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by: Aurora Watson

Everyone is welcome to join our Sex Work Survival Guide event, whether you’ve been in the industry for years, want to stay updated on how it’s changed and how to navigate it safely during these difficult times, or simply curious about the industry, it’s always best to be informed and know what resources are available to you. It’s about getting equipped, staying safe, and doing what’s best for you.

The Sex Work Survival Guide hopes to close that gap by clarifying the legalities, safety measures (sexual, emotional and physical), and the financial and business strategies a worker needs for success in the adult entertainment industry. 

After the year we’ve had, it’s more important than ever to remember that this is a strong and supportive community, and we hope you’ll join us this weekend!

But in case you can’t make it to the live event, not to worry! It will be recorded and available for free on our Sexual Wellness Site after the event is over in multilingual CC versions.

This live 2-day even is designed to entertain while educate on 5 segments:

Safety and Security: How to prioritize your safety and put security measures in place.

Laws and Legislation: How anti-trafficking laws are affecting SW and what you can do about it.

Marketing and SEO: How to position yourself for the most success without compromising morals and ethics.

Production and Content Creation: What you need to know before you become a one-person content studio.

Community: The importance of community and how to build it.


Click the link below to check our the schedule and register.

 Register and Join 

Dates: January 9th-10th, 2021

Times: 2pm-10pm EST - recording will be available per perpetuity via the Pornhub.com Sexual Wellness Center 

Cost: FREE


All Comments(182)

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CumsTooMuch 2 weeks ago

I will be presenting during the Marketing and SEO portion of the workshop. You can sign up here: https://www.pornhub.com/model/cumstoomuch (just kidding... but I do love to help new models get started!)

CumsTooMuch 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much for the AMAZING feedback on my tips and tricks! Could I be so bold as to ask for a vote in this month's EXPLOSIVE Orgasm contest??? www.pornhub.com/contest_hub/viewers_choice/cumstoomuch 💦💦🍆💦💦🌋

Ava Cheeks Animations 2 weeks ago

@ALEXANDRA C Same for me, views, comments, and likes are not working right. I cannot see a comment, but my bf did from his account on my videos! 🤷 Working very hard here, and hope @pornhub fixes these glitches.

ALEXANDRA C 2 weeks ago

❤💜💙💚💛 Hello everyone ... It will be interesting to participate .. I will do my best to be there .. Lately I've been noticing strange things on the site, views come and go ... contest videos disappear ... the viewshare calculations are weird ... what is happening ? hello FRIEND💛

CumsTooMuch 2 weeks ago

@ISEEME BAE I totally agree that you can't fake great content! BUT my tips are designed for everyone outside of their content. If you have amazing content and no subscribers, you wont be successful. If you have tons of subscribers but terrible content... same thing!

Solofunxxx 2 weeks ago

Thank you for all your great tips so far... I will keep coming back to you for more advice

Jamaica porn Service 2 weeks ago

This is a good initiative and will help new and upcoming content creators such as *JAMAICA PORN SERVICE* ( pornhub.com/model/jamaicapornservice ) to master our talents and guide us in becoming a professional production companies. Looking forward to join this audience. Please consider becoming a member of our Fan Club for exclusive contents and personal request. Thanks for your kind consideration, follow us on Instagram @jamaicapornservices

Bella Bates 2 weeks ago

Just when I started doing amateur porn this happened I hope I didn’t cause this xD But i sure hope thinks get back to normal i LOVE to make PORN ❤️❤️🥰🥰

Luxurious boy 2 weeks ago

I can't upload new videos and my views of free videos dropped"""""

Luxurious boy 2 weeks ago

"""who else has decreased views on free videos????

ISEEME BAE 2 weeks ago

This is only like theory... that don’t works with everyone. In my opinion the best you can do is shooting quality content. I was selling a lot before visa and MasterCard blocked because people want to see my content in HD, now iam getting more views in any case iam wining because i have quality content, my advice to everyone do something original something new something wow always with a nice quality.

Allie Peach 2 weeks ago

This is the information that has helped me grow my channel so much! Everyone should go to @CumsTooMuch for the help and assistance he gives. It really works!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼❤

fap2video 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much for the tips, man. Just 1 more that helps me also7 - PLAYLIST - Create 50 playlists with your favourite actors or scenes. Fans can search them and subscribe toyour Content. Sure the secret is to make videos same topics and titles. People like to follow somebody experiienced, Goog luck to U

fap2video 2 weeks ago

Nice to hear that you can help new stars to brighten more) just wrote you s private message

FitCoupleLust 2 weeks ago

Good to see people helping people

Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago

Good information~. I already do these things, but this will help others

Monica Bayliss 2 weeks ago

Thanks 4 adding the info xx

CumsTooMuch 2 weeks ago

7 - CONTENT - Put thought into the title and tags before your film. This will help keep you focused on the audience you want to reach or the content you want to create. ALSO... always use all 16 tags! DO IT!!!

CumsTooMuch 2 weeks ago

6 - ENGAGE with other content! Comment on the content of your subscribers and comment on the content of new and hot and popular content. The goal here is when people who dont know about your channel are reading comments, they see you and your profile picture and your comment and hopefully they click and possibly become a new subscriber for you.

CumsTooMuch 2 weeks ago

5 - ASK AGAIN - When you start to get loyal followers/subscribers... message them and ask them what they think about your new video and tell them how much it turns you on when you get comments. Same thing, train them to comment and when they do, reward them with attention.

CumsTooMuch 2 weeks ago

4 - ASK - When you have new content, make sure you comment on it first. "Please like and comment and let me know what you think of this... " or something like that.

CumsTooMuch 2 weeks ago

3 - ADD - www.pornhub.com/user/search - If I were a female model, I'd go to user search every day and search for guys looking for girls / age 30-50 / online / and I would add 15-20 new friends every day. 90% of them will subscribe to you. If anyone creeps you out or annoys you... block em and move on!

CumsTooMuch 2 weeks ago

2 - ENGAGE with your own content - Reply to my comments with real and thoughtful responses. This is incredibly important. You're training me to comment and like your content. Now I'm more likely to subscribe if I haven't before.

CumsTooMuch 2 weeks ago

1 - In your settings, you can automatically accept friend requests. If you haven't done that, make sure that is selected.

CumsTooMuch 2 weeks ago

I have a few ideas, specifically on community/audience building and marketing.

Adrock1981 2 weeks ago

Could probably teach some people a thing or two

Layla Frost 2 weeks ago

So, you take our survival away and now throwing a seminar about survival? *checks notes* wtf?!?!?

CosplayPov 6 days ago

Hi Layla, I'm new and just came across this thread. Would it be ok to ask for an invite to a groupchat on discord? Thanks for the tips on this thread. I appreciate the information.

Layla Frost 2 weeks ago

Guess it was a few comments wont let me type the whole ting in 1 comment LOL but ya any models want some help message me! It starts with us not them.

Layla Frost 2 weeks ago

6.) Join Group Model Chats - Tons of us on twitter and discord have group chats. We help eachother!!! The more we help eachother the more we all really grow. I might be missing few other tips but I am dog tired from building my own tube site for models coming really soon with all the proper measures taken place that pornhub failed at. Ya I said it Pornhub , can care less anymore. You guys used to be my fav!!! Last few months have saddened me here. Manyvids and my site get everything from me now

Layla Frost 2 weeks ago

4.) ALWAYS interact with fans on promoting site!! DO not be SPAMMY on Reddit, Post a different submission to a different sub reddit daily. DO NOT post a bunch to sub reddits using the same submission!! That will get you banned from sub reddits. 5.) ALWAYS ALWAYS Use a VPN!!! Stay protected online by using VPNS very important for cam girls etc doing live stuff on the side.

Layla Frost 2 weeks ago

Let me break this down in 1 comment. 1,) ALWAYS Upload your own content 2.) Do not use restricted words pornhub encouraged us to use before the purge example since some of my vids were cut - teen, young, 18, tip, hidden cam, and tons of others but these ones got me whacked. 3.) Don't just make videos and think that is all you need to do! This is a lot of work daily using sites like Reddit , Twiiter , Discord, Sharesome and tons more! Get ready for long days and night promoting it is worth it!!

Evgenii Gor 2 weeks ago



I have yet to be paid for November, a month of back and forth emails that takes days to receive and still corrected because the information I received was never clear. Absolutely insanity. So survival? Ha good thing I actually hold a full time job in corporate America.

Emma Goodhead 2 weeks ago

Yeah it's kinda ridiculous that PH is pretending to care about ethics.


I've spent more time the past 30 days trying to get 130.00 then less then what I would make min wage . But it is what it is, I can't make them change their support procedures but I can say that it's disappointing, knowing they are capable of better for us to get in contact and making communication more accessible like they do for the live cam models.


Under attack for what though exactly? That part isn't very clear on your end Naughty Natali. I'm not talking about view share pay or tips. I'm speaking of my pay out from July to November. I only hit my first 100 in the beginning of November. So yes actually this is their fault. I never said I didn't support them or that they don't give back to the community not one time. I'm not sure why you're going off on my post expressing my frustration over my personal experience.

Naughty Natali 2 weeks ago

What makes me sad is everyone acting like this is all pornhubs fault. They are under attack, from financial organisations and religious groups. The coompany supporting The world during covid, supporting charities, had its finances pulled from under it. I am bummed at not getting my payout, but i know its not their fault and i will stand by them.

Luxurious boy 2 weeks ago

"""""I can't upload new videos and my views of free videos dropped

LunaLustxxx 2 weeks ago

Instead of getting 150 for December, now I get 0 Cuz viewshare was cut in half so I cant take out the 75 I actually made. So to see them doing this event was extra funny to me

FitCoupleLust 2 weeks ago

Sorry to hear! hope it gets resolved

PinkMoonLust 2 weeks ago

I'm sorry you had to go through this. ❤ I'm sure it didn't feel good at all. 💜

ilovemymistress 2 weeks ago

They cut, deleted and block a lot of my videos, the sales drop to "0" literally, and now they want to coach us , that's funny hahahahahahaha

LunaLustxxx 2 weeks ago

If you guys actually want to help, maybe lower your payout during this pandemic??.. viewshare was cut in half so instead of thinking I made 150, I made 75... and I cant even get MY money now ofc

LunaLustxxx 2 weeks ago

Right! Like I dont care what they are doing.. They should have thought about that long ago when they allowed anybody and their dogs to upload content! I am super bummed that as a low income model, I am not receiving $150 that i REALLY needed. Poor people do not have the option of "looking on the bright side" especially during a fucking PANDEMIC. I generally think $100 payout minimums are freaking ridiculous too. Getting $75 would have been alot better than NOTHING!

Lonna Wells 2 weeks ago

It's because we are having problems with payment processors. They have stated that in several previous blogs and have explained what's happening with viewshare payments. This is basically because of visa and them pulling out.

MissCinn 2 weeks ago

Right!! They're making it impossible for us to make money now.

ALEXANDRA C 2 weeks ago

❤💜💙💚💛 Hello everyone ... It will be interesting to participate .. I will do my best to be there .. Lately I've been noticing strange things on the site, views come and go ... contest videos disappear ... the viewshare calculations are weird ... what is happening ? hello FRIEND💛

Onerealblonde 2 weeks ago

thanks, we are for safe sex😉

Alex Cum 2 weeks ago

Very good idea, the important thing is that we get out of this bad pornhub situation as soon as possible and this event helps a lot.

PinkMoonLust 2 weeks ago

Safety first! 🌞🌷

TheIslandCouple 2 weeks ago

And us! Another great initiative. Thanks PH 😘

Allie Peach 2 weeks ago

Thanks PH! I don’t want to watch alone... any horny guys wanna join me? 👅😈💦

Adrock1981 2 weeks ago

Might as well

PassionBunny 2 weeks ago

Great idea! I'm join and support this It's very important for everybody now!

FitCoupleLust 2 weeks ago

I agree with this !

SeriousDripcat 2 weeks ago

Hi 🙋‍♀️

my_porno_life 2 weeks ago

Happy New Year to all models, I wish you new heights and achievements.

fap2video 2 weeks ago

Interesting... I will try it. Maybe there will be some useful tips. Thank you 🔥🔥

Lady Bellatrix 2 weeks ago

How about instead of a Sex Work Survival Guide, you tell sex workers who rely on your platform for income what is going on? That would be a more useful guide.

Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago


GiocondaLisa 2 weeks ago

Excellent idea 💡

PiercedKitty 1 week ago

Why are you all arguing? We should be joining together and fucking each other and making our money. We can't make the money if we're fighting and not fucking. Go to my page and let's try to work something out please

HungryMother 1 week ago

Yes, strange, there is still no payment.

Barbie Stone 1 week ago

Does anyone know when we get payed???

Annabella'sSecrets 2 weeks ago

Good iniziative!

Your fantasy360 2 weeks ago

Great move hopefully this will help a lot of models,here is to making more great content in the new year🍆🍑🍑🍑, lets fuck😍😍

MissCinn 2 weeks ago

Having issues with Fan Club not working, wtf. We're losing income here.

The Chubbs 2 weeks ago


Shyla Nervous 2 weeks ago

I wish we knew about this sooner! I will have to check out the recordings.

ZlataShine 2 weeks ago

Thanks so much 🤩

Lina Precious 2 weeks ago

It's very important for us!

Filakia 2 weeks ago

What a great effort for our naughty community! I’m especially looking forward to Shayla Lang’s talk this evening! 😘

HotDreadLesbianCouple 2 weeks ago

If you need relaxation..... Click here : https://fr.pornhub.com/model/hotdreadlesbiancouple. 😘

Andreyscott 2 weeks ago

Sounds like fun,😝 see you there

Kinkyguy-20 2 weeks ago


VikkiandCock 2 weeks ago

Look at our FIRST ANAL video and subscribe!

Rochi Hot Bunny 2 weeks ago

Great initiative dear Pornhub!!

Queen Soukaina 2 weeks ago

sounds good !!guys check me out 💋💋💋

Alia Malia 2 weeks ago

Lost my job yesterday and this seems like the route I'll be taking... Can't glorify sex work. Not a lot of glitz and glamor minus the costumes. People hardly pay for porn, why would they pay to see me?

Cameron Canela Yesterday

I can't find this information anywhere now that the event is over.. help please would love more info

FawaHb 4 days ago

Will ficken

Cadysecret 5 days ago

Im new☺ Young milf with big Ass🌋 Enjoy💋

captain7328 6 days ago


Queenn Blu3 1 week ago

Hopefully things get better

SoftApprouch 1 week ago

WE missed it, was it any good? Is there someone who can send as DM and tell about these topics? Maybe there is live footage somewhere where you can watch it again?

Creamybisaya699 1 week ago

i’m so sick and tired of masturbating myself to s***p every night, this is just sad. I wanna be loved by someone and grow old with this guy but all he does is drinks and smokes his life away but i just wanna be here for him for every step of the way of his life like we used too. I miss her so much, i miss his laugh i miss eveything about this him. i would do anything just to get the dick like i used too. I just wanna ORGASM.

Clem Pie 2 weeks ago

where I can watch a recording of this event?

ebonney1985 2 weeks ago


bako1984 2 weeks ago


22-24cmPurePenis 2 weeks ago

When are you repeating this event?

Sin City 2021 2 weeks ago

Всем привет 🌋

Candy Camille 2 weeks ago

I have been in this wonderful world for almost 3 years and I have some tips for new models and couples who want to boost their profile.Although I am not a star, I do not complain about my development in this medium.I leave you these tips because I think it is good to support each other between models. If you want this 10 tips please dm me =)

HungryMother 1 week ago

Hey. It would be great. share with me

DoughChasers247 2 weeks ago

Check us out. We’re new here

Luxury_Key 2 weeks ago


shave_metzitza 2 weeks ago


MysticalQueen 2 weeks ago

Awesome content. 😍😍 great for my new comming video

Bairon-roca 2 weeks ago

I invite you to look at my profile and subscribe and like it, do not forget to leave your comment

SexwithMilfStella 2 weeks ago

Love that you guys are part of stuff like this!

IsheS 2 weeks ago

We'll get to know it later Regards

Houston4Hire 2 weeks ago

Sounds like a blast. Hope to see you guys all there. and while I am here I would love it if you guys and gals could go check out my videos.

Emma Goodhead 2 weeks ago

If Pornhub really wants to be the leader in adult entertainment for the next decade the path to success is pretty obvious to me. Start paying your content creators (CC) dummy. Which ever platform seems the most lucrative for CC quickly becomes the next viral trend. Why make a $100 mil a year when you could make $10 bil a year?

Alexis and Nina 2 weeks ago

Views come and go , and the marketing is so weird...but we will keep working 3 check us out

Jaymoneybills 2 weeks ago

I'll tune inn

Pharamona Zhou 2 weeks ago

you had me until you started going on about politics in your course description. im good.....

bako1984 2 weeks ago


Eva Lux 2 weeks ago


Lusciouslipservice 2 weeks ago

I think u edited my pics and video to give me a lower score on model rank i think u do it to everybody

Sylvia Chrystall 2 weeks ago

In according to the popular urban legends Boob a Fat was the first and last being who blasted himself off from the abyss of the pit of the hell of Sarla.cc. So, good lick or luck or anything as well ;-)

TheHybridWolve 2 weeks ago

I sure will attend. I need enlightenment

ChezzaLuna 2 weeks ago

Thank you for support, for many years there was almost none. Now we have resources. Thank you.

WackAMole7 2 weeks ago

Jamaica we got a bobsled team!🇯🇲

dorisstar 2 weeks ago

what are good and bad things about it,after join?

Shecumseasy 2 weeks ago

This is so helpful!!

Luna Rain 2 weeks ago

What a great learning opportunity as everything has changed...

Fetishss 2 weeks ago


Fetishss 2 weeks ago


FetishFanatic69 2 weeks ago

Just made my 1st video with my girlfriend. It's definitely niche but she's hardcore and willing so I thought I'd set the bar there. Check it out if you're into it! https://www.pornhub.com/model/fetishfanatic69

Milkslut99 2 weeks ago

А чё по-русски никто не общается?)

Asya_Asya 2 weeks ago

hi guys, I just started learning this wonderful profession a few days ago and am glad to be among good people. We have common interests. Please, who have been working here for a long time, give the right direction how I can raise views and attract new viewers. Thank you very much for reading. All success and prosperity ... kisses

Clem Pie 2 weeks ago

Hope Sex-Work will be legal in post-Soviet Russia.. Привет из Прекрасной России будущего с кошкодевочками! 💜

minutecouple 2 weeks ago

that's what i like about pornhub❤❤

SsecnirpNailati 2 weeks ago

Knowledge is power, thanks for doing this. ❤❤❤

AlphaCutie 2 weeks ago


Maria Vais 2 weeks ago

return our visa and mastercard

Target Girl 2 weeks ago


Sexygirl717 2 weeks ago

I'll definitely join in.

Jamie Christy 2 weeks ago


Taco_Destroyer 2 weeks ago

Anyone looking for a partner in texas area

Goodlywoodly 2 weeks ago


Serena_Oona 2 weeks ago

Fantástico proposal. Thanks! https://es.pornhub.com/model/serena_oona

BBCandTP 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the TIPS guys as we're just starting out so appreciate anything that helps us to build our profile.😘

Fuck_the_mask 2 weeks ago

Safety and privacy are important these days. All love and sex!

Miss Didi 2 weeks ago

Safety first❤ XOXO

Madhatter52 2 weeks ago

I'm new to this, definitely would enjoy the help!

lovegay294 2 weeks ago

Great 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Micka Ross 2 weeks ago

Ok. Good 👍🏾

Natalia Kapretti 2 weeks ago

Thank you pornhub, I will definitely participate.

Stonedcouplez 2 weeks ago

Love to stay informed! Thank you!

Acid Kitty 2 weeks ago

it is a good news for model, thanks ❤

Meri-Mouse 2 weeks ago

interesting to see)

Legohub 2 weeks ago

I build Lego sets on a porn website. Should I be considered a sex worker?

Eva Nixon 2 weeks ago

I'm excited. I've been in the industry since 2016, but this will be the first event type of thing I've "gone" to. Can't wait to hear from all these awesome humans!

Dekanx 2 weeks ago


KinkiCoupleXXX 2 weeks ago

nice information

SiberianDoll 2 weeks ago

That's great idea! I'll watch. I think it'll be interesting! Thanks ❤

HighWeFuck 2 weeks ago

Can’t wait for this ❤

Scrambled1994 2 weeks ago

creo q esperare a q lo graben en español, mi internet es un poco cara y la verdad no domino el ingles como para entenderlo a la velocidad q lo hablan

lucious614 2 weeks ago

I am interested. Gotta finish filming tho😜

Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago

I hate to be that person PornHub, but... Event*

Kitty Smith69 2 weeks ago

It sounds very interesting to me. Specially the part of Marketing

Aryana Ary 2 weeks ago

Kisses :*

779antonio 2 weeks ago



Check out my New Orleans made content 😈😏👅

Sweet girl 197 2 weeks ago

Mujeres o parejas para una colaboración?

StoneOne59 2 weeks ago

Need girls for videos message me

mitch7282 2 weeks ago

Definitely a good thing to watch and learn. Everyone should watch even if you are not a sex worker!

Kallielonewolf 2 weeks ago

Thanks pornhub

MelissaMulver 2 weeks ago

very interesting thank you for sharing!!!

TheGoddessOfLust 2 weeks ago

This is wonderful, thank you. 💖

lovestheass 2 weeks ago

Morals. Ha. 😈

MissCinn 2 weeks ago

Looking forward to this.

SoakedPisser1 2 weeks ago

Awesome! Great themes!

Monica Bayliss 2 weeks ago

Thanks 4 adding the info xx

DenayaJupiter2274 2 weeks ago

Signed up! Thanks for putting this together

Pink Milk 2 weeks ago

I will not be able to watch you live: broadcast recording - wait for me 😍😍😍

Leo Hellstrom 2 weeks ago


ISEEME BAE 2 weeks ago

Don’t actually understood about my premium content.. do i need to remove it?

ISEEME BAE 2 weeks ago

Thank you , just in case I downloaded all my vids never know what happens here

Monica Bayliss 2 weeks ago

It is just temporary, not have to remove it..

Ayira Oba 2 weeks ago

Excellent ! very good initiative

Gregore Erotic 2 weeks ago

Just registered, thank y'all for sharing this, so important, important to know too this kind of learning event helps better keep trans sex workers safe, black trans women of color are especially vulnerable to hate

MissTease 2 weeks ago

Sounds good x

Naemyia 2 weeks ago

Sounds really interesting

Reaha Lust 2 weeks ago

Free Nice i Love free you see this help by subbing 3

MartinPaola 2 weeks ago

TheTeensCouple 2 weeks ago

Fantastic! Hi guys can you support us? just suscribe us

Brittany Blowsu 2 weeks ago

Sounds Awesome!! Cum check me out... https://www.pornhub.com/model/brittany-blowsu

AnnaBacardi 2 weeks ago

Can you please tell me if there is any instruction on how to set up the translation of the broadcast recording?

Greek Booty 2 weeks ago


Natural Tight 2 weeks ago

Great that you're doing this! I'll definetly be watching x

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