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by: pornhub

Welcome back to our special Pride edition of Model Citizens! For those of you who might not have come across MadeleineMorales yet, she’s known for taking her fans on a tour of her city until she finds a private spot to take an intimate break. If that piques your interest, keep scrolling and check out our Q&A with Madeleine.


1. What influenced you to join the industry and with Pornhub specifically?

I've always enjoyed adult content, and, from an early age, I dreamed of being part of something that would allow me to express my sexuality. I’ve also been a faithful consumer of Pornhub content, so when the opportunity presented itself to me to create content for Pornhub, I felt like it was a good time. Being able to create content for platforms like this was a dream.


2. Do you have advice for new Models who have just joined the industry?

My advice to everyone in the industry is to take it seriously. Making content is something that requires a lot of dedication. So study the platform and think about what you want to accomplish. Try to add your own personal touch to your content and always strive to improve. It’s important to produce really good videos and encourage your fans to enjoy them.


3. Has you perception of the industry changed since joining?

I never had a bad perception of the industry before I became part of it. I did think it was something only for pornstars, but then I met people in the Pornhub community and thought differently. I felt welcomed by all those who enjoy my videos.

Courtesy of MadeleineMorales

4. What do you think is the best way to change people’s misconceptions about it?

I think the best way to change people's perceptions is to show them who you are — that's what I focus on in my social platforms. I let my fans see a little more of me to help them realize that I’m doing this because I love it, as if it were any other profession. I try to educate people and encourage them to have an open mind and put their prejudices aside. Humans are very sexual and being repressed is unnatural.  


5. Is "Madeleine Morales" a persona you put on for your brand? How is she similar/different from you?

I am Madeleine Morales. In fact, when I decided to get serious about making content for Pornhub, I wanted to be as real as possible because I didn't want to divide myself. I wanted to show both the daring girl who gives tours around her city and ends up masturbating and my funny side, too.


6. Can you tell us something your fans would be interested to learn about you?

I am a very transcendental person. Beyond eroticism, I am a very loving person, and I think one of my best qualities is how I connect with others on a pyschological level. It helps me educate others through my work.


7. What have you learned about yourself since joining the industry?

I have learned how to be stronger against criticisms and judgments I sometimes get because I work in the adult industry. I think one of the things I value most is that I chose this path that helped me grow strong enough to defend my ideals and the things I love most. It has taught me to keep moving forward regardless of what happens around me and to go for what I want.

Courtesy of MadeleineMorales

8. How are you celebrating Pride this year?

I want to make content that celebrates diversity and share my love for the LGBTQ+ community on my social platforms. We have a lot of Pride events in my country, so I try to attend as many as I can.


10. How do you feel about being an LGBTQ+ performer in the adult community?

I feel accepted, and I love to see how all my followers and fans appreciate that diversity. One of the things I enjoy the most is showing my fans who I am with other girls and how they always want more.


11. What sort of inspiring advice can you share with other LGBTQ+ Models?

What I usually tell other women who are part of this community is to not be afraid to show who you are. The most beautiful thing about being part of this platform is that it has a very solid community that will love you as you. Do not be afraid to show what you like because it will probably be what attracts your audience. Be yourself.


Follow MadeleineMorales on Twitter and Instagram for photos and video updates

Twitter @moralesmadelein 

Instagram @moralesmadeleine_


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Anna Mole 2 days ago

From such a walk, I would not refuse!πŸ’œ But due to the coronavirus, such a walk can only be a dream!πŸ’œ

Alex Cum 2 days ago

It's great to end the week reading a nice interview like this one.

DickForStepSister 2 days ago

Wooow!With such a sexy tour guide - any tour a pleasure!πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’š

Chloe cum queen 2 days ago

That was a really great model blog. Great attitude

amateurhotxxx 2 days ago

Wow! ❀❀

TomaStevi 2 days ago

Congratulations, very interesting article β™₯ I love everyone β™₯

Saduni1990 20 hours ago

Nice πŸ™‚

UTCI Yesterday

who cares Ill never go to Colombia

Ricky222299 Yesterday

Nice πŸ‘πŸ”₯

Covid__21 2 days ago

You are beautiful and feminine ... uuuuhhh would take a walk 🧑❀️🧑❀️🧑

PrincessIsabela 2 days ago


Ninfetinhaa 2 days ago

so hot!

Im_Succubus 2 days ago


PrincessIsabela 2 days ago

just like you ^^

Little_Nika18 2 days ago


SexwifeKaty 2 days ago

wow coolπŸ‘ but I'm no worseπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

Home Lucifer 13 minutes ago

I like Lucifer approves 😈⚠️❀️

BBW Buttercup 56 minutes ago


soowoogotass 8 hours ago

Shes hot

PTBLAXE 8 hours ago

Nice photo

Lana_More1 13 hours ago

Muy bella chica... Yo estoy empezando a producir mi contenido y espero llegar muy lejos en esta industria. 🀭😘

LolaFilms 15 hours ago


Anominess 22 hours ago


Legohub Yesterday

When will you interview me, Pornhub?

Mama Alice Yesterday


4allcumming Yesterday

You are a very good writer I am a very good people person as well in meeting them and salesperson but u my dear sound wonderful

stewco Yesterday

good to reed the post today

luxurytexa Yesterday

Cool, keep goingπŸ‘β€β€

MrsBarbella Yesterday

Congratulations hon! I enjoy your work!

SodoLila Yesterday

We (Sodo and Lila) are at the point of our work, where we are about to start facing all the rain of criticism for what we do, but we are completely safe and happy to share our moments of lust on pornhub, here everyone can see and enjoy the best moments of the human being; the sexuality.

MissCinn Yesterday

PH won't even pay their models, this is ridiculous

MJayHard 2 days ago

Awesome blog!

Kinkyguy-20 2 days ago

Just a comment without any meaning.... I go to pee, have a wetty day!

Meri-Mouse 2 days ago


Snail_Lina 2 days ago

Wow)) very nice!!!

Juice Peach 2 days ago

wow ... pretty unusual and hot video ideas πŸ˜…

PiercedKitty 2 days ago

Great interview

meninoemenina 2 days ago

Nice one

Stavros Piper 2 days ago

Nice interview, I totally agree with you.

Franchy Lily Rose 2 days ago

Thanks for sharing your story ya.

Hazel Thai 2 days ago

i wanna lick her pussy ,πŸ˜‹ Lesbian love will be wet for her pussy She is so cute😘😘😘😘

Hazel Thai 2 days ago

I wanna film lesbian sense with her. She is so gorgeous,

CEMENTAL LOKO 2 days ago


FornicationFreeway 2 days ago

I love reading these articles, learning more about the industry and about those who have done well 😁

PON__69 2 days ago


PinoyBigFootlong 2 days ago

A wonderful lady

maykilss 2 days ago

am trying to ind one leday to make together vidoe porn and we earn nice money

Cherry Love TV 2 days ago

Congrats babe! The most important thing in life is achieve your dreams πŸ’œ

Thenugagamage 2 days ago

I'm ready to go in ❀❀

SweetyBoss 2 days ago

Admire u, Madeleine❀ You're a nice example to show how to live as you want!

LussyKinky 2 days ago

Hi Madeleine, you are a beauty, you harmonize well with nature in your photos 😍😍😍😍😍

Ryan Sith 2 days ago

She's cool.

MHousemedia 2 days ago

I'm ready

CherriesM 2 days ago


Key_Dee 2 days ago

ΠšΡ€Π°ΡΠΈΠ²Π°Ρ ΠΈ умная Π΄Π΅Π²ΡƒΡˆΠΊΠ° 😍

Pussy Ethereum 2 days ago

I saw her in couple of vids, she is hot ! could get into ETH squad

EvaKeks 2 days ago

Wow she's really sexy and hot!!!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

LIDIELAN 2 days ago

Would you walk with me?😏😍

Toby Puente 69 2 days ago


LilacVv 2 days ago

Sexy 😈😘πŸ”₯🀍

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