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by: Aurora Watson

Pornhub has about 150 millions users per day, and one way to catch their attention is with a catchy title. Keep reading for some helpful tips on how to use titles to boost views.

You want to make sure you use keywords that best describe your video because users want to know what they can expect when they click on it. Using trending keywords can help your video get picked up by the search engine, so if you’re in need of a little help or inspiration, check out our blog “What’s Hot on Pornhub” or the Top Searches on our Help Center. Just be sure that your title properly reflects what's in your video; users tend to give bad ratings when titles, tags, and categories don't match the clip and that can affect the chance of your video getting featured on the homepage.

You can use up to 65 characters, but try not to make it look too spammy with a bunch of different keywords. Be selective, descriptive, and explain “how” a viewer will see it, instead of “what” they will see. 

For example, instead of just throwing together random keywords like, “Big Tit Nurse Pornstar Intense Sex and Blowjob,” try something like, “Busty Nurse has Unexpected Hot Sex and Gives Deepthroat Blowjob in Secret.” It’s descriptive while using good keywords so the viewer knows what they’ll get when they click on your video.

Another tip is to include your name and any other performers that are also in your video to help it appear in search results. Users often search performers’ names, so you could even add it at the end of the title like this: “Busty Nurse has Unexpected Hot Sex and Gives Deepthroat Blowjob in Secret -- Capri Cavalli.” If your videos have good ratings, including your name in the title can help users get to know you and spot your name when searching for a video.


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DuBarry 2 weeks ago

The main thing is not to give the name "Titanic"...

AsianNymphet 1 week ago

why not?

Pinky Lipps 1 week ago

Right πŸ˜‚

trastun 2 weeks ago

lol yes it is true

Mind Breakers 2 weeks ago

Thank you for another valuable informationπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘. It's nice to see that at least various news and some kind of connection with users is happening more and more oftenπŸ€—. But I would really like to understand - paid videos that have been stuck for 5 months can already be displayed for free or is it worth the wait😁😜?)))

FireBadGuy Yesterday

I have the same question!! I don’t take this site as seriously because Visa MasterCard are still not excepted this is a very big disappointment!

TheIslandCouple 1 week ago

Valuable information as always. Thanks Pornhub!

Paris Ricci 2 weeks ago


You170 2 weeks ago

I think or Pornhub is very good at helping new models, although this information is very useful to me, thanks to Pornhub ❀

Auguscampeon 40 minutes ago

you are everywhere XD

MaxiLovers 2 weeks ago

Content-revealing titles are the best 😍πŸ”₯ To be honest, it often spoils the impression that all know that there is a couple in videos, and they write about step sister step mother etc ...

LadyOfDiamonds 2 weeks ago

Well it's not that bad when they at least roleplay to be siblings. When it's just the title and then some random sex closeups its just sad -.-.

Anna Mole 2 weeks ago

Thanks, Pornhub! πŸ’œπŸ’‹πŸ’œThanks to your advice to work much easier and more efficient!πŸ’œ

Bellatrixxxy 2 weeks ago

What would be useful is if ya'll got your shi* together and got modelhub back up instead of feeding us the same bullshi* you have been for 5 months now. Ya'll are making MORE $$ off us now and paying us bullshi* Showing what pieces of crap you all truly are

TheWhiskersFamily 1 week ago


Olga_Sunrise 1 week ago

Who are they trying to sell this nonsense to???

lovestheass 1 week ago

Definitely stop using the fake step sister routine...

DickForStepSister 2 weeks ago

Thank you dear PornoHub for the helpful tips! πŸ’šπŸ’›They really help!πŸ˜‹πŸ’šπŸ’›

You170 2 weeks ago

It's very, very good, thank you Pornhub ❀❀❀

amandastarkX 2 weeks ago

I just want to know algorythm for FEATURED video πŸ™€πŸ”₯

Auguscampeon 28 minutes ago

dream on

Erotic Art by Softapproach 1 week ago

Its about time

PiercedKitty 1 week ago

Darn i thought the title of this blog was "Titties". I guess not lol

KaleaNixs 1 week ago

I love when pornhub give me good tips

TomaStevi 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the advice β™₯ I will use it and I hope it gets to the top β™₯

Lips And Sins 2 weeks ago

Thanks! Great.. TIPSπŸ†πŸ˜›

AVeryMilkyWay 2 weeks ago

Very usefull! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

PiercedKitty 1 week ago

The gods of Pornhub have spoken. Thank you for the words of wisdom

Auguscampeon 28 minutes ago


DSTryOnHaul 1 week ago

Thank You Pornhub & A Catchy Title Is Very Important,Periodt ❀

Gucci_1446 1 week ago


Ricky222299 1 week ago

Nice πŸ₯°πŸ”₯

Coitus00Couple 1 week ago

Thank you Pornhub great info ❀

Tumpaking 2 weeks ago

This information was very useful thanks pornhub

Argent80 2 weeks ago

Thanks πŸ˜‰

Nick and Nicole 2 weeks ago

Great tips! Still waiting for a video to be featured πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

420kushkouple 2 weeks ago

Thanks as always for the tips!!

Sweet Baby N 2 weeks ago

thanks for the advice

StonerCatLady 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the tips!! Seems the video of mine reaching the most is my unexpected cumming video. I’ve been trying to include MILF, brunette, and nerdy for my titles.

Mei Pang 2 weeks ago

Tip of the century! Very good advice, I am applying it for a while and it is giving me results. Thanks Pornhub πŸ±β€πŸš€πŸ±β€πŸš€πŸ˜Ž β€πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’•

DeLuxxxBoy 2 weeks ago

πŸ›‘πŸ›‘πŸ›‘Thanks a lot for the advice pornhub, very very helpful article! thanks for helping) thanks for being with us). πŸ›‘πŸ›‘πŸ›‘

Kibli Slow 2 weeks ago

Thank you 😍 I will try to apply this knowledge tomorrow when I post a new video.

Tasha Blues 2 weeks ago

Thank you! The tips are really helpful.

LoveBanaxy 2 weeks ago

Good tips for the perfect model profile

Yoni Koko 2 weeks ago

Amazing monthly blog posts to help models grow their channels! Thanks for the support! β™₯πŸ’‹

Magiic_Hands 2 weeks ago

Ty πŸ‘

SexwifeKaty 2 weeks ago

great tips, thank youπŸ‘

Sophia and Eugene 2 weeks ago

ВсСм ΠΏΡ€ΠΈΠ²Π΅Ρ‚ ΠΈΠ· России

Nickandgirl 2 weeks ago


Kate Rehi 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the useful tips

Stella Fog 2 weeks ago

Thanks PH

Paris Ricci 2 weeks ago

Great! πŸ‘

slingingthrasher 2 weeks ago

subscribe to my page new content up

Sally Salisbury 2 weeks ago


Auguscampeon 29 minutes ago

okey lets try this thanks

Alan Tokers 3 hours ago

Gracias Pornhub πŸ”₯

holly_bunny 4 hours ago

Oh thank you so much, guys ❀

FortninRib 4 hours ago


WildRiena 5 hours ago

My titles need work... an area I struggle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the example ❀

FireBadGuy Yesterday

This is good info. I will include Firebadguy in my next title!!

sagelloo 3 days ago

Thanks for the tips pornhub!

CakeTV 4 days ago


Dre The Pussy Pleaser 5 days ago

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Thanks! @AuroraWatson

Harmonyhaze 1 week ago


Longpapinick 1 week ago

Im horny

Brandynette 1 week ago

Bimbo barbie bambi bonnie brandy bratty bruno bruh... I dare you to make a porn for that one! remember in HS when teh teacher told us to give our content name before the content! This is why we cant have nice things

Angelo15059 1 week ago

Que grandes ideas, gracias pornhub ❀❀😏

meninoemenina 1 week ago

Working on that

BrenJackSteel 1 week ago

This was a good article. I’m terrible at coming up with titles.....it’s good to see a formula. But this spurred a question. If you go back and edit titles to fit this formula, does that have any effect on the algorithms search capabilities of that video?

Kendy Key 1 week ago

Thanks for support i love pornhub

Jamie Christy 1 week ago

I needed this one

Ricky222299 1 week ago


tshirazg 1 week ago

Thanks for the lesson

Qemuel 1 week ago

https://onlyfans.com/qemuel πŸ’ͺ🏿πŸ’ͺ🏿πŸ’ͺ🏿πŸ’ͺ🏿

AnallBela 1 week ago

good advice!)))

Spacevibez 1 week ago


Sweetestmaggie 1 week ago

Check this out and subscribe https://onlyfans.com/sweetestmaggie

Gerandine Foxx 1 week ago

Thx phπŸ’•

Emerald Foxx 1 week ago

I love you PornHub! You're always in our corner trying to get us to our top performance and max exposure. I super appreciate the hard work you guys put in ❀🀘❀

Gorilla Puncher 1 week ago

ADVICE TAKEN. Y'all check me out.. u won't be disappointed πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦β€

LorenaMajaX 1 week ago

gracias por los consejos tal vez los use

Olga_Sunrise 1 week ago

We have already been in the top so many times with and without the right phrases, and there are no views!!!!

Nyx_elerya 1 week ago

Good tips!

spicysara 1 week ago

Thanks for advice πŸ€—

LustyLoversXXX 1 week ago

Good tips, as always!

MissCinn 1 week ago

PAY YOUR MODELS!! Titles mean NOTHING when PORNHUB WONT PAY US FAIRLY!!! Disgusting that they're USING us to make money during the freaking Pandemic!!

MySweetBonBons 1 week ago

I try to give cute funny little names Like my one video (Rub-A-Dub one slut in the tub) It was a bathtub video

CasualSensual 1 week ago

Valuable information! Thank you, PornHub!!! It's definitely a struggle for new models to adapt to the POV while advertising their content considering there are few tricks like this that need a bit of study in order to catch the brain because, eventually there is where the magic happens, first of all, and after the senses give in if the content is good.

Grut8583 1 week ago


Franki Fox 1 week ago

Cum check out our page!!

slingingthrasher 1 week ago

watch and subscribe to my page

Highlife90 1 week ago


Amatuerhotcouple69 1 week ago

How do I upload pics or videos? New here

RoyalFux 1 week ago

I Thought I Was The Only Person To Think This

Braden Rush 1 week ago

Thank you so much, I have some renaming to do.

SweetyBoss 1 week ago

Mm, nice n useful, thanks) πŸ’—

RoxaneQuinn 1 week ago

hi, Top Searches on our Help Center .. is broken from your post.

MJayHard 1 week ago

Thank you PH! We really appreciate these tips!

Candy Camille 1 week ago

Amazing info! Thanks so much!

SEXXXY KAUSHI 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub❀

Ashnnelys 1 week ago

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TittyFuckAdventure 1 week ago

Thank you for this! Very helpful.

SammiJames 1 week ago

Always appreciate the information as a newbie. Thx πŸ˜‡βœ¨

Meri-Mouse 1 week ago

thanks for the help Pornhub)))

Tsaoneema 1 week ago

Very useful information 😊 thanks pornhub πŸ₯°

Gph900 1 week ago


Mindblowing1992 1 week ago


Tionna Tease 1 week ago


Gregore Erotic 1 week ago

Crap, y'all just posted this, I put the suggestions into effect while acknowledging the rules and terms of service and y'all reject my titles, pull a video with absolutely no "self harm" and allow the haters to erroneously report everything without y'all's review first before pulling. And this day started out so well. Please of you actually care about your trans creators and models, stop allowing the haters to dictate everything

Jamaica porn Service 1 week ago

Thank you for this information, it will us to improve and earn more on pornhub. After reading this I looked at my videos that has been featured on pornhub home page and I’ve learned something extremely important and will ensure to apply to all future videos.

FornicationFreeway 1 week ago

Thank you! I think titles have been the toughest thing to really get a grasp on so far.

Mariana Martix 1 week ago

Thanks! team Pornhub

Hawaiian Hunch 1 week ago

I appreciate these

Imgoodbad 1 week ago

Hays this would be easy to others that are a couple or that have a sex partner lol

Realdicklove 1 week ago

Yes indeed I agree

Luci and Luke 1 week ago

Thanks pornhub!! ❀️❀️

Sthechocolategirl 1 week ago

When will premium start taking payment again because Free videos are very hard to make a living off ofπŸ˜ͺπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€

Meline_Cherie 1 week ago

Thank you PH.β€πŸ’œ

jackcole_07 1 week ago


Komorokomo 1 week ago

Thank you! I was not good at thinking about the title, so I will refer to it.

Erotic Art by Softapproach 1 week ago

Maybe you could share your situation - do you have trouble with recieving and sending messages? There is like huge silence in PH, no messages, no comments, even if we write messages to our friends here in 99% we dont get any response. Does anyone have the same issue?

Fetishss 1 week ago


Erotic Art by Softapproach 1 week ago

Hi guys. Sure, its great to have articles like these but really, does even PH search engine works? Even if you paste exact titles of your videos in results you just get PH top 100 models with not a single word in title you searched.

FitCoupleLust 1 week ago

Good advice !!

Murraygoins 1 week ago

Thank you for Giving Great Advice!

LalyaPo 2 weeks ago

so cool guide

Lera Foxy 2 weeks ago

Thanks πŸ‘

Gregore Erotic 2 weeks ago

Thank y'all so much, already picking up a bit putting some title updates on my vids. Descriptive titling is already helping.

Littlebrunt 2 weeks ago

Thank’u Pornhub ❀

VeryHairyMan88 2 weeks ago


FreakDistrixxx 2 weeks ago

SLOPPIEST HEAD ON PORNHUB πŸ˜ˆπŸ’¦ PLEASE VOTE 😘https://www.pornhub.com/contest_hub/viewers_choice/freakdistrixxx

trastun 2 weeks ago

Thx good idea

TaylorTrap 2 weeks ago

Great tips πŸ˜†

Mama Alice 2 weeks ago

got it

pixieservesHim 2 weeks ago

I like to use alliteration because I'm a fucking dork 🀣

luisale69xxx 2 weeks ago

Yeah, thx for that

modest libertine 2 weeks ago


Call Me Mari 2 weeks ago


Toystest 2 weeks ago

Only one question: which title is good for main page?))

Babyice027 2 weeks ago

Follow my onlyfans for exclusive sexy content 😘πŸ₯° https://onlyfans.com/babyice027

xXFlutterPieXx 2 weeks ago

Thank you for the tips! πŸ’œ

Evilcoupleofficial 2 weeks ago

thank you Pornhub!

Falcon Al 2 weeks ago

❀❀Thanks pornhub ❀

Bee Savage 2 weeks ago

Bee savage gives wet kisses to pornhub for hot tips πŸ˜‰

King_rastaman 2 weeks ago

Thanks, pornhub for the advice πŸ₯°

DADDY ORGASM 2 weeks ago

Blah Blah Blah........ so the brain wash continues. Pornhub throws a very small bone to people and they eat it up SMH. Keep think this site is the best if you like. I'll be honest, they can dominate all other sites if they stop holding back money and only spotlighing those with Star accounts. we (ammeters) work just as hard and never get that front page. Something to think about for all you that want to stick up for this site. x videos all day for me. i only keep this crap because im here now..

TyeHoliday 2 weeks ago

Awesome! this is some good information to have.

MyShinyGirl 2 weeks ago

Thanks you Pornhub, always great advice πŸ₯°

James Felps 2 weeks ago

Thanks you so much)

Yummylips_69 2 weeks ago

Great advice thank you

Lux Eva 2 weeks ago


MewSlut 2 weeks ago


SexmoonteeN 2 weeks ago

Thanks PH, i love youu!

Magicthroat97 2 weeks ago

Oh thanks a lot its really helpful! We've evolved a bit on our titles since our only month here but this give the right path to follow!

Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago

It is known.

L1netta 2 weeks ago

I was just thinking about a title for a new video haha Thanks πŸ”₯

runnerbean87 2 weeks ago

Thanks ph

Aviimore 2 weeks ago

Excelent!!! tks!!

TylerMarlasSexClub 2 weeks ago

Thank you PH!

Shiny_Night 2 weeks ago

Honestly, lately the platform has been so bad for male amateurs. It's unfortunate.

HerSecretPleasure 2 weeks ago

Thanks 😊

Leo Hellstrom 2 weeks ago


Asya_Asya 2 weeks ago

WOW !!!! Cool !!! You care about us so much, thank you very much for the MASTER CLASS from FAVORITE PORNHUB. I wish you success and prosperity to us - to us to you ... kisses

Jaezguar 2 weeks ago

Muchas gracias Pornhub!!! Buenas recomendaciones! Saludos Cordiales

VioletRain34 Hentai Animations 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the tips β™₯

Katekuray 2 weeks ago

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ChristinaRio 2 weeks ago

Once again Pornhub, you are awesome! As a content creator beginner, it's such an asset to work with you. Christina Rio XOXXX

Averyxbabyx 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the tips!!!

Jill Poison 2 weeks ago

Thanks πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

DobarMomak11 2 weeks ago

Watch my new video

Lolly Upskirt 2 weeks ago


Katya Shien 2 weeks ago

Thanks πŸ‘Œ

timeker 2 weeks ago

very good

ll0v32lust 2 weeks ago

Cum subscribe to us

Alena Ass 2 weeks ago

Thanks a lot for the advice! We are trying!)

Once Upon a Time in Middle East 2 weeks ago

very important post! love you pornhub

Wetfingerxxx 2 weeks ago

Thanks pronhub

MisterFoxStr8 2 weeks ago

Great info! Thanks for sharing.

SexualMadness 2 weeks ago

Very usefull advices β™₯

HeartAttackXO 2 weeks ago


Buongiorno Amigo 69 2 weeks ago

Thanks to you, we can develop our passions πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Cadysecret 2 weeks ago

Thanks πŸ’‹

Amat3urFitCoupl3 2 weeks ago

Thank you πŸ™ for the tips x

DaddieStar 2 weeks ago

Merci ! Très bons conseils !

BootyUniversal 2 weeks ago

Tranks PH

Volkan Aktif 2 weeks ago

Thanks ❀

YANN 2 weeks ago

Thanks for sharing πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

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