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by: Aurora Watson

As you know, at the beginning of January, we like to look back on the past 12 months and put together a list of the top 10 most-viewed videos of the last year. This time around, we were curious to see which videos were the most-viewed of 2020 in every big category you can think of. So we analyzed the numbers, gathered all the clips, and made 20 compilation videos for you! We've got Most Popular Toy, Threesome, Squirt, Solo Male, Solo Female, For Women, Orgy, MILF, Handjob, DP, Cumshot, Cuckold, Blowjob, Cosplay, Big Tits, Big Dick, BBW, Anal, Gay, and Amateur Videos all right here for you to check out and see what people enjoyed watching most in 2020.

 Most Popular Videos of 2020 



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Mind Breakers 2 days ago

Great news!)) A premium accounts do not want to start work?πŸ‘€πŸ™ƒ

JuliaDenni Yesterday

I thought only they don't look at me-)

Couple cumsx 2 days ago

COVID just made people want to cum more lol

Monday_14 Yesterday

That's true ..i agree

MeatyMomPrductns 2 days ago

Oh look a list of videos they paid for their views last year. It’s sad how porn hub knows nothing about people using bats to fluctuate their streams either they’re ignoring it or they just don’t give a damn but I’m getting tired of it a lot of these people are not really generating the views that you think they are

dddddruid 2 days ago

In most popular cuckold, dp and threesome, all what we like))

Miss Fantasy 2 days ago

Another sexy year is behind us and this year was very fruitful for many, judging by this impressive selection of videos !!! It is perfectly!!! We all must strive for more and conquer new heights in the new year😍

Salemvonxxx Yesterday

Did anyone else give up and make their own website or just me bcccc I don’t see PH coming back from this mess

Jollapr Yesterday

We're gonna start our own page as well. We can't trust any site. What happened here can happen on XV, XH, OF, etc. That's why we founded our own company. We're gonna change the game forever.

AssaultBagel Yesterday

Still wonderful for marketing! Once I get where I want to be, I'll just make most content private(no download), only keep short segments/previews, and transfer everything else over to own website!

Anna Bali 2 days ago

I love role-playing games, who agrees with me ?

Neo_Milk 2 days ago

Great news!)) JP Amateur

Onerealblonde Yesterday


DeltonLove Yesterday

Follow me i am new in this my name is DeltonLove I upload videos every day i fuck in couple with my boyfriend support me please!!!

fukinggogo Yesterday

I'm Japanese, but all of these videos are very helpfulπŸ’–

69YoungCouple69 Yesterday

amazing videos. how do you guys get so many views on ur videos?

CumsTooMuch 2 days ago

The only thing Covid-19 was good for... pornhub content!!! Congrats to all the amazing models and lets do it even better this year!

Covid__21 2 days ago

Top Top topπŸ‘

Jollapr Yesterday

Oh, what a surprise, the same people we always see in the frontpage. πŸ™„ -Mark

04MDIV Yesterday


Jazz Bikini Yesterday

Yum. Me more yummy

Azirov0606 Yesterday


Angel Cummings Yesterday


Linarwarchik Yesterday

Good news!

Wavybigdic Yesterday

If you in Florida let's hook up and make a video

Thebaddestgirlxo Yesterday

Check me out guys and good luck to everyone

AgathaHarris Yesterday

Great news, we will try to get into the top of these categories in 2021)))

rockincock93 Yesterday

Can I get some views?

Dikzack Yesterday

great, hopefully someday I'll be in some category!πŸ₯Ί

Jslim661 Yesterday

I need a good bbw scene

Pabloelite1 Yesterday


rtwlingo666 2 days ago

A bunch of my animations become Video is unavailable pending review? What is the situation? When will it be restored?

peen_scene 2 days ago

#goals to make it to this list

onehourcouple 2 days ago

PornHub needs to add a DVP category We hope to win that one, lol.

Fuck_the_mask 2 days ago

Next year our videos will be here too ❀

Veronica Taboo 2 days ago

Not mine again!))

Succubus Sin 2 days ago

I hope to see Cosplay make a boom eventually~.

Cem Arda Gunaydin 1 hour ago

@Cem Arda Gunaydin

JaynMay 3 hours ago

Literally our account is suspended just in time convieniently for our firt payout. We have everyone's id. Second time, second month in a row, when we should be getting a pay out. Why should we stay?

NylonChen 3 hours ago

I love big boobs hotties!

SexyMidnightNova 3 hours ago

Check out my face sitting video and me squirting at the end - https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5fcd18362a8d1

Dirty Dannybear 4 hours ago

Great job everyone

VikaPurple 5 hours ago


renimasks 5 hours ago

That is pretty hawt! Right?!

NASStradamus 6 hours ago

I was sure you would love my vids.

MissCinn 8 hours ago

There was a huge influx of new cumers due to Covid, I've been here almost a year already, crazy.

MR BENGA OFFICIAL 11 hours ago


Edrickyle 11 hours ago

I agree.. thats true..

Chokobanana 12 hours ago

hope to be one of the popular in 2021 😘

Miss Didi 15 hours ago


Stoney jade 15 hours ago

Add my snap stoney_j2021

sessvids 16 hours ago


jackcole_07 16 hours ago

Watch me jerk

BabyYouDontKnow 16 hours ago

toys in isolation have become popular

Nicole Doshi 19 hours ago

Thank you to all who made 2020 sexy despite everything that has happened!

BaiMudan 20 hours ago

No hentai? Come on!

Lonna Wells 20 hours ago

Congratulations babes! Now... Can we get this pay situation fixed ❀❀❀

PinkySaki 20 hours ago

Its A Great Year With COVID, Because Of Porn Hub And FUCK

Cat Woman 1979 20 hours ago

🧑 🧑 🧑

maskedcouple_ph 22 hours ago

Next one will be mine 😝😝😝

Jamaica porn Service 22 hours ago

It will be a dream come through when i make one of pornhub top 10 list. That's my goal for this year, to make any of pornhub amateur model list. Thats when I'll know that my hard work is paying off and is appreciated by the pornhub community.

Martinez2347 Yesterday

Great news πŸ‘

SHeyla ts Yesterday


Brillbabe Yesterday

Congratulations for the perfect sceens 😍😍😍🍾πŸ₯‚

lovegay294 Yesterday

Great 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Darealgeez Yesterday


LaSabrosa3000 Yesterday

It's shady, I hope one day I'll be in it πŸ‘€

XXXTabithaXXX Yesterday

Hope Premium comes back soon, until then check us out https://www.pornhub.com/model/xxxtabithaxxx

Jill Poison Yesterday


SexualMadness Yesterday


Alex Cum Yesterday

very good edition, good work.

Carolcrosss Yesterday

Toy 😣

KaliGrl Yesterday

Awesome 😎

Alexy Bell Yesterday

Gosh where did those guys bought these views ? πŸ™ƒ I need to work on my next videos πŸ‘€ Please make Premium great again πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Sugarbels Yesterday

Hello Everyone 😊❀

KimLatina Yesterday

I hope one day to be part of this list

Thatonehotmom Yesterday

Hope to be on the list for this year πŸ˜‰

friknation Yesterday

Thank you πŸ’‹

Cindy Sky Yesterday


xtrade0064 Yesterday

hell yea!

Franki Fox Yesterday

Next time could you include pegging videos??

Franki Fox Yesterday

Congrats to all the big name artists. Happy to rewatch some good ones.. but honestly I'll stick to pure amateurs.interested.. check out the pages that comment!

Rieco_Suavvey Yesterday

Well I know what content I need to make now😜😝

bigspade1 Yesterday

Since yall here check out my videos

Intimatezz Yesterday


MartinPaola Yesterday

I love milf category.

Wavybigdic Yesterday

Any one want to make a video in Florida

da spyderwoman Yesterday

My head game is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ best head on twitter come see for yourself πŸ‘€

88nikko Yesterday

My video is popping up on other sites like crazy?

Meri-Mouse Yesterday

when our videos hit the top)))

DaddyslilAsian23 Yesterday

Everyone should Subscribe me. I post Content everyday. Also feel free to check out my Onlyfans.com/DaddyslilAsian23 and IG: DaddyslilAsian23

PookeyandVanity Yesterday

If only clowns was part of this category.

Tiny Tisha Yesterday

How I wish to see one of my videos in these lists!! Someday!! *cross fingers*

JuliaDenni Yesterday

Why doesn't anyone buy the video?

Tastepretty Yesterday

Cum more lol taste n cum more

enmanuelflo Yesterday

come to my profile to have a blast with my videos

4olgers1 Yesterday


Cadysecret Yesterday



Exciting !


Mmmmm love some hot sexy videos I hope my gaped bare ass makes it up there next year !

CrazycplGR Yesterday

Super we are the Amateur one 😊

Vanessa With Felix Yesterday

Looks like I’m busy for while 😈

LaylaBlush Yesterday

Cool news!

FannyXXXMae 2 days ago


Trending_Latinas 2 days ago


SmokingTinBR 2 days ago


LoneSFM Gaming 2 days ago

Anyone else getting there content, especially animated, stuck as "Video is unavailable pending review." it feels like as soon as one of my vids hits 20k plus views it gets "Flaged" and never fixed. I'm literally losing views everyday (as in going from 400k to 350k to 300k and now now to 250k) This makes it basically impossible to keep creating content

rtwlingo666 Yesterday

Me too, "The video cannot be played for review", how long has it been in your situation?

FreakDistrixxx 2 days ago


IsheS 2 days ago

then I know what I will be watching in the evening πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜œ

Rebeka Zeta 2 days ago

voy a verlos todos 3

Ayira Oba 2 days ago

Great! News!! 😍

BustyGoddess25 2 days ago

That's what was all waiting for! Perfect Top!

TheMigurtt 2 days ago


Elliemay225 2 days ago

Our Goal for 2021 !!!!!!!!!!

Pretty Evelyn 2 days ago

And what about me? You forgot to put me on your list 😁

beddakno 2 days ago


NensiiFox 2 days ago

I like to watch and shoot videos myself! I just love doing it! Thanks for the great video selection! Kiss you!))

beddakno 2 days ago

Finna go up!!!!

Lady WOW 2 days ago

YAY! Congrats!

SoftApprouch 2 days ago

Step sibling fucking missed here πŸ˜‚

SassyMisy 2 days ago

Solo female I say beautiful ladies having fun.

Alion Laf 2 days ago

great, I like it all and there is a lot on my channel

TanlineJourney 2 days ago

Great people make great videos and you pack all of them into compilations for us. That's perfect πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•.Thanks to Pornhub and all models πŸŽ‰.

timeker 2 days ago


Chaneldaisy69 2 days ago

What a thrill πŸ‘€

FullOfSnowWhite 2 days ago

Maybe I can make it this year πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‰

Sophy_Angel 2 days ago

Wow 🀩

JazzyMilfShake 2 days ago

Hey PH!!

ImMeganLive 2 days ago

Amazing Year! 3

Ema Lee Baby 2 days ago

I really want to be the best πŸ₯Ί πŸ’•

Tofee64 2 days ago


Jetsfan1983 2 days ago

Awesome collection. Thank you to all the contributions to 2020.

VitLen2 2 days ago

Всёравно наши Π²ΠΈΠ΄Π΅ΠΎ Π½Π΅ вошли Π² Ρ‚ΠΎΠΏ

LexisShemaleLUV 2 days ago


MyBigMoustache 2 days ago


Lekhand8k 2 days ago

Oh yeah!

sweetOrgasme 2 days ago

I like it 😍

Miss Didi 2 days ago


BalamkaKisa 2 days ago

НуТно Π²Π·Π³Π»ΡΠ½ΡƒΡ‚ΡŒ)

Manay_alex 2 days ago


CreamyQueenie 2 days ago

Check me out guys your love my videos πŸ˜‹

Ehab-Bayoumi 2 days ago

It's very good. I love pornhub.

Fetishss 2 days ago

very good, I see that the gay subject here is not very strong almost are never toamed into account

DeLuxxxBoy 2 days ago

great news. we look forward to when the visa cards work

Manay_alex 2 days ago

it is very interesting🀩🀩🀩🀩

HongKongDoll 2 days ago

Some day I’ll be on it 😊

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