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by: Aurora Watson

Whether users are scrolling the homepage or searching for something specific, one of the very first things that catches their eye and intrigue is a captivating thumbnail. Afterall, Pornhub is all about visuals and the right thumbnail that best reflects you and your video is just the thing that could help allure viewers and get those clicks. And since we recently increased ad revenue in our Model Program, now’s a good a time as any to make sure your thumbnails are working for you.

How to Select a Thumbnail

If you’re new to the Model Program or you’re in need of a refresher course on how to select a thumbnail for your videos, here are some easy how-to steps.

- There are two ways you can edit your thumbnails.
1. Select the video you want to work on from your profile page, click on Edit above your name, and then click on the Select Thumbnail tab.
2. Also click on the drop-down arrow next to your photo, and then Video Manager OR Select Thumbnails.They’ll both bring you to this Video Manager page where you can see every video you’ve uploaded. Click on Edit next to the video you want to tweak, and then Select Thumbnail.

- If your video is only free-to-view, you can only pick a thumbnail from one of these photos that were automatically generated from your video. If you’re not happy with what you see, click Regenerate for more options. 

- Click here for more info.


Tips and Tricks

- Thumbnails should visually represent the title and accurately portray the story of your video. You don't want to mislead users. You want to give them a sneak peek of what they can expect when they click on it. This will encourage viewers to give your video a good rating and increase its chance of getting featured on the homepage.

- Pick a screenshot that is in focus, well-framed, and bright. You want your thumbnail to stand out and immediately captivate users’ attention and get them excited about your video.

- Things to consider when picking a screenshot: good eye contact, strong facial expression and emotions, captivating shot and angle of body part, bright background, good contrast.

- Be consistent with the style of your thumbnails. This will help make your profile look well-curated, on brand, and professional.

- Analyze your videos that did best and see if there are similarities between the thumbnails.


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Anna Mole 3 weeks ago

Thank you PornoHub! I always use your advice!πŸ‘πŸ’œ

XXALADRXX 3 weeks ago


Alex Cum 3 weeks ago

A good thumbnail is the beginning of success on pornhub

NASStradamus 3 weeks ago

Dick pics

freyamay19 3 weeks ago

Usualy PH choose one of the best Thumb and i don't need to choose other. It happends to you too?

lovestheass 3 weeks ago

It’s like YouTube. But with cumshots.

Yoni Koko 3 weeks ago

Haha so true!

AnnaandPol 3 weeks ago

That's what I like the most

Kinky_Lili 3 weeks ago

Thank you PH

You170 3 weeks ago

Woooooooow, ph ❀

DickForStepSister 3 weeks ago

Very useful information! Thank you PornoHub for the helpful tips! They really help!πŸ’š

unknown 3 weeks ago

The profit rate is very low, less than $ 0.5 per 1000 views

unknown 3 weeks ago

Yes, that's good information! Thank youπŸ’—

K8285587 2 weeks ago

sweetheart can we do sex together

kremlemon 3 weeks ago

I won't tire of asking. When will purchases on your website become available ?! Or will they never work again?

Rock Mercury 3 weeks ago

I am hoping everyday that I will get the good news that payments will be back

cindy hot star 1 week ago

Muy buenos consejo πŸ‘πŸΌ

beaver licker 2 weeks ago

Thanks. Good to know

Yoni Koko 3 weeks ago

We always pick the best thumbnails for our videos! πŸ˜‰

Sexy_ky3627 3 weeks ago

We are a couple in kentucky pm us or ask us about k*k

Sanoraelminora 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the good advice!

TexasSunshyne 3 weeks ago

Thank you

Mike L Aengus 3 weeks ago

Thank you PH

ChristinaRio 3 weeks ago

Great blog, keep posting about improving our contents, it's really appreciate as model program's partners.Christina and Nathan Rio XOXXX

pinaychubbyme 3 weeks ago

Thank You Pornhub πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­β€β€β€

Coitus00Couple 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the information Pornhub!😍😍

SexwifeKaty 3 weeks ago

Pornhab as always gives good adviceπŸ‘Thank you 😘

MelodyAndJake 3 weeks ago

We as a new users, are really glad you take the time to teach in a easy way πŸ”₯πŸ€— Thanks PornHub

DeLuxxxBoy 3 weeks ago

Thank you very much for the tips from the porn hub) write more often and help us promote our videos)

TomaStevi 3 weeks ago

I try to make miniatures, who can comment on them? Am I doing them right?

Bazookababyx 3 weeks ago

Thumbnails are the hardest part when it's come to upload a videoπŸ˜…

Jizzabelle Trash 3 weeks ago

I completely agree!

Chessie Rae 3 weeks ago

Couldn't have wrote it better! Thanks for the refresher PH 😁

MiraMoani 3 weeks ago

Nice tips πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜‰

TeamDishaAndMark Yesterday

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Sarah Squirtss 2 days ago


Tatah santos 3 days ago


pervteens 5 days ago

Always perfect advice s !

Boldchops 5 days ago

Thank you PornHub! You guys rock!

Harmonyhaze 1 week ago


SouthernCockLover 1 week ago

Love the nakedness and for making her horny

YoLicka 1 week ago

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trastun 1 week ago

Thx good idea

Sweetestmaggie 1 week ago

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NataSweet 1 week ago

Thank you! I needed this information!

EssexGirl2001 1 week ago

Gonna have to make some custom thumbnails for my vids! Thanks pornhub 😍

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Thatguy777c 1 week ago

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crazyboy69818 2 weeks ago

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Rain drop 2 weeks ago

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Freken Pussy Snork 2 weeks ago

nice news

Jslim661 2 weeks ago

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IsabellaBellaOF 2 weeks ago

Thank you for the loveπŸ’™πŸ˜˜

pinaychubbyme 2 weeks ago

Thanks Pornhub ❀❀❀

tshirazg 2 weeks ago

You told us fucking advise to my life

Dirty_wishes 2 weeks ago

Does everyone have a window for loading a photo thumbnail? I only have a miniature generator

AvrilxLust 2 weeks ago


FuckAnastasia 3 weeks ago

Love this advice πŸ¦‹

Yara Curly 3 weeks ago

Got it!

TatterD 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the refresher!

Stonerfreakz 3 weeks ago

Want to get verified & start posting content 😭 got so many juicy videos ready, but I can’t seem to upload my model program application. It keeps crashing when I hit submit.

Checkoutmyonlyfans 3 weeks ago


Liza Virgin 3 weeks ago

Tnx my Love

Asya_Asya 3 weeks ago

es, that's great and nice https://rt.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph602d828ad6f3e

PornMovement 3 weeks ago


Gregore Erotic 3 weeks ago

Thank you ❀ definitely rechecking my thumbnails today!

hentai_smash 3 weeks ago

I like my thumbnails. :3

Jamie Christy 3 weeks ago

Very useful info. I wish model-based was accepting views and payments. I haven't been motivated to upload, here.

Socks_n_cox 3 weeks ago

Most definitely Ph! πŸ§‘πŸ–€πŸ§¦

tinyslavegirl 3 weeks ago

thanks fot the tips PornHub

Brittany Blowsu 3 weeks ago

Thanks PH 😍


porn hub is the bomb and I have finally got a great and sex woman to FILM with me and now we want a 3 to eat Amy as I duck her or me and Amy eat and fuck our new partner

Sylvia Chrystall 3 weeks ago

Add the option to upload thumbnails. Why do I always have to tell the correct answer ...?.....!

TaylorTrap 3 weeks ago

Nice tips


Yup good to know lol

Littlechanel 3 weeks ago

wooo so useful. I will use it on the videos I just posted

Frapucheno 3 weeks ago

imagine having custom thumbnails

P-A-P 3 weeks ago

Thx Ph !!!

SpainPair 3 weeks ago

Your profile photo is also very important. Choose it well!

jonathan_fracassi 3 weeks ago

That's the rule. A spicy miniature. Something inceptive. It should be like a promotional poster by a new movie at cinema.

secretdeal69 3 weeks ago

Thankyou pornhub the advice

LorenaMajaX 3 weeks ago

Nice guide but I cant rearrange my videos

VikkiSexy 3 weeks ago

Thank you ❀

PiercedKitty 3 weeks ago

That cum shot thumbnail πŸ‘Œ 😍 πŸ”₯

Bof Chongee 3 weeks ago

the right thumbnail really helps

SweetyBoss 3 weeks ago

Mmm, take it to my disposalπŸ’–

at-couple 3 weeks ago


DSTryOnHaul 3 weeks ago

Thank You Be Safe & Be Well πŸ€—πŸ˜šπŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ™πŸ½

Candy Camille 3 weeks ago

Thanks so much for the info!

Jhodez 3 weeks ago

Great advice

MonaRikaSabrosa 3 weeks ago

Thank you very much for no hub for all the benefits that you are giving us to the actors, they are helping us with all the advice they gave us to grow every day more

Brittany Vain 3 weeks ago


Pinoy_Fuck69 3 weeks ago

Yeah, that was Great!. . thanks

SeFue 18 3 weeks ago

Thank you Pornhub

Meri-Mouse 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the useful information)

Lily Frog 3 weeks ago

was always wondering why I couldn't upload custom thumbnails, super appreciate the clarification!

Which Sabrina 3 weeks ago

Ph the bast

Thom Bit 3 weeks ago


James Felps 3 weeks ago

Thanks you so much, ph❀😘

Xmorena 3 weeks ago

Thank you PH ❀

Imgoodbad 3 weeks ago

Nice lol

HerSecretPleasure 3 weeks ago

Thank you 😊

Beeheheheh 3 weeks ago

Good tips and tricks, thanks PH

Alena Ass 3 weeks ago

Okay PornHubπŸ€“πŸ’•πŸ’•

veasnavorn 3 weeks ago

wanna have sex

SodoLila 3 weeks ago

Thanxxx Aurora,

Piercedcock625 3 weeks ago


TheRaspberries69 3 weeks ago

Thanks so much for the tips! Doing our first steps as a couple on PH... πŸ₯°

ParejaMexHot 3 weeks ago

we are new to this and we want to get off to a good start can someone help me by giving me advice?

AllPornYouNeed 3 weeks ago


Mama Alice 3 weeks ago

Thanks PH

Jamaica porn Service 3 weeks ago

Thanks the help @pornhubmodel, we appreciate the effort you guys take in helping us to grow our brand in return make more money.

veasnavorn 3 weeks ago

hello my name is veasna vorn well hello veasna vorn

Porn Force 3 weeks ago

Thumbnails are important!

Twist3dLov3rs 3 weeks ago

Great advice.! Thank you 😘

denues 3 weeks ago

Me parece perfecto que ahora tengamos mΓ‘s oportunidad de visualizaciΓ³n mediante nuestras miniaturas, ya que me habΓ­a dado cuenta que es un factor importante para el impacto de tu video! Muchas gracias Pornhub πŸ’œ

Kinky Ranked Duo 3 weeks ago

Do you think uploading your own thumbnails is better?

Kylie Raye 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the tips!

LolaFilms 3 weeks ago

I'll do my best!

brolq18 3 weeks ago

thank you PH

AlphaCutie 3 weeks ago


LaylaBlush 3 weeks ago


luisale69xxx 3 weeks ago

Thx for that

Mila cry 3 weeks ago


Miss Ania 3 weeks ago

Lot of Thanks

Anastasia Secret 3 weeks ago

That is, you can only put your pictures on paid videos?

SexmoonteeN 3 weeks ago

This is amazing, we love you pornhub!!

Sophia_rose 3 weeks ago

Muchas Gracias ❀

elviaXcyril 3 weeks ago

As always thanks for the useful information! ❀❀❀

Argent80 3 weeks ago


BBC Cardreon 3 weeks ago

BBC 4 the ladies thanks to @pornhub

holly_bunny 3 weeks ago

Oh awesome!!! Thank you so much β€πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Big Lebonwski 3 weeks ago

Thanks PH!

Mikewaters13 3 weeks ago

Thank you Porn Hub😈

Sinbad fantasy 3 weeks ago

Thank you 😊

LatamAmateur 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the tip

Anna Bali 3 weeks ago

thanks i will try πŸ˜‹

Teona Teo 3 weeks ago

This is great knowledge to be better! thank you PH, you are the coolest!πŸ’œ

Gaia On Top 3 weeks ago

thank you

SexualMadness 3 weeks ago

Very interesting, watch my profile β™₯

MrBoobsSucking 3 weeks ago


Erotic Art by Softapproach 3 weeks ago

We need more of this. Always pleasure to get more information

Cunts With Benefits 3 weeks ago

Nice 😁

taylorandjulien 3 weeks ago

Thanks for these tips. πŸ™

Boyzones_malibog 3 weeks ago


MaxiLovers 3 weeks ago

Thank you for great tips πŸ’“πŸ€—

Tony Sex Diary 3 weeks ago

Upload Custom Thumbnails Required size: 640p x 360pand minimum photoshop skills

Maria Dyosa 3 weeks ago

Hi all, I'm new here, please subscribe to my channel and I will subscribe back. Thank you mauuuh

Maria Dyosa 3 weeks ago

I also like yours 😍

Bazookababyx 3 weeks ago

I really like your banner😊

Buongiorno Amigo 69 3 weeks ago

Come and visit us πŸ₯°

MJayHard 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the refresher and tips!

timeker 3 weeks ago


Cat Woman 1979 3 weeks ago

very interesting 🧑

EightTwenty 3 weeks ago

Thanks for taking the time to write this! it is very much appreciated and helpful!

Ana Crane 3 weeks ago

Wooow, good. Thank you!

Once Upon a Time in Middle East 3 weeks ago

very useful post! thank you lovely pornhub

Cadysecret 3 weeks ago


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