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by: Aurora Watson

Another month has come and gone and we're ready to announce February's Viewers' Choice winners and this month's theme!

Since anal is one of Pornhub's top categories, we're dedicating this month to the booty. So get creative and show us your best backdoor moves!

Keep reading to check out the prizes and last month's top 3 winners.

Don't forget, with Viewers' Choice, the winners are chosen by votes. So be sure to let your fans know how they can support you and help you win one of our top 3 prizes. The top 50 submissions will also get featured on our Pornhub homepage!

Monthly Prizes

1st Place  win $3,000

2nd Place wins $2,000

3rd Place win $1,000

Top 50 videos will get featured on Pornhub home page

Click here for more info on Viewers' Choice and how to participate.

Contest Rules

1. The content must be thematic. If your content is not on theme, we may remove it. Non-thematic content will also be disqualified from being eligible for the top 3 prizes.
2. Any evidence of fraudulent behavior will lead to removal of contest entry, without ability to resubmit an entry in the same month. Repeated offense may lead to more significant consequences.

If you need a refresher course on Viewers' Choice, click here.


February Viewers' Choice Winners

A big congrats to our top 3 winners from our February's V-Day-inspired Viewers's Choice contest!

1st Place wins $3,000 - thecosmicgirl

2nd Place wins $2,000 - Candice Delaware

3rd Place wins $1,000 - Maryana Rose

The top 50 videos will also be featured on Pornhub's homepage in the next few weeks! Payments will also be added to next month's payout. To see who made the cut, click here and then the drop-down arrow near "Celebrate Love."



All Comments(218)

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DuBarry 1 month ago

Are all comments here a means of self-promotion? In this case, I leave my comment ... )

XXALADRXX 1 month ago


Miss Ania 1 month ago

Great job at all winners 👍🤩

Pinoy Cum Loads 1 month ago


DeLuxxxBoy 1 month ago

Love me Love, To convulsions, to trembling. Play with me, play Our desires are similar. Let everything in me scream Flies towards you. Desire - do not be silent I'll answer everything for you. Don't talk about love The word burns in the fire. Give me back a breath, I'm ready to exhale. Bliss of love is a dream It remains a dream. And in the silence my groan It will be intertwined with yours.

LorenaMajaX 1 month ago


RaptorBacon 1 month ago

totally not lol

AndreaRandom 1 month ago


ShyWifeEmily 1 month ago

Of course not 😉

Linarwarchik 1 month ago

Congratulations to the winners)

Yagami Ryan 1 month ago


dddddruid 1 month ago

Мы заняли 24 место, но на главную страницу порнхаба не разместили.. Очередной обман от техподдержки просто для привлечения участников, а по итогу первые места своим звёздам и на этом все, как то так(((

Vanilla Kush 1 month ago

Такое чувство что русские и порнохаб держат, с таким подходом))

Miss Fantasy 1 month ago

интересный зрителю контент. И никакого обмана здесь нет, набирайте свою база фанатов, которые будут оказывать вам поддержку в подобных конкурсах и вы тоже будете занимать первые места. ))

Miss Fantasy 1 month ago

Размещение роликов на главную страницу происходит после завершения конкурса, но попадание на главную страницу не гарантирует, что этот ролик наберет автоматически миллионы просмотров, потому что мало попасть на главную, нужно еще создавать качественный и интересный зри

DuBarry 1 month ago

)) Здесь есть многомиллионные топовые ролики, в названии (!) которых внаглую - ссылка на другие внешние ресурсы, которые не имеют ничего общего с порнхаб...

DuBarry 1 month ago

... И эти ролики уже длительное время не слазят из всех горячих и рекомендованных страниц. А мои ролики удаляют за то, что в названии использовала английские термины peeps, spy cam, stepmom, stepson...

urururururr 1 month ago


TanlineJourney 1 month ago

Congrats to all winners 💕. We made it to place 15

Jizzabelle Trash 1 month ago

Congratulations to all the winners!! I'm slowly getting there- I came 23rd in last month's contest, and already coming 19th in this month's contest https://www.pornhub.com/contest_hub/viewers_choice/jizzabelle-trash . Finger's crossed, it's going to be a long month xx

unknown 1 month ago

Congratulations to all winners

SweetPrincessa 1 month ago

We took 23rd place in the February competition💦👅

WielbicielBBW 1 month ago

Congrats for 23 place..

lilyandchad 1 month ago

We entered the March contest💞Hopefully we will be in the top 3🏆🥰

Candice Delaware 1 month ago

I'll vote for you

Miss_Faye_Tease 1 month ago

Amazing prizes! Would love to be considered 🔥💋

Allie Peach 1 month ago

THANKS FOR HELPING ME MAKE TOP 50 LAST MONTH!! You guys mean the world to me!! Thank you!!! 🥳🥳🍾🍓🍫

CumsTooMuch 1 month ago

You’re a star!!! 🤩

Purpleazz69 1 month ago

I will definitely join..anal is my absolutely favorite!!!..Anal was amazing once i found out that ass gets wetter than my twat

WielbicielBBW 1 month ago

Yes, please join..

Yoni Koko 1 month ago

Congrats to all the winners! Never give up everyone! 😉

thecosmicgirl 1 month ago

Thank you to all my fellow supporters that made this possible!

Er_Doritos 1 month ago


TrinityXXXX69 1 month ago

No one can even contribute to any of the new models pages or tip, be a fan club member or whatever due to your sites mishaps so I call bullshit

renimasks 1 month ago

Wow! Look at those beauties!

Fairy Desires 1 month ago

Congrats for the winners !!!

Granny Sucksalot 1 month ago

I'm almost positive a young well rounded creative peach is going to win ! I challenge those of you who are hiding "behind" the scenes to vote for a Grannyfucksalot. Make her that billionaire success story!!!

HongKongDoll 1 month ago

Never got feature as was rank 5. LIAR

Candice Delaware 1 month ago

usually u get 500k views or more from the 5th of the next month, since u finished at 5th place. it's all lottery but I guess it works this way.

lovestheass 1 month ago

Just found your page. Very hot content. 🔥

HardcoreSext 1 month ago

Congratulations to the winners! 😉

Jazz Bikini 1 month ago

So hot. Yum

closexup 1 month ago

Shake your booty.🔥🔥

dobryni 1 month ago

Все найс!!

2wetspots 1 month ago

I was in 6th place, lost all my votes for some reason. Same thing happened with last months contest!

MissCinn 1 month ago

How about actually paying us. Until PH gets their customer payments figured out they need to up the ad revenue

Art Cole 1 month ago

Good job you guys Congratulations!!!

Covid__21 1 month ago

Congratulations! Well done! We, as new participants, really hope that we will take places in the first lines. Thank!

Polipoldino 1 month ago


peen_scene 1 month ago

I gotta get a partner for next year

SinCindiee 1 month ago

Watch my content.🥺 visit my onlyfans too, I do private chats and I’m top 5%

LorenaMajaX 1 month ago

felicidades a los ganadores

PookeyandVanity 1 month ago


timeker 1 month ago

Wp 🙈

RaptorBacon 1 month ago

Congrats from your favorite minecrafter

TeenBodySex 1 month ago

congratulations ) 😘

SlenderSisi 1 month ago

Congratulations to the winners 🥳 sometime I will be on this list! 😌 waiting for the next contests 😘

GuyVsFemboy 1 month ago


Dean ChinWetter 1 month ago

Congrats everyone! Lots of hot videos in this contest! Looking forward to seeing how we do in the next one! Good luck to you all! We love this community!!!

WielbicielBBW 1 month ago

You make very good videos too..

MrDieselXXX 1 month ago

allllllllllllllrighty then!

fatdickt94 1 month ago


Nani 9097 1 month ago

Congratulations to all 😘😘 this month I’m also part of the contest...check it out ;-)

Cumin4D 1 month ago

Anal my fav 🔥

annemax 1 month ago

Congratulations! To bad we did not end up in the top 3😌Hope we will win this time!https://www.pornhub.com/contest_hub/viewers_choice/annemax Thank you guys!

Grut8583 1 month ago


Pinay_Princess 1 month ago

Congrats guys 🤩

curiuskinkycouple 1 month ago

Great job!!!!

Elliemay225 1 month ago

Congratulations everyone !!

LittleMissLulu 1 month ago

Really hope we gonna make it some day!

littlelillyfckslut 1 month ago

Woohoo, I've submitted my video on time this month💖🎉

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Big booty bitches~.💗


Great job. Don’t forget to check out my New Orleans porn on my channel and WolfgangDaniels.com

Samantha jsext98 1 month ago

well i think my self-fuck with my long dick was perfect for this contest, VOTE FOR ME

Emily Granger 1 month ago

those who like foot fetish can follow my channel

SexualMadness 1 month ago

We will contest as soon as possible, but now u can watch what we have on our page ♥

Jazz Bikini 1 month ago

Mine was really good, check me out

Sexy_ky3627 4 days ago

Couple in kentucky looking for couples and woman can't chat like you use to

Wetsimone 1 week ago

Congratulations everyone ❤️

DasherNLadybug 1 week ago

We love you all

Tella Billa 1 week ago

hey guys, new here

bobma12349 2 weeks ago

I love it

UrUncolored 2 weeks ago

Gotta love a good contest! Good job all!

Samanthagayq 2 weeks ago

What añrirl contest going to be like Ready to participate

Joeybalboa916 2 weeks ago


jaylikesitrough 3 weeks ago

hi there!!!!!!!!!!!

Longtallpriestess 3 weeks ago

Just Joined...Love the Contest! Can't wait to join in next month!!!

Scorpio queen 3 weeks ago

You will love how i fuck my asshole

Pareja sexosa 3 weeks ago

Espero nos valla bien en esta nueva experiencia

Pareja sexosa 3 weeks ago

Felicidades, dejo mi comentario para la autopromoción😅 somos nuevos

Bad-Witch 3 weeks ago

Hey! vote for me for the contest all about ANAL ;-) https://www.pornhub.com/contest_hub/viewers_choice/bad-witch Thank's a lot!!

Rusopor 3 weeks ago

Hello. Are there any ladies who want to make a joint video? Russia

Shamelesxshane 3 weeks ago

Congratulations to the winners! I'm thinking I'll take April's 1st place!!

alxcharx 1 month ago

Congrats to the winners!!! Good luck everyone

Jade Jameson 1 month ago

Vote for me xoxo

CasualSensual 1 month ago

I can't wait for the Best Blowjob contest!!!

TooLow42 1 month ago

If any females or couples are in San Antonio and Love BBC then you should contact me 😈

Jezica_miller 1 month ago

Me gusta

shauntondavid 1 month ago

Congrats. Would be great to see a seperate initiative for the gay community instead of competing with the straight community. The gays have no hope of winning with all you gorgeous ladies out there 🙂

CulitoNoFace 1 month ago

This is really okey For the people who is starting on the site, kisses from Chile Esto es realmente bueno para la gente que estamos comenzando en esto saludos desde Chile

Trap Dianne 1 month ago

por si alguien quiere pasar a ver , muchas felicidades a los ganadores!

AnnHadley 1 month ago

This is our first time entering a contest!! Super excited! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph604798205c7e1 please watch! Any feedback is greatly appreciated! 💋

KValla 1 month ago


Hotwicks 1 month ago

Wife ordered strap on, this a 25 year bet between us my ass verse hers 'oh dear' this is a big bet a big big wager. We going to post video to booty call contest and see who has the biggest o face.

GoliathLong561 1 month ago

🤧 Facts🏆

Hugecutwhitecock 1 month ago

Watch me fuck my bbw in the ass

Franki Fox 1 month ago

Good job winners

FuckMeDad404 1 month ago


2wetspots 1 month ago

Another technical issue from PH has knocked me out of the contest! That is 3 contests in a row this has happened! 6th place, all my votes get erased and vote button is grayed out for everyone that tries to vote! Not on the pre-approved winners list I guess.

littlelillyfckslut 1 month ago

Have you reached out to support? I have been having issues as well. One of them being that I triggered their spam filter. I had been posting the link to the contest voting page on my own stream to make it easier for my subscribers to vote for me. This will trigger the filter though and you will essentially be filtered out as spam. Email support to have them check and restore your visibility.

Pinay_Princess 1 month ago

Excellent choice 😈🍑🥵💦

Anal Fans Couple 1 month ago

Hi. How we can add video to Viewers’ Choice?

mxnicole 1 month ago


Jazz Bikini 1 month ago

I just started tanning, yum

Tigerlilly25 1 month ago

Check out our videos and give us a thumbs up!

Trending Latinas 1 month ago

Bueno esperemos a ver que se viene el otro mes!

inosexy4556 1 month ago


Jslim661 1 month ago

I wish I would have knew about this.forsure would have submitted.

Brittany Blowsu 1 month ago

Congrats to the winners🏆🎉🏆

Honeydip6988 1 month ago

I think this amazing! Congratulations to the winners! Don’t stop trying the the others! Go get your fuck on today!$$$

RavingRocky 1 month ago


jackcole_07 1 month ago

Watch me 💦💦💦

Rieco_Suavvey 1 month ago

Check out my content😜😝

PiercedKitty 1 month ago

Now we know that 3 people were lucky enough to get paid. I vote for Top 1000 to get prizes. We wanna make some money too and are tired of doing it for free and not getting paid.

PiercedKitty 1 month ago

At least there were 3 people that got paged last month. I think we'd all like to be as lucky and start making some money again. I vote for Top 1000 to get prizes since most of us are doing this for free right now. We want paid too!

EdwardRaeyr 1 month ago

any chance of a video with gay content participating? or is it just heterosexual?

milfymilker 1 month ago

Check out our entry. No anal , but a big beautiful butt. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph60066959d88da

Tiara tiarra 1 month ago

Hey hey hey hey lol 😝

Rezzeros Glowstik 1 month ago

Great job! Keep up the great work! Much love and respect to all!!!

sexycarre 1 month ago

I can speak in tongue too 😏

CoupleADay 1 month ago

Hey Everyone!

collegeyeah2 1 month ago

if you wanna see one of the nicest cocks you'll ever watch check out my channel

cpl4u2nv 1 month ago

All new anal video out tonight. Cum check it out.

TinoBigPrettyDick 1 month ago

I haven't been here long, I'm still kind of new. I need you all to come support me please. Thanks

catap85 1 month ago

Contratulations to the winners! Well-earned and enjoy the prize

Choppa city 1 month ago


SexwifeKaty 1 month ago

I also uploaded my own😉❤️

renimasks 1 month ago

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! For two in that case!!!

Lizzie Summers 1 month ago

Congrats to the winners. I think your all sexy. 😉😜

Ayira Oba 1 month ago

Congratulations to the winners 🙏❤

Squirt Paradise 1 month ago


Chessie Rae 1 month ago

Congratulations babes 💖

Kai sweet 1 month ago


Vanilla Kush 1 month ago

Okay, then I also want to advertise here )))))

bisexcouple family 1 month ago

What's right in the ass, yes? Easily. And in whose anal do you need? men or women?

Candice Delaware 1 month ago

this is my name there? what? DDDD OMG. I thought I finished 6th place

MyBigMoustache 1 month ago

Nice 🔥Can I fill some booty?

Tina Turbo 1 month ago

Congratulations to all winners!

Miss_Hot_Lips 1 month ago

Good luck for all the participants

KSDestiny 1 month ago

Some of the prettiest videos i’ve ever seen 😊

Sanoraelminora 1 month ago

ohhh in the anal category, I will also record a video

Joy Kim 1 month ago


LexisShemaleLUV 1 month ago

Hi👋 everyone

Meri-Mouse 1 month ago

what great news on this wonderful day)))

Kinkyguy-20 1 month ago


GoddesssKali 1 month ago

Check out my videos 😘

Porn_Princess 1 month ago

Congratulations winners 🏆🤩😍

foxgirlthai 1 month ago


xtrade0064 1 month ago

congrats ! next is ours hahah

rizzle0948 1 month ago

Need a partner

Dirty_hub 1 month ago

Im horny

Dirty_hub 1 month ago

Subscribe my page plz

collegeyeah2 1 month ago


MissCinn 1 month ago

Yall need to pay us at the end of EVERY month, anyone else have their earnings be held??

cummybush 1 month ago

Congrats to the sinners oops I mean winners!!!

PiperAlvaro 1 month ago

Please vote for my I really need that money For my Online Class I'm still a student please help me guys

YOMamaLoves69 1 month ago

I’m with it.. my new girl got a fat ass and loves anal

Alice Cumsletin 1 month ago

I think guys and girls should be seperate

lovestheass 1 month ago

Look at me! Look at me!! Just got a new toy in. Lol

Redheadkinky76 1 month ago

I'm new here, all are welcome to cum see me 😋😉

BootyOnBeast 1 month ago

Time to put this ass to work! hahah

Sabrina helil 1 month ago

Up up

Home4fun2116 1 month ago

self promotion in comment ?

OurLoveCasero 1 month ago


mizhixiaojie 1 month ago

和祝贺获奖者,希望和前辈们交流心得.Congratulations to the winners and hope to exchange experiences with the predecessors.

Chubbylicious Pinay 1 month ago

Iff...i can get to the top.. congrats..guyss

Alena Ass 1 month ago

Very good)

Parkerprim 1 month ago

Congrats to the winners! Also I'll throw myself out there. Say hi!

Web440 1 month ago

Congratulations all pornhub family

Nicky Mist 1 month ago

Good luck all models!

Lazuli Robot 1 month ago

Just commenting hoping somebody will cum watch me fuck myself and squirt ^_^

noexcusegirl 1 month ago


Angel_blondie 1 month ago

🔥 🔥 🔥

brown_sugar_22 1 month ago

Yeah come check out my page. I think I have good videos

Marcus Brown BBC 1 month ago

Uk women hit me up

Keetherwulf 1 month ago

Amazing congratss 🔥🔥 Check My Videos i have nice BIGGG COCK you want to suck 👌🔥🔥💦

BellaAlan 1 month ago

Вау, прикольный конкурс!

DeLuxxxBoy 1 month ago

Love me Love, To convulsions, to trembling. Play with me, play Our desires are similar. Let everything in me scream Flies towards you. Desire - do not be silent I'll answer everything for you. Don't talk about love The word burns in the fire. Give me back a breath, I'm ready to exhale. Bliss of love is a dream It remains a dream. And in the silence my groan It will be intertwined with yours.

Rigobeltrann 1 month ago


xEthanMaxxx 1 month ago


shorty876987 1 month ago

Congratulations 🎉

Cani Cumz 1 month ago


Hattabi4ik 1 month ago


LexisShemaleLUV 1 month ago

FaraonikFreak 1 month ago

Absolutely. No shame here 😂

GuyVsFemboy 1 month ago

My super content !!!

Manay_alex 1 month ago

interesting competition, we also need to try anal.🤩🤩🤩🤩

WielbicielBBW 1 month ago

Very good idea..

Sweet Dick in Wet Pussy 1 month ago

Прекрасно!) с конкурсами вообще идея огонь)!

BrenJackSteel 1 month ago


Lolly Upskirt 1 month ago

challenge accepted 😋😎

Orange111max 1 month ago


Mafya69 1 month ago

Hello, how can I upload my profile picture and videos. I work on the phone.

Big Cock Jock 1 month ago

mmm anal my favorite. Go march!

VitLen2 1 month ago

Maybe we should take part? Может и нам поучаствовать?

FornicationFreeway 1 month ago

This is right up our alley! 😜😘

hungry_fox 1 month ago

Cool now

Argent80 1 month ago

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