are just beginning to motivate them to improve and continue their content. We need more flow of views !!!!

Mary_Moonskin 1 month ago

Seriously- what about them Tags?! Seems to me as if the more views i got on a video, the more Tags are gone! I got videos with only ONE Tag left.For exampleShocked Emoticonn a 15K views Video they left me 3 Tags, on a 600 views Video i got like 7 Tags left. Whats up with that? Now wonder rates are dropping quick..

litclit69 1 month ago

Better than nothing.. its going forward. Lets keep on workin and more important lets have fun 🔥

Nick and Nicole 1 month ago

Great idea guys! Would love to maybe see a shift happen towards smaller content creators. Maybe implement a section "growing models, random models" that allows fans to see smaller or not as well known models on the first page of "community" or "pornstars" I can't imagine a fan will go through pages 1 - 28 to find me. Smile Emoticon

cherry-mobile 1 month ago

Gracias pornhub 😍

diiorbaddy 1 month ago


Jack Sob 1 month ago

I don't see how you could possibly win over the banks to allow credit card processing (aside from encouraging a new type of content genre on the site that isn't intended to arouse or be considered porn. Why does it seem like there isn't any interest in payouts through cryptocurrency?

Peachezbythepound 1 month ago

A lot of bs, and it's not fair at all seriously. The amount of content that has to be uploaded for what your giving makes that 15% just a few more pennies, You guy's have to be fair, we help build your platform but your not willing to make it a even playing field as far as revenue goes. Also if a armatures page can't be featured on the homepage how do you expect us the win?

Layla Frost 1 month ago

Thank you Pornhub , I just came back rebuilding 3 weeks ago or so. Lots of changes here I noticed, I work extremely hard behind my page and wish everyone well XoxXOO To all the models here just remember to use this as your traffic builder, put the work in behind your pages like the tops here have done before you. Trust me this is extremely hard but you all can do this too!!! Your biggest success will never be your views, your biggest success is how you carry yourself and interact with people Xo

Layla Frost 1 month ago

Leave good interacting memories with people off of Pornhub, so like Reddit, Twitter and so many more places you can do this. Me I use 3dxchat because everyone in game is real and not a bot. I interact and spend time with my fans and build a army of support behind me. I spend 8-16 hours a day behind my page. I just started my rebuild and most my views come from friends I have made and not models. Real Subscribers! Trust me I want that jacket too but I'm going to earn it!

Sonya Kalfa 1 month ago

very very supportive decision, Love you Porn hub

JackieNice 1 month ago

I really hope you sort out all the materials so that everyone gets their money. And an additional 15% is very good news.

Miss_Medussah 1 month ago

Does anyone know why there is a credit card issue? Just curious, thank you!

nappster 1 month ago

Because MC and VISA prohibit the usage of their payment methods due to radical conservative people with power. Rage porn and abusive porn was a thing on PH, since December they deleted over 20m videos on PH and prohibit non-models or non-producers to upload content. MC/VISA still won't lift their ban tho.

Caramel Cindy 1 month ago

Great to hear 👂

diiorbaddy 1 month ago


ShyWifeEmily 1 month ago

We had better get making some new videos 🤔 😍💕💕💦

Gilf Catalina 1 month ago

Right on

Coitus00Couple 1 month ago

Thank you Pornhub we really appreciate your continued support and efforts to resolve this issue!❤😘

diiorbaddy 1 month ago


ElsaRixterXXX 1 month ago

Super 💗💓💕

JuliaDenni 1 month ago

Good news, this year was difficult

Freakychepeloco 1 month ago

OMG me and boyfriend are on the way to film me giving him some real dirty sloppy blow job and me squirting so will have are first content ready on September 1 thank you pornhub

diiorbaddy 1 month ago




Leopar55 1 month ago


Cheloefanclub 1 month ago

Right as my main page was growing all this happen now it seems like no one can earn any money the problem needs to be fixed or sooner or later everybody's going to start legal

publicerection 1 month ago

It's great to increase revenue, but please don't manipulate the number of tags on our uploaded videos. It will negatively affect the number of views.

Colesfootlong 1 month ago

Id love to make videos with other modles

SLicK RicKS WETWORKS 1 month ago

Reading all these comments has me wondering even more than before on how I should approach getting started. I already know being a male a will more than likely never make it to the top but I still want to learn and do my best to make sure I at least try and get to the top. I'm open to anyone willing to give advice or constructive criticism. Ive been a model member for a while now but havent uploaded any videos,because of not being sure how to do this exactly and unsureness

buggie6000 1 month ago

To everyone complaining about pornhub not doing enough or being enough how about you take your entitles asses somewhere else then. If you’re making money on other sites then STAY ON THOSE SITES AND STOP COMPLAINING! This company has gone above and beyond to do everything in their power to make sure that you are still getting a type of income while increasing the ad payout. If you don’t like it again remove your material and go!

HighVoltage66 1 month ago

You will fail when you don't allow objective criticism.

Jasperlongcock6969 1 month ago

Are you doing anything tonight. If you'busy. U wanna fuck me in Ass. I'm getting it done somehow. 13525812109

EvJon 1 month ago

Fuck me please (

womanthings4you 1 month ago

Thanks! ❤😘

CasalAventura 1 month ago

Great news!!! Let’s do it!!!

Ricky222299 1 month ago

Nice 🥰😍😍

Kujir 1 month ago

Yoo who want's to converse? don't be socially awkward

Babe Eva 1 month ago


StacyHSSM 1 month ago

Okay gonna upload my first video soon 🙂

AnnyCandyPainboy 1 month ago

Thank you, let's hope for the best ... here everyone is trying to shoot good content, but it has become very difficult to promote it through PH ... After the problems with VISA and Mastercard, people's incomes have sagged ... they have to think not about how to shoot better and better ... but how to monetize your content in general is very sad.

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

I'm a 100% PH, happy they take down my stuff on other free sites with DMCA...

Yara Curly 1 month ago

Thank you Pornhub for working hard for us!! We Sex Workers will win this war!

BrazilBooty 1 month ago

Extra 15%? Guess I'll be enduring 4 more painal videos XD Grin Emoticon haha Thanks Phub! Smile Emoticon

Ricky222299 1 month ago

Hot 🔥 💋 🔥

Dave Coronado 1 month ago

I think adding four more videos in exchange for 15% more on all my others is a really great offer. I'm in! 👍

daianaocampo 1 month ago


Rainah Elise 1 month ago

Thanks PornHub!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤

Dirty Dasha 1 month ago

Nice 👍

Ladamiche 1 month ago

I love pornhub❣

Cloud100 1 month ago

PH DOESN'T VALUE ITS GAY USERS. I've contacted PH for YEARS about this: While I'm LOGGED IN to my account, listed as Male and Interested in Guys and having viewed 179K GAY videos ONLY, PH sends me to the STR8 section all the time! CAN YOU IMAGINE if they sent STR8 users to the GAY section? People would be writing to their Congressman to complain! Yet PH IGNORES my messages, or LIES and says, "We fixed that!" **PH, YOU DIDN'T FIX SHlT!** You should be ashamed. FIX THIS SIMPLE PROBLEM NOW.

Montsita 1 month ago

excellent news 😃

Colesfootlong 1 month ago

18143353832 text me we can trade videos and pics.. Lol I'm willing to take random hook ups

Alendromora123 1 month ago


Techi_02 1 month ago

Brillante. !! ¡¡Gracias!!

Queenn Blu3 1 week ago

When will I receive my next check ?

ranzoless08 1 week ago

New Adds And Willing To Work On Vids

Pedro800TV 2 weeks ago

🔥 🔥 Shoulda made it for at least 6months

Evillynmarintia 2 weeks ago

I think it's great, greetings to all, I am very happy to start in this new world for me

Yoyo330e 2 weeks ago

hola amigos queria saber como puedo yo postularme como modelo porno !

6prettybrowncock9 3 weeks ago

I was part of the model program for a long time, but recently had to cancel because I wasn't allowed to post pictures or videos anymore thus losing my followers and friends. Now I'm not to sure as to why that happened but I can assure that had never posted anything that was against the law or would directly affect anyone's well being. Please help by letting me know the steps to getting back in back on and back hard on for Pornhub. LOL....thank You

MaXXXimumMilf 2 weeks ago

You will need to be verified by uploading your ID and completing documentation.

CasalAventura 3 weeks ago

Will we have the same promotion in October?

Enola Fischer 3 weeks ago

Buying bots or views? Whats that about? Isn’t your website secure for us?

Enola Fischer 3 weeks ago

I never biolated your terms.

Enola Fischer 3 weeks ago

This is not safe you just demonetized my account without any proof .

BrianaBlack 3 weeks ago

I love the increase in ad revenue but WHY do I earn LESS on videos where I’ve had MORE views ??? Every month it changes, doesn’t make any sense

Theturdcrew 1 month ago

Just seeing this I'm super late

otpid1002 1 month ago


Jcb1583 1 month ago

I wanna be a porn star or at least do a couple porn movies to get my name out there. So how do I do that and male that happen is what I wanna know. I would love to do one with riley reid and another couple girls together lol. I love eating pussy and ass for hours but only females. It's my favorite and I'm real good at it plus I got a thick thick long monster cock. So how do I make this happen at least to get my name out there cuz I dont know how to do this but it has always been a dream of mine.

Anaisamor 1 month ago

Hi seguir kisss

Jazz Bikini 1 month ago

I wish I knew what I was doing

bigblackdick6815 1 month ago

Don't really know how to upload a video

Ladymuffin and Tommy A Canaglia 1 month ago

Grazie. Ormai noi i nostri contenuti li carichiamo solo su PornHub

Matthew MorningStar 1 month ago

Inbox me your number. Let's hookup or Meetup

Love7790 1 month ago

wow nice

publicerection 1 month ago

It's great to increase revenue, but please don't manipulate the number of tags on your uploaded videos. It will negatively affect the number of views.

Aleigha James 1 month ago

Once you bring back payments things will be perfect ♡ please hurry up, if OF made it work so can you

Scottys Body 1 month ago

Just bring back paid downloads already as high ranked as I am and and as much traffic I generate a month the view share still ain’t worth nothing

moanpal 1 month ago

Thanks for update!

MaXXXimumMilf 1 month ago

Thank you for the support, Pornhub 🤩

Gilf Catalina 1 month ago

Awesome this is great news.

Fellow Uncos Newboy 1 month ago

Lucky I do solo masturbation, I can upload every day, muahahah. If anyone wants me to beat to their video just message me with the link 😁

HornyasHellHolly 1 month ago

How do I get PornHub to follow me on Twitter so I can comment on your posts? @HornyasHolly

Gina Greystone 1 month ago

why are your earnings dropping?

ZDADDYLOADS 1 month ago

Its all about word of mouth u get those views up views are the only thing bringin in money think bout it view=bank$ equals how life revolves now catch me in my vids wearing an giving merch away to lucky tippers an subscribers importassassinz 😇🙏

Mytitiiswet06 1 month ago


Barbie Rivas 1 month ago

ok bby

Tommybigdaddy69 1 month ago

Fuck this 4real I been out trying to get people come here and everything dueces

RubyGrae 1 month ago

Crypto! The answer you seek is crypto.

Amateurcoupledc 1 month ago

Yass! Thank you thank you & thank you! Can't wait to get those videos up for you!!!

kgbdqg 1 month ago

Bonjour, moi j'aime bien venir pour oublier cette vie réelle de la vie, quand je vient ici j'oublie la vie puisque je la vie avec vos vidéos. Moi j'aime ce qu'il imprévue dans le réelle ( comme monter avec une mini-jupe sans culotte )rire Gros bisous Gégé.

sissykingb 1 month ago

i cant wait to begin

4695167676 1 month ago

Trying to link up co star and certified photographer/videos

Turkio17 1 month ago

I really do hope this is really happening

MissCinn 1 month ago

Seriously, PAY YOUR MODELS!!!! Ya'll are monetizing us!!

BKinks 1 month ago

This is great news i look forward to the additional revenue i have only been doing this 5 weeks but have posted 20 videos, does anyone know the best average length a video should be ?

nikki_ray 1 month ago

good news!

blueheart717 1 month ago


Yourfreakscouple 1 month ago

Thanks for the update hope I get more ppl to like and comment

Ververa Horns 1 month ago

we love to hear it my dears

Xena590 1 month ago

Hello, dear ones! I'm a very sexy 20-year-old girl. I just got a great promotion on my OF account. I'm waiting for you wet and hot. xoxo

Dirkhawk 1 month ago

I’m new just joined and I’m trying to slut somebody daughter out

Rosaline Ivy 1 month ago

They are either fraudulent, or you filter the majority of views unfairly to larger channels. Why would this be the case? That I'm not sure on, but I can assure you if I don't get some graphs and metrics to prove this claimed revenue increase, I'm gonna get salty. I would be very disappointed to dig into this further and find out if Mindgeek is actually financially affiliated with any of these video producing channels too.

Rosaline Ivy 1 month ago

Zero growth after the removal of most of your videos indicates either you had a reduction in user base traffic (google trends for the word "pornhub" during video removal indicate this is not true), or that you simply filtered the views elsewhere. I can't remember where, but you used to have a disclaimer about "verifying views were real". All this honestly gives me the impression that your view counts are actually fraudulent

Rosaline Ivy 1 month ago

Hmmm. An lot of people talking about how lackluster the views are. I thought that was just me but after posting for 2y e a r s, and comparing it to other sites, it's very strange that I and everyone I work with seem to consistently get less views here than anywhere else. A CC company attack is unfair, but I posted before then, and noticed pretty much NO difference in growth (outside of the usual trend from uploading) even after the removal of millions of videos.

Total Fucking Awesomeness 1 month ago

We've been making videos for over half a decade. We have racked up nearly 8 millions total views and have never once had a video featured. We post because we enjoy having sex with each other. It's never been about the cash. It's a good thing, because the pay is not great.

squirtingcouple69 1 month ago


Cat_Toys 1 month ago

Thank you Pornhub Team .

Handsomehunt 1 month ago


2rickylicious 1 month ago

Love PH

shadoices 1 month ago

Well I need to get more opinions on my videos and I am not sure how to do that any suggestions or helps or concerns about that it’s only me by myself there’s no companions nor anybody else I can’t find anybody to trust to do this kind of thing with yet so how do I boost more of my ratings and comments? Please let me know

Bigtallman 1 month ago

I understand pornhubs doing everything in there power to help us out. A complete rework of the current system could literally take the site down for at least a month. Because they have to rewrite the entire site's code, to got along with a new system. How about we let pornhub do the best right now to get credit card companies back on board, before we start bitching and complaining about a complete rewrite of there servers and systems. Let then finish what on there plate first, before mores added

hotroach 1 month ago

It's called monitoring and cornering the market

Youmylove10 1 month ago

Que puedo hacer para generar más ingresos??

big_Sancho007 1 month ago

I hope you guys can run my views up cus I barely make anything of this but enjoy i appreciate it the love 🌹🌹

taylorandjulien 1 month ago

Sounds good to me! 😍

Raizuel32 1 month ago


AnnabellaSecrets 1 month ago

Thank you so much PH, for your effort to help us, but we would also need to have a more consistent view's flow.You are on the right path!

LonelyMeow 1 month ago

Don’t know why you guys don’t start to make your own crypto to get payments back from fans or your use tether USD. You have the skills to do so.

Brooke Madison 1 month ago

Thank you!

Saywife 1 month ago

Is crazy!! We do this for money!! I’m really disappointed!! They make millions end for has !!??

PandoraSecrets 1 month ago

i'm just new here and already uploaded 10 videos in just more than a month but i haven't receive any payment yet. So i dont know what impact this news to me. But im patient though. Still waiting for my first payment.

The Girl Next Door 3 weeks ago

You may be waiting a long time for a payment because PH will not make a payment until you have reached a min of $100 and with paid transactions for vids, fan club subs and tips being suspended for the past year I doubt that many people are receiving any payments off of ad rev alone without having 100s of vids. Ad rev is earned from free vids only and paid per 1K views. To quantify that the avg RPM (rate per 1K views) for 2020 was $.604

Milly Chanel 1 month ago

I'm new here, hi everyone!

Bad-Witch 1 month ago

Merci beaucoup, à bientôt pour de nouvelles vidéos ;-)

NinaLeeMishka 1 month ago

Thank you so much 💓

DannyJay31 1 month ago


Phoenix4487 1 month ago

Im waiting on my growth

LolaFilms 1 month ago

This comment section xD

Russian_Sweetie 1 month ago

Hellow everyone! We are happy to see you here! Enjoy our videos and share your impression in comments. We read them all with pleasure. Dont forget to like videos and we, in turn, will try to upload vids more often.

BredLikeRabbits 1 month ago

It would be nice if there were more than vague details for what features are planned for the in the future that will help content creators so we have something to look forward to and plan around. Especially when its meant to attract and retain creators. As well as current RPM for free and viewshare videos on the earning tab the breakdown of it so we can actually understand the impact of these increases would be nice.

Joven 19 years 1 month ago


MrK2323 1 month ago

When will purchases be enabled? I'm desperate to became a fan of a model who has only uploaded photos to this site

Mythone and Mrs dragon 1 month ago

I love having sx with my husband and if we can make a little bit of money for doing something I love then hell yeah I'm all for it!!!!!! And we got a lot closer since starting this I'm a stay at home wife and my husband works a s##t ton so we where in a very dark place we didn't even really talk let alone have sex but then my sister told me she was making porn with her husband and so I got a good outfit turned on the recorder on my phone and we have never been more close or more happy so tks!

SayHiDick 1 month ago

So when will the payouts from the views of Pornhub Premium ? 🙄

HellHare 1 month ago


shine ru 1 month ago

Females near Tampa hit me up let’s collaborate and shot some hot content

Kilodaddy926 1 month ago

Sounds like a great thing Smile Emoticon

AnallBela 1 month ago

in principle, everything is not bad PH, but you need to return the payment system visa

misscaprice69 1 month ago

Right! Something needs to be done because we have lost heart, revenues are falling, and the channel is growing very slowly.

Inkynellz 1 month ago

Add me ladies 💪🏾

Ericakane12 1 month ago

obviously i need some pointers becauseeeee I made like one cent 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Wilmeaj 1 month ago


ImNobodysSideDude 1 month ago

I want to do porn full time but the views I'm getting I having mix feeling about it 🤷🏽

Moisuckcock 1 month ago

Un saludo

Letmetakeyourvitals 1 month ago


unknown 1 month ago

We’ll definitely have 4 videos dropping this month 😈😈😈🔥🔥🔥❤

ElenaVolkova 1 month ago

Thank for keeping us updated

James Felps 1 month ago

Thanks you so much ❤💋

Gregore Erotic 1 month ago

I just wish y'all's algorithms were more trans friendly. Trans folx like myself have our audience, but y'all don't trust us to bring in the cash flow. Trust me when I say we can bring it.

kushiepastel 1 month ago


Daddyhikaw 1 month ago


Zaatara 1 month ago


Bill and Sandra 1 month ago

PH getting better 🔥🥰

SodoLila 1 month ago

We hope everything improves soon. Thanks for your support

oralgenuss 1 month ago

Thanks for the update

Mayven Doll 1 month ago

This is great to hear! I will be adding some new vids in Sep I see😊💗

Harlowe Blue 1 month ago

Thank you pornhub!!!!

MrsBarbella 1 month ago


Your-Porn 1 month ago

Thanks PornHub from Russia with love ❤

Littlebrunt 1 month ago

Good news 🔥

Brownn Skinn Bunn 1 month ago

Oh wow, I joined at the right time lol I have 5 vids schedule for September 😂👍🏿👍🏿

HellHare 1 month ago


Daffy11inches 1 month ago

Make video

Magicthroat97 1 month ago

Thanks a lot. Hope thinks will really get better yeah. Keep your good work all!

meninoemenina 1 month ago

Very nice

Rachel Starr 1 month ago

I love this!

Parakito6 1 month ago

Any update of this? " Sale transactions for videos are temporarily disabled but Ad Revenue is unaffected. You can still list your videos as "For Sale" and they will start earning when sale transactions are enabled"

Vicious Masked 1 month ago

Potrebbe essere una buona idea incentivare i membri emergenti con video di tendenza a rotazione settimanale/mensile! - Anche un sistema simile a "Stories" di IG o "Shorts" di YT aiuterebbe gli utenti a ottenere visibilità!!

Vicious Masked 1 month ago

It might be a good idea to incentivize emerging members with weekly rotating trending videos - Also a system similar to IG's "Stories" or YT's "Shorts" would help users gain exposure !!

Erotic Art by Softapproach 1 month ago

Nice to hear at least some news on model program update. Hope to earn more soon Smile Emoticon

SexyDolly14 1 month ago


MADE-FOR-YOU 1 month ago

Thank you! We are very motivated to keep uploading and we welcome everybody to come to check our videos! 😃

Dangerous-N-Storm 1 month ago

We are looking to start somewhere.

wetinthenet 1 month ago

thank you, grat idea! but it's pity it is only for september ;

MrThickers 1 month ago

Thank you PH appreciated

Layer latex 1 month ago


lvilu 1 month ago

Let's believe in the best! Come on PH, don't drop the industry crown.

JaynMay 1 month ago

I'm good with this. I will say it would be nice to make the front page. We post 3 videos a month. One video has 20,000 views and has. 98 percent rating and hasn't been featured? Come on man.

VjSprice 1 month ago

Thank you Ph

Alexy Bell 1 month ago

Thank you but since the end of Premium, the more I upload videos the more my incomes decreasing... The priority for models is to restore Premium, because currently we earns crumbs...

Candy Camille 1 month ago

Yeah more videos are comming!!!

Emiamateur 1 month ago

Bon bah, ya plus qu'à se mettre au boulot.... Pourquoi proposer 15% uniquement à ceux qui téléchargent au moins 4 vidéos sur septembre ? Pour quoi pas tout le monde d'office ?

Skinnychinamilf 1 month ago

That’s wonderful news

Parker Hard 1 month ago

Thank you PH!

DOSISEX 1 month ago

Wow, me encanta 🥰🔥

Pinaysluttyteen 1 month ago

Good news

victor cummings 1 month ago

I glad and everything, but, for us newcomers, PH makes it hard af for us to get more views and only feature the same people.

Mei Pang 1 month ago

Thanks for all Pornhub Staff, we have a beautiful community here ❤🧡💛💚👽

Spielplatz der Ewigkeit 1 month ago

Wie Sweet D. sagt:Ja, es ist schön, einen höheren Umsatz zu haben, aber wie sieht es mit dem VIEWS' FLOW aus? Ich behalte eine gute Wachstumsrate (Aufrufe/Abos) bei, aber meine Einnahmen sinken jeden Monat mehr und mehr... PH braucht eine komplette Überarbeitung! Nach meiner Erfahrung mit anderen Plattformen scheint PH eine Vorliebe für große Kanäle zu haben und potenzielle Content-Ersteller (kleine und mittlere Kanäle) zu vergessen.

kurvykylie 1 month ago

Thank you! ❤

Nothing2see27 1 month ago

Hopefully PH finds a way to bring back the ability for consumers to use credit cards instead of bitcoin in this site. Personally, I believe this will help out sex workers from this site to receive more money, and encourages customers in buying more content if the option of paying through a credit card becomes available again. If bitcoin continues to be the only way to purchase content or tip, I wouldn't be surprised if PH's income starts to stagnant.

Nicolee Cardone 1 month ago

Muchas gracias PornHub! subire mas videos super calientes a mi canal este mes asi que esperen como dare mamadas y me sentare en la rica verga de mi chico

Hotgirlmia 1 month ago

will be good

Bastabisayalami 1 month ago

IloveIT more JAKOL to come

KevinDosd 1 month ago

Estoy de acuerdo. 🔥

redxxxativa 1 month ago

Thank u Ph ❤

Morgpie 1 month ago

Cool news pornhub, can't wait to see how you guys continue to support the sex workers of the world Smile Emoticon

Leah Bianchi 1 month ago

Thank you PornHub 💕

CumBlush 1 month ago

It's mean my balls will be drain four times in a month...so happy.

Queenbubblyass 1 month ago

Damn i work extra harder huhhhhh? Damn you guys 😂🥺

Alex Cum 1 month ago

Pornhub gives me that peace of mind that no other platform gives me, just seeing that they care about keeping us models satisfied is reason to applaud them.

ChIkY HoT 00 1 month ago

Thank you ph😈🔥

Hottie2Naughty 1 month ago


Mian Elea 1 month ago

Anything helps🧡

TheScenes 3D 1 month ago

Great News! Thank you PornHub ^^ 3333

ArchieCold99 1 month ago

What more super news, thank you pornhud for continuing to move forward and helping us move forward, thank you 🤗

Sra Exibe 1 month ago

I'm glad that you are giving more attention to us who move the site. But I suggest that you improve our communication by creating another mechanism for direct and instant communication with the site. The emails that are sent take weeks to be answered. The creation of a CHAT in real time, which is common in other sites, would solve many questions much faster.I am waiting for answers about content. If the Chat option already existed, these questions would already be solved.

Jetsfan1983 1 month ago

Looking forward to a successful September for everyone.

Jetsfan1983 1 month ago

Thank you so much Pornhub! We are always thrilled to be earning money from our amateur videos that we make on a regular basis and upload. Money is tight these days and We are happy to see that our monthly earnings continue to increase more than than the previous month and its been very consistent. We thank our viewers especially for continuously viewing our videos, liking, commenting, adding to personal favourites

TOXICALATINA 1 month ago


AbySaba 1 month ago

Es una buena información gracias por pensar siempre en nosotros 🥰💯

VeryHairyMan88 1 month ago

Thanks so much 😘

Pixie Trixxx 1 month ago


Mrswet bigD 1 month ago

That’s great to hear.. we’re new starting out so trying to get up there, where that can help me

Arrilast 1 month ago

Thank you Pornhub

Hiddencat X 1 month ago

We are sure to do it! Thank you PH👍🏻👍🏻

CreativeKinks 1 month ago

Sounds like pornhub is really taking positive steps, combined with compassion and love for its content providers. We ❤ you PornHub!!

ALICExJAN 1 month ago

Good news ❤

hotgrande2 1 month ago

i have so much love for pornhub and i have been a fan the same year this website was created. almost one and a half decades ago now.

Cat Woman 1979 1 month ago

Great 😍

BigBang-Nacho 1 month ago

great Smile Emoticon

NinaParker 1 month ago

Thank you so much PORNHUB. We the models appreciate everything you do for us ❤

PantiesQueen 1 month ago

Amazing news Smile Emoticon

ikellywhite 1 month ago

Good 👍

MARIA KALOS 1 month ago


DickReacts 1 month ago

Sounds good, let's gooooo!

calie28 1 month ago

Genial, gracias. Smile Emoticon A los que me leen los invito a mi canal, y disfruten mi contenido, espero y les pueda gustar. Great thanks. Smile Emoticon I invite those who read me to my channel, and enjoy my content, I hope and you may like it.

Xnxxaraby 1 month ago


Bad_Sofia 1 month ago


KimLatina 1 month ago

Good !

BLKC11 1 month ago

Good vibes I love it

unknown 1 month ago

Good news! We need to prepare some hot videos for September Smile Emoticon

Lgjd2020 1 month ago


imfnu 1 month ago

That's great

Rastagop 1 month ago


Python_Strokes 1 month ago

I’m bout to expand my content now😏

Leo Hellstrom 1 month ago

that's it PH, the more you value your models, the more everyone will win🔥

MilynPompadour 1 month ago

Thank you very much Pornhub for all that you do for us, for my part I just need to know if this also applies to adult cartoon content?

Cherry Love TV 1 month ago

Thank you for the support!

luisale69xxx 1 month ago


ChristiansBigVerga 1 month ago

thanks for so much pornhub team

Sergem202018 1 month ago

Це так захоплює. Справді вражаюче повідомленняSmile Emoticon

Carly Curvy 1 month ago

Thank you 😊

Lotus LaFawn 1 month ago

It would be great if you could tell us the rest of the plan so we could prepare! LOL.. wishful thinking I know....

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