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by: Aurora Watson

Gather around Models, we have another update for you! As a thank you for your patience and dedication to our site and the Pornhub Model Program, we'd once again like to help cover the loss of paid sales while we continue to work tirelessly on reinstating credit card payments. We are pleased to announce that there will be another bonus payout for the month of March.

Bonuses will be determined through calculating 50% of the monthly average of your sold earnings (videos; tips; fan club; customs) from October and November 2020.

For example:

October, you earned: $300 in video sales, $100 in custom videos, $50 in tips, $50 in fan club, for a total of $500 in paid earnings

November, you earned: $100 in video sales, $50 in custom videos, $50 in tips, $50 in fan club, for a total of $250 in paid earnings

The average of your two months earnings is ($500 + $250)/2 = $375

Your bonus would then be: 50% x ($375) = $187.50 bonus payout


Paid earnings include: video sales (P2Dl and P2V), custom videos, tips, fanclub, Viewers’ Choice, and live tips.

You will receive your March bonus in April. The bonus will appear in the “Other” section of your earnings page in the next few weeks.

Also, ad revenue is paying out more and higher than ever. This is a great way to continue to earn money on Pornhub and grow your own brand as your content can be seen by 150 million users daily.

We want to thank you again for your patience and dedication. We’ll be sure to keep you informed with the latest developments.


For past bonus news: February bonus; January bonus


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CM Photographer 3 weeks ago

I hope the ability to sell videos is reinstated soon!!!

Eve Diamonds 3 weeks ago

Much agreed.

TheIslandCouple 3 weeks ago

Hopefully! It really was a great part of PH

XXALADRXX 3 weeks ago

I agree

Mind Breakers 3 weeks ago

Oh, not so bad news... Would be much better to hear/read them more often than just once per month The problems with monetization are clear and understandable. But maybe someone can explain please the split of premium account? And ...hm.. 3 months already when started issues with categories and likes on video.. Maybe you can start to send notifications to all of us somehow?To make us know about technical issues at work of pornhub.🙄😥😫

Alex Cum 3 weeks ago

I would like to read a notice that says: credit cards for payments are back on pornhub. I hope one day it happens.

Just_BigAss 3 weeks ago

anyway anyway ...

MissCinn 3 weeks ago

It should be the avg for the year. Honestly thinking of leaving PH at this point.

Abby Kiss 3 weeks ago

My thought exactly. I’m making 1/10th if not less on here, than every single other platform.

Tamil_B 3 weeks ago

Me too babe

DeLuxxxBoy 3 weeks ago

it's good that old accounts do not suffer much. but the new ones are now very difficult (. I hope everything will be restored soon as before

jade243 3 weeks ago

Can you teach how to claim the revenue here?

XXALADRXX 3 weeks ago

AnnaandPol 3 weeks ago

Totally agree

bendmeover28 3 weeks ago

Yes I got approved Friday and so far I feel like I’m riding up a hill in Bronx nyc with a bike

Sasha Bikeyeva 3 weeks ago

Finally, the moment has come when there are mostly grateful users in the comments, and not those who think that pornhub owes them something. Once upon a time there was no premium program, video sales, fan clubs, etc. on pornhub at all. and for some reason everyone forgot about it. Thanks pornhub for trying to resolve the situation. I wish you success !!!

daddy3669 2 weeks ago

Do u have any tips or advice for someone new to this business and trying to recruit some models to begin making videos etc?

freak-4-peg92 2 weeks ago

Hey I just got verifycation done I am a male going to do solo videos can u give me any advice by any chance

CutieBlonde 3 weeks ago

My Only problem is that they make my life hard by deleting my videos / not approving them since i make closeup videos, taking away my model status . I'm here since 2017 . I'm up for video recognization or anything to prove the videos are mine and still they do this everytime i try to upload and im getting so fucking tired of it ! Takes me a hour to upload then they just wont aprove it .

GruffPig 3 weeks ago

Well there would be no pornhub without creators and their income

SmokeandSpice 3 weeks ago

Exactly. Thank you

Scoopcake 3 weeks ago

Pornhub owes everything to the creators. And by "once upon a time" you mean the times where everybody on the web gave a damn about your personal copyrighted material and uploaded it everywhere while platforms like ph and all the others just "let them do it"?

Succubus Sin 3 weeks ago

PornHub does owe the models. The site wouldn’t exist without them. You can be grateful to PornHub without being a blind sheep too.

Cum_Lovers 3 weeks ago

You came here for thank you, to become famous in family circles and friends, everything is here for the sake of earning money. The price of success is too high!

lilyandchad 3 weeks ago

It ONLY help the old account! What about the new one? You really need to change that to help EVERYONE. What about giving more money per view? Like 150%. All the old account doing more money and a lot of them quit when you lost Mastercard and Visa. Please do something for the one who still making content. Thank you

TheIslandCouple 3 weeks ago

Couldn't agree more guys!

Tiny Tisha 3 weeks ago


PrincessIsabela 3 weeks ago

You guys are the best!Who also thinks Pornhub the best porn site of all, likes my comment

Im_Succubus 3 weeks ago


Chessie Rae 3 weeks ago

NinaParker 3 weeks ago

THANK YOU PORNHUB FOR BEING THE BEST PLATFORM FOR US MODELS. And thank you so much for all the rewards and support for us. We THE MODELS will definitely keep up posting videos and quality content. Hugs and kisses to all the Models, Pornhub Stuff, and all Pornhub Users. 💓💓💓💓💓

jbbeausexy 3 weeks ago

thank you a you

Tamil_B 3 weeks ago

Yes baby

GruffPig 3 weeks ago

I haven't started using it because the day after I joined was when all or this started so it was pointless. I find it kinda hard to believe that this is still an issue considering there are hundreds of fintech companies that would happily have your business and because no other sites have this issue... Confusing

dddddruid 3 weeks ago

It's very bad for people who started in November, when they do pay with cards???

Whyteblackitaly 3 weeks ago

I made a ton of videos and this month I haven't even been paid thanks to pornhub for the chance but the work has to be paid for

kremlemon 3 weeks ago

This is not bad news, but I and many others are looking forward to finally getting back to work. We've lost a lot of money since there was no way to get money from pornhub. I would like to know how soon the site will start working in normal mode and will it be at all? Maybe we should start looking for other platforms to work with?

GeorgiaBBC 3 weeks ago

Has anyone noticed that it has been More difficult for models to upload videos featuring "additional performers" to get Approved lately??

bendmeover28 3 weeks ago

What about newer model such as myself I only made a few cents since I started Friday and for the videos I put out not fair at all!

Dre The Pussy Pleaser 3 weeks ago


SweetSylvia 3 weeks ago

I’ve been using PH to draw traffic to my OF until PH can actually bring me some money. This ad revenue is not enough by itself!

femmepussypop 2 weeks ago

Anyone notice a sharp decline in views on feb 27? Maybe i've just had a slow march and it's just me :/

ShyWifeEmily 3 weeks ago

Could anybody tell me how our “content can be seen by 150 million users daily”? I often struggle to find stuff when I type in the exact title. Almost like it’s hidden.

Vinnie ONeill 3 weeks ago

When should we see this bonus reflected in our totals?

Little Puck 3 weeks ago

I really really appreciate this and I know so many of us do as well. Thanks for not leaving us in the lurch

AdventurousCouple0 3 weeks ago


Lady362 Yesterday

Haven't made any sales on mine yet but hopefully I get a few. Would be nice.

Looking for you sweetheart 1 week ago

I want a bonus. A gift for my birthday on April 8

E_n_Txxx 2 weeks ago

Yay! Every little bit helps! We are just happy to share some content

HoneyPornBunny 2 weeks ago

Birdman361 2 weeks ago

So I will be honest I think this kind of sucks and I am considering switching forums because I know I have millions of use combined off the videos that I have posted however I have not seen a dime. It takes a lot of time and effort to put all this together and don’t give me wrong I’m having fun regardless if I ever make money or not but YouTube for example pays you are views I feel that Porn Hub should do the same

Meline_Cherie 2 weeks ago

Yes well done.Models subscribed before December get payments praising and bonuses for their previous work,Models subscribed after December get the shaft.Yea totally fair.So,sure why not praise PH,your noses are even more browner.

xoxamyleaxox 2 weeks ago

I feel devastated. I joined pornhub to make money. This isn't a hobby for me.

Slideitin2020 3 weeks ago

Selling my videos ness why I signed up, I hope this is finished soon.

Jodyjamr 3 weeks ago

Great to hear this.

LadyKalipso 3 weeks ago

I have some questions. How or where can i see my earnings?

MilaJoyce69 3 weeks ago

The bonus is nice but being able to sell our vids would be so much better! Hopefully things go back to normal soon 3

Dahlia Dee 3 weeks ago

KUDOS to Pornhub for being proactive and kind during such a crazy time in the site's history. I so appreciate your transparency and your efforts to make things easier for us!! Keep on being you and we will keep our fingers crossed for the return of Modelhub! PLEASE let us know if there's anything we can do as a community to help. 3

Dre The Pussy Pleaser 3 weeks ago

If you really cared you would up that percentage of ad revenue share. Since apparently thats the only source of income on here. Otherwise only fans it is

PiercedKitty 3 weeks ago

PH will you teach me that trick that you're doing? You know the one where you blow smoke out of your ass?

SmokeandSpice 3 weeks ago

I want to support your community. I love your site. It is amazing to see where you have taken it. I am not worried about the money side right now when my application gets approved. I want to have fun. I can't wait to do bubble baths and show off my toy collection. Make people happy. Build it and they will cum... Right? I wish you all the best and I know things will get sorted out.

LKOIijssw 3 weeks ago

I support PH too! They have awesome content. Even the videos still around are not super boring. Just keep holding on it will be OK I promise

SexualMadness 3 weeks ago

Very cool, but what should I do, If I`ve started to work on your site in January?(

spicexwolf 3 weeks ago

How is it going? Have you got paid something?

Piana Cruz 3 weeks ago


Tamil_B 3 weeks ago


Amadfuckyagirl 3 weeks ago

Wats going on pornhub

Tamil_B 3 weeks ago

It's fucking you

3WetHoles 3 weeks ago

Rather, everything would get better, I want to earn at least something(

Covid__21 3 weeks ago

What you do and try to correct mistakes is great! It's just as good that you stimulate the models, it's super! But in the current conditions I would like to receive and feel your support! Give more ad rewards and everything will be great. Thank you for solving problems, pornhub, you are the best, thank you!

EbonySugarwalls 3 weeks ago

Hello just wanted some assistance my videos are being viewed but as for earnings it's not adding any so can someone please help or must I reach a certain number of views first to see the earnings ??

Ballkan Boy 3 weeks ago

Fill the opt for the 5% bonus at your model settings

Candy Camille 3 weeks ago

Thats bad news for new accounts , hope it could be fixed soon =)

Toystest 3 weeks ago

Keep going 💪)))

Choc Paradise 3 weeks ago

Thanks PH!!! I’ve been soooo confused since being approved. I can tell something changed or maybe shifted and I appreciate the information but goooooooddddnnnesss I’m trying to be asset for you guys too!! 😅😅😩😩😩

califolive 3 weeks ago

If your sales R not high it doesn't matter for us that are not getting much anyways 😔

May Mystical 3 weeks ago

I’ve never sold any videos on here so unless I suddenly gain traction I’m fucked haha

TaylorTrap 3 weeks ago

Thats great! I hope you fix the credit cards problems soon

Tamil_B 3 weeks ago


Fun4touching 3 weeks ago

That's good news. I am just about to get my first check and it will have a bonus. I do this for fun and it's gets me horny. Now that I am getting paid for it i really feel like the dirty slut i have always wanted to be. Mmm

Kitty Moon 3 weeks ago

Any update about the future of the Model Program aside from its being worked on?

Tamil_B 3 weeks ago

Ur the ture pornhub model

ShelbyAndStacy 3 weeks ago

Good 👍😎❤

THESensualhorny 3 weeks ago


Tamil_B 3 weeks ago

U too

Brian kemp Anna 3 weeks ago

That's Great

Tamil_B 3 weeks ago

Like ur ass

Nerdy_Faery 3 weeks ago

What an amazing, supportive company. Thank you. Grateful. 🥰

Katty West 3 weeks ago

Great news 👍🏻🔥

Brian kemp Anna 3 weeks ago

Not bad News though I just joined I wish I could have millions views before months runs out.... Thanks to pornhub and user's.

Gween Black 3 weeks ago

Thank you very much for taking care of your models ♥ We all hope that these issues are done soon!

Allie Peach 3 weeks ago

Yay!! So glad you’re including October’s sales this time! I had a really good turn out in payments for my Halloween contest video!!! Thanks PH 🧡🖤

Yoni Koko 3 weeks ago

Thanks PH, even though we won’t be getting the bonus and similar for newer models...we’re benefiting from the increased ad revenue. 😁

Ninfetinhaa 3 weeks ago

PORNHUB is the best, love you guys!!!

Candice Delaware 3 weeks ago

I don't get it. viewers choice winners get a bonus as well?

Kimmys feet 3 weeks ago

Not winners, but on votes sales, they were big months if in the October and November contests...

Lolly_girl 3 weeks ago


Cocksmithcmr 3 weeks ago

Thanks again for maintaining the bonus system! Hopefully your efforts for getting sales back will pay off soon🤞

Sweet Baby N 3 weeks ago


TeenBodySex 3 weeks ago

You are awesome!😍

Kimmys feet 3 weeks ago

Good PH at least some positive....👍

TiffanyBellsTS 3 weeks ago

I was just starting to get going on this site and because of what is gong on I've pretty much given up on it

Evilcoupleofficial 3 weeks ago

How can I earn through video sales etc when it says currently not available :/ ??//

Candice Delaware 3 weeks ago

if u have earned in November they continue paying u the bonus, I joined in November and they only paid me 10$ for my prime views and I never got a bonus....

KSDestiny 3 weeks ago

finally some good news for the new model workers I`m new and i hope i will climb high in ranks With the support of all PORNHUB members obviously :*

loliiiiipop99 3 weeks ago

So sweet~~ PH

unknown 3 weeks ago

Thanks Phub ♥ Follow 🔥🔥🔥

Mac Knight 3 weeks ago

Okay but how many accounts have been permanently ruined due to the actions of the few affecting the many

FrenzyCouple Yesterday


Dadonpee 2 days ago

Great stuff keep it up pornhub

h4rd_kot3 5 days ago

Sweeties, help with a free subscription to OF, we will help develop a young beautiful model from Russia 🤝😍 OFANS/madosha

h4rd_kot3 5 days ago

Sweeties, help with a free subscription to OF, we will help develop a young beautiful model from Russia 🤝❤ https://onlyfans.com/madosha

Aleigha James 1 week ago

thank you ♡♡♡

damessah 1 week ago


Deegarcia101 1 week ago

Cashing out

LOU SAX 1 week ago

I agree

Putolunasexyl 1 week ago

Pornhub update 🤦🏻

wgiipin 1 week ago

Anybody need a new big black dck

TheGoddessOfLust 1 week ago

This helps. 😅

Mama Alice 1 week ago


I hope you will resolve this problem as soon as possible

sweetiecc 1 week ago

thank you. ive been here awhile and havent been making any money

ethor08 1 week ago

i still cant add my pics need to know if i did something wrong or what

LKOIijssw 1 week ago

Its not your fault. They only let people who are verified and partners of the model program upload until the new verification system has launched

cockarab 2 weeks ago

Great idea cool

Seus202069 2 weeks ago

Necesito hacer dinero

Zacheryfosr 2 weeks ago

I just want to suck a bbc asap how do I get there

Vivi brasil 2 weeks ago

I need make money

IslandSlut27 2 weeks ago

I’m totally new on here and am reading all of this! Did I make a mistake with starting up pornhub? Should I go to another site?

naughtymouse85 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the update

Paul Lynx 2 weeks ago

Looks like a real care of models! Thank you! PH forever! \m/

jimandpam69 2 weeks ago

This would be great if we were able to upload our content.....constant errors in uploading videos and only some of the pics get through...getting frustrated

Rusopor 2 weeks ago

Rusopor 2 weeks ago

Rusopor 2 weeks ago

Rusopor 2 weeks ago

Hello. Are there any ladies who want to make a joint video? Russia

Sexy Boy 27 2 weeks ago


Farm4i 2 weeks ago

Kiss my

ZIAxBITE 2 weeks ago

Thanks a lot. We are really grateful for this gesture, I don't think many other platforms would give 3 months in a row support to it's models when something happens like this. Hopefully Visa and Mastercard are soon back as payment. Stay safe everyone

LKOIijssw 2 weeks ago

I agree. I am not a model but I really do love the support that PornHub is giving to all its models. Sit tight it will be ok I promise

Papu091320 2 weeks ago


Papu091320 2 weeks ago


Jessie Jay 2 weeks ago

Will they like me

Jessie Jay 2 weeks ago

Need someone to help me with my uploads

NATHANIML 2 weeks ago

any girls want to have fun

Espermen24 2 weeks ago

Buenas chicos del gremio necesito ayuda quiero subir contenido ya estoy verificado pero cuando vly a subir un video me 3 manda a que valla a models hub ya habri una cuenta alli pero tengo el mismo problema quisiera que me ayudaran escribanme por el interno por favor alguien que sepa como arreglar este problema gracias

Daisy Kellyxxx 2 weeks ago

I'm new to pornhub and if been trying 2 upload a video no one as said from pornhub there's a issue ...is there a issue can videos uploaded an sold ...please can someone help me understand on how I can make money ...thanks daisy Xx

Zege kronix 2 weeks ago


gnigni69 2 weeks ago


UTCI 3 weeks ago

Bonus from 0 to 0 Wow

myhornywife99 3 weeks ago

As a new verified member here, we're sorry to hear of all the troubles that went on. Hopefully everything gets figured out soon. We have a lot more sharing to do and hopefully make a little a long the way!

Justin and JessicaSW 3 weeks ago

at the moment for our couple this is a sex game, but it's nice to know that the site administration takes care of their models

Cattie Candescent 3 weeks ago

Thanks for continuing to do this! The higher pay rate on ad revenue is awesome as well!

EvansJack141 3 weeks ago


SuperCam94 3 weeks ago

I’m still waiting for my first sale

Zomboy19987 3 weeks ago


Nickystarr1 3 weeks ago

I think its kool

CutieBlonde 3 weeks ago

What i dont understand is that, i had bug with modelcentro (i never used that website but you said i registrated throu that ) , and now you say im not in my videos because my face is not visible . I just dont get it , i make closeup videos and you made the site unusable for models like me !

sexicoupl modelehup 3 weeks ago

nous sommes un nouveau couple qui aime montrer notre vie sexuelle en adoptant une approche plus personnelle pour faire du porno interagir, avec nos fans et réaliser vos fantasmes, venez voir nos vidéos, laissez-nous un commentaire coquin, comme si vous appréciez et envoyez nous un message personnel si vous avez des idées que vous souhaitez suggérer.

SexualCoffeeIoveI 3 weeks ago

It reassures me that they care about our needs, I hope all these problems will be solved very soon. Especially credit cards. 👌🏽❤🍑

Twigonastick 3 weeks ago

Still have issuee with the Id

Malia Aurora 3 weeks ago

PayPal is the way to go.

Giseelleemendy 3 weeks ago

I need 100 dlls please!!

July Kiss 3 weeks ago

We will see

GIA CALZONE 3 weeks ago

Im super excited...I'd do this for free just to have a chance at the BIG LEAGUE...Imagine Natalie Mars, Bailey Jay and I taking on a basketball team...lol

Molly5auce 3 weeks ago

Pornhub is getting on my nerves

Jazz Bikini 3 weeks ago

Money money yummy 😋

Mr thirdleg11 3 weeks ago


Starbotty 3 weeks ago


Merrydeath69 3 weeks ago

I'm still trying to manage my acount...its fractions

Dzoni_rocco 3 weeks ago


2hotstrangers 3 weeks ago

La buenas noticias siempre son bienvenidas 😁

jbbeausexy 3 weeks ago

this is cool 😀😀😍😍😍😍😍😍😎

whosworldisthat 3 weeks ago

Appreciate the updates guys. Times have been kinda tough but we’re gonna pull through!! If you get a chance check out some of my content and throw your boy a sub! A subscription not a sandwich. You can hand that to me please. Love you guys!

Shawn_Dingo 3 weeks ago


taylorandjulien 3 weeks ago

Thank you! - I think this is a good solution to bridge the time until everything works normally again. ✌

TwoFreaksInNH 3 weeks ago

Why can't we sell our downloads? There really doesn't seem to be any actual reason to turn off the paid downloads.

Dravenfox 3 weeks ago

Oh thats great

shauntondavid 3 weeks ago

Thanks pornhub, the updates are great. Hopefully it’s all fixed soon

Dylan Darkk 3 weeks ago

All I can say is I have more cash so I'm grateful! ☺

fruitsnack96 3 weeks ago

Do I get paid for just views? I haven’t been paid by ph and I’m not sure what counts towards pay and what doesnt

JuliaDenni 3 weeks ago

Спасибо порнхаб, вот бы и нам дожить до первого бонуса, если попадём на него

grannyass_eater 3 weeks ago

Sounds great 👍

Extradick21 3 weeks ago


EvesValentine 3 weeks ago

Not bad news..

Being Both 3 weeks ago

Brooke Dillinger 3 weeks ago

Thank you so much for doing this while you try and work to reinstate normal payments. This helps us models so much!

Toot-23 3 weeks ago

nays 🥰

KittenDaddy 3 weeks ago

Good old Pornhub looking out for us I see

katyxexy 3 weeks ago


BlackTerceira 3 weeks ago


KittenDaddy 3 weeks ago

Go Woke

Mscocklady69 3 weeks ago

Sad for newbie hard to earn

Victorzz1 3 weeks ago

myhornywife99 3 weeks ago

We're a newer account and its been a challenge but it looks like we're finally getting on track!

Asya_Asya 3 weeks ago

oh, thanks, it's great to know that you care about me. Of course, it's always nice to receive money, this is very important for me personally. My three dogs and my cat are very fond of delicious food and new toys. They are waiting for me to pay for their food every day. thank

Nick and Nicole 3 weeks ago

Not bad at all ❤

thedarknight998 3 weeks ago

Good to hear!! But is anyone else having issues with thumbnails? Only been getting 1 page of them each video? Started about a week or 2 ago??

Anastasia Secret 3 weeks ago

Let's hope that you will be able to agree with the payment systems on the resumption of cooperation. We need a new PR campaign)

An Ugly Pretty 3 weeks ago


Quincy shields 3 weeks ago

Copy that

Luckysissyxxx 3 weeks ago


xMassageLovex 3 weeks ago

Thank you PH for taking care of us models while you get this straightened out ❤

JazzyMilfShake 3 weeks ago

Yessssss! PH😘😘

Gio janeiro 3 weeks ago

1 year before was better

Kyutty 3 weeks ago

Thank you very much!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ♥ I really hope everything will be restored somehow and soon... ;-;

LustyLoversXXX 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the update!

fulloffantasies 3 weeks ago

if we don't get it until April, why's it called a March bonus?

mpanduro12 3 weeks ago


Alexander Cox 3 weeks ago

I shoot a video because I like it, but everyone will be glad to receive cash rewards!)

Meline_Cherie 3 weeks ago


ArousingYOU 3 weeks ago

Thank you!

sayonararealworld 3 weeks ago

Thanks PH, this is mean a lot to us

Sir Deep In Dat Ass 3 weeks ago

Hell yeah oh wait no body has bought my content yet lol

ryands991 3 weeks ago


SexyLilitana 3 weeks ago


couplediaries 3 weeks ago

Good news thank you PH

Mia Alexis Queen 3 weeks ago

Love pornhub 🏆🏆🏆🏆🔥💋💋💋😘

Samantha jsext98 3 weeks ago

Emmm and for Who started this january? No bonus? well thank you ............

Just_BigAss 3 weeks ago

thanks realy nice news !) love ph LIKE !)

Amber Chase 3 weeks ago

I love pornhub

RichFantasy 3 weeks ago

Great news! I feel that everything will slowly get back on track 💥

Spicyselena 3 weeks ago

I have fun but I am competitive and I will show the whole video if I even come close to winning. Yes I do take it anally pretending to fight it. Very intense. I'm ready to start showing more of myself. The acting is fun but I know what you want to see.

E_n_Txxx 3 weeks ago

Still grinding away with our free ad rev. Hoping to get payment soon.

Brillbabe 3 weeks ago

Amazing Amazing🥰

AgathaHarris 3 weeks ago

Thank you and on this, we are waiting for new news)

California ID 3 weeks ago


VikaPurple 3 weeks ago

Not bad

Swati15 3 weeks ago


DeeCumFast 3 weeks ago

Anybody in Ga HMU

Dean ChinWetter 3 weeks ago

Will be happy when we can enable custom videos again! We are still taking request through DMs and we go with what we like!

Meri-Mouse 3 weeks ago

thanks for the support)

Jamaica porn Service 3 weeks ago

Thanks to the pornhub team

LittleAsianDoll 3 weeks ago

something i guess lol

Honoka Sengoku 3 weeks ago

I hope things will get back to normal soon, life is very difficult with the world situation of COVID-19.😥😫

pinaychubbyme 3 weeks ago

good news ❤

FornicationFreeway 3 weeks ago

Yes it sucks for those of us who are new, but the way we lol at it is that we’re getting started at a time that’s moving slow for everyone, and hopefully we can gain traction in the meantime and really ramp up when sales are reinstated. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Shecumseasy 3 weeks ago

Dang I hope this helps some models out!

YolFranz 3 weeks ago

Ohw I am new, but soon I can.. 😊

evastive 3 weeks ago

Спасибо за поддержку ребята! Очень приятно это осознавать и чувствовать в своём кармане 😘

Montez Bush 3 weeks ago

Not bad at all. I am new so i am looking forward to filming.

Web440 3 weeks ago

Incredible decided.... thanks ph family

Homemade Handjob and Footjob 3 weeks ago

Neo_Milk 3 weeks ago

Japanese amateur

stacyyamakazi 3 weeks ago

Cool story ho.

LaylaBlush 3 weeks ago

sound great. thank you guys!

Lolly Upskirt 3 weeks ago

Good news!

Dripping4her 3 weeks ago

I am new here but so happy to see the legendary talent get some help during this difficult time and glad many were able to adapt as best they could!! ❤❤❤ love you all!

Nealsmit 3 weeks ago

It's all good

PookeyandVanity 3 weeks ago

Well that's good news! Keep up the endless work💚💜

Cat Woman 1979 3 weeks ago

Supreme-Love 3 weeks ago

however we are new, we are happy for 'old' models 😊

MrPussyLicking 3 weeks ago

Thank you guys! Hope you put everything back to normal soon 🤩

AvrilxLust 3 weeks ago


magnolia2017 3 weeks ago

Gute nacht !

Ipledgeallegiance 3 weeks ago

We appreciate the help, and hope a fix is figured out soon.

Twist3dLov3rs 3 weeks ago

Thanks so much for the update. Hope it's resolved soon

NikaBabe69 3 weeks ago

Wow, i hope I have that kind of bonus.

Yummy Step Mom 3 weeks ago

Others we're so lucky.

Mustafamnmnmnmn 3 weeks ago

I want to return my account. I would like anyone to see my comment with my help. I want to return my personal account picture, and I want to post the videos and pictures again. 😭😭

Tamil_B 3 weeks ago

If my upload videos is low what I do

CuriousPNWcouple 3 weeks ago

Glad the Pornhub Team are working so hard to fix this xoxo

Hot Golden Ass 3 weeks ago

Great initiative 🙌. I'm a new model. Join me in my dream of being a pornstar!

Roberto06081976 3 weeks ago


mangemoilemicro 3 weeks ago


Pinoy_Fuck69 3 weeks ago

PH' that is very Great!. you really the best Porn site, it will benefited all models that has encounter that issues, like, me.. just keep continue that concerned, to all of us Models.. and will surely giving you strong support and a quality content... keep it UP! Guys....

Hentailover077 3 weeks ago


Succubus Sin 3 weeks ago

So, will PornHub automatically recover our Fan club subscribers?

April BigAss 3 weeks ago

Thanks pornhub!!!!

Queen-foxi 3 weeks ago


Fetishss 3 weeks ago

then they'll just get help, whoever's lucky to get paid to watch their videos? then they'll just get help, whoever's lucky to get paid to watch their videos? , something difficult with the current situation and that happens with people who don't sell videos, but are there filling a PH specimen, also those people help with their non-professional videos but create content that many watch and then those people who contribute a grain of sand with their videos ? , something difficult with the current

Throat Pie Queen 3 weeks ago


NatekaPlace 3 weeks ago


Carly Curvy 3 weeks ago

Thank you 😊

Cheremond1 3 weeks ago


PupsiVupsi 3 weeks ago

hmmmm interesting...)

unknown 3 weeks ago

This PornHub always flagged me as missing IDs for my co-performers even if it is already added and approved on their end. Can some help me on this?

bendmeover28 3 weeks ago

Plus the subs are coming in really slowly some hours not at all.

Gaia On Top 3 weeks ago

Thank you

Sweet Dick in Wet Pussy 3 weeks ago

It s good..)

MissMetalx 3 weeks ago

Thank you so much Pornhub! Wishing you luck and resilience, and to come back full of strenght VERY soon! :*

MariLewdVi 3 weeks ago

Thanks PH!

BadCuteGirl 3 weeks ago

Thank! It's nice to know that PH always take care of their models You are the best❤

Marie Jayne 3 weeks ago

Awesome, thank you 💕🥰

Wolfiegirl17 3 weeks ago

I'm glad the bonuses have continued. I'm hoping that someday video sales can be a thing more again because I want to post some of the rest of my content here. But I'm definitely enjoying posting what I can until then.

Sargent8incher 3 weeks ago

Lol new here I'd just like to make a few tips.

Ninfetanervoza 3 weeks ago

Hi, help me get famous that I repay everything thanks 💕

KaleaNixs 3 weeks ago

Sounds good 👌

jbbeausexy 3 weeks ago

i like pornhub and thank you a you pornhub 😀😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎😀😀

YourDirtyAlex 3 weeks ago


unknown 3 weeks ago

thanks all team pornhub

Nicolesuckscock 3 weeks ago

🙏🏼 Praise be to Pornhub!

Angel XXX Diabla 3 weeks ago

Thank you Pornhub for taking care of your models 😊

Layna Landry 3 weeks ago

While I’m super sad about MH still being down at least the free ad rev lately has been great!! Thank you for keeping us posted 💖

ISEEME BAE 3 weeks ago

Sempre meglio di un calcio nel culo

thestartofus 3 weeks ago

Thank you sooooo much!!!! We are so grateful for you PH. We’ll get through this all together 💜

Lil Pussy PInk 3 weeks ago

ChrisAndChris69 3 weeks ago

Thank you so much

Ember Bastet 3 weeks ago

Thank you again!!!

Tionna Tease 3 weeks ago

How much more is ad rev now??

sexicoupl modelehup 3 weeks ago


Mr NSX 3 weeks ago

As someone who mainly made money through ad revenue and model hub ad revenue... I don’t feel that this will apply to me in quite the same way..

Ludovee 3 weeks ago

Very good

AliceHome 3 weeks ago


NymphoandtheBeast 3 weeks ago

Havent had a payout since november. but sure i will take another 2.50$ find me on twitter @MvNympho for real fun.

ReallyXMedia 3 weeks ago

Thanks a lot!

Nathan Kresser 3 weeks ago

wow loved it

Libertinocomecu 3 weeks ago


sano77lex 3 weeks ago

Nice !

Joey Lee 3 weeks ago

This is awesome! Excited for another great month! 🖤

Amat3urFitCoupl3 3 weeks ago

This is good news 😍

ALetova 3 weeks ago


pixieservesHim 3 weeks ago

That's nice! That'll be really helpful for those used to having a significant income from PH sales All of our sale stuff is free now, if it wasn't removed for being too extreme for amateur performers.

Goddess Nova Grey 3 weeks ago

Great! Should have made my account sooner!

Ember Phoenix 3 weeks ago

Pornhub rocks! 😍

unknown 3 weeks ago

Great 🥰

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