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by: Aurora Watson

Since joining the industry, Abigail Mac has been nominated and won numerous awards, including the 2019 XBIZ Female Perfomer of the Year Award. Not only has Mac worked her way up the ranks and became a big name in the industry, but she's also passionate about fitness and health and found ways to find success in both.


1. What sort of misconceptions do you think people still have about female adult performers specifically still today? How can we change that?

I feel like the biggest misconception is that we are being forced or coerced to be sex workers. Most of us choose this profession. It’s something we are passionate about and love doing. I feel like the best way to challenge all stigmas is through social media -- opening up to my fans and followers and letting them see who I am as a person. They can see that I’m actually not much different than anyone else. I just have a fun and unique job. 


2. Since this is all about women, why do you think it’s important for women to support women and how can we do that?

There is a massive women’s movement happening right now. We are eradicating gender roles, beauty standards, and societal norms. The best way to support is to be a part of the conversation. Challenge traditional ideas of the past. Be open-minded and have conversations with women who are different from yourself. Our bodies are 100% ours. It’s our choice and our choice only. 


3. This theme this year is Choose to Challenge in order to bring forth positive changes. So what are you choosing to challenge?

 I choose to challenge the wonderful men in my life. I do believe that they unintentionally say things that are slightly sexist. So I bring that up in the moment and give them a different perspective. I wish to create allies whenever I can. 

4. What does International Women’s Day mean to you? How has your perception of what being a woman is all about changed over the years?

International Women’s Day is a reminder to me that we are still not equal. It’s just one of the battles we are fighting right now along with many other injustices. I have never been more proud to be a woman in my life. As a girl, you don’t see or understand social constructs clearly. As an adult, it becomes very apparent. I have finally established strong views and opinions of society. I feel motivated and capable to be a part of this movement for change. 


5. What has been your biggest success and challenge thus far?

Honestly I feel like my biggest success is feeling comfortable and confident in my own skin. Women face challenges every day. We are so often treated as objects and not human beings and that is challenging mentally and emotionally. 


6. Tell us something people would be surprised to learn about you.

That I am a normal person. I’m married. I own a house. I pay taxes. I live a very normal life. 


7. You used to also own a health food vending business with your partner -- what inspired you to get into that?

We sold our business a couple of years ago but we have always been into health and fitness. We have always looked at ways to work for ourselves and diversify our income. 


8. How do you balance both?

Teamwork -- we depend on each other a lot to handle everything.


9. What kind of tip or advice can you offer to someone new to industry?

Be prepared for everyone you know to find out what you do and be willing to lose some relationships. Only do what you are comfortable with and makes you happy. The content you shoot for yourself will always be more valuable then working for anyone else. 


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Jamaica porn Service 3 months ago

Lets raise out glass and drink to the wonderful and hard working women's models on pornhub. we have all come a far way and today we celebrate each other and the great things that we have done. "Lets Drink To The Hard Working women's On Pornhub", Happy Women's Day To Us!!!

jampums 3 months ago

one love to you all

Covid__21 3 months ago

I congratulate the girls on the holiday. You are the best ❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡❤️❤️❤️

TomaStevi 3 months ago

Congratulations to all the girls on the holiday ♥ We love you, hot relationships and a million views ♥♥

LostNik 3 months ago

Happy International Women's Day

Shyla Nervous 3 months ago

I hope this month is full of inspirational stories from an array of PH Performers of all sizes and backgrounds! Happy International Women's Month!!! Not just a day in the month of March but a full month

SnowyJameson 3 months ago

Happy International Women's Day ladies ♥💋♥💋♥💋

MonaRikaSabrosa 2 months ago

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MonaRikaSabrosa 2 months ago

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Rusopor 2 months ago

Hello. Are there any ladies who want to make a joint video? Russia

Tolik77788 2 months ago

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Jazz Bikini 3 months ago

I would eat her ass

kazuyasama 3 months ago


Jazz Bikini 3 months ago

I love her

Alex Cum 3 months ago

All the best for them, they deserve it.

SexualMadness 3 months ago

so cute pornstar

El Chico Fiitness 3 months ago

Congratulations to all the Girls! ❣🙏

Legohub 3 months ago

I would play Lego with her any day of the week.

shiverfun 3 months ago

Greetings to all women around the world!

MissCinn 3 months ago

Yes, conversations with those who are different from ourselves are so important.

Dean ChinWetter 3 months ago

We love you abigail!!💜

Keetherwulf 3 months ago

nice 👍

Natali Nylonova 3 months ago

Девушки! С праздником всех нас !!

Bazookababyx 3 months ago

Have a nice day ladies 🥳😘

unknown 3 months ago

Feliz dia de la mujer

CumsTooMuch 3 months ago

😍 💦

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