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by: Aurora Watson

Hi everyone! We’re back with another update to get you up to speed on what’s been going on at Pornhub. We have been actively working towards the goal of reinstating credit card payment processing on the site. To continue to support our model community during this challenging time and help cover the loss of paid sales, we are pleased to announce that there will be another bonus payout for the month of February.

Here are the bonus details:

The bonus will be given to all active Models in the Pornhub Model Program
The payment will be based on the bonus amount you will receive this month, but prorated to account for February’s shorter length.

For example, if you received $375 for your January bonus, it will be calculated at a prorated rate in accordance with February which is a 28-day month

(375/31) X 28 = $338.71 will be your February bonus

As a reminder, your previous bonus was based on 50% of the monthly average of paid earnings for October and November 2020. Paid earnings include : video sales (P2Dl and P2V), custom videos, tips, fanclub, Viewers’ Choice, and live tips. Click here for more info on the breakdown.

You will receive your February bonus as part of your March payout. The bonus will appear in the “Other” section of your earnings page in the next few weeks.

Also, ad revenue is paying out more and higher than ever. This is a great way to continue to earn money on Pornhub and grown your own brand as your content can be seen by 150 million users daily.

We want to thank you again for your patience and dedication. We’ll be sure to keep you informed with the latest developments.


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EvaKeks 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub! I really hope that soon all the difficulties will be over! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

TEE DED 5 days ago


LKOIijssw 6 days ago

@Wolfiegirl17 Me too! I hope that all the unverified content that aint illegal can return as verified and we will all have gotten through this rough patch. Give it time everything will be ok I promise

Wolfiegirl17 1 week ago

I can't wait until this is over soon. I hope lots of people will have awesome new content to celebrate it.

timeker 1 week ago

So good 🔥🔥🔥

CHRIS VICI0US 1 week ago

you and all of us

sex19905 1 week ago

I would like to ask you for subscription to my channel and financial support for new productions of a porn movie !!!

wootsii 1 week ago

Would be nice to start getting paid for premium videos again!

Cedeh 1 week ago

Heres hoping

LKOIijssw 1 week ago

Me too. I want Pornhub to be back with card payments and for the unverified content to return and to say adios to the dang illegal videos

Teona Teo 1 week ago

Yeah, we believe that everything will be fine soon!) We are glad!

Danny Dannies 1 week ago

you will see the difficults will be solve in a few hours, and then we can keep enjoying this awesome platform, kisses

Adam Castle 1 week ago

I hope the difficulties end too, it has been stressful for me the last 2 months because of the cc processors “pulling out”.

StacyLoft 1 week ago

Why do my videos keep getting disabled and i get an email its not me in the video when it obviously is. Its frustrating Dx

Willy Thrust 4 days ago

Similar problems here.

PornComicsAnimation 1 week ago

The same thing happens to me and I think the same as reallyxmedia

ButtheadLTD 1 week ago

Yup same thing happens to me as well.

JessikaSecrets 1 week ago

Same here, video fully made by us, never uploaded before anywhere else, blocked for a verification for 1 day, everytime.

LovinggPinnkyy 1 week ago

I Had the same problem!!!

Mich elle 1 week ago

Same in me. Cannot get through always video remove

CaliHeadQueen 1 week ago

It’s ridiculous. Most likely to underpay workers

bornagaincock 1 week ago

Me as well. I had 50+ videos disabled and have been rebuilding I was triple verified 🤪

ReallyXMedia 1 week ago

Me too, also new videos getting "reviewed" and it takes ages, while other people from the same country upload videos and they are up in 1 hour. I dont know what pornhub is doing here, but it's clearly not working well, makes it very frustrating to put up new material while no one can see it

hentai_smash 1 week ago

I would love to keep making money from ad revenue, but your system keeps flagging my videos even though I just make animated content. The flagged videos adhear to your terms of agreement, but I keep getting the runaround from support regarding the issue. I have dozens of videos with hundreds of thousands of views sitting in review limbo. It's a huge headache and is seriously impacting my earnings (and yours too). Does any other animator deal with this issue?

LoneSFM Gaming 2 days ago

Same, it feels like as soon as one of my vids hits 20k plus views it gets "Flaged" and never fixed. I'm literally losing views everyday (as in going from 400k to 350k to 300k and now now to 250k)

dstroy909 1 week ago

Projekt Melody just announced she got uploading permanently suspended even though she was verified for a year so that kinda sheds some light on what Pornhub thinks about animated content now.

PornComicsAnimation 1 week ago

I am almost a year old and they have also taken away all my animated videos like natekaplace

Nithtrite_Gaming 1 week ago

I make porngame walk through´s ... I should send the idcards from the animated videogamecharacters because they are my co perfformers ^^

EvilNeko 1 week ago

I got some problems with my videos I upload animation (SFM/BLENDER) compilations earlier and I have the same mail from pornhub support

Phantazmei 1 week ago

same bruh, since i'm still really new / small as a channel it doesn't really matter but you can clearly see the impact between my first and my second (flagged) video even in term of views lol

NatekaPlace 1 week ago

I have the same problem, but worse, absolutely all my videos were flagged

hentai_smash 1 week ago

@Ava Cheeks Animations : That''s interesting. It's the first I'm hearing about it. Do you know if this rule still applies if the video has no spoken dialog? I've been trying that for a few days and it seems to be helping, but I've still had one or two flagged.

Ava Cheeks Animations 1 week ago

The modelhub girls said we need to do voiceovers for 80% of the video now. Uploading my content only to Patreon until this changes.

Waifu_Bliss 1 week ago

That happens to me too. D:

Poppybunny 1 week ago

Thank you Pornhub! Considering what happened to card payments It's very generous. I see some models are demanding card payments back. These ladies should write a petition to Mastercard since it wasn't PH's decision. On the other hand anyone has issues with ranking? I droppes down from 4915 to 11157 in one day, which is quite unusual.

Slippery When wet tv 5 days ago

I have had that happen the last few day then in a few hours it goes back. It's kinda just jumping around. Not sure what that is but I'm sure with all the other modles there is just more traffic there way at those times. Who knows

Wolfiegirl17 1 week ago

My rank has been unstable jumping from 7500 or so to 15000 or so and back lately. But I hope it settles in time and nice to know it's not just me.

Victoria Grams 1 week ago

Same. Im starting to wonder if I should even upload videos if my views and rank is all screwed up. ugh.

ButtheadLTD 1 week ago

My views dropped a lot. I rocketed to 200k views really quickly and now its been a slow crawl to 240k. My rank has been 9-10k all along and now jumped to 24k!

Roxie Lovesick 1 week ago

Same I just email support about this mine went from around 4000-something to 10000-something and views are also lower.

jesslislee 1 week ago

What can you pay with now?

Marie Jayne 1 week ago

my rank went down as well! i was about 2365 to like 6387 or something like that. good to know it wasn't just me!

CuckoldCouplePlus1 1 week ago

Had ranking issues last year, Dropped from within top 4,000 to 11,000 .

Dee Love 1 week ago

We dropped from 7062 to 14660... Then today back up to 6956 after e-mailing support

Mary Kisss 1 week ago

ugh, I thought only I had such bullshit 😅

PrecumX 1 week ago

Same here, dropped from ~4800 to ~11000.

Mia Marley 1 week ago

Mine too. Dropped from 895 to 3850 in one day, views are really low (or not shown correctly), videos getting flagged and demonetized. It's nice to get the bonus but it doesn't make up for all the problems. I stopped uploading videos for now, because what's the point if they are not counting for the ad revenue. New videos were only getting a couple hundred views in a week, so I unlisted them for now. Hope things get better soon.

sourpanda69 1 week ago

Mine did too! I thought I was going crazy 😅

onehourcouple 1 week ago

Yes, saw ours dropped too. Probably a bug in their system.

Polly Amori 1 week ago

Fuck the bonus, you should pay us for our Shared Premium Video Views, there's people that uses PH Premium and watches our videos for free and we don't get a cent for it, if you can sell PH Premium on crypto, then you can pay us for Shared Views on crypto as well. Remember there's a lot of people like us who don't have that much earnings and the bonus means nothing to us, since it's equal just to a few cents!

Pornhub Nat 1 week ago

Model content is not currently on PH premium.

Cloud100 1 week ago

Pornhub is enforcing its new rules inconsistently and inappropriately, and this has caused substantial frustration among people in the Model program, who feel like their work is no longer valued by the company. I think this will be a major blow to Pornhub's brand, and the effects will be long lasting. Models will leave for other sites offering fairer compensation, so Pornhub will have less content, which will attract fewer visitors, which makes it less appealing to new Models, and so on.

Salemvonxxx 1 week ago

I definitely agree. As soon as they pay me out for February I’m taking that money and making my own domain. They pay PENNIES for our content and views, and now they pay nothing. It’s embarrassing

Your fantasy360 1 week ago

Has any received their February payment yet??

Anaujarb 12 hours ago


Poppybunny 1 week ago

Yes by Paxum I got it.

TeenBodySex 1 week ago

we received by usdt. 😇

Luna Sapphire 1 week ago

Yes I got mine via direct deposit this week

Kate Utopia 1 week ago

yes, received yesterday by Paxum

Ahasvindi 1 week ago

yesterday received via USDT

kavlasgreek 1 week ago

thank u ! keep going!we want the card payments back!

Rochi Hot Bunny 1 week ago

Yes! Please !😇

JessikaSecrets 1 week ago

We loose visibility for every new video we upload. One of our last one got less than 1k views. The same video in xham---- got 150k.Despite the fact that here videos are exported also on youporn, redtube, tube8, he have generally less visibility, and even less earning compared to xham----.Pretty disappointed of this platform.

BeachBlonDDe 1 week ago

Such a kind and supportive thing for you to do for all the models on here x

Fiftiweive69 1 week ago

Porn hub is still the best and most convenient platform, thank you for your support, and I really hope that everything will be resolved soon, and will reach a new level! Perhaps cryptocurrency is the future, in which there will be no place for manipulation by such companies as Mastercard and visa (the last century)...

MissCinn 1 week ago

Thanks for the update! Im thinking of getting an only fans to supplement since this has had a major impact on us. I feel like a lot of fans are getting discouraged and going elsewhere for their needs.

BlackTerceira 1 week ago

Dear Pornhub, Please consider transitioning to crypto payments for all of us. With the popularity of this website doing something revolutionary like that it would keep you guy ahead of the competition and all of us would be on the path to greatness. Your already familiar with tether, PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa are all getting into crypto, the Porn industry is suppose to stay ahead and now is the perfect chance. Less payment fees for your company with crypto and talent gets paid faster. WIN WIN

ChiaraKitsune 1 week ago

Absolutely support the idea of crypto payments. Still wondering why they haven’t implemented it yet.

horse2387 6 days ago

Great. I won't be getting another payout for about 5, maybe 6 months from now. If I'm lucky that is. See, the problem I'm having with this is that as a "model" we're now basically screwed into putting our paid vids for free to even make $1 or $2 each month since this all happened. My views for full length videos are good but do I really want to post full stuff free just to get 1k which is what $1, each video, no. Thanks though. Hopefully some of you are making payouts here still.

Onegirlman69 1 week ago

Still no answers for fact I lost my first months start. And we never got reimbursed cause we didn't have previous months as a outline. So 3 months nothing $6 total for over 33 videos and hundreds of photos of me and my hot gf, $6 , and I've NEVER gotten responses from any of my questions. What will we see for compensation

VikkiandCock 1 week ago

we received our first tips in December (before the problems with the cards), in January pornhub took them away and silence in response to questions from technical support. What bonuses can I talk about? xD

OFOutlet 1 week ago

Anything for new models?

RopeandBunny 1 week ago


PeeChica 1 week ago

It's good😃. Are there any assumptions when the normal operation will be restored?

Sandrasexbj 4 days ago

We all have the same problem, the web is not working well, if you upload a video says that it is not you and at the time it is monetized, this is something of the safe web update.on the other hand the premium winnings are 0 and in very low free videos.until this is resolved I don’t know if to upload videos and I have more than 10 to upload, but to not earn anything the best thing is to wait.

TwoGeminis 4 days ago

Feel the exact same way!

Salemvonxxx 1 week ago

Can we start over making more than .60 per every 1000 views while we’re at it bc that’s INSANE for such a massive website.

Beachside Bunnies 1 week ago

All my videos are in review, even though i'm a model. Without any videos i'm getting starved out. As an animator, this has been pretty devastating for me.

TheSophieJames 1 week ago

Thank you Pornhub for this it will help I really hope that the credit card companies can come back on board. You made very significant changes and are one of the only user generated platforms to now insist on ID 😘

just_zhenya 1 week ago

What do we want? The Card Payments we want!

spicytaste 1 week ago

Thank you Pornhub❤❤

ShyWifeEmily 1 week ago

Is this an acknowledgement that things are not going back to normal any time soon? 😢

schubba 2 days ago

This site is gone. It is dead. Move on, people.

69YoungCouple69 2 days ago

im having the same issue where it was saying it wasnt me or my girl in the video.... when it clearly was, we are both verified but its annoying because im trying to collect ad revenue and upload payed videos

young_strawberry 3 days ago

Please keep my huge bonus for yourself and provide better support! Find people with even basic technical knowledge. Another one of my videos that is obvious montage is not monetized because "there is a person without provided documents". Even people that never before saw computer would recognize that is the same guy just the video was manipulated! Well your support is worse even then people that never before saw pc!

JaynMay 3 hours ago

For sure. We had our account suspended now even though everyones documents are uploaded. Just seems like they dont want to pay.

NatSin8 3 days ago

the videos have less and less views ... is that happening to someone else?

King Ray 5 days ago

Are y’all really having credit card issues or are you just stealing all of our money?

Sara1990bebe 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub

Games Porny 1 week ago

Please fix it as soon as possible, I'm tired of getting the videos "under review" and released and again "under review" and later released. Please, it creates me a lot of stress and anxiety.

Jefferson Keane 1 week ago

I'm impressed. Not bad, PornHub✌

OfficialEuroStar 1 week ago

Glad to see support for the model program continuing. What happened with the ranking? There’s been a sudden change. Any notes on this? Happy valentines all anyway, go out with a bang!! 🔥🔥

RavenBigAss 1 week ago

thank u i hope u will fix the payment problem really soon

Dannyboysexy13 1 week ago

Thanks Phub !!!

lovestheass 1 week ago

Wait... so I haven’t even received my payment from December... been told it takes 4 weeks. Also. You said we would get paid a bonus in February. Haven’t received anything in my account. Made over $300 in October and November. (The 2 months you said) so what’s the deal?

Pornhub Nat 1 week ago

If you have a payment issue please send to support at models@pornhub.com to have it resolved

lovestheass 1 week ago

Custom video orders and tips.

British mom and milfs 1 week ago

Was that ad revenue or was that extras like tips ect October and November bounce was only for tips ect not as revenue

AnubianArmani 1 week ago

they wont even see this here. That is B.S that you are having to go through this...

dreamlatinaass 1 week ago

Only thing I got is his dick

SoftApprouch 4 days ago


hot air balons 1 week ago

Great news, how long have I been waiting for this !!!

curiuskinkycouple 1 week ago

Hi 👋

Succubus Sin 1 week ago

It would be such a blessing if PornHub updated the block feature while they were at it. When I block someone, I don’t wanna see their posts anywhere. They’re dead to me.

JaynMay 3 hours ago

Literally our account is suspended just in time conveniently for our first payout. We have everyone's id. Second time, second month in a row, when we should be getting a pay out. Why should we stay?

sapinsapinko 4 days ago

Is anyone here received the bonus? I got some questions also. Thanks!

VixsMan 4 days ago

We just got started producing in October. November was good for us as we learned the benefits of paid and premium video earnings. That crashed quickly with all the unforeseen changes that occurred shortly thereafter. Thank you PornHub rolling with the issues thrown at you and for adding the bonus to keep us motivated. We are staying with it but certainly hoping a resolution comes quickly.

AnistonMe 5 days ago

thanks PornHub we love you💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

TEE DED 5 days ago

love u ph❤

Jazz Bikini 6 days ago

Love the Hub 😍❤

PornComicsAnimation 1 week ago

Several animators have videos pending review, I have been waiting for more than 2 months for it to return to normal but they always tell me the same thing, it was going so well that it almost reached a million visits ... we are no less for just animating.

Bad beyond 1 week ago


Millieseet 1 week ago

Thank You pornhub I appreciate being a Model for yall Hope that Very soon

salski420 1 week ago

That would be good money is really really hard to come by here. Not well paid here, making a living is hard, I live in El Salvador....

Mzcandycoated 1 week ago

Damn I havent gotten anythin😒smh

CHUCKYandTINYCHIC 1 week ago

Thanks Pornhub !!!

Just for Benefits 1 week ago


jesslislee 1 week ago

But all purchases are disabled. If I didn't make any money because of that, when can you fix the problem?

ElZorroBaby 1 week ago

Who could help me, I don't get the option to send a tip in my profile, I'm verified and I'm a member

ChiaraKitsune 1 week ago

Hi, tips are temporarily disabled on pornhub.

Sara1990bebe 1 week ago


Yaoi Hentai Gay Anime Cartoon 1 week ago

great but all my videas are under review so im not gonna earn nothing

Glamourpussyy 1 week ago

So basically, post more free videos?

D4ddiesFav 1 week ago

Lol right idk what some people make from ad rev but for me and what I make posting full free vids isn’t worth it. 😭

Covid__21 1 week ago

Thank you guys ❤❤❤

Nimalovers 1 week ago


Marlyx-ExtaX 1 week ago

The view share program should still work Because for small creators there is no longer any feedback on the content. That large profiles and creators have adequate feedback Too bad

Jaymoneybills 1 week ago

Can some one help me with my page and joining the model program?

HoneyBunnyBA 1 week ago

Thank you Pornhub I love you Guys

cindy hot star 1 week ago

I have 12 videos that cannot be viewed, the screen goes black and does not have the $$ symbol, someone is happening that

Ava Cheeks Animations 1 week ago

Thanks, but I have no idea why you are making animated porn creators to do voiceovers 80% of the time. What I do is hard, what other animators do is harder. Are other models supposed to be vocal 80% of their videos? I understand speaking in it to prove who we are but 80% is too excessive I will bring my videos back to you if this changes. For now all my video a will be uploaded directly to Patreon. I do thank you for the opportunity and will keep all my old videos for subscribers.

Nerdy_Faery 1 week ago

💋💖💦🥰♥So grateful to be part of this glorious community. Thank you. Team work makes the dream work! 💕

huhuezo90 1 week ago


Toystest 1 week ago

Hope this will help our community 🙏...because this time is the lowest earnings ever, no matter how many cool content you've done. Still look for the brightness future ))

goudiaby09 1 week ago

C'est tres bon tres pratique

Gaurav7727 1 week ago

Thank porn hub give me a this platform

Onegirlman69 1 week ago

Again I lost my first month income when this started and there was no previous earnings to base payout on. So top 20, 000 model few hundred pics 33 videos, and almost hourly interaction with my account. 2.5 months for 7$ ill never see. You NEED TO FIX this for us too

Feet and Dick 1 week ago

Thanks for the bonus! We're a little channel run by an italian foot fetish couple but we hope to grow with the model program and became famous!

Jizzabelle Trash 1 week ago

Thank you for the update x

MiniMelisa 1 week ago

hello everyone, help a newbie! what does the rank of the model depend on? how to influence it?

Candy Ann 1 week ago

Thank you!

Sciencesexy 1 week ago

I put mine in one of my playlist and they're still there. But it says they're still converting. Converting to what? 4K maybe? There are videos all around them that say they've been deleted outright. So maybe we'll get at least some of them back. They also took my photos as well. When I recertified, I got my profile photo back. If it's ok, then what's wrong with the rest of them or my videos? Do they think I'm too young? I'm about as too young as a dinosaur bone. Or a dinosaur with a boner. Age?

JustinConrad 1 week ago

Love this. You guys are awesome. Keeping us updated. Keeping your models safe and happy. Love you guys❤

invitefriends 1 week ago

We are also waiting for our previous videos to be re-activated- what takes so long

HighVoltage66 1 week ago

Have you sent them a mail?

Sweet Creamy Caramel 1 week ago

Yay, thank you!

Realtouchjerwin 1 week ago

Thank you for that but I have one concern though. I have videos that is not earning and I don't know the reason why.

lirjana dolp 1 week ago

Thanks all team pornhub 😍

sorrymoma 1 week ago

It’s my money & I need it now😈

AlleyKatt 1 week ago

Thanks for the vague eluding to an unsubstantiated claim for better paying ad revenue without any actual facts or figures or percentages.I feel better already. But then I like the pretty lies...

FuckForFunCouple 1 week ago


Onerealblonde 1 week ago

Guys, subscribe to the channel. Love you😘😘

Luna Sapphire 1 week ago

Thank you for doing this! I really hope we can get Visa and MasterCard back 🤞🤞🤞

MaxiLovers 1 week ago

Thank you lovely PornHub 💓💓💓

Melissa_Burn 1 week ago

Thank you for constantly striving for development!

Helen Kitty 1 week ago

Credit cards is a must for all the community.

Jamie Christy 1 week ago

Much appreciated.

HeyuZhang 1 week ago

cool news😘😘😘😘😘

a2975951451 1 week ago

I love you

Anna Bali 1 week ago

Beautiful news 😊

Covid__21 1 week ago

Thank you 👍

SexGlamor 1 week ago

Yay, that's great

PassionBunny 1 week ago

Great news! Thanks for support models in this time! Hope that all payments will come back soon!

ourdirtylilsecret 1 week ago

Thank you for doing this so many platforms wouldnt

mbkrico74 1 week ago


EsNewsAgency 1 week ago

Contact addresses of pornhub models. My blogs web site http://piyano.org http://pruva.org Snapchat me- EsNewsAgency35

kekkee1 1 week ago

pm me if ur horny

JaynMay 3 hours ago

Not to mention everytime it gets suspended, when it gets put back up our views go way down because we were nit on the site for a few days. All our views go fucking flat for weeks. Hundreds of thousand of views goes to a few hundred a day, becuase they falgged our account even though we have identification for everyone.

Bellatrixxxy 22 hours ago

More smoke an mirrors and bullshit lol

Mr GripRight Yesterday

Thank you so much we needed this. I have a lot of good content dropping soon as well so I’m excited

SexGlamor Yesterday

Thank you, Pornhun!!! Cause it's been a hard time for everyone I guess with all these tec issues

LKOIijssw 20 hours ago

I agree with that. I am praying that soon maybe in the next month the situation will be turned around. The videos will return and the payment will be restored

imDaddyyyyy69 Yesterday

Bless you Pornhub ❤

theranyer 2 days ago


LoneSFM Gaming 2 days ago

Anyone else getting there content, especially animated, stuck as "Video is unavailable pending review." it feels like as soon as one of my vids hits 20k plus views it gets "Flaged" and never fixed. I'm literally losing views everyday (as in going from 400k to 350k to 300k and now now to 250k) This makes it basically impossible to keep creating content.

BlackFserieS 3 days ago

Any ideas on uploading pics and videos this never used to be so damn hard or a pain in the ass. Bout ready to be done with the hub.😐

FunCouple1308 3 days ago


Jaymoneybills 3 days ago

Can anyone tell me some good apps i can edit my videos on and upload

Dirtytalk2021 4 days ago

How can I get my vids and pics out to be seen?

jackcole_07 4 days ago

Watch me

Miss Didi 4 days ago


SoftApprouch 4 days ago

Ad revenue actually not paying more Maybe its just for us Good luck everyone, hope we get back decent paychecks soon, for this period its time to take a break

idothis69 4 days ago

I want to become an model

PookeyandVanity 4 days ago

Great work Pornhub!

LKOIijssw 4 days ago

Thank you sooooooo much for the update PH. Heres a question. Does anyone know when the verification process will get through? I heard that once its through all videos will return including the unverified ones. I am super excited!! Thanks again

Pierced Twat 5 days ago

“ grown your own brand as your content can be seen by 150 million users daily.” ......yah if Pornhub algorithm allows videos to be featured!!! Otherwise most videos (90%) get pushed into a dusty closet. That can only be seen if a viewer types the exact title into the search bar. Why don’t you mix it up and help amateur content creators more instead of model production paid features? This is why Onlyfans is on the rise! Pornhub has lost so much $$ because of Onlyfans. Think of a small crea

BeachBlondee 5 days ago

Please support, coming Back from a long break! Can’t wait to get started😜

Slippery When wet tv 5 days ago

That's very helpful. Thank you for the support while we all make it through these trying times

Jazz Bikini 5 days ago

I hope to make it someday

The Soultion 5 days ago

Need partners today

FreakDistrixxx 5 days ago


nilone 5 days ago


yulio24aa 5 days ago

Muchas gracias

DudeWilson 6 days ago

Thanks for continued efforts in improving this situation.

Cattie Candescent 6 days ago

Thank you for this! I hope to see ModelHub back up in full soon!

Closer To Point 6 days ago

Thank you, porn hub 🥰 That you're helping us in this difficult time for all of us 💫

SofieGoneWild 6 days ago

Finally an update! 🙏🏻

1968Fastedfie 6 days ago

It is good to know you have yourofrld back

MonaRikaSabrosa 6 days ago

Hello, do you want to see homemade porn videos? Add me and subscribe😈😈😈 https://es.pornhub.com/model/monarikasabrosa

Wolfiegirl17 1 week ago

I hope the cards get reinstated soon. I'm saving a lot of interesting content for when that occurs beyond just what I've been releasing lately, because I want it to have the best chance it can to succeed.

MarceloRentby 1 week ago

Hey Pornhub Team, thank you so much for the support. My pornhub channel is being a great source of money for me. I'm unemployed.Thank you so much ❤

Wantit54 1 week ago

Where is Mrs Mischief these days? She's my favorite of all time

Dana Santo 1 week ago

Speriamo finisca presto questa difficoltà

BillyCook666 1 week ago

https://www.pornhub.com/gif/35570832 follow me;

xMassageLovex 1 week ago

So Gooddd

NastyNitty245 1 week ago

Sounds awesome

Koda Faye 1 week ago

If any topic needs more content let me know and I can start producing more in that category.

Samshadhan 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub! I really hope that soon all the difficulties will be over

hornyhouronly 1 week ago


SouthernBratt 1 week ago

is these issues affecting paid videos and fan options?

FuckDaft 1 week ago

wow good job pornhub💚🤑

pinkhead89 1 week ago

Where are all my videos ???

sex_har 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub! I really hope that soon all the difficulties will be over! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

itsfloodingincali 1 week ago


Selena_Marie 1 week ago

Thank you 😊

Jeddy Jetson 1 week ago

I was wondering why i didn't make a sale all month that never happened before. But thank you for working on this issues.

nicol angels 1 week ago

me alegra que piensen en todos los usuarios que nos esforzamos... MUCHAS GRACIAS

Sirocsir Uchiha 1 week ago


robert d payan jr 1 week ago

Bonus = Boner

HubbyWifey_saf13 1 week ago


deliciousdahlia69 1 week ago

Anyone else having trouble getting on ph today??

parejahotveoficial 1 week ago

If this month I am going to receive my first payment, then will I collect the bonus?

Sweet beneath 1 week ago

Amazing we needed this 🥰🥰😘😍 we work hard on our content

unknown 1 week ago


LauHotwife 1 week ago

Nice 🖤

Zamirasex 1 week ago

Thanks you Pornhub!!!! 🔥💋😘

DuckyDuck4You 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub

KutieKitty 1 week ago

Thank you for the update, I joined just after the problems so didn't even know that card payments were not allowed. But thank you for the higher rate of ad revenue. I hope the issues are sorted soon! x

GhostgotDick 1 week ago


gladbahamot 1 week ago

♥♥♥ wow just wow

Sexxyfilmz 1 week ago

Thank you!!!

Kingkam26182 1 week ago

Thank you

Feetcouple95 1 week ago

Thanks a lot Pornhub 🤤😊

Kiing Midas 1 week ago

Right on.. thanks

LovinggPinnkyy 1 week ago

Whewww I’m definitely ready for them to fix this😓🙏🏼

TheGrimReeferXXX 1 week ago

can i still post photos/videos regardless? im new to this. i dont care about payments so much as being able to post content.

skter10 1 week ago

I haven't received the money in February.

Walnercr 1 week ago


InsatHoes 1 week ago

this is kinda suss. If you're paying monthly bonuses it should be by the month. Not by the day. So this is what getting fingered in the asshole feels like

punyeta0101 1 week ago

Thanks pls support us vy watching our video

drakeyboi97 1 week ago

I need help with videos and views any advice helps y’all 💯💯💯❤

KIEHUM66 1 week ago


Virtuacat 1 week ago

Thanks so much! You guys are awesome!

Joyans07 1 week ago

thanks pornhub! so well I hope the difficulties pass soon

Pavel Faun Terier 1 week ago

Super, but when will fanclub and payments works?

Denniswjr 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub hope all gets better soon

Top Daddy Dollar 1 week ago

I haven't received anything so I don't know if I'm doing something wrong

love2bangu 1 week ago

Thank you

D4ddiesFav 1 week ago

What do other smaller creators make off ad rev? My ad rev does not even reach payout minimum but I’m trying to be patient so thanks for doing something.

Whyteblackitaly 1 week ago

PornHub thank you Italy♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Thexpressfuck 1 week ago


Kell The SexBeast 1 week ago

Thanks ☺Yu Guys ❤💯

Lust With Us 1 week ago


Criss Simon 1 week ago

Thank you very appreciate

Goddess Devyn 1 week ago

Perfect! My birthday is this month! 3

Rigid Rob 1 week ago

I've hear many say "underpaid" I would be happy with "being paid" 2 years not a penny .. is my sex life that bad ..lol

ChiaraKitsune 1 week ago

I would suggest you to post the videos according to a strict schedule like 1 video very 3 days. Also try to improve the lighting and make sure to assign all the relevant tags possible.

Blackbutterfly84 1 week ago


Danielle Peart 1 week ago

Since PornHub has been changing everything I was made to remove content almost a decade old. I went from 6.8M views to 17k. F*** PornHub.

JazzyMilfShake 1 week ago

Thank you PH!!💛💛

Nerdy goth metalhead 1 week ago

Ty so much pornhub really appreciate it much love from nerdy goth metalhead pornhub model

sadboyz200r 1 week ago

i still didnt get a payout yet. someone help me smh

ChiaraKitsune 1 week ago

Seems like you need to contact model program support.

Mrs Pretty Pussy 1 week ago

We need it. Thanks

Dsntexxxx 1 week ago

Gracias Pornhub ❤❤❤😍

LittleHer 1 week ago

Thank you PornHub 💓

Katception 1 week ago

Love this

whosworldisthat 1 week ago

Big shout out to PH for the bonus. Give my page a peek if you have the time, it is so appreciated.

Ellie Rowyn 1 week ago

Thank you ❤❤❤

monkeybee69 1 week ago


away2140 1 week ago

Any news on updating the app so that premium users can see non premium videos ?

PornMovement 1 week ago

хорошая новость!

mami SquirtZ 1 week ago

Been on here 9 months no payment I guess I suck

ChiaraKitsune 1 week ago

Hi! I would recommend you to post videos according to a strict schedule like we do on our channel ~ 1 video every 3 days. Also you definitely should title your videos using the relevant description, not just via a single-word “Queen”. Don’t give up!

unknown 1 week ago


OrallyArtistic 1 week ago

Come check out my new video

1littledicky 1 week ago

Thank you so much for supporting us at are times of need we love you porn hub

cankut88 1 week ago

Dear Pornhub,Please promote the models to make premium only videos instead of paid videos or move to onlyfans.We have very limited content to see as premium members. Almost nothing....Regards,

British mom and milfs 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub for helping us all out at this difficulty times, the worst part about all this is the new review part it takes ages to have the videos accepted and some of my blind folded ones won’t be accepted saying it isn’t me it’s so annoying but I guess we all in the same boat

xlovehard 1 week ago

simply thank you so much

Sugarbels 1 week ago

Noted, Thank you

NastyNae 1 week ago

Thanks love 😘😘😘

Justin James 1 week ago


FoxyAleksa 1 week ago

Thank You

renimasks 1 week ago

Happy Valentines Day!

WildPinayStudents 1 week ago

Thanks PH

Millieseet 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub I hope it’s really soon

Olly178 1 week ago

Yeah baby I like it

DjelkaBianki 1 week ago

That's cool!!! Everything will be fine)))

Kylie kitten 1 week ago

Hiiiiii 😋 😘 😝😉

FineLadyPegger 1 week ago

Awesome just started my 'modelship' so excited to participate this in the future. Awesome gesture! 🥰🥰🥰

AlphaCutie 1 week ago


sex19905 1 week ago

I would like to ask you for subscription to my channel and financial support for new productions of a porn movie !!!

Samer33Jor2019 1 week ago

I love pornhub i love this site and this app ever forever and good bless you and your team

orgasmgot 1 week ago

Ok 💋

Tsmayaleechung 1 week ago

Thank you so much pornhub

Harlowe Blue 1 week ago


Cadysecret 1 week ago

Im new and shy😊 Hope everything be better soon I love pornhub community🥰

HotCreamyCouple 1 week ago

Can anyone tell me if paid videos can be changed to free?

LKOIijssw 1 week ago

That would be cool

Marc McAulay 1 week ago


Jazz Bikini 1 week ago

Awesome, pornhub is the best

xxxfollad 1 week ago

Como me puedo hacer viral?

xxxfollad 1 week ago


TSTraciAnn 1 week ago


Desert-X 1 week ago

great news, PH =)

BiHappy2 1 week ago

Thank. 🥰 This is good news.👍 We are really looking forward to when you reconnect card payments.💎💎💎

feetinstuff 1 week ago

What happened with the model rank?! I want from #5487 to 11800+ in one day?! I've been working to get under 5k and got shoved nearly 6k rank numbers?!

Feet and Dick 1 week ago

Does anybody gets an error when trying to upload pics to an existing album? I can't see my photos after uploading them! It's like having uploaded 0 photos!

KassMonday 1 week ago

can't wait til payments are back and i can do a ton of posting again thanks for keeping us updated

LG03666 1 week ago


Randy Divine 1 week ago

I totally enjoy being apart of PornHub! It’s great!

cindy hot star 1 week ago

And how do I know that they will give me the bonus, someone to help me

Lakikunana 1 week ago

pornhub the best )))

Fiery Force 1 week ago

And my rank went from 5200 to 13000. Wtf. I am pretty much ready to leave PH.

Fiery Force 1 week ago

I think my account is weird...i have tons of views but haven't even made $100 since December.

annemax 1 week ago

Great! We’re doing great trying to grow our channel. Much love to all of you❤

Sil latina 1 week ago

So people new like me recive 0?

Mastermeat1 1 week ago

This sounds very good hopefully things gets fixed soon and the ad revenues stay high!

vortexonline 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub!

Soto_censaciones 1 week ago

Alguien que quiera que hagamos un video juntos?😈🔥🔥

Alexy Bell 1 week ago

Thank you for helping models in those hard than ever times :-)

Mary Kisss 1 week ago

yeah, I started my career at the wrong time... thanks for such gifts💋

Riodaz 1 week ago

I can’t wait to get my first check from porn hub I’m gone think I made it lol 😂

Princess Alekshi 1 week ago

Thank you PORNHUB.All the best

Sallydangeloxxx 1 week ago

Thank you.....

OmarTheThick 1 week ago

I know you guys are working extremely hard over there, so thank you for all your hard work!

DikDamon 1 week ago

hi ... thanks

Bellablackthorne 1 week ago

I just joined so I don’t think I’ll be getting anything but this is awesome!

renimasks 1 week ago

Surely everything will be back to normal in no time!!!

Frank_feet 1 week ago


Latinfairy 1 week ago

Does anyone know why I haven’t been receiving any notifications or inbox messages from anyone ? and same on my emails nothing appearing from Ph

EvandMikee 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub 😘😘😘😘

Lust and Love 1 week ago


Nelson Dick 1 week ago

I'm happy with your effort of enhancing this site.I'm looking forward for good and enjoyable experience.

The_Antichristrix 1 week ago

Can't wait for things to return back to normal!

ArousingYOU 1 week ago


TinaWho 1 week ago

So whats up with the rankings then? Suddenly theres this "small" 10k drop, with a green arrow up 😀

SexualMadness 1 week ago

Very nice, but I hope that soon all the difficulties will be over)

Mich elle 1 week ago

Newbie here... whats wrong why my videos has been removed?

Mariah Milano 1 week ago

I show earnings for the month but no earnings balance or pending payout at the top of the page. I have asked and been told they are aware and would let me know once it's been fixed. That was over a week ago. I know some are getting payouts and my friends have said they show pending payouts. Not me. I am thinking I am not going to get a payout??

Dady lil16 1 week ago

Thanks pornhup

AlessiaRubini 1 week ago

Thank you ♡♡♡

Ehab-Bayoumi 1 week ago

Very good 👍

Stacey Lust 1 week ago

Hope the payment part is sorted soon so I can get more involved with my fans through fan club and finally do my custom videos that I keep being asked for x

JockDoby 1 week ago

Mehh. Better explain why I've dropped 6k in rank in less than 12hrs and still have the green arrow next to it; it's rediculous

Desi Priya 1 week ago

I haven’t received my payment yet.


i make new video

Noah3920 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub❤❤❤

foxgirlthai 1 week ago


WilLfUuP 1 week ago

I want to become im the Pearl man i got 3 on my tjing3 pearls on it

Anonymous Vlogger 1 week ago

does pornhub decided to paid us every month until credit card back online?

Pabloelite1 1 week ago

thank you

Say_meowww 1 week ago

Did anyone actually receive the first bonus? We’ve got our payment for the month of January and there were nothing else except our ad revenue

YourHornySister 1 week ago

thank you

Affenbiss 1 week ago

Thank you Pormhub it s great new for us ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

ChezzaLuna 1 week ago

Omg thanks for this support. Last bonus helped so much, super to get another!

Veronica And Adam 1 week ago

Thank u 💞

curiuskinkycouple 1 week ago


EightTwenty 1 week ago

Truly appreciate it that you’re keeping us informed! ❤

RopeandBunny 1 week ago

We are new. With no earnings prior to January, we will not be receiving a bonus this time either. It’s a little annoying starting out during all this, but I’m glad to have an update. Good luck everyone.

Nicky bella 1 week ago

How well thank you PornHub I hope the problem will be resolved soon

Faceless Couple 1 week ago

Likewise, I'm 100% verified and I've had multiple videos disabled. I've sent 2 emails with no response. This is true unfair because everything I post is honestly my videos. My fan club is disabled also with no logic explanation. Please fix this.

SkyEmilia 1 week ago

Hello. We are our account after the cancellation of sales and are very much waiting for when we can upload our first paid video and sell it ❤❤❤

MiniMelisa 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub!

Lady_Katarina 1 week ago

Oh, nice 💋💋💋

hungry_fox 1 week ago

wow thx!)

Tara Cherry X 1 week ago

thank you pornhub

FrenkAlessa 1 week ago

Just super!!! It's a beautiful platform! I love to post videos))) ❤Just super!!! It's a beautiful platform! I love to post videos))) ❤❤❤❤Just super!!! It's a beautiful platform! I love to post videos))) ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Sinister R3D 1 week ago


MrBubblin 1 week ago


deliciousdahlia69 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub! 😘🍑😘🍑

Dadonpee 1 week ago

I thank pornhub so much frfr 💋💋💋

Rezzeros Glowstik 1 week ago

YAY!! Been trying to enable fan club I knew something had to be going on!

KinkiCoupleXXX 1 week ago

I cant change my profile picture and I cant upload new photos, someone knows why?

pinaychubbyme 1 week ago

Very well said, Thank you so much PORNHUB for your support ❤❤❤ We will rise up again and more stronger than ever 🙏🙏🙏

Shawna Lenee 1 week ago

Thank you for the update! 🤍🤍

Mia Alexis Queen 1 week ago

Pornhub nr1😍😍😍

Meri-Mouse 1 week ago

we all love bonuses, let them be as big as possible)))

Ninja Shaft 1 week ago

Thank you this is a great help

Lucipussy666 1 week ago

Thank you PH

Marcelasobella 1 week ago

Thank you porn hub ❤

Chuckzoo 1 week ago


HappyOtter2021 1 week ago

Ya'll are AWESOME!! Keep up the good "hard" work (Cheesy pun)... Love ya all!!

Secret_Elle 1 week ago

Great news. Thank you so much❤Pornhub. The best! 🔥

latinolovers2021 1 week ago


MonaRikaSabrosa 1 week ago

Homemade Straws Suscribete

Patriciaxxx01 1 week ago

Pornhub is the best 😊

Xiao Qiang 1 week ago

NICE! I'm excited!

JuicyyBBW95 1 week ago

Ok thanks trying to get up their 💯😣♥

HardonSteven 1 week ago


koreajins 1 week ago


SoakedPisser1 1 week ago

cant wait for credit card processing to be back!!!

JuliaDenni 1 week ago

Thanks pornhub

Web440 1 week ago

Amazing 😄 step....

MsStacy08 1 week ago

Thank you PornHub!💕

Birdman361 1 week ago

Will I be getting paid?

AdaGlee 1 week ago

Cmo puedo acceder a estos bonos

Gold ari boy 1 week ago

Thanks pornhub 😘👍

Krazy Krunch 1 week ago


PinoyStyle69 1 week ago

Thank$ PornHub! I hope bank transfer payout is available in Philippines. xD

columbusohiojock 1 week ago

Whts the minimun amount before uou get a check??

RopeandBunny 1 week ago

$100 I believe

Jizzabelle Trash 1 week ago

$100 I think x

Jetsfan1983 1 week ago

Thank you for the update.

TeenBodySex 1 week ago

Thank you for being very honest and such a friendly team!) It's a pleasure to work with you!)😍😘

browneyedbeauti 1 week ago

Thanks por hun

closeup_couple 1 week ago

thank you

Parmidaxxx 1 week ago

thank you pornhub

ImMeganLive 1 week ago


Franki Fox 1 week ago

Thank you ph! So glad to be a part of this site

Gwen Adora 1 week ago

Thank you PornHub!!

CumHere_Kitty 1 week ago

Thank you! ❤

Tasha Blues 1 week ago


Devin and Brandy 1 week ago


Manay_alex 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub

LostNik 1 week ago

А мы с моим парнем только недавно зарегистрировались... так что нам еще до бонуса работать и работать ((( Так что читаем новости и с стремимся к первому бонусу!!!! Спасибо pornhub!!!!))))

BuddyBurbank 1 week ago

I love the consistent updates on what's going on.

Carly Curvy 1 week ago

Thank you

CumkeySFM 1 week ago

This is all very cool, of course, but the support doesn't answer for 4 days

littlelillyfckslut 1 week ago

Thank goodness. For sale videos are a big chunk of monthly earnings.

Aleeshajo 1 week ago


Angel_blondie 1 week ago

Thank you 🔥

DevilsCouple22 1 week ago

Thanks Pornhub!!!!

buntuotak 1 week ago


Sasha_Cummings 1 week ago


Kingoflove2021 1 week ago

I really miss valentina nappi

Fawna Fuller 1 week ago

last month was my best ever

Hard Mo 1 week ago


Dreamcumshot 1 week ago

Thank you! Now I’m horny again 😅

PineappleExpress 1 week ago


dreamlatinaass 1 week ago

Nice news !

TokyoDiary 1 week ago

Thank you PornHub❤ Let’s all stay strong and support! Happy day to everyone

Sharok 1 week ago

Thank you !

Roby Leo 69 1 week ago


LadyOfDiamonds 1 week ago

Thats fun. I've lost my two first custom videos oportunities due to the payment block, so they gave me one dollar compensate. XD Thanks pornhub!

miguelitonene 1 week ago

Gracias Pornhub por darnos esta oportunidad en lo personal porque soy gay y nadie lo sabe y en este sitio me siento en familia y me acepto como soy

CaptMeatHead 1 week ago

I don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing... I hate when people use a bunch of numbers

faramixxx 1 week ago

GRACIAS amigos de Pornhub, espero pronto solucionen todos esos inconvenientes...

LittleAsianDoll 1 week ago

I hope this is back to normal soon

Natalia Choyz 1 week ago

What a good news !

LaylaBlush 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub for your work

Danny Dannies 1 week ago

you are an excellent platform, ill hope you can fix the issues soon, have a nice day!

Polipoldino 1 week ago

Siete fantastici pornhub!!grazie di ❤❤❤

Gregore Erotic 1 week ago

I'm hoping y'all are able to soon fix the tip feature, my channel is not yet established and I'm counting on tips to pay my bills. I hope everything is fixed soon ❤

Nature2love 1 week ago


MrSr-Anoker 1 week ago

Hi all. Visit my profile. I now member. Thanks

Ahasvindi 1 week ago

Woow ❤❤

BlackxRose 1 week ago

WOW!!!! Holy smokes!!! Way to fucking go!!! Thank you! These are hugely supportive steps to take for the performer community until sales are *hopefully SOON!!* reinstated!👏👏👏

Miss Didi 1 week ago

Thank you❤❤❤

onehourcouple 1 week ago

Keep up the good work, our fans appreciate it.

jackcole_07 1 week ago


lllBlizzardlll 1 week ago

It's good news.

VanessaWKush 1 week ago

Thanks for fighting for us. Is there anyone we can contact to help apply pressure?

J3ss3p1nkm4n 1 week ago

Add me

Mariam Abdallah 1 week ago

Thats so kind of you! As we always know supportive for us. Thanks pornhub ❤❤

KaterinaAmateur 1 week ago

Ohhh! Thank you PornHub! 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘

Polly Amori 1 week ago

There's something I would like to know, people can buy PH Premium with cryptocurrency but you can't pay us with crypto as well? Wouldn't it be better to just pay us for our sells, and Premium views with it?

SweetFantasies 1 week ago

Thank you PH! Hope all problems will be solved soon 💖

Mistress Ry 1 week ago

Very kind

Luci and Luke 1 week ago

Thank you pornhub! I really hope that soon all the difficulties will be over!

Ellie Idol 1 week ago

Thank you!

Curved for your pleasure 1 week ago

That's terrific!

lovegay294 1 week ago

Great news

amateurvideos69 1 week ago


YourDirtyAlex 1 week ago

Thank you for taking care👍👍👍

Otlamo 1 week ago

Hello everyone

Sweet Dick in Wet Pussy 1 week ago

Ave Pornhub!

KawaiCouple 1 week ago

Thank you very very much! (And vote for us XD)

Fampton 1 week ago

Not so bad. I will finally cross the $ 100 threshold and be able to start real work. Thanks guys.

georgenmissy 1 week ago

thank you!

CreamyOutCums 1 week ago

Thank you Pornhub

Whorestrainer 1 week ago

Yeah Great news Pornhub. I propose you change the name of this site to SoftHob, that would be a better description of it. CornHub.

Martinez2347 1 week ago


Ember Bastet 1 week ago

This is amazing. Thank you for doing this for us during this time

TaylorTrap 1 week ago

Great! Thanks!

DeLuxxxBoy 1 week ago

wow this is very cool! Thank you so much)))))

Amat3urFitCoupl3 1 week ago


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