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by: Aurora Watson

If you’re in need of some inspiration for content and want to boost views, we’re here to help! Every month, we're going analyze the top searches, crunch the numbers, and publish a list of categories and tags we predict will be trending and growing over the next few weeks!

And since more people are searching for these categories, creating and uploading this kind of content and properly selecting your categories and tags may boost your views, thus increasing your chances of getting featured.

Here’s What's Hot on Pornhub:

1. Category: Outrageous Female Orgasm   

Tags to use: orgasm, hardcore, shaking orgasm, twitching, shaking, squirting, squirt, realorgasm, brunette, blonde

2. Category: Blowjob                                     

Tags to use: blowjob, oral, oral sex, cock sucking, sloppy, cum, facial, dick sucking, head, deepthroat, POV, big cumshot

3. Category: Teen 18+                                   

Tags to use: small, petite, bigtits, smalltits, bigdick, bigcock, shavedpussy

4. Category: Kinks and Fetishes                   

Tags to use: kink, fetish, BDSM, rough sex, hardcore, adult toys, kinky, role play, foot job, foot fetish, solo, rope, gaping

Click here for more info on categories and tags.

Remember, all content must adhere to our Terms of Service guideline.



All Comments(270)

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OFOutlet 3 weeks ago

When is paid custom content coming back?

Vivian Rose 3 weeks ago

We should all be asking Visa and Mastercard. We should be blowing them up, because it has nothing to do with "safety" like they claim. They are just attacking porn and sex workers!

RichFantasy 3 weeks ago

I'm just as madly worried about it. Things have gone horribly wrong since January 😟 😟 ☹ ️

Alex Cum 3 weeks ago

my income dropped a lot because of this problem. I hope they improve this situation soon.

Just_BigAss 3 weeks ago


LexisShemaleLUV 3 weeks ago

Real talk!

Succubus Sin 3 weeks ago

I give it 6 months and at worse a year. PornHub isn’t the best place to rely on income right now. You might have to look into a rival custom clip site.

Jamaica porn Service 3 weeks ago

Ph Already answer that question In a previous Blog Post

AngelAlexia 3 weeks ago

Great question! Me and other verified users are working a lot of our contents! What about the compensation of missing function of tips and paid videos?

FitCoupleLust 3 weeks ago

Good question !

Chyato Dotch 3 weeks ago


Andy Smook 3 weeks ago

I sent mail and asked the same thing. They didn't give me a date, I really don't know if they are working on improving the platform. We have to try harder because it is not PH's priority.

Covid__21 3 weeks ago

Now is a difficult time for a porno hub and for new models. Very big problems with paid content! Huge problems with video upload and translation! Also problems with spammers .... We hope for improvement and believe in the team, I am sure that we can handle it !!! Good luck everyone!!!

Jslim661 1 week ago

I love this site.and can't wait to put up some new goodies !!!

XXALADRXX 3 weeks ago

I agree

stacyyamakazi 3 weeks ago

Why the fuck did they implement such draconian bullshit measures instead of like...a report button? also why did Visa and Mastercard not come back after they nuked most of their videos? Fucking scummy ass companies.

amateurlatinaxxx 3 weeks ago

Yes, you're right

FornicationFreeway 3 weeks ago

Absolutely 💯

FitCoupleLust 3 weeks ago

I agree !!

Samantha jsext98 3 weeks ago

you damn right !!!!!!!!!!!!!

DuBarry 3 weeks ago

This is useful and cognitive information. Fine! The only negative is that the category "Teenagers18 " has not been suitable for me for a long time ))))) )

Allie Peach 3 weeks ago

Good info. Let’s see model blog posts like this more often!

Bobby T 2 weeks ago


FornicationFreeway 3 weeks ago

Agreed! 👌🏽

OFOutlet 3 weeks ago

I agree 👍🏼

DickForStepSister 3 weeks ago

This is super news, it will help us a lot. Thanks PornHub

Beeware22 2 weeks ago

https://onlyfans.com/beeware for better content 💦

MBmwist 3 weeks ago

Thanks 🙏😍

RichFantasy 3 weeks ago

By the way.. Am I the only one who has had a drop in views of all the videos from around February 23 to the present???

Greek Booty 3 weeks ago

I hope pornhub becomes back to normal cause I’m really losing money over this . Everything is moving slow

horny69rabbits 3 weeks ago

Thanks Porn Hub 😘! I will definitely try❤

PiercedKitty 2 weeks ago

I didn't see any #PiercedPussy #WillFuckForFree or #HornyKitty tags. PH is always forgetting about the underkitties

TentedSpeedos 2 weeks ago

Here's how you could inspire me: re-enable my videos.

Onerealblonde 3 weeks ago

thanks PH, go suck a dick😈😋

AmateurSwissGuy 3 weeks ago

This is really helpful thx PH!❤

Jazz Bikini 3 weeks ago

Pornhub show me some love please

Aapkikubra 3 weeks ago

Tamil_B 3 weeks ago

You to

Cutie Lana 3 weeks ago

Thank you pornhub for creating this article. I would like to receive even more similar articles about the development of my content.

Yoni Koko 3 weeks ago

Thanks for sharing this with us! ❤Always looking for ideas to give our viewers what they want. 😉

EvaKeks 3 weeks ago

Does this mean that everyone will now upload their videos with the same hashtags?

Ankit0133 3 weeks ago

No Eva it's not necessary they are only asking you that these are the trending things right now so if you want you can make this type of videos and use these hashtags as this would help a beauty like you in increasing views of your awesome videos.

Mista and Misses X 3 weeks ago

Also, anytime I try and promote myself on Twitter, I’m ignored by your page and or marked as spam. You’ve made it so difficult for verified amateurs to make money here.

TeenBodySex 3 weeks ago

I heard that if you regularly make a good video, PH will promote you. Twitter, Instagram, etc. will simply complement the success.

Kyle Love 5 days ago

I really need some help getting some models for a film will pay

Lovely1neva 1 week ago

My page is coming along nicely. Click on me and find the video you like the best! Like subscribe and leave me a message... I respond. Thanks.

creaplus 1 week ago

Great article! very useful! Is this going to be a monthly post?

whosworldisthat 2 weeks ago

Love this community. Follow for follow anybody??

Bad-Witch 2 weeks ago

Hey! vote for me for the contest all about ANAL ;-) https://www.pornhub.com/contest_hub/viewers_choice/bad-witch Thank's a lot!!

3WetHoles 2 weeks ago

What happened to the views? Where are they

Spicyselena 2 weeks ago

spicyselena loves cock as supergirl, harley quinn cheerleader, dominatrix and more

MissCinn 2 weeks ago

We can't even get paid, pay so we can use these tags!!

Wicked Fellow 2 weeks ago

You know whats hot on PornHub right now? Spam bots. Even looking at this thread it's clear that spam in the comments is completely out of control. "KongilRD" is spamming every single comment. I'm getting hundreds of spam bot comments on my videos an hour... I can't spend all day battling bots and our fans are getting really sick of not being able to use the comment section. Step one, NOBODY but the uploader needs to put a link in the comments, so block all non uploader comments that have a link

Coitus00Couple 3 weeks ago

Great Info Pornhub thank you 😊

Lolly_girl 3 weeks ago


Tipstfreaks69 3 weeks ago


Littlebrunt 3 weeks ago

Thank pornhub 🤩👌🏽

Kiitanazero 3 weeks ago

cool tips

Tamil_B 3 weeks ago


spicysara 3 weeks ago

I hope problem can be solved asap. Not any income from January and getting loss 😔 can't sell videos anymore 😒😔

Tamil_B 3 weeks ago

Don't worry it's Ur money will come.

JuicyChica 3 weeks ago

We need that visa card.

CherryAleksa 3 weeks ago

Super. Thanks👍😉

Alex Cum 3 weeks ago

It is interesting, without a doubt I will take into account the recommendation.

dddddruid 3 weeks ago

We do content with hotwife threesome and orgy, not interesting for all(((

Sir Larke 4 days ago

I'm interested in doing content with a hot wife

TaylorTrap 3 weeks ago

Nice tips, good info

Just_BigAss 3 weeks ago

wow nice news ... love PH like )

Adentrodeti2020 3 weeks ago

Muy buenas propuestas.

cypher7819xxx 3 weeks ago

Why cant i log into the app?

AgathaHarris 3 weeks ago

Thanks you so much for help for us❤

myhornywife99 3 weeks ago

Good to know!

SexGlamor 3 weeks ago

Mmmmm awesome, thanks 😉❤

DeLuxxxBoy 3 weeks ago

great information for beginners. Thank you very much for this information!). I will try .

vegascumqueen 3 weeks ago

This is wonderful!!! Thank you so much!!! 💋

TomaStevi 3 weeks ago

Useful information, but never got into the favorites ♥ I wish everyone to get to the top ♥

holly_bunny 3 weeks ago

Mmmm thank you so much, guys 😻

CumsTooMuch 3 weeks ago


NotWhiteCat 3 weeks ago

well, this is already too ... perfect !!))) THANKS, PORNHUB !!)

OFOutlet 3 weeks ago

Awesome 👌 looking forward to making more content 😀

Passionate Shy Guy 2 weeks ago

Going live in a few moments to play with my cock. https://www.pornhub.com/model/passionate-shy-guy

Liam_Alessandro 3 weeks ago

Pornhub must embrace crypto currency if it wants to continue. Fuck fiat.

Luna Sapphire 2 weeks ago

crypto is literally the only way you can pay for stuff on pornhub now.

BornWisdom93 3 weeks ago

I want to do a scene with a shemale,real soon

Rns gibby 3 weeks ago

I'm trying to find the best way to come in contact with other models in my area Dubuque Iowa to do videos with my 8-in dick dick just saying lol

Martinez-28 3 weeks ago

For sex calls and sex talk call me at 520-508-7482.

Jamie Stone 2 days ago

Awesome idea. Thank you, Pornhub!

Cumin4D 4 days ago

Very helpful!!

Passion Raines 4 days ago

If ph started accepting crypto I would be so happy

Sir Larke 4 days ago

I'm looking for an White female amateur model or I can make content with it is a paid gig I am in the Chicagoland area

h4rd_kot3 5 days ago

sweet, help with a free subscription to PF, we will help develop a young beautiful model from Russia https://onlyfans.com/madosha

Leonardoperrote 6 days ago

Mi telefono soy argentina 1534615772

MorenaMia1 6 days ago

Great tag information! Definitely using those tags in our next video!

mashavindi 6 days ago

Thanks PornHub

JennyBae98 1 week ago

OF: BbabyJenny

Von Baum 1 week ago


Tipstfreaks69 1 week ago

Yea when is it

Mama Alice 1 week ago

xpornathome 1 week ago

Nice information, thanks Pornhub!!

Lourdes Noir 1 week ago

Thanks for sharing the research. I always wonder what the most popular content categories trends are.

Twosetduet 1 week ago

Great info! Thanks 🙏

E_n_Txxx 2 weeks ago

Will definitely make some videos soon with these tags!

Nicedick101 2 weeks ago

Rotorua bounds dtf woman

Karine Lelyah 2 weeks ago

I’m making just 200 - 1000 views ) because of algorithmic search

Roc69Solid 2 weeks ago

Are you having a good day?

Bigcarmelcock1 2 weeks ago

Makes sense sounds good to me

dustwon 2 weeks ago

Love getting rimmed and licking ass of a woman

pussytalk211 2 weeks ago

DDrr2955 2 weeks ago

I am 30yr old white guy. I love pussy but also think I like dick.. I need help somebody can u relate I like prostate and am curious about sucking dick... help me

Tionna Tease 2 weeks ago


RouzLuxury 2 weeks ago


Redryder123 2 weeks ago

Thank you for sharing! Very helpful.

bendmeover28 2 weeks ago

I’m leaving this platform until porn hub bring back payment. I don’t do nada for chump change two weeks later posted 20 video on made 2 buck get hell out here bye!!

Pareja sexosa 2 weeks ago


Arizonagurl 2 weeks ago

Why is PH not letting me add friends 😝

Mzfitt5 2 weeks ago

Having trouble uploading content ...Any suggestions??? Thanks

Trinityybae 2 weeks ago

Thank youu pornhub, great post!

Lbfucking 2 weeks ago

when will the fan club be working again?

Slimgor 2 weeks ago

Looking for a chick and guy to that’s one with

DisGustiing 2 weeks ago


Rusopor 2 weeks ago

Rusopor 2 weeks ago

Rusopor 2 weeks ago

Rusopor 2 weeks ago

Hello. Are there any ladies who want to make a joint video? Russia

jiloa 2 weeks ago

Bringing back the search suggestion

Maverick_Wilder 2 weeks ago

Lets see if we cant go 4/4 in the very first video guys!!

Red Studio X 2 weeks ago


Papayafeet 2 weeks ago

My category it’s the number 4!! Check my profile for my videos

jackcole_07 2 weeks ago

Farm4i 2 weeks ago

Kiss my

Aureliitaa 2 weeks ago

I Love!

Horny_Lyn 2 weeks ago

Great info, but there is a typo in the first paragraph.

Angel1Porn 2 weeks ago

bien es hora de romper con todas esas etiquetas y hacer contenido de aduro y de paso los invito a pasar por mi canal

Beeware22 2 weeks ago

https://onlyfans.com/beeware for better content 💦

Sexybrownthick 2 weeks ago

I could use help as well

Marie the body 2 weeks ago

Check out my page fir amazing solo content. Watch me cum😍

alexa y jess 2 weeks ago

good news for those of us who are starting, there is much to learn and alone it is difficult.

NadiaLayne 2 weeks ago

Why aren't medium tits a thing?

UTCI 2 weeks ago

Commenting to gain fame and attention.

El Chico Fiitness 2 weeks ago

Thanks for this information, I think it would be a great help for all new models ... we spend a lot of time thinking about how to increase our video views, it is not easy and you have to be very patient

SmoothDaBaby 2 weeks ago

IG: SmoothShmoneybaby

Randy Rex 2 weeks ago

Thank you, PH, for useful information :3

momentsnc 2 weeks ago

I’m not getting paid at all and 1.5k views should have gotten me something and your still promoting my page

Cataline Smith 2 weeks ago

Hola. Gracias por tu texto. No entiendo porque ahora no se paga por contenido compartido. Tienes alguna sugerencia? Gracias

NaturalTight 2 weeks ago

are we getting the compensation again this month?

Fuandu86 2 weeks ago


Farm4i 3 weeks ago

Tmoney978 3 weeks ago

Boston area

Tmoney978 3 weeks ago

I need the biggest dick ever in my ass as hard as you can. I can take anything. Bet me!!!

DeeNtae 3 weeks ago

I agree

Khalifa boby 3 weeks ago

Is there anyone who can help me become an actor?

Kamicockk 3 weeks ago

how to enlarge the penis?

myhornywife99 3 weeks ago

Hopefully things get fixed sooner than later! We're just getting started on here so we're really looking forward to sharing more

VitLen2 3 weeks ago

thanks for the info. Very useful

Farm4i 3 weeks ago

Hello everyone. There will be many interesting things

Farm4i 3 weeks ago

Hello everyone. There will be many interesting things😘

Farm4i 3 weeks ago

Midacana 3 weeks ago

Alexy Bell 3 weeks ago

Good. But still waiting for Premium payements...Don't sure PH will survive any longer. All I know is that we have no revenues anymore 😟 #Saveourmodels

Onehundredway 3 weeks ago


KapDrew15 3 weeks ago

Who can help me find a video

Baby1123455 3 weeks ago

I need help finding a video

Alexandeer Badluk 3 weeks ago

Hello evryone visit me :😊

Bigpuppet15 3 weeks ago


Anastasia Secret 3 weeks ago

Thank! It was helpful)

Bigpuppet15 3 weeks ago

Hey I'm new here .. I really excited and not shy at all

Cat Woman 1979 3 weeks ago


sexicoupl modelehup 3 weeks ago

nous sommes un nouveau couple qui aime montrer notre vie sexuelle en adoptant une approche plus personnelle pour faire du porno interagir, avec nos fans et réaliser vos fantasmes, venez voir nos vidéos, laissez-nous un commentaire coquin, comme si vous appréciez et envoyez nous un message personnel si vous avez des idées que vous souhaitez suggérer.

2069jay 3 weeks ago

Thank you I appreciate it some of us porn stars have a hard time here lol

Morango7514 3 weeks ago

Videos realísticos, os gangbang são mesmo bons

jackcole_07 3 weeks ago


unknown 3 weeks ago

unknown 3 weeks ago

Good morning, how are you? I've been looking at your profile and you have great potential, but unfortunately you have few visitors, do you want me to help you? I have large mass forums at my disposal. Tell me if you're interested and I'll give you a free 48-hour demonstration. My Telegram user is @KongilRd

Niki Sins 666 3 weeks ago


Niki Sins 666 3 weeks ago

OMG!!! https://onlyfans.com/?ref=83098742 Very hot content ☺💕 🔥

bendmeover28 3 weeks ago

I’m need y’all to figure this out going on a week 12 video only $1 made I’m no longer uploading at this point smh.

MilaJoyce69 3 weeks ago

good to know

Alfaromea 3 weeks ago

PH has ruined this website. Its absolutely sh it now. Record low levels of videos.

XXXTabithaXXX 3 weeks ago

Let's hope it gets resolved soon, it's us less known Amateur Creators that are hurting the most by not having the Model Hub Program and Premium views.

dsmked 3 weeks ago


dsmked 3 weeks ago


Sanoraelminora 3 weeks ago

Thanks to PornHub for taking care of us!) Increasing views is good, but you need to fix videos that have been deleted and jumping statistics!))

Sasha Bikeyeva 3 weeks ago

PornHub show the direction for what will be relevant and therefore supported by the site. So stop whining about paid downloads and get started. Just do it with pleasure, not just for the money. We wish everyone the best!

renimasks 3 weeks ago

Twitchy sloppy smalltits kinky foot job! I am ready! Pornhubs gods have bestowed great wisdoms upon us!

CherryBombLuv 3 weeks ago

show some love . New Models here!

Sir Larke 4 days ago

A short love and I'm also a new model as well let's collaborate

Acid Kitty 3 weeks ago

and how about milf?(

Molly5auce 3 weeks ago

Anyone want to collab

Jazz Bikini 3 weeks ago

I love it. Yum

tionnateasefetish 3 weeks ago

Nazarov Dmiyry 3 weeks ago


Nazarov Dmiyry 3 weeks ago


pixieservesHim 3 weeks ago

This is going to save me a lot of time on spreadsheets 🤣 THANK YOU

DjelkaBianki 3 weeks ago

Thank you for your cooperation

LustyLoversXXX 3 weeks ago

Always appreciate this kind of insight!

Montez Bush 3 weeks ago

When you can express yourself by removing your clothes shows that the world is yours for the taking . Take me from behind and slide in at will.

Vandover 3 weeks ago

Kinks and fetishes? BDSM content gets removed ALLLLL the time. Get with it, PornHub, your new NC policy scared all of us BDSM content producers away. I even had to edit this post because it had "banned words" 🙄

Benji_Dorian 3 weeks ago

3 of the 4 I love and have experience filming. Yeay! I need a new bj video asap. 😬

Katty West 3 weeks ago

Thanks for this post!

xamandastark 3 weeks ago

new here. Some another tips for me?? : )

koreajins 3 weeks ago

Does anyone know how long it takes to upload on your porn or tube8?

Estrella Steam 3 weeks ago

¡Muchas gracias por el consejo!

Marlonygaby1995 3 weeks ago


Sommer And Samanta 3 weeks ago

Super useful information, thank you very much.

Diegz88 3 weeks ago


LorenaMajaX 3 weeks ago

nice guide thanks

wetconnect 3 weeks ago

ooh yeah

Longshlongbrew 3 weeks ago

Im new here hmu i wanna make a vid

SexualMadness 3 weeks ago

So sexy )

Ruppy888 3 weeks ago

I can see a lot of optimism come from the ones who gets millions of views anyway!

amateurlatinaxxx 3 weeks ago


avocado ir 3 weeks ago

why some of my video is pending now!?is that halppend for anyone else!

bradfordj88 3 weeks ago

Why isn't my blue badge showing? I got a notification 5 days ago saying I had been verified but still no blue badge!

Alena Ass 3 weeks ago

I love PH❤❤

Isaaxxx24 3 weeks ago

Thanks ♥

Realhardcoreporn 3 weeks ago

We’re inspired✌🏻

jackcole_07 3 weeks ago


Meri-Mouse 3 weeks ago

thanks for the help)))

Mei Amai 3 weeks ago

2021 y las mismas categorias de siempre... Cambiará esto alguna vez? Cambiara el porno? Nos masturbaremos viendo otras cosas?

Lady_Katarina 3 weeks ago

Diegz88 3 weeks ago


Agusbaby 3 weeks ago

Nos gusta el buen sexo

pinaychubbyme 3 weeks ago

thanks ❤❤❤

LongDickLongFinger 3 weeks ago

A good start, thx!

WiggleWigglePT 3 weeks ago

Great post! Thank you pornhub, it give us some notion of what we can invest on!

PookeyandVanity 3 weeks ago

Helpful info!

SexBrsilva 3 weeks ago

Follow my account SexBRsilva

Succubus Sin 3 weeks ago

I wish y’all would do something about those who put inaccurate tags in their videos to play the system and get more views.

Kinky_Husband_Wife 3 weeks ago

Hi! Thanks for the information! ❤

Relaxingdouble 3 weeks ago

I have orgasms too..😘no Dp? X Claudia

Fetishss 3 weeks ago

but then if no one can pay to watch a video by credit card, I think that this problem takes a long time and will take a long time to solve it, should they think as then monetize the site and those of us who seek to make money by this means ?

Jamaica porn Service 3 weeks ago

OMG! this amazing, it's already helping us @JamaicaPornService Great idea PH. Big Up An One Love To all JamaicaPornService Fans And Supports.

Franki Fox 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the tips

SkollUndHati 3 weeks ago

That's cool, thanks

CasualSensual 3 weeks ago

Hello dear community, we've recently joined as a couple in here. Let's see what comes! Best of luck to everyone 3

Lilsveti 3 weeks ago

Blowjob is great choise

Mista and Misses X 3 weeks ago

Great. Now let us all make money. This $1 per 1,000 is working great for you and cheating us. Is this a dying platform?

TeenBodySex 3 weeks ago

the main thing is not to give up and work on the content. And you will succeed. We also try to make good content. But we still have no luck with getting to the first pages of PH. But we do not give up and work. Believe in the good, my friend, and we will succeed

Sargent8incher 3 weeks ago

Doing a foot fuck soon but read my profile help me and tip. Love y'all

Argent80 3 weeks ago


Sophia Rock 3 weeks ago

Time to get to work!

Cakes and Foxy 3 weeks ago

Hahaha I love how (18 and more) is a category xD still interesting to know

Ayira Oba 3 weeks ago

me parece genial esta iniciativa thank Pornhub!❤

CumsTooMuch 3 weeks ago

*taking notes* mmmhmmm... yep... this all seems to check out.

Imgoodbad 3 weeks ago

I wish i can do all this categories if i had someone lol

PDKnsk 3 weeks ago

Great news! Thx for information!

Ruby Kis 3 weeks ago


SexwifeKaty 3 weeks ago

I already use these tags 😎

Sex Perfumer 3 weeks ago

Thanks for these tips ! 👍

Olga_Sunrise 3 weeks ago


DANTE4K 3 weeks ago

Hello !!!! The best people are here, in Pornhub :-)

Cristian10grei 3 weeks ago


Andy Smook 3 weeks ago

Amazing! This helps us a lot, my channel has grown and I want to thank you. We have a video that became a trend and I hope to achieve more videos like that.

Sweet Dick in Wet Pussy 3 weeks ago

Это отличные новости)))

Sweet Dick in Wet Pussy 3 weeks ago

sexy bitches!)

Melania hoe 3 weeks ago

Aaaaah Russians all are bitches

sexicoupl modelehup 3 weeks ago

super 🌹🌹🤣

Lucy Moe 3 weeks ago

Nice Information!! Thanks

cybercoxxx 3 weeks ago


Candy Camille 3 weeks ago

awesome thanks for the info! =)

FreakDistrixxx 3 weeks ago


Mademoiselle CuteBae 3 weeks ago

cool that's good to know! now I know why my video is so popular https://it.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph6028302fc41cc

BBCandTP 3 weeks ago

Hopefully, we will see a rise in views!😋😘

imfnu 3 weeks ago

I was googling this exact thing this morning. Thanks this will help

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