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by: Aurora Watson

Before we kickstart 2021, we have unfinished business with 2020. Every month, we publish the winners of the Pornhub Model Program, and after tallying up the numbers and carefully analyzing the stats, we are ready to announce the Models of the Year! Due to their creativity, hard work, and dedication, these Models have moved up the ranks month after month and had a very successful year. So without futher ado, it's time to congratulate the Models of 2020!


Amateur Model of the Year

Congratulations to our 2020 Amateur Model of Year LuxuryGirl!

After only 2 years in the Model Program, the stunning Kristina (aka LuxuryGirl) racked up over 346 millions video views and 636,000 subscribers,


Professional of the Year

Our 2020 Professional of the Year is the lovely Eva Elfie!

A big congrats to Eva Elfie who was not only nominated for 2 Pornhub Awards in 2020, but also reached 1.2 million subscribers!

As the top Models of the Year, both LuxuryGirl and Eva Elfie will take home a $10,000 prize!


Amateur Newcomer of the Year

Our 2020 Amateur Newcomers of the Year is one of your favorite Pornhub couples, Kate Marley!

Since waking up one morning 8 month ago and deciding to start filming their sex life, Kate and Chris have already gained over 40 million video views and are moving up the ranks fast.


Professional Newcomer of the Year

Our 2020 Professional Newcomer of the Year is none other than Sharok!

We were excited to have the handsome Sharok join the Pornhub community in October, and since then, he's moved up the ranks to top 25 on Pornhub Gay.


As our top Newcomers of 2020, Sharok and Kate Marley will each be receiving a $5,000 prize! Congratulations!


Modelhub Winners of 2020

After two successful years since the launch of Modelhub, we are thrilled to announce the Top 4 Modelhub Winners of the Year. Because of their creativity and dedication, these 4 Models have made the top 20 earners list month after month, earning them on spot on our annual top Models contest. Congratulations to Xev Bellringer, June Liu, Danika Mori, and Rai Blue for being our Modelhub Winners of 2020!

Xev Bellringer - $5,000


 June Liu - $4,000


Danika Mori - $3,000


Rai Blue - $1,000


Top Videos of the Year

The fans have spoken and the views don't lie, and now that we've crunched the numbers, it's time to share with you the top 10 most-viewed videos of 2020!

1. Пасынок Выебал Свою Молодую Мачеху. - LuxuryGirl ($5,000)



2. He Keeps Fucking Creampied Pussy of his Step Sis to Cum again - Eva Elfie - Eva Elfie ($4,000)



3. Playing a Game with Hot Step Sister - Anastasia Knight - Family Therapy - Alex Adams ($3,000)



4. Big Tit 19 Years old Autumn Falls - Autumn Falls ($2,000)



5. Step-sister Asked for a Massage and Started Sex - Litt1eAnge1 ($1,500)



6. Pussy Licking for a Sporty Bitch and then Hard Fuck with Squirt and Creampie - Hansel Grettel  ($500)



7. Mini Diva, Stop Scrolling Instagram! Time to Fuck your Creamy Pussy! - Mini Diva ($500)



8. Fucking Cockold's Girlfriend to Cum on her Slutty Face - Eva Elfie - Eva Elfie ($250)






10. Sporty Babe with Great Ass Sucks Dick and Fucks Doggystyle - Diana Daniels - Diana Daniels ($250)



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Mona Charm 1 week ago

Great, We congratulate everyone and wish all of you further creative growth. You've all done an incredible job this year!

Naxarexx 2 days ago


Red Studio X 6 days ago


Ruby singh 6 days ago


Kate Utopia 1 week ago


Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

Pornhub just goes to the new trolling mode: they always give bonuses and prizes to Berlinger, Elfie, Luxury, Mini Diva.. you know this list of names month by month. Now they decided that it's not enough to give all traffic and monthly prizes to the same most wealthy models - they give them even bigger bonuses. Pornhub, do you really think they need an additional five grand? That is an awful and embarrassing attitude towards all of us, other models. Even not funny anymore... So stupid and wrong.

IMrsGrey 2 hours ago

Unfortunately, it is very sad, but it is largely true. As it continues, many models will move to more familiar platforms. For this there is also the struggle of credit card paying corporations with PH. The hope is that PH will understand his poor strategy - maybe he will understand in time ...

Bambifirst Yesterday

Thanks 😀

NikolSexxxx 2 days ago


Arabteen 2 days ago

always the same, true that, well I guess without them there is no more pornhub

Heather Kane 3 days ago

100% at least setup a rule you cant win CONSISTENTLY month after month.... every new "winners" (even though it's RIGGED) are picked every month.

hornyjohny66 3 days ago

it's just that we don't make as much money for the Pornhub as they do. So... Relax and enjoy the show

theheartofzoro 4 days ago

do u think u deserve the money over them? why?

KinkiCoupleXXX 4 days ago

its sad

Evgenii Gor 4 days ago

it seems to me that they specifically cut back on viewing for other models. and only their models appear in the video search

Lucy 5 days ago

You're totally right my girlfriend!❤

Ruby singh 6 days ago


Suga Daddy Zo 1 week ago

Not to mention they haven’t even paid me my payout for January, and they are sitting here giving out 5 grand to content creators who are already established

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

PH wants that models come here with their own Twitter ban base. But in reality, many models come here without that base and get those Twitter followers FROM PH through featuring videos and millions of traffic. You can't get even close to that amount of Twitter followers only by your hard work and super engaging posts. So if you don't like social networks or never get featured on PH, you have no chance to get that threshold only by the PH notification system regardless of the quality of content.

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

@MiaMarley - I heard, Fiamurr uses that scheme: 1. Got featured from PH and therefore get first millions of views; 2. Forwarded that donated traffic to her newborn Twitter account and gets a fan base; 3. Uses Twitter when post new videos to gain that threshold that needs to get PH featured. Everybody knows that PH wants not only 35% of our videos but also our own Twitter fanbase - that's the reason why PH follower notification works badly. It's an awful system not only for models but for PH too.

Casted Cutie 1 week ago

Agree.. all these monthly raffle are impossible to win for mere mortals like us.. Not to mention the fact that I didn't make a single penny since December when they forgot to mention their scandal with MC and visa backing out from their contract.. They wouldn't go just with crypto payment only as suggested by a lot of people.. But all hail to the wealthiest top10.. 👎

Mia Marley 1 week ago

Someday it will be our names in that list of names

YourJobBlowjob 1 week ago

I fully support it

Homemade Handjob and Footjob 1 week ago

It's because you are not step-sisters / brothers. )))

Just_BigAss 1 week ago

WWery hot!

WarAndLovers 1 week ago

I have one disabled paid video downloads?

Supreme Girl 1 week ago


FD Story Movies 1 week ago

Sometimes it also seems to us that the hub does not quite work like a hub, but rather like some kind of religious order with its own masters OOO, don't take much serious - it's just crazy comparison

Dirty_wishes 1 week ago

work harder baby))

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

No, Mark. When people become rich or famous, they start to think they are special and earned everything themselves. There is no big difference between me and everybody in that perpetual winner's list if we look at the number of Premium video views. Because there are no crappy "algorithm" in Premium, featuring and giving all traffic to only a small number of privileged models. PH just grant them millions of traffic (and fan base) and then prize them for monetizing that gif.

Mark Rockwell 1 week ago

They give them nothing. They earn it.

Worshiped Vixen HotWife 1 week ago

Agreed .... They have Fucked us all Literally !

su_time 1 week ago

it is discouraging... shouldn't let it stop us though! --Bobby

Lonna Wells 1 week ago

Come join me on AVN Stars. Ran by the Adult Video Network. The site works wonders for even the smallest creators. Message me for more details. Use my referral link and I'll set you as my story on there and you'll never get deleted. https://stars.avn.com/lonna87xxx/?code=735a1

Bee Savage 1 week ago

Soo on aspiring to be on this list won’t happen 2021?

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

ISEEME BAE, thanks:* I have no honor to be on this list because it's fake. I would love to be on the list, what is equitable for all models who have quality content.

ISEEME BAE 1 week ago

I hope soon you will be in this list of winners ! saw your vids they are amazing also you are

Zentai Fantasy 1 week ago

In this time where your models are losing their entire income and fan base, It is incredibly insensitive to sit here and rub millionaires success in our face. We get it... we will never have a chance....

Naxarexx 2 days ago


MoneyBeby 4 days ago

Pornhub got y’all beefin beefin😂😂😂.

kinkycouple111 4 days ago

That's the last I'll say as I'm a bit concerned that you are a few sandwiches short of picnic. Hope you feel better/get help soon x

kinkycouple111 5 days ago

There is nothing complicated or intricate about you moaning and whining. Signed Samantha Flair, Top 0.32% on OF, 400m views on xvids. I’ve proved you wrong at every turn. You’re a fool. A delusional, jealous, bitter, inept, hypocritical fool

Zentai Fantasy 5 days ago

@kinkycouple111 I know it must be tough to follow a conversation with a complicated and intricate structure. Learning isn't for everyone. But in the end the reason I've lost interest is the same reason your content doesn't do well on other platforms... Because you are just not that interesting. P.s. also my sex life is fantastic!

kinkycouple111 6 days ago

The arrogance has all been yours dear. The fat that you can’t see that shows that you are beyond help. You previously said you were so far above me that I looked like an ant. Now I’m above you? I’m confused. Are we on a see saw? Trampoline? Or does gravity work differently on Planet Fruitcake?

kinkycouple111 6 days ago

Haha what a story Mark! Anyway how's your sex life?

Zentai Fantasy 1 week ago

@kinkycouple111 "I just looked at your page, your videos are not my cup of tea Just like for 99.999% of pornhub viewers" hahaha, this comment isnt going to age well. i am going to screen shot this and frame it. Let everyone remember the arrogance of second rate creators that get high on themselves when they successfully prostitute themselves to the top of a corrupt market. Now you may be above me. but history will forget your every imprint. I will live forever

FD Story Movies 1 week ago

kinkycouple111, last two days watched videos in the featuring list - apparently they changed the algorithm again. Now they are sharpening more for beginners. It seems our videos will never make it to that magic list. To make matters worse, without this damn featuring, it's impossible to get on the hot list, even if the video is really hot. ((

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

I tried being polite and you attacked me, so I thought I would respond in kind. You put words into my mouth because you cannot respond to what I actually say as it is the truth. And the actual truth is not allowed in your little world. Just your truth. Imagine if you put as much effort into your channel as you do into complaining. You call me a schoolgirl when you whine and bitch like a baby who doesn't get it's own way. Look up hypocrisy in the dictionary. And pathetic. And jealous. And twat

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

You are no different from a schoolgirl who brags up with a given expensive phone and therefore thinks she is 300x better than others.

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

You wouldn't know though would you? Because you have never had a good enough video to be featured. The comprehension amongst your cult is incredibly poor. I never said learn from me, I said to learn from the award winners. But since you mention it, maybe you could learn from us since we have roughly 300x more views than you - but I'm sure that's just luck isn't it? You can live in your own little fantasy world if you like, but please don't try to force everyone else to as well

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

@kinkycouple111 It really isn't personal. No matter you or another actress who is nice and norm but get all traffic that can be shared between many better videos of others. It isn't personal even after you suggest me to learn from people like you. What should I learn from you? Really? How to win in the doubtful lottery and then pretend it's only hard work? Or how to hustle with traffic instead of put emphasis on skills that top pornstar needs? Everybody boss after their videos gets featured.

FireBadGuy 1 week ago

I know this is crazy! When will we be able to monitor our videos again? Please let me know if you hear something?

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

I’ve just figured out who you are! You attempt to create art in a world of entertainment and do it terribly. You’re Tommy Wiseau! Hahaha! Hi Mark

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

I did look at your page actually. Your videos are not my cup of tea. Just like for 99.999% of pornhub viewers.

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

You are not above me by any quantifiable metric. “You are literally telling girls to use thier bodies and creative passion to be slaves to algorithms and dehumanizing sexuality.” You obviously spent too much time in art class and not enough in English as this is just a straight up lie. I haven’t told anyone to do anything

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

I didn’t tell you to get fucked did I though? I told the person who had the nerve to tell me it wasn’t personal. You keep making your art way up there on whatever fucking planet you live on, looking down at little old me then and I’ll keep making my shitty popular hooker porn (with my partner) happy as can be

Zentai Fantasy 1 week ago

@kinkycouple111 oh man I just can't help myself, "I figured it out by studying the patterns" haha. You are literally telling girls to use thier bodies and creative passion to be slaves to algorithms and dehumanizing sexuality. News flash, we should be making the porn that WE love, using passion, skill, and creativity. Just because we use our bodies to make art doesn't mean we want to be hookers like you

Zentai Fantasy 1 week ago

Oh and @kinkycouple111 , you clearly didn't have the backbone to look at my channel cause then you would see I am so far above you in creative erotic art you look like an ant.

Zentai Fantasy 1 week ago

@kinkycouple111 you sound so "down to earth" haha. Saying it should primarily be a popularity contest and telling me to "get fucked"... SMH, you are just a trend riding hack. Your porn is boring and people only watch it cause they are bored and too lazy to look past thier recommended feed

Homemade Handjob and Footjob 1 week ago

Это потому, что вы не сводные сестры / братья.

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

kinkycouple111 Thank you for your opinion! ))

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

Just because you believe you are some porn goddess who makes the world's greatest videos does not make it true. Just because you believe that you are a victim does not make it true. This post was about congratulating some very deserving award winners and instead of learning from them, you have made it about you. It's not about you. The fucking world does not revolve around you. Grow up

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

I figured it out by studying the patterns. So what it proves, unequivocally, is that the information is available equally to everyone and that you have no idea what you're talking about. And new accounts now get featured before these thresholds to give them a little help. I didn't get that help when I started and evidently neither did you so take it up with PornHub. Or better yet, just stop playing the victim, suck it up and make quality content that people like

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

kinkycouple111 How you know about thresholds? There is no info about that in the FAQ. Nobody on the support team tells me about that thing even when I asked to tell more about how the system works. It proves that the information is not available to all models equally. That's not transparency. Also if it's true about threshold - why there are many featured videos on PH with fewer views and engagement rate in all positions comparing to my best videos? How they get that miracle shortcut?

FD Story Movies 1 week ago

kinkycouple111, we would like to believe)

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

FD Story Movies Views-wise you're doing fine. No one knows the exact algorithm as it would be easy to manipulate, but having spoken to PH many times about it, there are many other things that go into it, including rating, current trends and many other things. If you got 80K in the last week, then you should be featured soon. We've had videos featured at 100K and others which are into the millions which haven't been, so all you can do is keep trying and it will happen

FD Story Movies 1 week ago

kinkycouple111, please tell how these thresholds work during featuring updates - for six months here not a single video has been featured, although several videos have already passed 100 thousand views on their own, one video, for example, gained 80 thousand over just the last week - and it is still not in the featuring, so it can't be in most viewed etc... Although videos with a much lower rating go there. What could it be? Does the system dislike us personally?)))

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

Nothing personal? Get fucked! This has been personal from both of you at me, so now here's some truth - If you knew a thing about the algorithm, you would know that there is a view threshold that you need to get to in order to get featured. You haven't reached it. Wonderful engagement? How do you judge that? Obviously not wonderful enough. My videos reach the threshold and then get featured, not before. Yours don't so they don't. Stop fucking blaming everyone else for your lack of success.

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

@kinkycouple111 Please, without hypocrisy. I always spent around a week, even more on shooting, montage, and a hundred other small things to get a decent video. I did it for 1,5 years and never get featured. Despite wonderful engagement and average video rating way above 90%. And I'm not turning into you. Nothing personal at all. You are just an example of a biased system here. All your views and fan base and purchases, like those winners, comes through featuring and donated traffic.

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

And no, I didn’t say that you haven’t worked hard before you start playing the victim again. If you spent half as much time on your videos as you do complaining and playing victim, you might get somewhere. Guess what, it’s not always someone else’s fault. So because pornhub won’t answer here, you turn on me. If you don’t like the platform, go somewhere else instead of screaming it’s not fair

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

Many vids and pornhub are miles apart. Look at the top performers on manyvids, do you see leolulu, yinyleon, danika mori up there? No. Because their videos are aimed towards free viewers and they are fucking brilliant at it. To compare the two shows a complete lack of understanding of the industry. The algorithm is deeply flawed I agree, but as I said before, we worked to hard to get selected by it in the first place.

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

The videos are free therefore I’m not extracting money from anyone but pornhub. And sadly for you, it is a popularity contest as it should be. Why would pornhub feature videos that people don’t want to watch? They feature videos that will make them money. You have no idea how utterly pretentious you sound by saying you create art. You create art and I create porn. This pornhub, not arthub.

Zentai Fantasy 1 week ago

kinkycouple111 no one cared about weather or not Stanley Kubrick was likable or not. they just cared that he made beautiful movies. This is a problem with the world. what could be beautiful adult entertainment has turned into the bella delphine model where you try to extract as much money from vulnerable men as you can. It is unhealthy for our society and discusting to watch.

Zentai Fantasy 1 week ago

@kinkycouple111 I think it is exactly the kind of person that would say "people like our down to earth attitude". See, to you this is a popularity contest. Because you are not selling erotic art but a false sense of relationship to lonely men. So you flirt with them and hope they fall in love with you. But me? I want to make art, beautiful adult videos that fulfill deep fantasies. Pornhub is not the place for art, it is a manipulation farm for lonely men. I do not support this.

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

@kinkycouple111 "The fact that it is further than you have been decided by viewers". Not true. Not by viewers - by Pornhub. The so-called "algorithm" that featured your videos and brings you (and other privileged models) a fan base and all that traffic. Do you really think that only you work your ass off here? Then you're not down-to-earth. On MV we are equal by views with the same videos as we have on PH. But when PH "algorithm" comes, quoting Orvel, some animals become more equal than others.

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

Many people have said that they like our down-to-earth attitude and the fun we have in our videos. Maybe if you tried that instead of taking yourself WAY too seriously and having a wildly inflated opinion of yourself and the quality of your videos, you might be more successful and not have to be so critical and bitter. Take your negativity elsewhere thanks

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

Everybody’s opinion is as valid as the next person. The bitterness is astounding. I started from zero views here, just like you and just like everyone else who thinks they should be more popular and successful than they are. We worked our asses off to get where we are. The fact that it is further than you has been decided by viewers, so why don’t you message each and every member of pornhub and tell them why they’ve made the wrong choice?

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

@kinkycouple111 You and I have almost the same amount of video views to each of our MV videos. Who can better appraise the quality - people who pay for video or people who get free, featured videos through a one-sided bonus system?

Lonna Wells 1 week ago

Come join me on AVN Stars. Ran by the Adult Video Network. The site works wonders for even the smallest creators. Message me for more details. Use my referral link and I'll set you as my story on there and you'll never get deleted. https://stars.avn.com/lonna87xxx/?code=735a1

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

@saliva bunny you answered you own question. If you had a choice between paying for a video and not, what would you choose? And I wouldn't call Rank 199 on MV bad.

su_time 1 week ago


Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

@kinkycouple111 - it was just a neutral interest for me to go to your PH Top 46. account to see your videos after @ZentaiFantasy mentioned that they "just shows how this world doesn't care about quality". I think she is wrong. The world cares about quality. PH not. Why you are so successful )) here and so weak on MV? The same videos here and there.

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

You replied this on my video too! Haha! Jealousy is ugly

Zentai Fantasy 1 week ago

@kinkycouple111 putting artist in quotations to imply I am NOT an artist is laughable coming from you. I took a look at your "work". if you dont consider my videos art then that is a compliment to me. and the fact you think losing all of our HARD earned income on pornhub only to have then ignore and mock us, just shows it is YOU who is the entitled one. You are rank 46 in the world... just shows how this world doesnt care about quality, just how much you will kiss the cheeks above you.

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

@zentai fantasy I absolutely agree with your first comment. However, your next comment smacks of the entitlement so prevalent amongst the wider community nowadays. If you are "an artist" then you have to accept that you are not going to get as many views or make as much money as people who make videos for the masses. It's simple. And you're not going to leave are you because where else can you get so high on your horse and make these same comments on every blog post

Zentai Fantasy 1 week ago

@pixieservesHim honestly patreon the only thing that is holding me together. i tried manyvids for about a year but never made more than a few bucks. I am an artist not a person spending all my time trying to find ways to clickbait or manipulate lonely men into giving me all their money. leave pornhub asap, as all your hard work will be stolen by others anyways. @Saliva Bunny you nailed it on the head. but hopefully when all of us leave pornhub, they might actually wake up.

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

That is a charity for millionaires. As long tenths of models make congratulations to that circus, there will be no changes. They are so shortsighted in the feeling that they also will get leftovers if they come here with those silly "congratulations" to the system that is awfully inequitable to them.

pixieservesHim 1 week ago

Kind of my sentiments but ... What to do

Esteban y Anna 1 week ago

Pornhub could use some more variety, especially with so many videos removed. Search anything and I wind up watching the same stuff from 5 yrs ago. They should do more to promote new content. We post new stuff every week.

Naxarexx 2 days ago


Just for Benefits 3 days ago

I agree they really need to start featuring more new comers.

Rave Baby 3 days ago

Vibe - if you want to see some xxx sensual and sultry smoking fetish porn and solos check out my profile I have loads of free full length videos x

Ruby singh 6 days ago


su_time 1 week ago


Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

You're right. I can't even find here fresh and good videos for my blowjob training anymore. Statistically, Pornhub has an impressive amount of videos, but when you go to categories or search, there are always the same videos that appeared here and there. From a few chosen and promoted Model Program actresses and a few porn companies. I understand, PH wants money. If they go also for quality, they didn't remove all camgirl videos - their skills were much better than most top models here.

Target Girl 1 week ago

Congratulation to all winners!! This year will be more challenging for all of us in amateur program so I wish a good luck for all new amateur models llike me.. We can do this ❤🔥🔥

Ruby singh 6 days ago


su_time 1 week ago


sugarbabysam 1 week ago

yesss girl

CumsTooMuch 1 week ago

Lets go Team!!!

Target Girl 1 week ago

Maybe we need a plus model to join us.. Together we will be stronger and maybe one day win something here 😅

Target Boy 1 week ago

Let's show everyone honey 💪😄

Sassy Pearl 1 week ago

Any been paid yet?

LunaLustxxx 21 hours ago

Ofc not. They don't care

Stormiix 3 days ago

Still nothing..

HungryMother 1 week ago

USDT no payment

AnastasiaWalk 1 week ago

No payments yet for me I use verge. It says payment is processed but I don't have it on my wallet

HungryMother 1 week ago

Yes, I have the same question for PX. There are still no payments. Dear PH staff, do you read our comments?

MariLewdVi 1 week ago

Same here~ processed status but no payments yet

AnastasiaWalk 1 week ago

On my account is says payment processed but it's not on my verge wallet

Jefferson Keane 1 week ago


FaceLessOfficial 1 week ago

Every amateur ( real amateur) model are dying

Remi Skys 6 days ago

Some of us just do it for fun.

JaynMay 1 week ago

I disagree. We are all just getting better at it.

ISEEME BAE 1 week ago

Well there are also a lot of videos that in my opinion are better then some vids her .. and i think also a lot of users will be agree with me. But still congratulation to the winners !

ISEEME BAE 1 week ago

It’s more about business here ... you are right @Jason Biggems

su_time 1 week ago

Hey there! most of these models are doing fine with traffic, I thought this contest was for the smaller channels... hard to compete with this, kinda feel discouraged.

sugarbabysam 1 week ago

@jason biggems thats because other couples are more real/ actually amateur!

Jason Biggems 1 week ago

Agree and Strongly Prefer Other Couples than the One's Mentioned..

Estie Kay 1 week ago

I really love PH community ☺❤

Naxarexx 2 days ago


CumsTooMuch 1 week ago

Cue the rich get richer comments! I totally get it... but let’s appreciate the successes of the last year and hopefully Pornhub can find new opportunities to spotlight lesser known models. Great job everyone!!!

Homemade Handjob and Footjob 1 week ago

Can not ))

pixieservesHim 1 week ago

That's a better outlook. I'm envious but realistic so I'm not bitching 😜

Legohub 1 week ago

There should be a Lego category.

Suga Daddy Zo 1 week ago

When are you guys going to release payments to content creators? I have bills to pay

MariLewdVi 1 week ago

Join, no payments too~ Although the processing date appeared on January 15th.

AnastasiaWalk 1 week ago

Me too

AnastasiaWalk 1 week ago

I use verge. And it says payment processed but it's not on my wallet

HungryMother 1 week ago

I join. There are still no payments.

HungryMother 1 week ago

Yes, I have the same question for PX. There are still no payments. Dear PH staff, do you read our comments?

Jason Biggems 1 week ago

My Page was growing expediently until I became Burnt-out from Not Ever Receiving any Nominations from Pornhub.

Lonna Wells 1 week ago

Come join me on AVN Stars. Ran by the Adult Video Network. The site works wonders for even the smallest creators. Message me for more details. Use my referral link and I'll set you as my story on there and you'll never get deleted. https://stars.avn.com/lonna87xxx/?code=735a1

Diana Daniels 1 week ago

Yay! I'm in the 10th place with my video lol Thank you guys for watching! Love you ❤❤❤

Remi Skys 6 days ago

Just went to your page and you have no videos... nor do I! What is even going on!!!

Mark Rockwell 1 week ago

Congrats to you! Woot woot!

pixieservesHim 1 week ago

That's gotta be exciting!! Keep it up

CumsTooMuch 1 week ago

Congrats!!! You've been an absolute content queen! Keep crushing it superstar!!! 🤩

XXXTabithaXXX 2 days ago

just looked at my earnings this morning and the total keeps dropping 😥

MeatyMomPrductns 1 week ago

I hate to be that person but you guys do realize that a majority of the people that one actually pay for some of their streams. Like actually come out of pocket and pay for bots to watch their videos and run up their views. I came across somebody that was on here but I haven’t seen their account lately and they filled me in on how they went from just a couple thousand views to over 15 million in three months using bots. The truth of the matter is that this is a game that you have to cheat win.

Myfavcolorgold 1 week ago

I just want to be able to make $100 a week on here doing what I like. So many others are wealthy as hell here but I just want a little bit of earning, in time.

Homemade Handjob and Footjob 1 week ago

Сводные сестры и сводные братья) I always knew it was kind family content))

karr1962000 1 week ago

Not saying anything about the winners, but how can they get paid if they haven't figured out a way to pay everyone since the credit card companies has withdrew from Pornhub. I had finally found a person that might actually send me a tip to buy better equipment and they can't. I first joined Pornhub to put my video of me jacking off my cock so that I could get some women to watch me jack my cock off since I can't have someone here, at least I could get some women to watch me jack my cock off.

HungryMother 1 week ago

This is why they still haven't paid. Without payment!

Mask Porn 1 week ago

Ah and also the fact they have errors that need fixing. Uploaded 2 model hub vids last week that came up with the thumb nails but you couldn't view the video. Misses out on loads of premium views (saving ph money) One of them only has 25 views now! And considering they are threesome vids they would normally have lots more. I might take down and re upload.

qoqsik 1 week ago

Congrats to all winners 👍🏻

MDBrody 1 week ago

What is THIS?? Nudity on Pornhub?? This MUST be taken down immediately or people may get the idea that this is an adult site!!

Legohub 1 week ago

It's not. It's actually a website to promote the Lego toys.

Stormiix 3 days ago

Anyone having the views on their videos changing??? Does anyone have any suggestions for any other platforms to post content? Me and my partner Jack-The-Dicker want to post in other places that are abit more reliable with payments, view counts ect.

PrecumX 2 days ago

Yes, views are fluctuating last 3 days.

MariLewdVi 1 week ago

I`m using paxum, now in processed status, but no payment yet too

Riza Senorita 4 days ago

Same problem

su_time 1 week ago

Hey there! most of these models are doing fine with traffic, I thought this contest was for the smaller channels... hard to compete with this, kinda feel discouraged. saying that...I give you a cheap shoutout for myself. stop by my (solo male)channel for real to life homemade vids.

Ant Slim 1 week ago

No gay porn

HongKongDoll 1 week ago

I wish I could see my name someday, congrats anyways. I think only good works will outstand it doesn’t matter if you now have many subscribers or not

Diana Daniels 1 week ago

Congratulations to all the winners ❤

Suga Daddy Zo 1 week ago

I would fuck the living sht outta you

CumsTooMuch 1 week ago

Congratulations to you!!!

MaxiLovers 1 week ago

Wow!!! Amazing Guys!!! Congratulate you all!!!! 🔥💐🥂🥂🥂👍🏻

qoqsik 1 week ago


Sammi Starfish 1 week ago

Every time pornhub announces their winners there's nothing but hate in the comments about how the same girls are winning the prizes. These girls are winners not because they are the hottest girls on the net. It's because they are some of the hardest working girls on the net. And they have earned their place at the top by cranking out vids that their fans want to see. How about instead of hating on them you learn from these girls and improve your own content.

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

There is left a little to learn from them in terms of sex or montage. Some are great. Mark, who defends that awful system, is great. But many many not. Do you mean we need to learn marketing from them? Hey, if I wanted to do that, I will make my own site and do marketing. Instead, I came here and pay 35% to PH for that. And that is our right to get featuring equally if our content is qualitative. So if it's a contest at all, it's a marketing contest and only then a contest for the best video.

SecretCrush 1 week ago

Congratulations To All The Amazing Beautiful Winners x

IMrsGrey Yesterday

A competition for everyone who supports us and votes! If we end the contest with place place 1-3 in January , there will be an 🔥 AWARD 🔥 for the fan with the most votes!!! 💝 You can vote once for 24 hours for each your favorite model. 💝 https://www.pornhub.com/contest_hub/viewers_choice/imrsgrey 💝💝💝 We can only win with YOU!!!😘

Evgenii Gor 4 days ago

Подписывайтесь на меня!) я тоже хочу призы!) https://rt.pornhub.com/model/evgenii-gor

Stormiix 5 days ago

Anyone been paid yet?

Stormiix 4 days ago

Riza I'm using bank transfer. I emailed them to make sure payments to models wouldn't be effected by the withdrawal of visa and Mastercard and they said it wasn't. Guess it's just a waiting game? Is there a regular date in goes in for you normally?

Riza Senorita 4 days ago

Not yet, I'm using paxum as payment, how about yours?

Niklod234 6 days ago

GTA VI смотрите https://youtu.be/JufCZ6olfH4

donny416 1 week ago

Looking for a slim partner to record and make money

PiercedKitty 1 week ago

Great work ladies and docks. I can't wait until my name is up there with the greatness that you all are. Take a bow and pat yourselves on the shoulder then please take a look at my videos. There's something for everyone

AnastasiaWalk 1 week ago

Does anyone here having problem to payment on verge?

Dear Osca 1 week ago

It says that is in process, probably on monday the payment will be avaliable

AnastasiaWalk 1 week ago

Do you also use verge? It says on my payment tab that's it is already processed but it's not on my verge wallet

Dear Osca 1 week ago

Yes, I do not receive yet

Lemontinee 1 week ago

Yayy, hopefully we will be there one year too

Mia Marley 1 week ago

Congrats everyone

Only_choice 1 week ago

I started on pornhub about 6 months ago. Expectations were high .. evolution month after month ... but now since the last events things have had a big setback ... I lost many views and each time I feel a slope. I didn't lose hope, but it hasn't been easy

Only_choice 1 week ago

Congrats to everyone 😘

JustinConrad 1 week ago

Same winners every month. All the time. Never changes. Why even have contests if you pick the same winners every month? Idk doesn't seam fair to me i guess.

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

Because it's not a contest. They are like office workers, kinda PH "staff" who get salary and monthly/yearly bonuses. Why? Because they are the poorest people here who can't buy better cameras or lights? Or being regularly featured they lose their motivation and therefore need some extra bonus dose every month? There is no logic at all. Ok, it's PH business and they do as they want. But why such hypocrisy and humiliation to all others? Better give them bonuses without showing that in our face!

unclewoody 1 week ago

Is it me or only white content creators with production studios win these awards

Hotwicks 1 week ago

Congratulations to the winners, us just like watching and making a few vids because porn, sex, hot female and male contact is a awesome feeling between two or more people. Keep doing it everyone xxxxxooooo

Mars Gymburger 1 week ago

Congratulations! Happy New Year!


I get why people get upset about the same top people always winning but that honestly should just push you to do better and make more quality content and market yourself that much more! Don't get jealous and salty but instead use that as motivation to do better, you dont get to be the micheal jordan of basketball by sitting on your butt all no. No you go out and practice and work hard every day just like these top girls and guys do and that is why they have done as well as they have! Passion!

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

..and they who regularly gets featured here and use that given traffic to get their next video to be featured and then also get extra cash in prizes and then laughed at us here.. they always will tell you that there is only video quality that matters and you should work harder or you aren't good enough. And that you should grind and hope. I'm sure that if they spend, let's say, 2 years on hard work and good content without any featured video, they stopped that BS narrative or quit here.

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

You're right. I also had the same attitude when I started here 1.5y ago. I used that as motivation and improve my video quality a lot thanks to PH not featuring me. But still... without PH featuring, or cheating, or an already existing mega Twitter account, you can't get enough Twitter fan base as "external" traffic for PH threshold to get your new videos featured. Because there is almost no difference in standard, internal PH traffic to your new video regardless of you have 1 or 20k subs on PH.

Bellatrixxxy 1 week ago

Cooooool. So the people who buy their own vids and get constant exposure are the winners. No one saw that coming.

BigCockaPump 1 week ago

Men should start declaring gender wage gap haha.

su_time 1 week ago

would it work?? lol

cheloe 1 week ago

Congratulations your all so sexy

Thebandlord 1 week ago

Congrats , I must gotta work harder

su_time 1 week ago

lol right?!

HerLittleSecret 1 week ago

Congratulations for the winners. Although there’s not much more of “amateur” vibe on their videos, it’s great to see someone achieving success. Kisses from Ukraine 🇺🇦 😘

Saliva Bunny 1 week ago

Salut to those who care about the amateur vibe! When that vibe is gone people start to look like workers. I came here because I thought this is a place that prises real emotions and passion. I still hope. And found that the top is full of workers who fake pleasure and hustle with traffic.

June Liu 1 week ago

Thank you !!!! Thank you !!!!!😍😍😍😍😘😍😘😍😘😍 !!!!!!!! Congratulations to everyone !!!!! ^^

lilyandchad 1 week ago


Covid__21 1 week ago

Look look! https://rt.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5fac2a0102b5f thank you all for being there!

tradzmenz 1 week ago

Can we get a humiliation category.

AdoredHippie 1 week ago

Congratulations to all you wonderful beautiful people 🤍🖤

Jen And Tim 1 week ago

Congratulations 🥳

Nice Foxy 1 week ago

I also want to be in the first place!🐱‍🐉

Litt1eAnge1 1 week ago


kittymoanz 1 week ago

congrats to all winners!

Alison Bliss 1 week ago

Remind me to bookmark this page 🥵🔥🔥🔥

NickNastye 1 week ago

Where’s the award for BEST NAUGHTY PAWG of the year cuz that’s meeeeee ☺🤣 hehe

kingmoneyjay 1 week ago

This woman is a pawg

CumsTooMuch 1 week ago

Awesome and congrats!!! I’m guessing we see @Shyla Sunshine on this list next year!!!

CumsTooMuch 1 week ago

@LuxuryGirl has been my favorite forever! Those eyes can destroy a man!!! 😍

CumsTooMuch 1 week ago

Oops, two name profiles are impossible to tag! https://www.pornhub.com/model/shyla-sunshine

Wildkittens 1 week ago


LunaLustxxx 21 hours ago

Shameless plug! Lunalustxxx.manyvids.com I put everything there Cuz they pay me and actually care hehe Your horny, BBW girlfriend xoxox

WoodyAllen2 1 week ago

I'm just trying to be pornhub's top video game streamer 😂

Linarwarchik 23 hours ago

Hello everyone, do not consider it spam! We are a young couple from Russia and we are new) we ask you to support us and rate our videos we will be happy to make new friends!

UchihaaBoyy 2 days ago

Check out my videos and subscribe for more videos and Photos

Mark Rockwell 1 week ago

congrats to all the winners Enjoy the extra cash!

Goldentogue 1 week ago

Everybody add me great videos

IMrsGrey 2 hours ago

Unfortunately, it is very sad, but it is largely true. As it continues, many models will move to more familiar platforms. For this there is also the struggle of credit card paying corporations with PH. The hope is that PH will understand his poor strategy - maybe he will understand in time ...

Nicky bella 6 hours ago

The winners and encouragement for the other participants

Vera Mill 9 hours ago

I hope one day I get the prise ☺💋❤

Ava Cheeks Animations 12 hours ago

Hi, I know this is totally random, but I have an important suggestion. Can we have ad choices? I ask, because I personally don't like some of the extremely youthful ones, and would prefer ad preferences. Especially since, id be more willing to click if it knew what i like.

ELSAxJACKIE 18 hours ago

wow cool congratulate everyone))

fendi1010 23 hours ago

Horny girls u welxome to dm

yorkskinkcouple Yesterday

Some great winners in there. Hopefully we will be there 1 day

Cadysecret Yesterday

Im new☺ Young milf with big ass🌋🔥 Enjoy

SweetSylvia Yesterday

Congrats ladies! Wishing you all continued success! And new models a fair shot at success, as well. ♥ keep grinding ♥

Mscocklady69 2 days ago

Hard to earn when Ur just amature coz a lot of professionals here

Naxarexx 2 days ago

I love pornhub community, maybe i can win a contest... So, i leave my onlyfans link bellow: https://onlyfans.com/naxarexx

manonfire10 3 days ago


Dickelobultra 3 days ago

I wish to enter

j69birds 3 days ago

All amazing

CumHere_Kitty 3 days ago

Congrats to all the sexy models and couples who put in that work last year!! Can't wait to see and help make even more sexy content 2021!! ❤❤❤

Lina Precious 3 days ago

Wow! Congratulation to everyone. Tell me your secret, guys 😅

OGCreo 3 days ago

Congrats!! ♥

The Impaler 3 days ago


PrincessCruxzLove1 3 days ago


SydneyJack 4 days ago

1.Congratulation to all winners 2.can i ask you guyz i have problem if i log in on my phone it works prefect but if i try log in on my pc it doesnt work every button works but log in button doesnt any ideas whats goung on or some help?thanks dont forget to check my videos

Semulynt 4 days ago

Hi, I am interested in the work of a model, where can I find partners, a director, a channel??

SexyJAponrn 4 days ago

🥴🥴🥴🥴💦💦💦first double penetration see my profile you will like it

SoftApprouch 4 days ago

So much hate on PH community lately.

Milkxreal 4 days ago

Onlyfans.com/Milkxrealx congrats to all the winners 😍 I’ll get there one day 😝

KinkiCoupleXXX 4 days ago

I hope to be part of this in this year

lickemloww313 4 days ago

I’m here to the whole thing looking to ppl in the surrounding areas of Detroit to create content inbox me

jonathan_fracassi 5 days ago

Congrats. I hope all issues will be solved.

Tony pink xxx 5 days ago

Come vote for my video for this month and add me and suscribe 💜😘 there's something for everyone to enjoy on my page!!!

Tony pink xxx 5 days ago

Cool, congratulations

JnTease 5 days ago

Super Dope!

Rieco_Suavvey 5 days ago

Check out my vids😜😝

Masculine_nympho 5 days ago

you are right i have been on here almost 5years an havnt won anything an have had premuin an they offered 2months an took it back..justfor,fan@mrspectacular an onlyfan@mrspectacular

Julia Kiss 5 days ago

Some videos are norm.... but some... 50/50

lifeofkekoa 6 days ago


Katrin20 6 days ago

Who has already received a payment on PAXUM ??

Riza Senorita 4 days ago

Same, haven't received yet.

Ant Slim 5 days ago


ROYnYUKA 6 days ago

次は頂く! Here is the next champ!

Herandwild 6 days ago

Check us out xo

MinajK 6 days ago

https://onlyfans.com/u9206293 💦💦

Queenn Blu3 6 days ago

Congratulations!!!! Check my content out🎈

What_is_Love_Hub 6 days ago

Guys, I recommend this link to everyone, https://cutt.ly/RjYJ0SX just ❤💣😍

Mrs Pretty Pussy 6 days ago

Oh I love it everyone’s art is so different and creative

Red Studio X 6 days ago

congratulations to the winners!!!

Niklod234 6 days ago


couplediaries 6 days ago

Congratulations 👏👏

Dutchcuckold-22 6 days ago

Congrats guys

Latinapr21 6 days ago

Congratulations to everybody!!!! Subscribe to my page 😊😘

ALEXANDRA C 1 week ago

💜💙💚💛🧡❤We congratulate everyone❤🧡💛💚💙💜

YourPervySage 1 week ago


PiercedKitty 1 week ago

Congratulations everyone! You all did some amazing work. One day I hope to join your rankings. Anyone have any advice or tips for us newcomers? Or does anyone just to play and have some fun with me. Maybe we could teach other a thing or two

munirklc 1 week ago

hello i am new

Pinkpeep 1 week ago

Congratulations 👏

FeetKissa 1 week ago

Pornhub is turning into an ordinary bottom, tips, video ordering, fanclub is off, income is meager, it's time to move to other sites ...

Bougie Bradley 1 week ago

Super excited hopefully we will win amateur new comer of the year for 2021 everyone come see us and let talk. 😛😘🤤


Congratulations. Be sure to check out my New Orleans made porn 😈

Denise Dream 1 week ago


Kinkyguy-20 1 week ago

one day it will be my pissing also

Lucipussy666 1 week ago

Congratulations. Lots of inspiration here. I’ll be subscribing for sure.

Jack Sob 1 week ago

wow nice! I had a feeling the top 2 would be those two! Great job everyone!

Remi Reagan 1 week ago

Congrats! Can’t wait to see everyone’s work in 2021

BillyCook666 1 week ago

BillyCook666's Videos - Pornhub.com

BillyCook666 1 week ago

iframe src="https://www.pornhub.com/embedgif/35178212" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="1280" height="720" style="-webkit-backface-visibility: hidden; -webkit-transform: scale(1);"/iframe

BillyCook666 1 week ago


WarAndLovers 1 week ago


Michaela Isizzu 1 week ago

Lovely ! Hopefully we can be nominated this year! 😻😈

Keri Love 1 week ago

After reading a ton of these comments (not unlike the comments seen every time there is a contest) I can say this... remember that at one point in time, many of these winners were standing in your positions. If it doesn’t seem that their videos are “amateur” enough, consider that with practice comes perfection. Your video quality SHOULD be improving the more you film. Practice makes perfect and that pertains to this as well. I know it can be discouraging but remember, Rome was not built ov

MrHappyandQueen 1 week ago

Don’t miss out!

MrHappyandQueen 1 week ago

New videos dropping!

Malibogako1010 1 week ago

Wow congrats

Balmmaker 1 week ago

Amateur Model of the Year: Deleted, Professional Model of the Year: Deleted, Newcomer of the Year: Deleted,Top 10 Videos of the year: Deleted, Deleted, Deleted, Deleted, Deleted, Deleted, Deleted, Deleted, Deleted, Deleted.

Vinci4king 1 week ago

Lovely contents❤🔥

KalabarChic 1 week ago

Congratulations Everyone

AsianGoodGirl 1 week ago

Congrats to everyone!!! Hope 2021 is a better time for everyone here xoxo

Analpasion 1 week ago

congratulations to the winners

Nigerian Prince 1 week ago

Why is the comment section on these posts always so terribe lol

roxgx 1 week ago

Congratulation to all winners!

closexup 1 week ago

Congratulations guys.

MsStacy08 1 week ago


AnastasiaWalk 1 week ago

Hi sis. May payment Ka na?

ultragoldgirl33 1 week ago

and now the new year starts ...... ULTRAGOLDGIRL33

Homemade Handjob and Footjob 1 week ago

Congratulations to all the winners ❤

honeytequila 1 week ago

Congratulations to all the winners! Definitely striving to be on this list next year

goopgobler 1 week ago


Prettymexgirl 1 week ago

We congratulate everyone for the work done !! We admire the results obtained and use them as a motivator for our next projects. May this year leave excellent results for everyone

Kinky_Lili 1 week ago

Congratulations to the winners! Visit my page, we will be glad to new visitors

Homemade Handjob and Footjob 1 week ago

ahahahaha, who would have doubted it))))

ourdirtylilsecret 1 week ago

Congrats everyone!!!! Cheers to another year!!

Ricardo lemart 1 week ago


AliskaFox 1 week ago

wow!!!!! my congrulations!!!!!!!

Nick and Nicole 1 week ago

Well done everyone, now please share the lime light 😜 👍

sex-and-love 1 week ago


AnnaTenshi 1 week ago

Awesome job guys!

Just_BigAss 1 week ago

Realy nice baby!) Like me )

CumHere_Kitty 1 week ago

I’m just here to read the comments. 😂 Pornhub thank you for giving us a way to make some extra money. ❤

Cassylibertine 1 week ago

éva elfie =)

epikasso 1 week ago

It's so wonderful! I have always liked beautiful and attractive women! Thanks! I noticed Luxury Girl a long time ago, about 2-3 years ago. Wonderful, beautiful Russian girl. Really beautiful. Attractive, great actress. I'm her fan. Great fan. Mne bi takuju zhenshinu ..: PPrivet iz Latvii! Tas ir tik brīnišķīgi! Man vienmēr ir patikušas skaistas un atraktīvas sievietes! Paldies!

Meri-Mouse 1 week ago

someday I will also be on the list of winners)))

WarAndLovers 1 week ago

Is it possible, to win a prize?

Luluvym 1 week ago

Hope be there next year

Creamybisaya699 1 week ago

i’m so sick and tired of masturbating myself to s***p every night, this is just sad. I wanna be loved by someone and grow old with this guy but all he does is drinks and smokes his life away but i just wanna be here for him for every step of the way of his life like we used too. I miss her so much, i miss his laugh i miss eveything about this him. i would do anything just to get the dick like i used too. I just wanna ORGASM.

SweetFantasies 1 week ago

Well done, guys! Our congratulations! 💖

Wirtoly 1 week ago

Time passes, but the winners do not change...

Kinkyguy-20 1 week ago

Congratulations to all the winners! I will pee on you to celebrate it

Cris Fabio 1 week ago

It is generally unrealistic for a gay man to get into this or another rating, as I understand it? ((

Pinay Close Up 1 week ago

Hope someday notice my videos https://www.pornhub.com/model/pinay-close-up

EvaAlba8 1 week ago

I wish you all luck🙋😍😘

SexwifeKaty 1 week ago

Поздравляю. 😍

YourPervySage 1 week ago

Watch out. WE"RE YOURPERVYSAGE and we're gonna be on this list next year! believe it!

kinganthonyking 1 week ago

Congrats to all the winners in 2020

foxgirlthai 1 week ago

Congratulations winners.🤩

YourPervySage 1 week ago

Congrats yall. Watch out. next year we're going to be on that board!

RobertHub69 1 week ago

Congrulations to all Winners, I intend to aspire to this, go through my channel so you can see my content and support me in the video of the mont https://es.pornhub.com/model/roberthub69

XXXTabithaXXX 1 week ago

We’re an aspiring amateur couple CUM check us out https://www.pornhub.com/model/xxxtabithaxxx

DickGameNormal 1 week ago

I'll keep trying. Harder and harder 🙂

Blowbangbarbie 1 week ago

Maybe next year... only starting 😜

TheHotChocolate 1 week ago

Congratulations to you all❤😍

renimasks 1 week ago

The Pornhub influencers?!

KinkandNeko 1 week ago

congrats to all the winners Keep up all the amazing work to each and every channel who won. Thank y'all for inspiring us

dysfuncti0nal_s 1 week ago

I don't know them lol, I just watch hentai and gay porn. There's not enough new content starring variety of creators.

Keetherwulf 1 week ago


sugarbabysam 1 week ago

ahhh good job everyone! hoping i make the list this year!

Babyfacetess 1 week ago

Congratulations everyone, come watch me tooo 😻

Ho1y Ho1e 1 week ago


Miss Lene ts 1 week ago

Congratulations to the winners... Love you all...Mutch Love From MissLene ts

lovestheass 1 week ago

Let’s go New Year! 😇🙏🏻❤

NinaParker 1 week ago

Congrats to the Winners . HOPE I LL GET THERE ONE DAY TOO.. 3 THANK YOU PORNHUB 333

SadisticPapi 1 week ago

Congrats to everyone!!

xtrade0064 1 week ago

congrats ! AND I guess next my turn next Year....

Eva Lux 1 week ago


shely81 1 week ago

Wowwww congratulations to all 😘

LPCouple 1 week ago


Chessie Rae 1 week ago

Ahhh congratulations everyone!!! So happy for you guys ❤😁 Great names up there! Well deserved 👏

BlazedBrak 1 week ago

Congrats everyone! I hope to one day be lucky enough to be in a category

SuperDrogo 1 week ago

que bien, felicidades para ustedes... jejeje los que siempre ganan todo uff

Deviant family 1 week ago

Молодцы) горячие видосик)

HeadOfTheGame 1 week ago


Poundtown1290 1 week ago

Congratulations everybody!!

Ussexy229 1 week ago

Congratulation to all the winners

MBmwist 1 week ago


Lorraine Mortis 1 week ago

Congratulation to all winners!! 🔥🔥

kinkycouple111 1 week ago

Congrats to all the winners. Fully deserved. Sam xx

Stella Fog 1 week ago


Blakely_Night 1 week ago

I'll be up here 1 day!

de silva 1 week ago

So many good wishes for the next your next video. Congratulations on successfully completing your graduation!

thebullo 1 week ago

Congratulations to all. Bravi.

Abby Kitty 1 week ago

Congratulate everyone

lovegay294 1 week ago


Shecumseasy 1 week ago

Congratulations everyone awesome videos!

Sophia Rock 1 week ago

Need to get here next year!!

Candy Camille 1 week ago

Congratulations to everyone!!! Its awesome to see all your material!

Maria Vais 1 week ago

check my fitness ass


Congrats to all the winners!!! Amazing content you guys!! Let’s make 2021 even BETTER! ❤🙌🏽✨

xlkyng 1 week ago

You guys should've been up there. You guys have nice content.

Ayira Oba 1 week ago

Felicidades para los ganadores!💋❤

Sex Perfumer 1 week ago

Congratulations !!! 💜💜💜🍑🍆

VirginLux 1 week ago

Congratulations to the winners 💋❤😘

Annastazjax 1 week ago


Sweet Tights 1 week ago

คongraturations ^^

ItzYaRon69 1 week ago

Congrats to all of the winners!

Hansel Grettel 1 week ago


TaylorAndLisa 1 week ago

Congratulations to all of you! I wouldnt vote defferent

Lara Light 1 week ago


Wetholex 1 week ago


faramixxx 1 week ago

Felicidades a los ganadores!

Shannon Heels 1 week ago

wow!! well done guys!! xoxox amazing!! xoxox

Miss Didi 1 week ago

Congratulations 🎈 XOXO

Kinky Babies 1 week ago


Lana Slave 1 week ago


SoftApprouch 1 week ago

One day! Congrats Delicious prizes

MissTease 1 week ago

Congratulations everyone! Xx

Sonia teen 1 week ago


Sonia teen 1 week ago


Las aventuras de Rosalia 1 week ago


CherryAleksa 1 week ago

My congratulations🤑🤗😘

MichelleSavageXXX 1 week ago

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Alena Ass 1 week ago

Nice video’s) I like pornhub❤❤❤

ragnaroek90 1 week ago

Congrats to all, many hot videos hehe ))

TeenFrenchCouple 1 week ago

Congrtulations ! 3

mysexymodel 1 week ago

hottest vids xx 🙈🙈😈😈

Jamie Christy 1 week ago

Very nice

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