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by: pornhub

At Pornhub, the safety of our community is our top priority. Last week, we enacted the most comprehensive safeguards in user-generated platform history. We banned unverified uploaders from posting new content, eliminated downloads, and partnered with dozens of non-profit organizations, among other major policy changes (please read here for more details).

As part of our policy to ban unverified uploaders, we have now also suspended all previously uploaded content that was not created by content partners or members of the Model Program. This means every piece of Pornhub content is from verified uploaders, a requirement that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter have yet to institute.

Leading non-profit organizations and advocacy groups acknowledge our efforts to date at combating illegal content have been effective. Over the last three years, Facebook self-reported 84 million instances of child sexual abuse material. During that same period, the independent, third-party Internet Watch Foundation reported 118 incidents on Pornhub. That is still 118 too many, which is why we are committed to taking every necessary action.

It is clear that Pornhub is being targeted not because of our policies and how we compare to our peers, but because we are an adult content platform. The two groups that have spearheaded the campaign against our company are the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (formerly known as Morality in Media) and Exodus Cry/TraffickingHub. These are organizations dedicated to abolishing pornography, banning material they claim is obscene, and shutting down commercial sex work. These are the same forces that have spent 50 years demonizing Playboy, the National Endowment for the Arts, sex education, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, and even the American Library Association. Today, it happens to be Pornhub.

In today’s world, all social media platforms share the responsibility to combat illegal material. Solutions must be driven by real facts and real experts. We hope we have demonstrated our dedication to leading by example.


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keisatsu 1 month ago

2020 is the worst year

LKOIijssw 2 weeks ago

was the worst year, Thank god its over

ALEXANDRA C 3 weeks ago


WackAMole7 1 month ago


rubbbit 1 month ago

Is there a way to permanently delete my profile? Looking at my empty playlists is making me sad.

NAVIGR81 1 week ago

Apparently, we have to register ourselves as models in order to regain the identity and the uploading privileges. 😑

Saint Eerie 2 weeks ago

You could make new playlists! There are a lot of amateurs signing up and getting verified.

Crimrui 1 month ago

WTF, I lost everything that I had saved and favorited. Time to abandon ship.

NAVIGR81 1 week ago

I used to be a verified member (i.e. had sent my photos to the network), but now can't even keep an avatar or a personal background. I have been a loyal Premium account subscriber for 3 years, and often paid for the subscription of others. Besides, I really hope that the administrators could find an alternative payment processing method (following Visa and MasterCard's mean decision for not accepting transactions related to P-Hub). Could we pay via bank transfers like at other adult websites?

HLFuckhouse 2 weeks ago

Same! Time to move on...

kaharold 2 weeks ago

Exactly Me Too I'm Very Pissed.

JackleJulie 3 weeks ago

dude pornhub is losing users

madmike1331 3 weeks ago

me too i'm telling porn dude!

iHeartKz 3 weeks ago

Same wtf pornhub is trippin..

coyote311 1 month ago

I was verified and uploaded previews from my own store and they gave me the axe! All of my videos and photos are gone! Now I am going to x videos to post there and will never be back on PH again!

HopelessBanana 1 month ago

same problem i really hope they read every bloody comment and fix it

SnipsNSnails 1 month ago

I'm not a model nor a content creator, so maybe I am misunderstanding something. From the sound of it, even the verified creators who produced their own material lost all their rankings and videos, while those in the official Modelhub program, in which Pornhub gets a cut, remained unaffected. I'm sorry, but if the claimed purpose is to prevent porn from being stolen, as well as stopping inappropriate content, how does this help? It couldn't be more obvious the focus is on their own profit margin

pcnaughtysims 1 month ago

Same here (Only WORSE) - On my main NON-NSFW Gaming account @ pcnaughtyboy - YEARS of VIDEO UPLOADS (For which THERE ARE NO BACKUPS OF) are just GONE (Like POOF). As for MY PLAYLISTS - I don't even IMAGINE the condition THEY are in. That's IN ADDITION TO MY AVATAR there (As the one here did) DISAPPEARING (SOMETHING TOLD ME I should've kept my old one from my Xbox there but did I listen - NO (Like A DUMBASS now :/). IN THE MEANTIME, I've submitted a new avatar "For review"

AdamRiverLove 1 month ago

Sheeeh that does suck.. although better for the models now I guess.. for the users.. not as ideal

Xantis 1 month ago

Same here

bigdickdomsub 1 month ago

years of favorite videos gone. this is bullshit!

IncelAnon7 1 month ago

I will definitely do that. What's the point in staying? I only visited the site for those amateurs who decided to go all out and despite not having any money made their own vids. There was passion there. Now they are all gone. I get that the site had no choice, but still.

DevilTop666 1 month ago

I was verified and they removed all my content badge... They only kept Models cuz they earn from them... I wish at least if we got some news that some of our videos could be returned

AgathaHarris 1 month ago

Don't rush to run like a rat from a ship, we can only cope with everything together.

Brandynette 1 month ago

Ill join the Last Faptallion ! We will make Pornhub Great Again!

Darkness_VIPER 1 month ago

Same where..All of my Favorited videos are gone..

BluePheonix 1 month ago

Same here dude. Lost about 98% of the stuff I had. Like, why couldn't they just remove the vids that caused the problems instead and gave us a all warning or heads up or something.

MylifeSad 1 month ago

Same bruh am so pissed but i think its good cause am a porn addict and am tryna do semen retention it increases your penis size and build confidence bit it would be nice if i still have my old vidoes that i had saved to my playlist/favorites 😔

AnastaciaChristian 1 month ago

Hello! Come and rate a hot blowjob 💦

tattoogirl20 1 month ago


glaze_u_good 1 month ago

The rodent just followed. Noticed their change about an hour ago. Their download option has been removed even being logged in to my own profile, I cant retrieve my own content i uploaded.

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Y’all will be back lol PornHub will just now have safe porn.

asriel 1 month ago

I'm sorry to hear that. I know that it isn't popular with everyone but you can always consider using torrent trackers like pornolab .net

glaze_u_good 1 month ago

Thats why no one should have relied on one site to save. I wont be surprised if other sites follow. Better go get tour stuff before its really ALL gone.

AmiKawashiima 1 month ago

my vsauce videos are fucking gone

JustinConrad 1 month ago

Create a library with verified content.

ddude33 1 month ago

Fitting for a porn site to fuck all of its users. 🤡🌎

Giselledmogas 2 weeks ago

DaAmaZy, pense que demomento estan siendo revisadas asi que hay experanzas de que vuelvan a subir las animaciones.

DaAmaZy 3 weeks ago

Succubus, ur trotting around here all high n' mighty like everyone is in it 4 money. If ppl post their content W/O monetary intentions, it's fine 2 consume it for free. PH catered to SO many more different kinks than most sites, now high quality unique stuff is gone (like many great original/off brand animations). Many ppl have no reason to want to spend their money here now, unless they want basic cosplay porn to fill the void of their favorite animations.

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Nah, y’all just mad you gotta pay now

lianxiQQ2103878024 1 month ago


Cagedjock 1 month ago

2020 is a year we all wanna skip. All my favorited videos are gone. Someone please get verified and reupload the sexy pop per training videos.

Giselledmogas 2 weeks ago

Tambien algunos de los mios. Pero entiendo que es una medida justa porque la pagina se ha metido en varios problemas graves por usuarios crueles.

Danny Kato 3 weeks ago

Got hit by the wipe. Guess it's back to Xtube for me.

Naughty Natali 1 month ago

Thats the spirit, pornhub have been targetted i cant believe so many people have decided to jump ship. I for one uploaded new content to my fanclub made an adult themed shopping parody (its not pornographic just a bit of fun) and uploaded them in solidarity. I will be making more pornhub content not less.

Lamarw0677 1 month ago

Just got verified

Xantis 1 month ago

yeah it is BS

Lycreamy 1 month ago

What you looking for Love?

Can8tive 1 month ago

I am with you Caged! So sad.

Texaslatino777 1 month ago

Trying the process takes awhile

Fucktotum 1 month ago

we are verified models but several of our contents are under review, is there any news?

DoomerManlet 1 month ago

Lol, 2020 was just a foretaste for what's coming. The coming years will be exponentially worse.

KinkiCoupleXXX 1 month ago

yeah is a sad year

Brandynette 1 month ago

Biiiish ive been digging into all 3 of my 1T HDDS

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Devil: Because I can. “You’re clearly scam” Lol okay.

Dee42HH 1 month ago

2020 has been the worst.

Dee42HH 1 month ago

Agreed. 2020 has been garbage.

DevilTop666 1 month ago

Succubus Sin why you reply on every comment here??? You are clearly a scam, and why do you think all of us wanna make videos for cash??? Some of us do it for free

DevilTop666 1 month ago

They said 'they remove everything thats not verified' - well my account was VERIFIED, and still my vids got deleted... Btw if those 118 videos existed, why they didnt investigate just those evil freaks and not all of us???

CUTIEGURL30 1 month ago

Do you know when they will restore my rank and image ???

squirtluvr1 1 month ago

I hope the PH administrators are pleased with themselves. Their actions have done absolutely nothing but destroy a pretty fun way to participate in the porn game. Oh well, I suppose we'll have to look elsewhere.

NOTABU2 1 month ago

For years I have been buying custom vids from PH models, most of them became viral and brought millions of views to those models... now Pornhub erased them with no explanation.. MihaNika69, MollyRedWolf, Brandi Braids, Mona Charm.. they took from me my verified status and as always they treat with me like S H I T. no response why they made me a regular unknown user again. Models gives them prestige, but guys like me money...how they are going to keep their models, when they piss off their payers

AnastaciaChristian 1 month ago

Hello! Come and rate a hot blowjob 💦

st1240357 1 month ago


schubba 1 month ago

@Gilli Waters You don't get it. We don't want more semi-professional pornstars that deliver boring semi-professional porn in which they act as if they have fun to sell us their boring onlyfans and their amazon wishlists.

Gilli Waters 1 month ago

Angry your content is gone? Become a model and earn money! I will gladly help however I can on your journey! Use referral code 1743338121 and help me out, too. I know it might be discouraging but together we can make PornHub great again! 💚💚

bodycult 1 month ago

@succubus sin i wouldn't watch your content for free so why would i buy it ? I mean it in a non offensive logical way so no harm intended

Toyhammer 1 month ago

@ sin and you realy think that all people that are left will now buying your vids? Think about it, whos buying stuff? People who want there content sold? *Do you buy vids from others?* I was and will buy very specific vids with very spezial content. This will not change, what will change is that i´m not looking around so no random view for others. i will stick to the few ones left from my fav list, thats it.

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Time to pay for porn everyone.💗💗 Kick and scream all you like.~ I won’t be surprised if other sites begin to follow suit.

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Apparently if you didn’t send them your birth certificate as well. You don’t count as really verified.

Luxurious boy 1 month ago

This is a big problem and a disaster for porn actors and amateurs! after all, many received a lot of income from fans! there were a lot of tips and a lot of fans! this is a catastrophe ! I hope that soon everything will be decided and everything will be as before! let's believe that the porno hub will find a way out of this situation!

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

And that’s good because many people sneak m**r performers into their videos or have used CP as their profile pictures. Get verified. Like send them your ID and a second document like your birth certificate. The selfie and sign isn’t enough.

DaddyInAlice 1 month ago

You'd need to get release forms for every cock in the video...

Jovonteese3 1 month ago

It would have been enough to remove the contents deemed illegal and prohibited by the regulation without involving all active users on this site.

215ForYourPleasure 3 weeks ago

@natali the cards bolted after PH admitted fault. PH should have been on their A game and let this be the initial response. I think the cards pulled out over the CP an RP more than because “models arent being paid properly” or anything of that nature. They should have stood by their users which are clearly better than FB or IG. If PH were the victim and not the enemy, I’d have jumped the hoops to restore my premium here.

Naughty Natali 1 month ago

If that were true, mastercard would have already given pornhub back card processing, yet they havent, pornhub did the minimum of what the card processors expected and they still have no payment gateway, these serevrs are expensive, pornhub cannot hold the catalogue it was holding without a revenue stream.

DevilTop666 1 month ago

Couldnt agree more!!!! They could just investigate/ban those who broke the law

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

There are millions of videos. PornHub did the right thing.

ObiWanCumnobi 1 month ago

Rip the true amateur porn on this site, now it's just onlyfans 2.0

Juniper_and_Roland 2 weeks ago

We're verified amateurs!! We not very good but we have content!

Saint Eerie 2 weeks ago

There are a lot of amateurs signing up. I just signed up and got verified like five days ago. I literally knew nothing about this and I’m rather displeased that payment is disabled. Like why can’t people tip or buy my personalized videos? Either way, lots of us are here. It’s super easy to get verified. I don’t think it’ll stop anyone.

NaughtyK76 3 weeks ago

Eva...give it time, your payouts from PH will eventually tank or not be paid out anywhere near the rate they are now.

GordRaze 3 weeks ago

I agree with you on that. I dislike "professional" porn for the most part. It's too fake. And homemade just felt more "real" than amateur stuff. X Videos still seem to be doing good, although they've removed a lot more search results too.

Eva Nixon 1 month ago

lol As a model, its nothing like OF's. OF's treats their models like sh*t (I'm currently due money from them and they keep canceling the payout so I'm a bit pissy lol)

JnTease 1 month ago

Real amateurs here 🙋🏾‍♀🙋🏾‍♂ We have no content posted anywhere else.

bigspade1 1 month ago

No only fans here just a married couple doin our amateur thing check us out

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

The fact is, " verified " didnt mean nothing since no age verfications was done, i had to prove with proper IDs and still have to everytime a new cock etc..is in a video.

Mr_XES 1 month ago

All the content I post is still true amateur porn. We still need the community to support what we create.

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

It’s time y’all pay for porn anyway.

HelloMrMonk 1 month ago

@jedi-mind-chick" "people can't download my vids anymore, but I'm not sure. Can someone please check for me?" no I can't download any. oh damnnn *that* was the Jedi mind trick. You see this @obiwancumnobi?

TheSophieJames 1 month ago

I have plenty of free streaming content and will upload some more this week. I am waiting on clarification of what is legally allowed on here now as the rules on what is allowed have also been tightened up I had a very vanilla solo video pending review yesterday x

mindsucking 1 month ago

I'm verified and all my content is gone. Good job!

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Your page was covered in stolen content. Shut up

mindsucking 1 month ago

@Kimmys feet yes, of course. Personal photos and videos.

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

Was the " content " your own production.....

jj9172 1 month ago

Maybe you mentioned the word "teen" or "young".

Laur_Zombi 1 month ago

I'm verified and you still removed all my content 🖕🏼

DevilTop666 1 month ago

Me too! They even removed blue badge from my username!!!!

Laur_Zombi 1 month ago

@succubus sin I can tell you unequivocally, that I did not share any content that was not 100% me

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

You had stolen content

Bootskinhead 1 month ago

We should have been told beforehand. This was extremely unprofessionally handled by PornHub.

NAVIGR81 1 week ago

Well said!

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Nope, it would give criminals a chance to save their fucked up illegal porn

KrazyK3210 1 month ago

I'm a verified user and all of my content is gone. This is bullshit. All of my videos and photos are gone. This site is run by losers anymore.

DevilTop666 1 month ago

Mine too... Im in compplete shock, they even removed my blue badge... And their statement isnt right, they DO REMOVE verified ones too, they only kept MODELS PROGRAM to keep earning cash -_-

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

You had stolen content. Cry some more.

TheTBoneSteak 1 month ago

You’re morons. You just nuked 86% of all your ad revenue to catch 118 videos? Do you genuinely think people will come running to Premium to save you? We’re all going to XVids and XHam. F**k you, you money grubbing losers.

pcguy1 1 month ago

This widespread video banning is horrible

MrDarke 1 month ago

Just lovely. All of my personal videos are just gone. A bit of warning would have been nice. Literally all I ever uploaded was my own personal videos so the guys I made them with could watch later.All gone. Every video. Every picture.And now the site is nothing but an AdHub for OnlyFans.Yeah, that's a Hard Pass.Thanks for deleting all my personal videos and pictures with no warning.

animanumera69 1 month ago

The question is sacrifice most of your user base was worth for getting back the good graces of mastercard ?

Naughty Natali 1 month ago

Matercard and Visa, with no income how do you expect them to stay online? They have no revenue stream and use as much server space as youtube. What would you do, run on empty for 6 weeeks trying to save everything and then close down losing it all? It makes more sense to lose 80 percent stay alive and rebuild.

dislikeofvice 1 month ago

Succubus Sin is a blatant troll, don't give xer any attention

animanumera69 1 month ago

Succubus Sin so you say everyone who lost their acc now is a cp pirate? Its similar if someone say you are a money hungry thot who only happy that the "competition" is gone now and you can get more money. Well good luck with that.

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

You mean guys who upload CP and stolen content? Yes.

asriel 1 month ago

Insert Thanos "What did it cost/ Everything" meme here.

trw6977 1 month ago

Wow what a fucking joke! The best vids were always the true homemade/amateur stuff. When it's an "act" I can hardly watch... kind of like a scary movie... You know damn well there's 5 people behind the cam, 5 over there having lunch a couple people just milling around. How my supposed to keep a stiffy with all that going on? LMAO Welp - IMHO P/H was the best site going... going to have to start the search for a new place :-(

K8ORLY 1 month ago

Also legit amateurs who fuck for real here. Even though this change is hurting our income atm, we think it's well overdue. Let's be real. Most unverified uploads WERE stolen content (as much as we enjoyed the PMV remixes, they were almost all made w someone else's content without permission, and unverified uploads allowed for the worst illegal content to be uploaded). PH was making A LOT of money on those videos with nothing going back to the actual content owners, that's straight up unethical.

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

TRW, you’re the biggest whiner here. I hope every video you loved is gone

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Waaahhh I have to pay for porn now!! That’s y’all lmao

DeliciousTidepods 1 month ago

Yeah I can’t watch “amateur porn” with thousands or millions of views

yunhai97 1 month ago


MrGoudreauXXX 1 month ago

People need to realize they're not entitled to other people's porn lol

reapper77 1 month ago

People here arguing that is a good thing, lmao, 80% of the content on this page was purged.

Vivian Rose 1 month ago

There are still tons of "true amateur" videos. I make all my videos on my own with a phone camera and do the editing myself. The only thing that has changed is that PH requires people to verify their age in order to upload... that's it! This is a good thing.

trw6977 1 month ago

Not trying to offend anyone. So let me clarify - if I have to pay to watch your not an amateur. Just like in sports, once you take the money you're pro. Also if I pay that means I'm watching your content only for however long... if I wanted the same sh*t every day I'd go upstairs and bang my old lady 😁

KingOfCreampies 1 month ago

We are a verified couple and all of our content is how we really fuck. Maybe a few changes to give a better angle or lighting, but you can tell when none of that matters and I'm just fucking her to my heart's desire! 110% real couple. And our stuff survived and we will keep making new stuff. Hopefully you can find others like us that made it through the great purge.

horse2387 1 month ago

Not really. Look around. Most of us amateur accounts are actually that, AMATEUR. I for one am alone in most of my videos and the ones I'm not alone with, it's literally whoever is in said video with me. As amateur as it can possibly get. Lol. People are more so freaking out about not wanting to pay for amateur videos that anything else. Or mad because other ppls videos are being deleted when the uploaders don't even have permission in the first place.

p1-o2 1 month ago

Congratulations, I'm canceling my sub. You deleted my videos without warning me.May PornHub die and be remembered as a terribly managed internet service. Never subscribe to MindGeek ever again.

215ForYourPleasure 3 weeks ago

@nat PH acted before the cards said anything. They acted immediately following the article and then the cards acted. A lot of us have been “loyal” to PH for years, only to wake up and have PH tell us we dont matter and have our community within PH call us thieves and freeloaders. Thats why people are jumping ship.

Naughty Natali 1 month ago

Holy s***, so they got attacked by card processors, took action as quickly as they HAD too, mastercard and visa didnt say "tell your users to download all the stuff they are not allowed" theyu terminated pornhubs revenue stream with petabytes of servers holding data. They lowereed the cost of operation to its lowest possible while doing what should have reinstated cards. Content can be rebuilt but not if the service is gone. The lack of loyalty for the company who donates to so many charities

MylifeSad 1 month ago

Same f this shi lol I can’t even spell the f word on a this website that promote 18+ content. It keeps on saying this word is band 😐 whats wrong with porn hub 😑😭

Succubus Sin 1 month ago


coyote311 1 month ago

Since PH decided to remove my verified status and all of my content I will be deleting my account. For those looking for alternatives I would recommend X Hamster. I have set up an account there and will be uploading my content with them. What a lot of these "models" on here who are bashing people in the comments fail to understand is that PH is going to become OnlyFans 2.0 and will turn into a ghost town as there will be a lot of people leaving for greener pastures. No viewers means no money.

Greaseman46 1 month ago

Thanks for the alternatives. I liked X Video site!

Mister_Christer 1 month ago

Go to x videos

OneTightFit 1 month ago

Also, judging by the 4k comments she's left on everyone else's comments, I'm sensing some real resentment against those who don't charge for porn. Most likely some delusion that with the competition out of the way her lame videos will now net her loads of cash, like she's entitled or something.

OneTightFit 1 month ago

What @Succubus sin refuses to acknowledge is that there was a huge community of exhibitionists who didn't make porn for money, they did it for the thrill of others watching them and to do the same with the other amateurs. If we've learned anything from big tech it should be that we're told sensitive information is protected and only used in certain ways, but it's not. It's only a matter of time before they get hacked or information gets out one way or another, compromising anonymity.

BlueRockLover 1 month ago

Succubus, can you stop commenting on everyone's post. You seem very conceded and butt hurt (maybe literally.) Allow others to express their opinions on this dying website.

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Lol bye

PeterKrass 1 month ago

Authentic amateur content has always been the primary reason for me to be here. This "Partners" and "Models only" Content is often completely boring and lacks the creativity of the amateur community.

mrluwaki 1 month ago

That's a result of your system and people being unable to build algorithms to review all the content in the platform. You ruined all your fan and user base just by clicking the panic button. You've shown your people that you are unable to resolve your problems. Deleting whatever is not uploaded by professional accounts seemed like a good idea to you. Every account has friends, and the majority had content. Now it is impossible to indicate who's who. No reason for anyone to stay here. I am out.

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Cry some more. Bye.

thebigleggenda90 1 month ago

"2020 can't get any worse" PornHub:

savagewhiteboi 1 month ago

Wow. This is incredibly short sighted. Say goodbye to your viewerbase. No more PMVs, no compilations, no nothing unless its verified? Then why wouldn't I just go to the model first? You facilitate no purpose now.

dislikeofvice 1 month ago

@MissPentium2001"porn industry will gain more respect" lmao you wish. You will never not be a whore

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

I’m just hear to see dudes who gotta pay for porn now cry

pcguy1 1 month ago

widespread banning of videos is horrible and only letting verified users upload is only going to push people away from your platform.

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Keep crying. Lol Go verify and start paying for legal porn.

rubbbit 1 month ago

If someone from the pornhub staff reads this, please delete my account and everything associated to it permanently. I don't want to support this kind of behaviour with anything, even if it is just as little as an increment of 1 in the user count. Six years and that's how you treat your user base... That's just unforgivable.

rubbbit 1 month ago

@pixieservesHim: I support it absolutely! I do not support CP in any way, and i think that must be approached legally. But sure do i support users uploading content. thta's exactly what made pornhub as big as they are now. That's what people supported pornhub for over years and years, and that's what pornhub stabbed them in the back now for.

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Lol bye

215ForYourPleasure 1 month ago

The pomposity of some of you “models” is enough to make buyers walk away if the treatment from the hub didnt

Unworthy1Honored2 1 month ago

And its always the ones who videos you wouldnt watch if you were being paid to with some goofy axx remark. Lol the stars who should be worried aint on this dxmn board crying. If im watching “pirated” vids believe its abuela or riley not no dxmn jane doe lol

Unworthy1Honored2 1 month ago

If it wasnt clear... add my new account, that i wont be paying for shxt on... 215foryourpleasure

Unworthy1Honored2 1 month ago

@succubus sin ... for starters i was paying just to be on this site before they dismantled my page. Nevermind the vids I purchased or apps i cashed. This was about my right to my own content. But hearing dumb shxt like what your saying, does make the people who have it to give want to walk away. If this is men v women. Im good with what i got on my snap. This was a social site that replaced tumblr. All this “stealing”, “freeloading” talk kxll or will kxll the culture. But continue...

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Suddenly freeloading men on this site are “buyers”.

Only_choice 1 month ago

This is a clear case of persecution. I understand and respect all decisions, but this comparison with facebook leaves no doubt. We live in a world full of hypocrisy ... the decision of Mastercard and Visa is to regret 🤔

FluffySeaVixen 1 month ago

You've destroyed all my favorite videos and you removed my avatar and header without any warnings. Bravo on treating your users like dirt. Go **** yourself, pornhub.

Starfucker123456 1 month ago

Ok. After deleting nearly 80% of the whole content, you shouldn't be surprised by loosing 80% users.....

Lilia24MTF 1 month ago

I'm verified and all my content is gone.

HardNipples84 1 month ago

Same!!! :/ BS!

Rooster899 1 month ago

Succusbus Sin you are a fucking idiot XD

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

You had a bunch of stolen content on your page my dude.

Vlove300 1 month ago

Well everyone, time to find a new website

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

All the broke and cheap people are leaving. Bye 💗

Mister_Christer 1 month ago

*videos.com (since PH bans this comment, the * stands for x)

sextips 1 month ago

Welcome to the Onlyfans 2.0

dislikeofvice 1 month ago

@gowron1 based

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Good. Pay for porn.

SexySteph33 1 month ago

All of this without any warning ! This site sucks so much now !!! This is like launching nukes to a fucking bird shitting on your fucking car...

ILoveFlatChests 1 month ago

Pornhub, what have you done? I have faithfully used this site for over a decade and can't say that I've ever come across one of these troubling videos that has been mentioned during this controversy. I mostly watched videos in the 'cartoon' tab anyway. Most of which...was uploaded by unverified users. Most of these videos were animations, gif compilations etc uploaded from other sites for the Pornhub audience. Now that most of them are gone, I'm afraid that means I go too.

growthisgoodyes 1 month ago

This is my case exactly. great fucking job pornhub! Anyway... there is always another site.

topphacker 1 month ago

I feel you all my playlists of Cartoon and anime are empty why cause who ever uploaded them were not verified well duh they are artists not models or paid for porn actors hell I just double checked even the verified accounts that posted Cartoon porn and anime are gone well good bye Pornhub

TentedSpeedos 1 month ago

So the 3 videos I had uploaded have been deleted despite having nothing to do with any of this, and I'm expected to WANT to keep using the service? I'm a bit confused here.

TentedSpeedos 1 month ago

If that's the route they want to take then fine, but I at least want to be able to download my videos before they wipe my account for not being 'verified'. If I can't share them here I'll take them somewhere else.

joepan21 1 month ago

It's true you can be amateur and verified—but what about people who don't want to show their face? People who want to make content without revealing their identity? ffs this is so dumb

Giselledmogas 2 weeks ago

La regla no es tan mala porque unicamente te afecta si subes contenido infantil o si hay pruebas de que lo que sale en el video es abuso sexual... ahora que lo pienso, eliminaron videos de borrachas, deja reviso....Parece que no

Giselledmogas 2 weeks ago

La verificacion no significa que tengas una foto de perfil visible sino que debes enviar a pornhub una foto tuya.

urge2voy 1 month ago

I showed my face and held the sign to get verified. All the videos I uploaded were obviously just me. None of them had content on them that that they have now hit the panic button. I have never seen any of that content that they talk about nor have I ever searched for that garbage. This is bullshit

Vivian Rose 1 month ago

You can still do that. There are lots of verified people who don't show their face. Yes, you will have to show your face in one picture sent privately to pornhub but thats it/

woodeneternity 1 month ago

2020 even crushed my favorite website...

litpersonwhatever 1 month ago

pornhub is dead

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Nope, all the broke dudes are just running scared.

soupricebutsecks 1 month ago

Someone looked at tumblr's retarded decision to prohibit smut sharing and thought it was a great idea.

Tasteesquirt 1 month ago

I understand the need for abolishing illegal content. But a lot of the people who uploaded content did not want to be verified or part of the model program because they just enjoyed making porn. I made solo female masturbation videos. I had hundreds of subscribers, now all of my videos and pictures are gone. This was poorly executed. You could've given your member community a chance to become verified before purging their content. You have the technology.

215ForYourPleasure 3 weeks ago

Late, but if you wanted to stick around and keep your privacy, join the content partner program. Long as the pictures and videos are just you, you are fine. They should restore all of your old content. It can take a week or a little longer. Support only works on desktop mode.

Tbr50 1 month ago

You dont make money for PH so folks that made vids like you do dont matter to them. Nor do the fellow fans of that matter to them. Its sad really

BetaHazard 1 month ago

Can't wait to see the Pornhub Insights postings after this.

solo-wanker 1 month ago

you said there's a group of ppl trying to abolish pornography? so im assuming that group is you? because your doing a great job at driving ppl away by taxing us. but if your not part of this group than this was just a 2 IQ business move

TheBaker1993 1 month ago

All my videos: Gone. All my favorites: Mostly gone. All my playlists: Empty. And I can't even upload a profile pic. This could very well be the death of pornhub.

hasalternate 1 month ago

If the video won't actually play, then it should at least not show up in search results. The way things are _not_ working now is very annoying.

jay878101 1 month ago

Not sure if it's worth it to keep my premium account now. Hopefully you allow people to get refunds for the remaining months on their account since you deleted over 80% of all videos. I would have not signed up for a membership knowing this was going to be case.

AvmanM 2 weeks ago

I just got their Lifetime Subscription a month ago. Yay!

Greaseman46 1 month ago

Glad I did monthly.

hitotsu47 1 month ago

Maybe do a chargeback with your credit card company. They seem to already have PH scared stupid already so they'll probably just give you your money back without a fight.

rockythepornguy 1 month ago

"a requirement that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter have yet to institute", maybe because it's a bad idea and they don't want to do this. Gentlemen, today we lost many of our treasures. Those really good vids that you wanted to save for later? Gone. I personally lost like 80% of videos in my watch later folder.

Wynrotar 1 month ago

Restricting content to Content Partners and members of the Model Program just turned the site in to a monetized site. People are too blind to see through BS. They just removed 98% of content creation from the website and turned this into a pay site operating under the illusion of a free site. This entire charade is to monetize their system and distract you with alleged attacks from anti adult content groups. This site just died.

JMenendez22 1 month ago

Wow, you guys just managed to literally K*ll the website and its amateur community. Instead of developing your algorithm detection, you just took the "easy" way out and sacrificed all of the amateur content. Good luck with that from now on.

BlueRockLover 1 month ago

Mr_YES only other verified people would consider you amateur. True amateurs, wouldn't go out of their way to get their account verified and continuously post content.

Mr_XES 1 month ago

but my content is amateur.....

PeterKrass 1 month ago

Has PornHub gone totally crazy??? PornHub has successfully destroyed itself with this incredible decision. Why do you think i've paid for premium subscription and you've deleted nearly all favs/videos/playlists????

DK2005 1 month ago

u just answered ur own question. It's all about filter and censorship.....

PeterKrass 1 month ago

Yeah "This comment contains blocked words". FU. Maybe PornHub's Word-Filter-Specialists should think about why people are totally in rage mode now instead of censoring my opinion

WhiteguybigD 1 month ago

Thats why they did it after the “premium sale”

PeterKrass 1 month ago

PornHubs. Biggest. Mistake. EVER.

schubba 1 month ago

Dear pornhubmodels who post here that they are still here: you are not amateur. Amateur LITERALLY means doing something purely out of love for it and without any monetary benefit. For once try to think.

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

Lol beggars say the most desperate things to get free porn

215ForYourPleasure 1 month ago

...its the fact many of us went from being paying subscribers as well as active community members, to watching from the outside. While I totally get the need for safety (im for protecting the vulnerable), i cant help but think a month and a half ago i didnt need an ID to prove i was who i was to pick our president, this entire pandemic i wasnt ID’d for liq or tobacco(mask up), but the Hub is where the buck stops lol.

215ForYourPleasure 1 month ago

Rosa, thats the thing. Everyone on this site had a life and bills but only some of us were doing it for money. Most that are left are only talking about the money when people right now have lost years of memories. And its not that it rubs him nor us the wrong way, its you guys acting like anyone that wasnt in the model or partner program was complicit in stealing content. Its the fact we went from having friends on this site to essentially becoming just tricks/pay-pigs.

Rosaline Ivy 1 month ago

So sorry the way the word is being used rubs you the wrong way, maybe you should try to realize people that make porn have lives and bills just like the rest of you.

Vivian Rose 1 month ago

I do it because I love it. I make my videos pay to download only because I don't want people downloading it and using it to make money themselves or to use it against me. Being verified basically just means you have verified you are 18 or older with pornhub.

BigBoi1679 1 month ago

This is an absolute garbage reaction and you're going to lose a lot of traffic. A lot of amateur stuff between clear consenting adults (think granny porn) has been taken out. Or animated stuff. Awful awful pornhub.

piercedcock7 1 month ago

This is dumb. Profile picture gone all my videos gone. I'm verified I'm also a premium subscriber. What more do they need? No notice form them so I could possibly save my things for future upload. Nope, just gone. Like my premium membership. I'm done paying them for this crap.

orderthepartysub 1 month ago

A sincere, wholehearted congratulations to all of the people in the comments who are thrilled to still have their Blue Checkmark Content™ on the site, and an even BIGGER congratulations to those same people for not getting why the other 90% of us are upset AT ALL.

Tbr50 1 month ago

Lots of happy people im seeing here. You folks have to realize this means alot of people are going to go where they can watch,download and upload freely without all the extra steps. Now theres videos you cant watch as a premium member that you can watch on the regular pornhub site. Content folks have payed to be able to see/download is now gone or flagged. Videos people want to see that still pop up when searched for are blocked when you click on them.This is on a fast track to no mans land...

MOSSIMO32 1 month ago

There should’ve been an actionable item that we automatically saw when we logged in telling us what we need to do to not lose our content!

OneTightFit 1 month ago

The only thing more annoying than ph not giving me any heads up to back up my content is the asshoes turning the comments into an advertisement spot for their channels.

JoyStickCinema 1 month ago

let the people wank in peace

Zenthes0 1 month ago

Half my favorites are deleted with no way to get them back... Welp Pornhub it's been a wild ride, this is the end.

BRLOVEWHORE 1 month ago

the attitude of some models saying that users who have lost their content are beggars or poor ... and telling people to pay for pornography ... makes it clear that they only care about money and have no respect for their subscribers

Wiggyweel 3 weeks ago

99% of these "models" are absolute sh** anyway. Edit: Oh FFS can't even post the "s" word any longer. PH has truly lost the plot.

Dee42HH 1 month ago

I thought there was some weird new design layout. Nope, my favorites are gone, even the vintage stuff you can't find anywhere anymore. I really want to stay on the site and star posting, but now I just don't know.

bronzeballsbob 1 month ago

2020 has officially taken everything from me. My job, My money, my family and now my porn.

groucho_marx_joker 1 month ago

All my favorite HENTAI is GONE, why PORNHUB WHY??????

FappamirOfGondor 1 month ago

Lol okay have fun being only fans but worse.

Mastrobar 1 month ago

This is bullshit! All my personal videos, profile picture, favorites list... All gone! What's the point of this if all the real amateurs are now gone??? Screw you, Pornhub!!!

Unknown 1 month ago


CockBlocked82 1 month ago

So just because I'm not verified I get the ax? I keep my face off of here because i want to stay discreet. I didnt verify a account because I dont trust where the pics of my face and and name would be going no matter how much you say its safe. Over 2 years of content i uploaded and now its a problem? Look at my pics/vids you can tell im not 14! SMH

urge2voy 1 month ago

I was verified and all my videos were obviously me and they had nothing to do with that garbage content that they mentioned. Crappy

HardNipples84 1 month ago

I was verified and they did it to me as well :/

fukthissht 1 month ago

Oh this is some bs because you could have done a check on the accounts that were actually the problem instead of PURGING ALL THE VIDEOS THAT WERE FROM UNVERIFIED ACCOUNTS. Seriously, some of those videos were the ones that kept me and a lot of other people still using the site. Congrats yall destroyed your site because you were too lazy

prettyandcool 1 month ago

First to Worst over night! I was just talking to someone the other day about how back in the day I used to hunt for porn and now pornhub is just the only site I need. Now it's like pulling teeth finding the vid I want and try browsing some related... not a chance... playlists all gutted... On top of all that My wife and I are a verified couple and we enjoyed sharing our sexcapades here among friends, now just because we never asked to get paid for it our videos are all blipped out? ffs 2020 end

Giselledmogas 2 weeks ago

Pues siempre he sido mas de x video asi que me da igual

Dee42HH 1 month ago

That's not okay. I'm so sorry. And many users who uploaded have lost so many of their videos that they wanted to share. I enjoyed them as did many others. It makes no sense.

noservice10 1 month ago

unverified stuff “stole your views” because it was better, just saying

PeterKrass 1 month ago

I am now a proud owner of the most useless lifetime premium membership account in the whole porn universe. This is how it feels to be betrayed as a once loyal user. Some people with a stupid anti porn agenda have done a really great job, i hope they all stay virgins for the rest of their miserable life's.

Mianus5000 1 month ago

this is really bad. amateur content is way better than the faked bullshit sex being produced. how can you force an amateur to verify their account when anonymity is the only reason to upload in the first place.I do hope all the fucked uploaders come together to make an own site apart and away from pornhub. they are the only reason for me and many others to spend money on an account. not the faked, scripted sex with fake people.

butterflybaby75 1 month ago

So without any prior warning you immediately delete ALL content upload by STANDARD members like myself including my profile photo, uploaded galleries, etc. so you're effectively destroying the site and turning it into nothing more than a portal for commercial porn and 100 disrespecting and dumping amateur users into the bin. Great way to treat your client base.

Mister_Christer 1 month ago

Wow, Pornhub. That was suicide.You're dead to me.

chev 1 month ago

This makes no sense. All my years over 8 of careful curating a set of videos to cum too has been erased without warning. My basic vanilla home videos gone without due notice. I need an alternative to this shitty site. You have messed up my lonely nights.

coyote311 1 month ago

Try x hamster. That is where I moved my stuff to. Looks like lots of former PH users are finding a home there.

heaven-fire 1 month ago

Dear PH, you are leading by example. Great example of being part of the problem. Heil Censorship!

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Pretty sure them allowing CP is the bigger problem.

soupricebutsecks 1 month ago

LMAO anti comments are deleted.Eat my cock pornhub.

urge2voy 1 month ago

Ya haven’t seen my comment fro the other day. Wasn’t even a bad one lol unbelievable

jj9172 1 month ago

This would be like shutting down the postal system, because one time someone posted a picture that was illegal. Let's delete 99% of everything on Pornhub because 0.0001% might have been illegal. Way to go, betray your communtiy. How about checking content when it's posted, and responding to reports? That would be an appropriate measure, not deleting 99% of everything. I predict pornhub will lose most of its users, you won't need VISA or Mastercard with no users.

jj9172 1 month ago

Youtube and google drive both also have a massive amount of pirated content, and copyright holders have different attitudes to excerpted and remixed content, not all are entirely against it. From one point of view it can be seen as free advertising for their content.

jj9172 1 month ago

It's true there was a massive amount of "pirated" content, excerpts of commerical videos, and "remixed" or compilation content such as "porn music videos", but the articles against pornhub were not talking about copyright infringement. I never saw any actual "seriously illegal" content on pornhub, so I think it was not common. I suppose that visa and mastercard saw the "pirated" content and acted for that reason.

DevilTop666 1 month ago

I agree! Removing everything just didn't make sense... They could at least warn us that they will turn into full pay site -_-

Unworthy1Honored2 1 month ago

Nobody know how much. content was stolen vs original because both were taken down! “Massive” is as incorrect as thats guys percentage and as incorrect as the Times piece.

Asswurx 1 month ago

There was a massive amount of stolen videos on this site. Not .0001%. Your statement is simply not true. That you are right in that these videos should have been checked and deleted a long time ago as it would not been as shocking to folks seeing soo many removed at one time.

Toyhammer 1 month ago

The most sad part of this is the following. This was your chance to get to us, asking your community and fanbase to help you out. looking for critical or suspicious content, making WITH the community a Purge. Think about it, the most famous Pornsite with the help of it´s community purges there conntent so that no illigal Videos or pictures could stay on. Always monitoring themself with thausands or even millions of people who are moraly sane. THAT would be a Headline for the ages! BUT NO

urge2voy 1 month ago

If I ever came across that content I would have reported it. But I haven’t ever came across it in two years. Then again I would never search for it either

ColourClimax 1 month ago

You took the words right out of my mouth, glad I'm not the only who feels the same.

PeterKrass 1 month ago

Exactly, there would have been many options involving the help of the community itself to report and get rid of any CP or other highly problematic stuff. But just destroying millions of videos and years of work without ANY warnings or communication with us is the worst way of handling this.

Jack-Knight 1 month ago

Good job ruining your site. You will never get another penny from me and I will be going to other sites. You have into cancel culture and are not “leading the example” albeit maybe the example of how to ruin everything others have worked for to make Pornhub what it is, or what it was for that matter. You are a fucking disgrace.

DaAmaZy 3 weeks ago

I never realized verified models were as out of touch as rich politicians. They think people are “crying” because of having to pay, but PH catered to diverse fetishes, real and fantasy, that models either don’t do or can’t emulate. PH was the one place I could actually find high quality content with my specific fetishes, now there's no reason for me to be here. Get off your high horses stop acting like every user is here for bland model porn or automatically here to make money.

HagridPS1 1 month ago

This is fucking bullshit, over 500 videos in my favorites playlist are gone. I'm actually pissed, I don't want to use pornhub anymore

fukthissht 1 month ago

I hope you guys realize in the coming weeks that the most popular videos on this site, WERE FROM UNVERIFIED USERS. Just letting you know. Ps. Fuck all of you

Urainium 1 month ago

All those quality hentai games/movies hmv's. Gone, reduced to atoms. I appreciate some RL porn, but a little variety is always appreciated, unfortunately they happened to have purged 95% of it and left us with barely recognizable crap, these things were buried for for reason. Even a rock would have a problem if something so grotesque crawled from under it.

zxc753159 1 month ago

"We hope we have demonstrated our dedication to leading by example." I guess congratulations on being the leading lemming to jump off a cliff.

4p4n00 1 month ago

Fuck over your customers to pander to people that don't even watch porn. SMH. Be interesting to see if any traces of Mindgeek are even around in 5 years after this BS. 0 trust in them as a company now. If Xhamster was smart enough to drop that dumb scrolling watermark asap, they would take 99% of PH's customers within the month. But they are another company too dumb to do what the people want, All the best content will now end up on Xvids all watermarked and shitquality low bitrate 'HD'.

coyote311 1 month ago

Looking at the comments of the verified ones who are still here it is no wonder PH is now known as Only Fans 2.0. What you people making those comments do not realize is no one is going to be around for you to send them to your Only Fans account if there is literally no one left around anymore because the stupidity of PH drove everyone off. You can act smug but when people get woke you go broke. That's how it works in reality.

netsize 1 month ago

If you are going to set an example, me too, after 10 years in Pornohub, I will cancel my account and as long as I do not, I will delete all the lists and videos, so everything will be emptied and if everyone did the same, pornohub would go bankrupt. It is said, anyone who wants to empty their accounts, what better example than that for you to know. What is to set an example, that when someone enters the page they find it empty and have to go to another, there are many

jj9172 1 month ago

This is some major bull////. You allow users to upload random content for years, then remove all normal user-uploaded content without warning, next step is to lose all users and go out of business. I like young-looking actresses, but I've never come across any u18 material on pornhub. I suggest that this is about copyright infringement. Imagine if YouTube pulled this s///, and took down all unverified users' content, there would be a boycott of Google. Not acceptable

BrokenBond69 1 month ago

This is quite possibly the dumbest fucking move you could nake as a website. So many people posted videos that others actually enjoyed, and you want to take them all down because they're unverified? So their voice, their videos, their talent just doesn't matter to you? What the actual fuck! I might not know a lot about law, but I do know about assholes, and not in the sexual way this time. Fuck you pornhub.

importance228 1 month ago

I suppose you could blame them but.. you gotta blame the people that were posting cp they caused it in the first place but also saying ph supposedly didnt moderate their servers well..

FreshVanillaSmooth 1 month ago

I suggest renaming this site to Tumblr 2.0 then. You guys didn't even try to fight and just folded under the slightest bit of pressure, continuing the cycle of the government and media pushing companies around. It's good there's a push to stop illegal content, but a full on purge on every unverified person? As someone said earlier, you guys just straight up pushed the panic button.

littlemamixoxo 1 month ago

HOW TO DELETE YOUR PORNHUB ACCOUNT To delete your account, use the dropdown menu on the top right of the page with your profile pic and click on settings. Click on the “Delete Account” tab located under the toolbar. Fill the captcha and click the checkbox to confirm your account deletion. Click on Delete and now your account is gone

Cumlifornication 1 month ago

Well, fuck you. The internet has always been a place with dark corners. And today you're driving me to them, because a safe platform that worked great the way it was, closed it gates entirely for me. You're not making this world a better place with this. This is dumb and unnecessary and completely overexaggerated.

Cumlifornication 1 month ago

Wow, thank you Ellie. Because PH is too dumb to implement a proper notification system, I just scrolled through 400 comments to find your completely useless response.Stick to making mediocre, boring porn and propagate your shitty channel somewhere else.

DK2005 1 month ago

That's cos the purpose of this act is not entirely about those "Illegal content"......it's persecution and censorship and control......things r gonna get even worse cos of recent event

Ellie Idol 1 month ago


PeterKrass 1 month ago

If i had a printer, i would immediately print out your words and stick them on my wall and refridgerator.

Cumlifornication 1 month ago

Yeah I'd definitely go watch that on pornhub, when there were only 118 cases of it the last 3 years. I'd be the dumbest p e d o in the world. These people have their resources and wouldn't be affected by some vanilla site constricting their guidelines.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

So you’re saying you’re a p e d o

schubba 1 month ago

The most annoying thing are paid models that are advertising their boring stuff in the comments right here. Go fuck yourselves. I don't care that you're still here. Really. And no, I don't want your onlyfans link.

AstroAussie 1 month ago

that's just fucked, I don't have any copies of my video's that I uploaded here, all gone, cheers for that

xxxaznboi 1 month ago

What a shame. I uploaded to Xtube since 2009, which is in the same network as Pornhub. All those classic videos my fans remember have been wiped too. I was about to start uploading to Pornhub too. But nope. Following in the same footsteps as Tumblr. Bye Pornhub!

coinca 1 month ago

I spent years to collect my favorite videos and now they are gone. You know what? You may have a good lawer but your service sucks.

garryfalio 1 month ago

wtf? my playlist of great videos that had like 50 is now 18? and with no fucking warning too? guess im not using phub anymore lol. not even out of protest but because a lot of my favorite channels were unverified. terrible way to hand the situation

df33 1 month ago

Okay, noooowwww I understand why 4 of my playlists are now empty... I think... wait. The videos I collected and put into playlists have nothing, and I mean NOTHING to do with exploitation described above. My GF and I've been here over 3 years, are both verified as well as approved, verified models. One of our playlists was dedicated to ONE artist - whom we vetted to ensure no problems - and not only are ALL her videos gone from our list, but any evidence she ever existed here on PH doesn't exist

ValwinMedia 1 month ago

as a animated content creator i been targeted over fictional characters do something

CrackerJackster 1 month ago

Absolutely horrid decision. Removing 90% of your userbase's interests just to catch the bad apples. Shame on you.

naughtynm 3 weeks ago

Sooo wtf are we supposed to watch? Our playlists are empty and what’s left is honestly boring af.

Musclejock18 1 month ago

This is one of the worst decisions you could have made... removing everyone's content, saved videos/playlists/favourites... now all your "loyal" users will just find other sites to use... ones where they can upload and share their content with whoever they want

villahunter 1 month ago

WOW! the day pornhub died!!! RIP 😭🤬🤬

rubbbit 1 month ago

Could you "creator" guys calling this a valid step please leave my internet? We and what you call piracy was here way long before you made a market hall out of it. Without an open copy and share mentality, no one of you would have the technical tools to make money and communicate digitally now.

machine_pete 1 month ago

you should really have not panicked and put out the (banned word) with the bath. You managed to make a lot of your loyal clients angry by not thinking this thing through and not deploying sufficient manpower to make a distinction. You pusgh away paying customers who never did anything bad. Bye bye Pornhub.

emmy-chan 1 month ago

they could've just avoid nuking their own PH site if they did full high maintenance mode for 1 whole week where people cannot enter PH site for the meantime and gather emergency meeting for the higher staff to rethink major decisions before pressing panic button....now everything is back to square one stone age, what i really hate PH is that they did not warn us or any notification news/note/blog that theres going to be a BIGGER change that was going to happen on their site beforehand

yinidev 1 month ago

I'll see you all over at xHamster! ✌

Yebaka97 1 month ago

RIP 2007-2020

mathew_102 1 month ago

Might as well quit watching ph with a account

Legohub 2 weeks ago

I suggest that Pornhub deletes all the porn videos and focus on Lego videos only. Who's with me?

ButterySnackSticks 1 month ago

So what this is just basically only fans 2 now? All the amateur porn gone for good. I regret ever using this site.

Johnny_Purple 1 month ago

"We hope we have demonstrated our dedication to leading by example." No, really, you didn't, you showed the worst possible example : you bend the knee. Better close the site altogether, you'll be missed but you won't be forgiven.

bno288 1 month ago

Fuck you Porn Hub

S911 1 month ago

"Today, it happens to be Pornhub." - No, today you MADE it happen to this site. You gave in to the people who want to dictate their views onto the world. We all know that this is not about combating illegal material, that's just the go-to argument these days, to rile up the common people and make the big money guys pull out for fear of their "image". What an unfathomably disappointing decision you took here though...2020, cancel culture. What next, prohibition?

asriel 1 month ago

Way to shoot yourselves in the foot guys. GG and bye-bye.

Robertoagung 1 month ago

All my favorited videos are gone. 😭 Pornhub isn't fun anymore

mmachine92 1 month ago

PH was the biggest name in free streaming pornography, but not the only name. RIP PH, time for someone else’s turn.

1upgirl 1 month ago

I'm writing here since your contact form "is not working": I want all of my contents and verified-user badge back! I don't want to submit anything again, just check the one I sent before, I don't really care! This situation is crazy and stupid at the same time, you ruined your own site...

stopalinho 1 month ago

This is how PH dies. It's a shame to see such an institution put a bullet in its own head. Good luck with the impending fade into obscurity.

sSHAWNy 1 month ago

Who's viewing verified content is the worst

215ForYourPleasure 1 month ago

Didnt the hub throw away ppls time with the removal of formerly verified content? Plus, the hub moved the goal post after the points were scored and told every it didnt count.

Smokeme8888 1 month ago

Sure hope the 'verified users' here don't think this is going to be revenue driver for them. The opposite will happen. Thank the morality police for this one.

Kamil118 1 month ago

It seems there is very heavy dissonance between verified models and normal viewers in the comment section, I don't think it prospects well on the future of this site due to heavy negative reception from the audience. Time will show if people will stay and keep watching regardless of the change. As for now there are basically 3 kind of people here. a) Verified people praising the decision b) verified users getting all their stuff deleted with no warning c) audience members not liking the change

215ForYourPleasure 1 month ago

The biggest problem right now. PH need to make a clear statement to its now displaced audience (i was on) on how to enter their current agreements. I was leaving because the initial statement said there would be no remedy for regular users until next year. I decided to play around and made this account and unlocked it. All of this still has me PO’d, still lost a ton of videos but at least i can have a future here

TeamRiot 1 month ago

Good point. I'm sure PH has the stats but I wonder how many people fall into the 3 categories you listed? There are probably more audience members than people in column A and B. Obviously it's not a guarantee that the site is dead but the negative reception from the audience can have long term effects. Things will calm down as they do but the idea that some have that things will go back to normal because people who need their fix will still come here is short sighted.

BigBootyTechNerd 1 month ago

When will people understand that trying to "ban" sex work doesn't stop sex workers? It only makes sex workers more vulnerable and empowers exploitation since others have no autonomy over choice any more and criminals can sell this.

TheOriginalNomad 1 month ago

A clip site with no clips is useless. This decision will go down in history as redefining corporate suicide.

Loquita69696969 1 month ago

Now this page is only premium and only fans

BlueRockLover 1 month ago


BaddChica 1 month ago

Not really..

drakkenman 1 month ago

I've been paying premium. I pay for my porn. The problem is beyond not paying. There were some really great compilation edits from PMV and HMV providers that were masterpieces. At the end of the day, I'd rather those channels get paid under fair use, but if they can't get paid at least keep them up. Those weren't hurting anyone's business, in fact many times I would see someone I liked and it became free advertising. Now there gone.

Jhisle 3 weeks ago

You have chosen to solve this problem in the worst way you possibly could. Every video I had any interest in is gone now. I hope you’re proud of yourselves for destroying your own site. Bye

Geil-Koppel-wv 1 month ago

Bunch of Bullshit this! Even as Premium, yes a paying user everything gets deleted without notice! Fuck this we're going elsewhere

Damon01 1 month ago

Many of my uploads were from studios long gone years ago. I guess none of that great content will ever qualify now.

Vlove300 1 month ago

finds a couple bad cases, ph nukes their website and ki lls 99% of the content.. makes sense

eiknarfest 1 month ago

less website traffic, less ad revenue, less income for the content creator, user leaves, content creator leaves, no one uses PH, become a dead site and it will be a part of the human history

kirain02 1 month ago

what the fuck is this? so now pornhub is dead.

abacab2000 1 month ago

Well, you could have at least given us a heads up b4 you pull all our stuff.

BigUnderscoreT 1 month ago

This is a blatant overreaction on pornhubs part, so many creators who have never uploaded any exploitative content like CP just got fucked over by this and so much content that cannot be found anywhere else is now gone. Seriously, this is why moderators exist, so case by case judgements can be made on videos as to whenever they should be allowed on the site or not. Pornhub did the lazy option and instead of moderating, they just nuked everything not made by peeps part of the model program

pcguy1 1 month ago

Why would you nuke the site?

Memedaris 1 month ago

Love the insensitive ""sex workers"" in these comments shilling their own garbage when what people came to this site for is gone, likely forever.

Succubus Sin 1 month ago

I love all the entitled crying broke men who don’t wanna pay for porn.

jj9172 1 month ago

Apparently they want to be trusted by the credit-card companies, not by their users. Imagine that Facebook deleted 95% of your "friends" and then said that they did it for reason of "trust and safety".

215ForYourPleasure 3 weeks ago

This is my exact argument! Imagine getting on Facebook to find, not just your friends gone, but all of the pictures of yourself and your loved ones are confiscated until Cuckleburg is satisfied and believes you are who you say you are and the people in your memories are who you say they are whether deceased or not... in the middle of a pandemic where you are isolated!

Harry900 1 month ago

Amateur content was the majority of what people visit this site for, you've just ruined yourself pornhub

seminole112 1 month ago

And no way to regain the ten million videos of good content I'm assuming. You just figured you'd nuke years of people's hard work and destroy the entire network. I'm definitely not staying here. Gonna figure out where my favorites are going now that this is a Pay-to-Play, studios-only, anti-amateur website. Could've handled this better. Not impressed.

kingviby 1 month ago

Why couldn’t y’all just remove the illegal content by using automated software like YouTube does instead of deleting everyone’s stuff just because there was a few bad apples i think this was a bad move i mostly came on this site to watch amateur content creators the professional made stuff ain’t no where near as good as content made by normal everyday people i know others feel the same way it was good while it lasted

Analisamelchotoo 1 month ago

Bye pornhub

Scotty422 1 month ago

Sealherlips is a brain dead troll. Just ignore the useful idiot everybody

PeterKrass 1 month ago


noservice10 1 month ago

everything good is gone, now it’s money hungry thots.

cmarti40 1 month ago

I have lost THOUSANDS of videos that I took so much time to catalog and have been a paying subscriber to premium for years. This is sooo beyond disappointing to lose that much content with no warning.

threeshyttee 1 month ago

Im gonna miss all those great PMVs. 😢😢😢

SirJasper69 1 month ago

Face it -- the party is over. When they lost credit cards, they lost 95% of their revenue --- no way to replace with cryptocurrency -- no way to pay uploaders and bandwidth. They lost legal protection when Section 230 was weakened -- they will get sued into oblivion. The Canadian govt is under pressure to shut them down --- any day there will be a knock on their door. Their recent actions are a desperate attempt to find some way to survive (and stay out of jail) - but it'll never be the same.

Tasteesquirt 1 month ago

You could've sent notifications to all profiles, or private messages. Or hell, put a banner on the top of your site. I'm really disappointed in PH for treating their community this way.

KrazyKevin67 3 weeks ago

An update as to what you plan to do would be nice

shrk 1 month ago

So basically you capitulated to those anti-porn crusaders? Shame on you! That will only encourage more crusades and censorship

Hunter9484 1 month ago

Everything i uploaded are my personal videos of me & my wife we been doing this for 3 months we made 127 videos and got 300k views in 3 months. If we need to get verified to get my videos back I have no problem with that. I dont want money for my vids we just enjoyed making them and sharing them with people all over the world

Yoni Koko 1 month ago

Wow, so many changes to the platform. I can see why this may benefit verified models but what’s the point if we also lose the mass viewerships to the platform.

DiceCasden 1 month ago

So what about all the animators that just got screwed over by this?

ragnaroek90 1 month ago

I'm verified since more than 4 years now and all my stuff is gone within seconds. Congrats for that stupid action! Now have to think about staying here any longer, if treated like garbage from pornhub.

LoveToBeTwink 3 weeks ago

This is arguably among the most terrible business decisions ever made by mankind! You wiped out more than 80% of your content because of 0.0001% of bad apples?! Makes perfect sense, yeah... Fuck you...

kristinasis 1 month ago

"Pornhub is the world's leading free porn site." Oh, it seems to me that this is no longer the case, you should change the description of the site

nekeddfun 1 month ago

I don't see what this has to do with our own private phots, of ourselves being taken down.

HRLE92 1 month ago

Pornhub is dead.

KonaRed 1 month ago

I understand why this had to happen but I don't understand why even though I'm verified my content was deleted. Wtf PH?

heresjohnny85 1 month ago

Its been more than a week and there are less videos on premium than there were on the 15th, Where are the refunds for the premium members who are not getting what they paid for?

moistroro 1 month ago

ARE YOU KIDDING ME DURING A PANDAEMIC???? THIS IS WHAT YOU DO TO ME??? cant even have my comfort porn smdh....now whats the point of me coming on here. riddle me that

Ho1y Ho1e 1 month ago

There have been many bad events this year, including of coronavirus, for example. but the biggest blow for all of us, and for me in particular, is the new changes to pornhub.

Ho1y Ho1e 1 month ago

You take everything literally. so fuck off yourself

Ho1y Ho1e 1 month ago

You take everything literally. so fuck off yourself

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Yes, your precious fap material being removed to combat ch*ld porn is worse than the millions of deaths. Fuck off.

schubba 1 month ago

Everyone who is verified is here to make money. Everyone who is here to make money is a bad actor and delivers boring and/or embarrassing bad porn.I am not interested in seeing boring businesspeople having boring sex. I am not interested in people trying to sell me their boring onlyfans or instagramlinks. I hope this is the end for this plattform.

Ellie Idol 1 month ago


Vivian Rose 1 month ago

That's a lot of assumptions and labelling an entire group of people as what you perceive them to be. I got verified because I want to be a part of the solution not the problem. The problem being stolen and illegal content being uploaded. Getting verified means I have proven to pornhub that I am over 18.

Cheesypiglet 1 month ago

Could atleast have given us a warning, so we could download our personal content. Time to boycutt Pornhub and all their partners - This move is straight-up retarded.

Arivats55 1 month ago

My Point Exactly** Well said

msg4869 1 month ago

Very sad lost all my favorites and they are gone off the site. I am a paid premium user I guess I will have to cancel it's not very good anymore. RIP pornhub

AFreshLoad4U 1 month ago

Maybe instead of penalizing honest members verified or not, you should be looking into all of the fake accounts that have been popping up for the last year. I get at least 5 requests each day. Some with the same person in the photo, with a slightly different name, in different clothes and poses, supposedly in different parts of the world. THOSE accounts are the issue and they are sooo easy to spot. But hey, broken leg? Just shoot it. Problem solved without dealing with the problem.

AFreshLoad4U 1 month ago

You need to stop and think before continuing to lambaste the blog comments with belittling comments to other members and stop preaching hatespeak.

AFreshLoad4U 1 month ago

Where do you think the problem videos are coming from??? Maybe a few true members. I am not disputing that. Everyone has there own likes. But the spam accounts are there for this type of stuff to be placed without accountability because it is linked to no one.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Spam accounts aren’t a bigger deal than p e d o philes, retard.

dislikeofvice 1 month ago

Pornhub used Self-Destruct! It's super effective! Pornhub fainted!

Johnny_Purple 1 month ago

Well, PH, you basically have two choice, either you revert you stupid changes and give back the arbitrarilly removed contents, or you go and have an happy bankrupcy because you basically just turned your entire communit against you.

QuestKnight 1 month ago

Well...I waited...48 hours to see if you would do ANYTHING productive...seems like you're playin' with your pud...and still haven't managed a half-assed pop-shot! Canceled my subscription...and dropping my anchor somewhere else! Nice while it lasted; but TURN OUT THE LIGHTS...THE PARTY'S OVER!!!

GeorgeH93 1 month ago

Personally, I don't want to be beating off to the same content as thousands of other guys anyway. Crowd based masturbation and objectification just doesn't float my boat. The best content on here, by far, was from those who did not have a great many subscribers or video views. I want to see amateurs doing porn and not amateur porn stars! I guess it's back to twitter or selfie buyers club to find the independent secret sellers from now on.

blowjobme 1 month ago

Absolutely agree. I wonder if they will realize what a huge mistake they have made.

AkaiGhoul95 1 month ago

Fucking puritans motherfuckers.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Opposing c h i l d pornography isn’t “Puritan.”

jinkin7 1 month ago

Pornhub made big mistake you lost me this site is dead to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALoversTool 1 month ago

Well, I’m not surprised. A lot of bullshit conservative shenanigans led to a lot of unnecessary chaos these last couple years. Say what you will about the Dems, but at least they’d let you fap in peace...Unless you’re Epstein.

johndnuts 1 month ago

Im cancelling my subscription after years. Not only were my videos deleted but this is the fucking USA. We should NOT be having politicized payment processors dictating what we can and cannot pay for. It is our money NOT theirs. Pornhub needs to embrace bank details and bitcoin to get around this mess or many of its users will be gone forever.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Dude. Being against c h i l d porn isn’t a political statement.

fukthissht 1 month ago

I understand wanting to protect your audience, but you went about this is the laziest way possible. Instead of deleting all of the videos from unverified accounts, you could have done a manual search for those videos and deleted the videos and the accounts that uploaded them. You guys made 2020 even more shitty without even trying that hard.

icecreammochi 1 month ago

Ill come back to pornhub when they fix their mistake of removing 80% of their videos because i aint paying for porn ✌😂

KenzyLynn 1 month ago

Well. I guess PornHub is now willing to say fuck small content creators. Including those of us who were verified. I lost everything I had posted the last two years. Pictures and videos. So fucking pissed about this.

coyote311 1 month ago

Me too. I was verified and they removed my verification and my videos. I am going to x hamster now. PH is going to be a ghost town filled with Only Fans 2.0 users.

stupiditymealways 1 month ago

You delete EVERYTHING.... all these years I've been save as "favorite", gone. The thing is, again, you delete EVERYTHING. i can understand if under certain age contents must be deleted. But too many fun video and not harm, you delete it too.... I really hope you change your mind and i know you got all the back up on your server (nothing is actually deleted from internet). Until the day is come, I will abandon this ship. Man, you guys not fun anymore. Enjoy your low traffic.

sexy1saya 1 month ago

The fuck are you doing? Have you gone insane? What kind of mentally challenged you need to be to come up with such idea. Didn't expect such a dick move from the pornsite, just like Neil Cuckman loves it - all expectations are subverted. How stunning and brave, fucking retards.

ElBigoShlongo 1 month ago

Anyone knows were are going people to upload now? If so message me so I can get the fuck out of this shitty ass page.

coyote311 1 month ago

X hamster is where I went and many others as well.

Modbodboy 1 month ago

Absolutely incredible that a few righteous groups try to ban what people have been doing long before the romans. The members of these two main groups are only on this planet because there parents had some form of sex. Society decides what is moral by the majority of citizens. What is repulsed by the masses is usually illegal. Let the majority decide not an unknown few with outdated views and closed minds.

PeterKrass 1 month ago

Dictatorship by some minority SJW.

zachfoot 1 month ago

IM PISSED.. this is bullshit.. give me back all the money I spent on videos and all the time and effort I gave into uploading my own videos..

FiggityFap 1 month ago

Its been an honor gentlemen but I think its time for me to go. May your faps be plentiful and your busts full.

Voltix321 1 month ago

Fuck you too Pornhub. Time for everyone to go to your competitors.

gotjjjj 1 month ago

Time to move to competing websites then. I'm sure that "Rodent" website and the "Videos" websites, both of which start with an X, will be happy to receive a well-deserved boost in viewers.

horse2387 1 month ago

What in the actual hell is going on!! My playlists went down by hundreds. Almost all of my favorites for separate playlists are down by hundreds of videos. This is nuts. And they just did the same to Xtube today too. I thought it was only PH but it's happening everywhere. While I think it's great for us amateurs and our stuff not getting stolen and maybe more advertisement for us, what's the point if everyone leaves. No one will stick around and that is def going to hurt our pockets as well.

horse2387 1 month ago

This is just becoming an all around cluster-f for everyone. I personally don't buy amateur videos from others, I'm trying to make money not spend it, but I loved what none verified users would upload and what's left now which isn't much isn't great. The free stuff. Guess we all lose. Think about it my fellow amateurs. If we have no none verified accounts, how TF are we supposed to get our stuff bought if no one is around to buy it! We're kinda screwed too!

JaeMeg6969 1 month ago

They pulled all of our videos and even our avatar. Looks like we will be changing sites as well.

pervmindgonewild 1 month ago

Two years ago it was tumblr. Now it's PH. And you cowards didn't even bother trying to fight it. Just caved. And destroyed content that thousands of people were proud of, worked hard to produce, and enjoyed. No warning. Fuck PH and fuck the anti-sex zealots. I wonder what site they will destroy in another 2 years.

Lord_Mountbatten 1 month ago

Guess it’s time to move sites so much great porn lost to ash

Hardbodyhardercock 1 month ago

So for the people who weren't verified but were only uploading their own content, will it be re-uploaded at a later time once the bots have been purged? Because some of us just like sharing content and have no interest in becoming a verified model or anything, just wanted to share pics/videos and chat. Looks like this is becoming onlyfans 2.0

VirginScream 3 weeks ago

People are mad, still no explanation or info about anything whatsoever. I wonder how many users and visiters did PH lose in the last 3 weeks..

cummiecums 3 weeks ago

F**k you PH over 5k videos watched all my favourites all gone now it's just boring generic crap

simonsays69r 1 month ago

I had over 3 million views, 2 k subscribers, all my personal videos gone, deleted...I was obviously not young as one can clearly see in all my videos...pornhub is now officially the worst porn site ever...they went from 13 million videos to search to under 3 million of commercially produced garbage...bye pornhub

rexcaleb 1 month ago

People cheering on this decision, best of luck to you. You won't get any credit card payments and tips at all for several months, and very little ad revenue as everyone had left. PH have got no ETA when the new "verification" system will be up, and Visa/MC won't relent until that happens several more weeks.

CuteAdeline 1 month ago

I already showed you my ID when I first signed up here, showing I was over 18. But my videos get deleted anyway??? Looks like you guys wanna go the tumblr route.

ShadowMaster2099 1 month ago

This isn't good, most of my favorite videos are gone! My videos are gone! Even my profile picture is gone! And why do I have to show my face to get certified? Do you realize that some of us enjoy anonymity? I have been memeber of this site for 7 years now! Come on! So what is the point of having a web site ike this one of you can't be yourself? So basically no amateur home made videos!!

chaosrune 1 month ago

Well, fuck you too

MariLewdVi 1 month ago

I hope this madness will end soon. At this point, I still have about 64 blocked videos hanging pending reviev. And every day PH takes more and more my videos, even though I am a verifieted model with all the necessary documents uploaded. This is ridiculous..

rendarselin 1 month ago

Yea except I’m verified and now all my content is gone. You all just shot yourselves in the feet going overboard.

CollectionVideos 1 month ago

Welcome to Onlyfans 2.0 F*** You by the way

gauri955 1 month ago

Ok, ill go to another pornsite Cause uve deleted all my favs Thanks

redfoxkeko 1 month ago

I will no longer be using this website or any of its sister sites, as you have removed alot of the fursuit/mursuit porn that I normally watch. Until these are back, I won't be.

Femboy_sub 1 month ago

I not using pornhub again fuck you

Bingbongtingtong1 1 month ago

Everything I'd ever watched on here have disclaimers in the video and in the info stating that all actors are of legal age, records of their age is kept secure and private, they were doing it willingly, etc. I had a list of over 200 videos. Now I have ten. TEN. Are you kidding? Imma see myself out. Bye bye, it's been real

Sealherlips 1 month ago

So they were stolen copyrighted videos. Your point?

dislikeofvice 1 month ago

"a requirement that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter have yet to institute." fuck off ZOG

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Also it’s really funny how they act like they’re high and mighty for doing that, but those sites don’t need to do it, because they have actual moderators who get rid of the c h i l d pornography, unlike PornHub, who allowed it to propagate.

Sealherlips 1 month ago


dumb_cute-trap 1 month ago

please bring the old videos back? There's nothing interesting here anymore

HentaiLover328 1 month ago

You guys just broke your own platform. I understand safety and all. But damn this is just awful. All my favorite videos are gone because of your new rules. This is absolutely awful. Shame on you for implementing rules like this crap.

Hunter9484 1 month ago

My homemade personal free videos of my wife & I gets more views then these paid people

Tbr50 1 month ago

Probably because you dont make souless content for the sake of cash. These paid people dont get that the majority of the audience doesnt care for their fake money grab videos. We prefer when its for the fun and joy of doing it

MostViews 1 month ago

Time to go to x.videos. Rip to 100s of favorites

michaelanidem 1 month ago

Now just 2 million searchable videos. How the mighty have fallen

FatalSyndrome 1 month ago

Oh fuck this website now

XxCreamTeamxX 1 month ago

Yea Pornhub officially sucks now all these guys are doing is pushing us to their competitors!!!

PeterKrass 1 month ago

PornHub just digged it's own grave.

breathlatex 1 month ago

Pornhub is (was?) the biggest adult content social network in the world. Your members, verified and not, are expecting from you to fight back for our rights and recover all the removed videos and pictures (part of them coming from our private sexual life, although we may not be verified members per se) and reinstated the website fully operative. Are you gonna get it done, or surrender to 'them' and become a paysite more?

TeamRiot 1 month ago

They will probably become a paysite more. As Seatherlips said the copyrighted content is not something we can realistically claim.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

They knowingly enabled sex crimes. I hope the entire site gets shut down. Now that all our videos are gone, this site has no redeeming qualities.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

I mean it sucks, but most of our videos were copyrighted so it’s not like we can claim our rights were infringed upon.

ShaggyThePowerful 1 month ago

Thanks, now all of my favorite HMV/PMVs have disappeared off the face of the earth.

circewitch 1 month ago

Unable to upload a profile photo to have something for the verification photo to be compared to. Support is not even letting me send an email about the issue. It's like they just don't want any more people at all. This site is dead.

andyrosestoe 1 month ago

Bye bye, thank you for ruining everything. Fucking ludicrous

Chumbucket2 1 month ago

Yesterday I felt a disturbance in the force.... Like millions of voices cried out in agony, and then, there was silence...

aoa_choa 1 month ago

Ew, bye

bbcaz 1 month ago

What really happened Visa and Mastercard saw the NY Times article and blocked all payments to PornHub and PornHub got scared and deleted all unverified videos.

urge2voy 1 month ago

I was a verified user and everything I contributed is blocked. And none of my videos have anything to do with the content they described

mmu20046f03 1 month ago

I am premium only because i want ad-free here, now all video I wanted to see is gone and there is no reason I should use premium...

fkingmature 1 month ago

Tell me a reason that I keep using this website? BYE PORNHUB

b0yst0ys 1 month ago

Clearly idio tic targeting has taken place to score points (nothing to do with chil- d abu- se). Hope these self appointed do-gooders have to to pay us for loss of earnings their ill placed rightsciousness is causing. Who appointed MC or Vis-a as governors of what people can spend their money on?

RickyMartin1995 1 month ago

Why couldn't this have been done as a detailed and small-scale change! Why delete millions and millions of videos that do no harm?

Tbr50 2 weeks ago

Guess what folks? Theyre STILL removing videos. I leave certain tabs open on random vids and sure enough with a day or so I go back to it and I get an error. This site is dead. Pornhub needs to refund people who bought content that PH decided to remove without warning

ttdefusca 3 weeks ago

Dear ADM of pornhub website, YOU RUINED THIS!!!!!!There is no chance for the users send their own photos, nobody is uploading videos, all videos were deleted.... really, IT IS ALL RUINED!

michd6 1 month ago

I'm tired of this update and new politic. This update is unfair for everybody and its make us upset! I think I will leave this site. Pornhub had create their own tomb.

ade1972 3 weeks ago

I'm sure pornhub will go back as they were as they will loose a lot of members, i just come on here now to see if they have reverted back, x ham and x video are weigh better now. shame on you pornhub

swordfish333 1 month ago

Ridiculous ass decision...I had damn near 8 years of content and now it's just gone because you assholes want someone to be verified? Posting a picture of yourself of your face? No thanks there's people I dont want coming across my page...bullshit ass decision

tdsh29 1 month ago

I purchased a lifetime premium membership a month ago. After 2 weeks, most of my saved videos are gone. I want my money back!!!

pcnaughtysims 1 month ago

Like I said - THEY BOTCHED THIS !! They can take credit for handling it well all they want but WE KNOW DIFFERENTLY !! I'm about to GET OFF this sinking ship and you Models would be HIGHLY advised to DO THE SAME THING while you STILL HAVE ACCESS to your content. Still think this is all just a "Hoax"?? CLICK ON OUR PROFILES and you'll see

sissy_vanessa 1 month ago

This site is just not fun anymore. I'm out.

Hellblazer2078 1 month ago

RIP Pornhub 2007-2020

Dusty_L 1 month ago

Gonna do my last fap here. And let this place die

Pornhusker 1 month ago

I loved this site for the PMVs. No other site compared to you guys. In terms of the rest of your videos, there aren’t that many full length videos to choose from. Other sites destroy you in that regard. So you’ve eliminated the main reason that your site was appealing. Good job dicks. You’re nothing more than an advertising site for other sites now. Off to Spankbang.

mrtimetraveler 1 month ago

Go fuck yourself.

BlackWarGreycock 1 month ago

All pissed off refugees: if you have a free moment, you might want to troll Laila Mickelwait (the propagandist spearheading this disinformation campaign) and Nicholas Kristof (the guy whose article apparently broke the camel's back) on social media. They are both on twitter and Facebook. Do NOT send them any threats, but DO expose their pathetic hypocrisy by asking why they're promoting and profiting off sites that have literally almost 712,000 times the CP and "traff-icking" problem Hub had.

enoiscool 1 month ago

In today’s episode of “how to fuck over the people who patronize your service”. Rather than grow a pair and call out media outlets and visa/MC over exaggerating a problem that pornhub does an amazing job of keeping under control, you instead cracked and deleted 80% of your site when in the end you know it would do little to nothing. Great job you did, lots of dedication it took to indiscriminately press the delete button.

Hunter9484 1 month ago

Are we all still pissed off or have we moved on ? Hard to tell since this stupid chat dont stay in order .... I had 127 personal videos on here and people loved them .. guess ill find a new home.

HawnsomeReaper 1 month ago

bring all the fucking videos back up, no one liked this decision

hitotsu47 1 month ago

Great. Now all of my favorites are gone and my playlists suck now. Way to knock off amateur porn. Why not just hire employees to moderate the site instead of deleting years of user generated content? Luckily, I do use other sites and will now just prioritize those. Hopefully other sites don't follow because studio scenes are usually overproduced and tired. Congrats on joining the lame squad with Tumblr though.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

For once, someone complaining about the right thing. They weren’t wrong to do something to combat the illegal stuff on here, but they were fucking lazy in going about it. Purging the entire site because they didn’t want to take the time to have actual moderation. Because that would require actual effort. And now they’re playing the fucking victim.

sunflowah18 1 month ago

They literally got rid of 90% of the best porn on here. I dont want to watch professionally shot amateur porn! I like android quality amateur porn!

515613 1 month ago

Our personnal sex videos that we have uploaded throught the yrs have all been erased, we have been verified since we started uploading vids and went through thr proper steps such as sending picture state ids to be verified, which begs the question as to why our vid content has all been removed. And if accidently done so if it cam properly be put back on our page , thanks, logtime pornhub enthusiests, dan & ash... if you check our acheivments it says we have become verified users yrs ago

prettyandcool 1 month ago

We're in the same boat, all our videos were our personal content, anytime others were involved we asked permission before posting. We were also verified from day 1 but because we never wanted to ask for money we're no longer important. It really was a good community for a while, hopefully we find a good place to move to because I can't trust ph after this.

urge2voy 1 month ago

It’s not removed. If you go to video manager it’s says under review. I know what you are saying though, this is bullshit

arkknight 1 month ago

Wow...what’s even the point of pornhub now? This fucking sucks. Only verified people now? How many out their stuff behind a pay wall this is stupid

chickswithabs 1 month ago

Do you honestly think russian porn sites will follow these ridiculous rules? It's game over for PornHub, that's the price you pay for being PC.

Maestroz666 1 month ago

Time to go.. This is literally sucks. Lucky i still save hundreds of videos. For now, i just need an alternative website where to upload them. So Guys? Ideas? Please do PM me.

ClanPsi 1 month ago

What a bunch of f**king bullsh**. Your f**kwankery deleted all of my favourites and playlists, you c**ts. Does anyone know of a good replacement for this sh**hole?

coyote311 1 month ago

x hamster is where most people are going from here.

SluttyEboy 1 month ago

pornhub is dead.

JUJUJUJU_me 1 month ago

There's no pleasing those pricks. You objectively got rid of the problem, yet they still cry it's not enough. You said it yourselves: they are a bunch of prudes. NEVER take the knee with this kind of people.

charlie92100 1 month ago

So funny. I cannot add any profile picture because I am not a verified member. But when sending my verification request with a picture of my face my username, I get my verification rejected because I have no profile picture. I think there's a bug in the Matrix XD

Tasteesquirt 1 month ago


Juandeanboss 1 month ago

I hope pornhub sees the amount of fire they're getting from this and fixes their mistake

prettyandcool 1 month ago

They won't, or at least by the time it effects their money enough for them to care it will be too late and most of us will have moved on. Unless they Ctrl-Z quickly most of us will feel too burned by them to trust them moving forward anyway.

aroundtheworld 1 month ago

I will get verified ! I just want my videos and my pics back that was 5Years of my life !

JUJUJUJU_me 1 month ago

Puritans curating the internet, one credit corporation at a time

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Opposing c h i l d porn isn’t puritanical, you moron.

Euphory 1 month ago

Maybe is time to fight back? For our porn?

randomguy9858 1 month ago

All you have done is fuck yourself with this decision, so worried about the site being shut and lose all revenue, well now because of this moronic decision you've lot a massive chunk of your site traffic hope you shills are happy for ruining pornhub forever.

DeliciousTidepods 1 month ago

So you can delete all those videos but my home page still shows all kinds of videos I put in my taste profile that I don’t like? Yeah that’s just great...

Sealherlips 1 month ago

“We are committed to taking every necessary action” Yeah except for, you know, literally any action whatsoever before your cash flow was cut off.

PornBobNight 1 month ago

you need to go to xhamster there are no such problems as on pornhub this is a rotten site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asswurx 1 month ago

Betting on them being the next one to be hit!

whyjon 1 month ago

So basically they K-illed their own website?? gg pornhub

cuckoldkeiran 1 month ago

Well done bending a knee to fanatical Christianity.

PornsexualWanker 1 month ago

Good luck to follow Tumblr

eddiehub 1 month ago


SoboMaster 1 month ago

All my playlists got destroyed, some of them have 0 videos in them now. All the compilations and PMVs. What's the point of this fucking site now?!

ToesSmellGood 1 month ago

Fuck you pornhub! This is a master plot

DaAmaZy 1 month ago

"A requirement that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter have yet to institute," and hopefully never do.

215ForYourPleasure 1 month ago

Did you read the article mami? The fact facebook and instagram both have soooo much more troubling content than the hub did doesnt give you the impression this is a witch hunt?

Duvalie 1 month ago

Welp... ima head out, new site.

Jovonteese3 1 month ago

This drastic measure from my point of view is absolutely senseless and out of proportion. It involves thousands of users who have nothing to do with the heavy accusations leveled at the site.

Pulgasari 1 month ago

lmfao, welcome to cable television 2.0. The old fucks running the media gotta keep their asses in power and profits future-proofed. RIP internet

PaigeEmerson 1 month ago

An email to warn us about this would have been nice just saying

aleksandarpejas 1 month ago

I'm verified and all my content is gone.

oOItty-bittyOo 1 month ago

Welp. From having made and uploaded femboy content to 0% again. By even loosing my verification status. Thanks pornhub.For all the hard time i've put in my video's now lost. Jesus. I hate you all.

KrauserPH 1 month ago

time to leave this place forever then. Where we going? any suggestions?

MOSSIMO32 1 month ago

PH why are you deleting our voices in this chat? There should’ve been an actionable item that we automatically saw when we logged in telling us what we need to do to not lose our content!

renimasks 1 month ago

The move that the hub team did was effective in getting bad content off their site, but alot of collateral damage!

HornyShlomy 1 month ago

Deleting all my videos and photos without checking it out is unforgiven act. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish - Douglas Adams

BlazedBrak 1 month ago

I was verified and my precum video with over 100,000 views that I uploaded in February is gone after submitting ID to prove I was verified

onegr8cummer 1 month ago

A notice would have been nice..

Kate Utopia 1 month ago

Hope all be good soon

narkotikz 2 weeks ago

PH screwed over everyone that bought premium. All of the premium tier paid videos can't be viewed anymore. Premium is now worthless.

PmvvNc3hU5W5sYyieB 2 weeks ago

I don't underestand why is there need to block all content from the verified accounts. Now, when all content from verified accounts is not available, there is no reason why should I use Pornhub anymore. This is totally fucked up.

Lavender_Snowe 2 weeks ago

Meanwhile staff is apparently active enough to remove $300 from our viewshare earnings. I refuse to believe milions of views equals less than 200 from viewshare earnings for our paid uploads. Can't wait to be gaslit by "support" as if its a reevaluation

Xboxman49 3 weeks ago

Get woke, go broke

pcnaughtysims 1 month ago

Whoever made the decision to handle it THIS way SHOULD BE FIRED !!

Wiggyweel 3 weeks ago

Absolutely pissweak. So the miserable puritans win again. Fix it or your site will die.

SakkuMaDikku 1 month ago

I mean all of these internet watch groups are scumbags! Can't believe after so many years PornHub has finally bend the knees for these ultra woke liberal cucks!

miahrndog 1 month ago

I cannot believe we received no warning!

JUJUJUJU_me 1 month ago

WOW fuck off. Pluck the offending videos instead of burning the whole thing to the ground! Many videos are now gone forever because of this fucking bullshit. Gettign verified is not an option for many.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Maybe if PornHub hadn’t supported c h i l d porn in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Trust and safety? Fuck off. You’re only doing this because your cash cows pulled out. You knowingly allowed illegal activity to flourish on your site and turned a blind eye to it. You only pretend to care now because it’s hurting your wallet.

Tbr50 1 month ago

I wouldnt say it flourished...

verdampt 1 month ago

By your removal of nearly all videos is interpreted as a cowardly admission of guilt. Thanks for not fighting this n any level. A travesty. We will go elsewhere.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Well that’s fitting, because they are definitely guilty. And here they are, playing the victim, when they allowed c h i l d r e n to be exploited on their site.

Smokeme8888 1 month ago

PLEASE keep pumping out the stat about Facebook and maybe it will become clear that the attacks had NOTHING to do with inappropriate content. And it will make exactly ZERO difference to the scum involved in that. This is about one thing and it's the fucking morality police who scream and yell about their 'freedom' while disallowing the freedom of adult content. These are the people who are fucking each other when their spouses are out of town or giving handies in park restrooms. Fuck them all.

mattdark 1 month ago

Pretty sad that you have gone down the tumblr route of just napalming your site. Seen so many content creators get their work removed despite none of their videos being exploitative, and now cant even verify their account because you have disabled the ability to upload avatars to peoples accounts, which they need to do as part of the verification system.

vivelegaul 1 month ago

all of the good videos are gone now. studio porn is so hard to watch. DISGRACEFUL!

rexcaleb 3 weeks ago

The scumbags that exploited women WAS A PORNHUB CONTENT PARTNER - google GirlsDoPorn to find the articles - so much for your verified user system keeping women safe. PH was told about this but the partnership weren't terminated for months. Then you decided to attack your regular users by deleting all our videos. Utterly incompetent fools.

215ForYourPleasure 3 weeks ago

Wow, this need more likes and more attention!

Harry900 1 month ago

"other sites haven't done this, we're the first" hmmm I wonder why.....

Pleasures_R_Us 1 month ago

Can you get verified without showing person things such as social security numbers, drivers license number, etc? We don't mind showing a our photos, date of birth, address, etc. But don't want to be sending photos of personal numbers over the net to who knows who. Anyone care to break it down for us?

Loquita69696969 1 month ago

I only watch amateur videos and you delete all of them i'l never use this page again

Scotty422 1 month ago

Lost everything, 6 years gone. I was a verified account and did everything properly before. Tons of content I loved from others is gone as well. This is not right and can’t be legal. We will move to another platform. So tyrannical of you, shameful

Sealherlips 1 month ago

“A site removing things they don’t want on their own website can’t be legal!” You aren’t too bright, are you?

rampage999 1 month ago

RIP Pornhub

Oni7 1 month ago

My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined. You cave your grave pornhub.

adcolor 1 month ago

The user base will move, as much PornHub wouldn't want them too. This just give another company to make play for their users. Pornhub been too complacent imo. I really could see a mix of Youtube/OnlyFans style site come up. Let see who make a play for them.

BigBlack843 1 month ago

Wtf I lost everything

WallaceStr 1 month ago

This has got to be the greatest turn off ever. At the very least you could have given a warning or something. Un @#$%^

bingocherry 1 month ago

Crappy move. Good luck with your new business model.

bingocherry 1 month ago

The worst part about it is now about 98% of returns on a Google search lead to a dead link. I find it hard to see how that's promoting your buisness.

Goodgirljenny 1 month ago

This is just plain stupid!!!!

Alfoanna09 1 month ago

So we shouldn’t get charged for premium anymore.

andir80 1 month ago

i dont want to get picky, but i think you pay premium for premium content, which is already of verified creators. most if not all of the deleted videos are not subject of your premium account. dont get me wrong, im pissed about the situation, im a fan of the pmv sectrion and its all gone, there is nothing left.

4p4n00 1 month ago

Premium? LOL consider yourself lucky. I have a lifetime membership that is instantly worth less than my Ralph's card.A lifetime member and I don't even have a fucking avatar. That level of disrespect... I mean, I feel like this is fraud. Can you advertise membership to 12 million vids, sell a bunch of memberships, then only provide access to 2 million vids? Legally, I mean?

Solsam88 1 month ago

Way to completely demolish and stagnate your community. A for protecting those that need to be protected, F- how you did it.

FacialicerXL 1 month ago

RIP PH! This will be the end for this page. They're pushing "modelhub", where you must pay alot extra for every vid. What is 'Premium' worth in the future?

PeterKrass 1 month ago

"Premium" is a complete joke now. I got lifetime-premium membership and now the whole value of this has been flushed down the toilet. I'm MAD as F***

shrk 1 month ago

RIP MindGeek (PornHub, etc). You just nuked yourself! What an absolute disaster. Good thing there are TONS of others websites to find porn. Those anti-porn crusaders will continue to fail.

emmy-chan 1 month ago

no email ,message or blog,news,week warning before mass deleting contents of people is bullshit! not a single WARNING! none ! .....WTF!

Fuckyouyouscumbag 1 month ago

You guys terminated my account that I just bought premium on. Thanks alot

JoyStickCinema 1 month ago

Damn Puritans

SammieTease 1 week ago

I have been patient giving PH the time they need to figure out the non-model verifications process. Where is the update? I have no interest in being a model, just sharing content. When is the new policy cuming out?

LKOIijssw 1 week ago

I am honestly doing the same thing. There are videos on here that are not x videos. Hopefully by February we will get the videos back and verified. And I am not switching over to x videos

Hunter9484 1 week ago

Bring your stuff to x v i d e o s .com. We moved all our stuff there and got 850k views in 1 month

chickswithabs 1 month ago

Sorry to break it to you like this, but you've just signed your bankruptcy statement. What a shame, it was a great website!

KyngYosh 2 weeks ago

🚨🚨🚨🚨 these guys give two fucks about small content creators on this website. 32 videos flagged, 1,000,000 views wiped from my account, and removing my videos and earnings without knowing . When I shared proof that the models I work with gave rights and over 18+🚨🚨 Crooks in my book

sexualpilgrim 2 weeks ago

Way to cave in Pornhub! You just shot yourself in the foot with both barrels. This will probably work out about as well for you as removing nudity did for Playboy.

fatjay71 2 weeks ago


Him Is He 3 weeks ago

I don't see where it says that I won't be receiving any payment as a member of the model program but yet somehow I keep hearing from all of my fans who want to be in my fan club or send tips that "Purchases have been temporarily disabled." That's a huge problem because I don't make much from views at all literally majority of my payment is coming from my fan club subscription video purchases and tips and you've completely taken that away and there is no say on when it will return???

The Girl Next Door 2 weeks ago

I'm in the same situation and wondering why they made the decision to suspend all paid transactions and at this point what the benefit to being in the Modelhub program is if we can't make money which is why most of us are in the program. We also can't get paid out now until we reach the $100 minimum payout which we can't do because they have suspended paid transactions yet Pornhub has their money they got paid on from our paid content.

kateenvetajat 3 weeks ago

RIP Pornhub. Farewell.

juanpe500 3 weeks ago

thanks god i downloaded on its time my fav videos, goodbye forever pornhub, u gave me good times, but there is nothing else to do here, other porn sites here I go!

ExecutiveAnalist 3 weeks ago

I was told you’d have things fixed by January. Time’s up, Spongebob.

cummiecums 3 weeks ago

Fucking bullshit fuck you pornhub bunch of wankers

Daviskelly39 3 weeks ago

I was verified and they took my content down. My ID was on file. Stole my check mark. Deleted my profile picture. Deleted my cover photo. And deleted 60 videos of mine that I had made.

Hunter9484 3 weeks ago

Come over to x v i d e o s .com we moved our personal 127 vids there

yungbiggiecock 1 month ago

Terrible, absolutely terrible. Had so much content on my account for over a span of about 8 years, now it is all gone and unable to be reinstated. Pornhub needs to be cancelled, this is terrible.

EmoCutiex 1 month ago

2 weeks and no further update on what’s happening? So much stuff I want to upload that’s going to waste

101hz 1 month ago

PH is now just garbage. Extreme leftist wins, sorry, time to change platform.

HornyShlomy 1 month ago

I do not understand, if I get paid for my videos it is legal, when my content is for free it is illegal? Why is it? please explain. I do not mind entering the model program, as long as I will not get paid.... I have an issue with getting paid for sex.

Can8tive 1 month ago

Is that why so many of my favorite videos are now gone?

Patates_douces 1 month ago

Pornhub videos genocide

SwedishOxxx 1 month ago

This is the worst news. I'm not here for the usually bad content from your partners but for the real stuff... Among my favorite videos, about 80% is gone. That is so bad...

Thickcock_Pharaoh 1 month ago

Yo can we all just move on to another site and abandoned this bs site please you can't even say the f word literally how could they turn me off that much , this is an ab-se of power and it's literally disgusting I'll make an account on xhamster or xvids till there's a proper new site , no more ph.

Darkfall80 1 month ago

1 month later and zero new tickling fetish clips worth even watching, a few gay pickle-tickle clips and some legacy clips from early 2000.Think we can consider site dead, Move along, nothing to see here...

RealAzzEnt 1 month ago

Go woke, go broke. I'll focus my efforts on X videos then. You guys can keep your capitulating ways. I see no reason to waste any more effort here when everything can be deleted, cancelled, and pulled on a whim.

Hunter9484 1 month ago

We moved our videos there

Durutad 1 month ago

hahaha pornhub whit no porn

Durutad 1 month ago

Monica Bayliss ohh but some of the good ones get removed

Monica Bayliss 1 month ago

I got some porn..but it says purchases are disabled temporarily!

Anonymus12th 1 month ago

How comes deleting a ton of hentai videos into the picture? It is one of the most loved categories on Pornhub according to statistics. In the genre of hentai it is clearly unlikely that anyone in the making was harmed or sexually ill treated Why? These decisions ruin the fun for me and I see that I'm not alone... the problem therefore couldn't be me.

FemaleLugia 1 month ago

I hate what is happenning so much. I hope they will listen to their community, and not just be completely stupid and let pornhub die forever, because that's the next step.

Indicboi45 1 month ago

Do people expect us to take this laying down? https://www.change.org/p/visa-bring-the-porn-back-to-pornhub

The-Smasher 1 month ago

I think time to leave porn hub for me, i'll join another website !Goodbye porn hub you failed us.

MuscleHunk 1 month ago

Fucking bullshit... Dumping this site.. anyone have suggestions on where to go next? Let's all leave PH and hit em where it hurts.

frothmate 1 month ago

Im with all the comments. I lost my videos that were just small creators. Good job porn hub, You're the new Tumblr...

urge2voy 1 month ago

Well that’s pretty crappy. I log on this site one day to see what’s going on and maybe get excited enough to make another video and notice that I am now unverified and all my uploads under review. I was verified and every video I uploaded was of me. I didn’t join this site to make money, I joined for the pleasure and wanted to share that one pleasure with the people that felt the same. Felt like a community. I will wait to see what it will take to get re-verified.

bhndnl 1 month ago

If this is permanent, does anyone know of another site that allows video sharing. Most of the verified are just snippets of videos, basically advertisements for other sites. Are there any sites that are what Pornhub used to be?

2wsx2wsx 1 month ago

WTF, I lost everything that I had saved and favorited. Time to abandon ship.

Vulkan122 1 month ago

Well I’m glad that all my favorites have been wiped off the face of the earth. But hey 10 million vids is a safe price to pay for an alleged 118 bad vids

Johnc88888 1 month ago

I’d rather they closed the whole site down if there was even 4 or 5 bad vids. It’s needing stopped and it’s only getting worse

banshee3 1 month ago

Looking at the bright sight here: There is no reason to spend money on this site anymore. My recommendations went from approx. 80-100 pages down to 5(!) pages, most of them already watched. (No, "teen" or "young" or similiar were not part of it). To all the remainers, have fun. I am gonna buy some videos now.

EarthsPublicPet 1 month ago

Always been a fan of PornHub, but what's the point in visiting this site if 80% of the content is gone? Sorry, but I'm using different sites unless this gets resolved.

jimnmontana 1 month ago

This is now a boring site...I think I will have to cancel my membership!

WallaceStr 1 month ago

I thought my girlfriend snuck on my account and trashed everything. Boy, I'm glad I read this or I really would have looked like PornHub: retarded.

WallaceStr 1 month ago

"We hope we have demonstrated our dedication to leading by example." Are you serious??? You can't be!!!

b0yst0ys 1 month ago

Really feel for everyone thats lost content and their page theyve built up for years Bizarrely my daily views shot up 150% since this purge started but my earnings are down 180% !! Please treat your honest models fairly Pornhub, many of us rely on this income, we work hard to make the content your users want to see. Hope the situation can be resolved sooner rather than later. Good luck everyone.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

“We work hard” Fuck off. You stick dildos in your ass and pleasure yourself on camera. That isn’t work. It doesn’t even take effort. It’s something you do for fun even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Get a real job. There’s a pandemic. Nobody has time to boohoo over you not getting money from porn.

b0yst0ys 1 month ago

I feel sorry for the guys and girls in support too, theyve always been brilliant for me and must getting a whole load of hell right now for a decision that they had no part in. Be courteous to them guys and girls, hopefully we can get this show back on the road soon.

ExecutiveAnalist 1 month ago

What a noble cause, Pornhub, and it’s inspiring to see your dedication. However, I would like to know if and when you plan on returning those videos you have backed up on your servers, as I would like to continue my dedication to jacking off at 1AM such that I’m not inspired to bash my head against a concrete pylon. Those Asians didn’t make content for any other English websites, so you’d better get to it.

BellaNovel 1 month ago

The fact I can’t upload a photo or any of my videos is beyond me even tried to get verified and still didn’t work ? What is really y’all motive

Hoxton311 1 month ago

Good thing I did download alot of videos.Ph going is going down at this point ,it's just becoming another money hungry site as all of them are .

DaneDevi 1 month ago

pornhub R.I.P.

LuxxyOfficial 1 month ago

you massicared your own website, you can't pin the blame on incels you're the one at fault.

hornyblooky 1 month ago

fuck this im going to better website

subliminalbacklash 1 month ago

Ok, fine. Make changes. Care to explain then why you un-verified my account? I went through the process of uploading my photo and verifying myself years ago, my content had NOTHING to do with the issue at hand. Thanks for nothing, Pornhub.

HornyShlomy 1 month ago

Same here, Very simple, you do not pay PH, you are nothing... What they do not get, very quickly another site will be happy to give a platform for people like you and me. PH will become nothing...

cuckoldkeiran 1 month ago

So many great videos now gone! Well done PornHub, ya bawbags!

Luv2cum614 1 month ago

So our pics and videos are just GONE??!!!!! 🤬 they weren’t saved now we don’t have them anymore???

shrk 1 month ago

This is the biggest fuck you could give to the users of your site, that have posted content over the years. Big RIP. Of course reddit, facebook, etc won't follow your stupid idea of deleting all user content! Talk about drastic measures!

Tony2Tall 1 month ago

You deleted me and my fiance's content. Two consensual adults.

yucco1 1 month ago

One of the biggest internet companies bows down to an organization like NCOSE? youtube, twitter, facebook and instagram are far gone in selfcensorship by now. happende to all mainstream media news outlets a long time ago is now the dismantling of the internet. The free flow of information is under attack. so is the freedom of poeples lives. Every little corner of it. And this is just the beginning. Search for: "Noam Chomsky Necessary Illusions" https://youtu.be/wi1WVEhlMh0

Arivats55 1 month ago

I am verified and a member for 7yrs now will i gt my own videos and photos back ???.or do i and we just fuck pornhub off and delete wot we have now!!! NOTHING** not on You Have Brocken My Trust with You .. arivats55

AnnaP_MMD 1 month ago

So animators are just banned entirely? How will being verified with a face that never appears in the content do anything?

MissSandyCyan 1 month ago

Cant wait for the new vertification system coming online. So this thing settles down I'm okay to vertify myself again, but I Dont wana sign any model contracts etc. I just made content for others to enjoy. Not ready for the money things yet. Too bad all of my content here is hidden for now and lost vertification badge. And like some other people have stated. I too posted only content of my own. So I guess we just have to wait for the new year.

MOSSIMO32 1 month ago

Why did I lose my blue verification check mark?

MOSSIMO32 1 month ago

It seems that Legitimate gripes are being deleted in here

MOSSIMO32 1 month ago

Why can’t we verify and get our stuff re-posted just as it was now I have a site that has all these awards with no videos on it....?

TheSlugGuy 1 month ago

How dumb are you people? yes they want you gone because the site has smut, caving to their demands and nuking most of your own site isn't going to make the go away, its just going to piss off your users.

Skarlette Thorns 1 month ago

I totally understand why pornhub needs to do this. I don’t want anyone being exploited either. However, they should’ve taken a bit more time so that people who are verified and actually following the rules weren’t so severely impacted. I’ve seen people who lost thousands of views, despite them being verified. Please don’t demonize and discourage sex workers, or porn in general. Porn is a healthy outlet for people to explore their fantasies without being ridiculed.

BlackWarGreycock 1 month ago

If they had this new "verified uploads" policy going forward WHILE grandfathering in the whole back catalog they just suspended, I would probably still come to the site regularly. If that doesn't happen? It's 100% over for me, for real. I think I speak for more than just myself when I say we really won't be back, all you simp-mongers who seriously think most of the site's traffic is here for you. We fapped before PornHub, and we will fap after. Smell ya later!

Sealherlips 1 month ago

It’s hilarious how these blue checkmarks think we were here for them. Verified content has always been trash.

rexcaleb 1 month ago

You're not a social media platform. You've demonstrated you can't be trusted. You can't resolve a problem involving ONLY 118 videos, let alone keeping millions of real ID docs safe.

snatchgrinder 1 month ago

This was supposed to be a free porn site. I guess greed and the almighty dollar come first. It sucks that everyone whom created their own page and content after all this time is gone, all without warning. I think it's time to dump this greedy site and move over to xhamster.

The_Art_of_Fucking 1 month ago

The security is good, but ... I am angered by moralists with my ideas about worldwide censorship and the prohibition of pornography.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

This is about the prohibition of CH*LD pornography, retard.

Winterlover1987 1 month ago

What the fuck are you doing ? All my private and favorite videos are gone

AdalynnX 1 month ago

For the people asking, YES you can still make your vids free when you get verified and join the modelhub program. I have 200+ free vid and didn’t lose a single one after all this. The real problem is the fact that an anti porn religious group can manipulate a huge corporation to fuck so many people at once! I thought they believed sex is something only a husband and wife could do............

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

Amen girlfriend

EatYouFromDaBack 1 month ago


Manny123000 1 month ago

This is the most stupidest thing I've seen pornhub do they were so many people who were just starting. There are also people who have posted for years and weren't verified and now they ban their accounts and take away all their videos like why people worked hard to get all the subscribers and all the likes and now all their work was for nothing. I'm sorry, but if pornhub don't change their ways they gonna lose a lot of fans and their popularity will go down. Now you can't even unless u verified.

CaptainCleanCock 1 month ago

I lost a lot of my favorite videos. Amature and homemade were my true love. I respect whats going on here with the young situation listed, but did those situations not lead to help find and capture the people doing the crimes? It seems like PH is taking a big hit because of all the ad revenure from unverified uploads. And having verified people everywhere takes away from the reality of not everyone is an actor or actress. This will be good for us verified, giving us more views and cash

ltmod 1 month ago

If you want a refund, Pornhub's customer service will give you one. As for PH, goodbye. With just a few simple actions, you could've avoided giving right-wing extremist Christians all the ammunition they needed to force you to self-destruct. In bending the knee to the "will of Jesus" (urgh) you've gone too far, eliminating almost 10 million videos, including compilations and PMVs (by far the best content), and deleting material uploaded by models who now can't make a living. I'm out.

vivelegaul 1 month ago

Expect a mass exodus from PornHub, they'll be begging the Canadian government for a loan in 2 years.

serbian_monarch 1 month ago

You should all move to xhamster, it has much better chat and it would never do sth like pornhub just did. Wasn't verified but posted only pics and vids of myself. Now I am so pissed

johnytoid 1 month ago

Thanks for deleting all my pictures and videos , go fuck yourselves

Demuman 1 month ago

All my favorite videos... the beautiful japanese girls, the sweet femboys, all gone... I'm really disappointed of all of you, i hate this site now, take your miserable Onlyfans

rexcaleb 1 month ago

118 exploitation videos keep coming back? Easy, just delete those videos and disable user uploads - DONE, PROBLEM RESOLVED, no one can upload any more of those. WHY THE FK did you have to delete 11 million legitimate videos without any warning? Its absolutely unnecessary. Thats what the report/flag button is for. Trust and safety? You've lost the trust of 90 percent of all your users. Pro rata refund those premium memberships if you wanna talk about the right thing, and restore the videos.

ExecutiveAnalist 3 weeks ago

Prior to this fiasco, they could’ve just put out an APB about the offenders and we users probably would’ve hunted them down ourselves. They had that kind of clout beforehand.

LoveToBeTwink 3 weeks ago

Holy fuck! Why the hell didn't they do this instead?!!

PurpleWyvern 1 month ago

RIP PornHub (2007-2020)

LukasH124 1 month ago

I am verified but I am not a part of the model program. I started the process of joining the model program, then I found out there is income tax involved. I will not allow my dick to be taxed and I will not fall for the false claim from PornHub saying this has all been for safety. They banned everyone who wasn’t making them money. Since when has the world cared about what goes on inside this website. It’s porn and it will never be totally ethical or politically correct. Let us jerk off in pe

Sealherlips 1 month ago

PornHub doesn’t give a damn about combatting c h i l d porn. You wanna know how I know? The word “s h i t” isn’t allowed, but you can post all the “HOT TEEN GANGBANG” videos you want. No filter for teen. Because teens are their bread and butter. Or they were, until the card companies took a stand.

Tbr50 1 month ago

Ehhh lets not be hyperbolic. When the term teen in used it means eighTEEN and nineTEEN. Not actual teenagers

GeorgeH93 1 month ago

Pornhub would not have made this decision lightly. They are a business who have just been thrown under a bus. Accountability for uploaded content cannot be achieved without verification or traceability. Mindgeek cannot be blamed for wanting to protect their business and reputation. If anyone wants to apportion blame, it should be directed at the few bad apples who uploaded unauthorized or illegal content.

Tbr50 1 month ago

Sorry but no. They are suppose to moderate their site. They failed to do that. Thats on them

BaddChica 1 month ago

You could not have said it any better

AnimationFreak 1 month ago

Sexual exploitation is bad, and glad this content is being tackled. That said, seems like a lazy, cheaper way of not having to better/closely moderate the site. There are few, high quality 3D animators here who make great stuff that cater to a pretty niche fetish (none of which had anything to do with this) and now my playlists are wiped out and so are their channels. Not the end of the world, they upload their content elsewhere, but PH made it easier and more accessible.

Darkfall80 1 month ago

Guess thats the end of another era then. Finding nothing enjoyable with usual searches and favourite list empty, left is random amateur genitals and fat chick's that can't sell their stuff in the first place...pornhub2.0.com anyone?

pcnaughtysims 1 month ago

To say you handled this POORLY would be AN UNDERSTATEMENT !! You made ZERO effort to work with THE COMMUNITY unless they were verified or a partner. As a Twitch streamer, I can tell you Twitch WOULD NEVER do this. They may TEMPORARILY ban those not in compliance with what's required of streamers now, they would NEVER permanently ban someone WITHOUT first giving them a chance to get in compliance the way you have. YOU BOTCHED THIS !! 'm not even sure I'll EVEN BOTHER going through the

thepcwiz101 1 month ago

Now imagine this youtube getting rid of all unverified channels suddenly for a small group of people who posted inappropriate content. Do you think that is fair? i think it's not.

GamerGirlRoxy 1 month ago

Extortion by the money powers. If the people let them take away cash, if you agree to use only digital currency, this is what you can expect on a personal level. Conform to "Authorities" commands, or they will flick a switch and lock you away from your own money. This is a sign. Most people won't get it.. But this extortion applied to PH will be applied to the average person. Extortion. I was mad at PornHub, but after thinking about it. The manipulation of people through control of $$$$$

HornyShlomy 1 month ago

Shalom peace and love, unfortunately all my content has been deleted by PH, including videos, photos, profile picture and cover picture. Have to say I am verified and all the content deleted was showing only me. The reason why to hale they did it is for me to guess. If you have good idea of a porn site as good as PornHub was before latest changes, please write me the site address!

Iarqi56 1 month ago

Go to hell

MilkyFantasy 1 month ago

Look on the bright side! Now you have a better chance of being featured!

daveasian 1 month ago

This website has become a s.. t . I can understand you all panicked after that newspaper article but c’mon, this is not how to deal with all the users most of them pay a subscription! You deserve to be clised down by authority.

pcnaughtysims 1 month ago

Getrting one here and Demonizing US in the community like you demonize THE LOCAL LIBRARY will get you NOWHERE !! That's a battle you've ALREADY lost

IncelAnon7 1 month ago

2020 finally did it guys. Now we can't even have porn.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

PornHub knowingly allowed c h i l d porn to infest their website, and now they’re trying to play the victim, claiming it was just Christian bigots lying about them. Fuck off.

RinneB 1 month ago

Guess I'm the only one respecting this decision hard, even though all my playlists are gone. This is the end of an era an the beginning of a new one

Bootydevine 1 month ago

As I am reading comments of some saying ur verified and lost ur content, did you all had IDs of everyone on the videos? Cuz if you all didn't thats a reason! Also FREE videos aren't going anywhere if verified models have them FREE with all paperwork and legal IDs they will stay there for your viewing pleasure IF models decide to have them free, or payed for download!

GamerGirlRoxy 1 month ago

Mark my words, PornHub will not be forgiven by the users or the models... Beginning of the end.... They had to do something, but what they did was the equivalent of slapping everyone they make money off of in the face.

Gregore Erotic 1 month ago

Those saying this means no more homemade porn, I'm one of many verified homemade porn creators here, I'm a transgender and I use a cheap camera and film from home or the forest nearby, I'm making homemade content that is approved. They are Not going against homemade content, just unverified. I'm sad too that some of my other vids and pics were deleted, but we can get verified and keep on creating, I'm gonna keep on making homemade verified content

bootygayasslover 1 month ago

All of you whining are those that watched free stolen porn and DO NOT understand the situation! We all are free to comment what we want, but im glad this happen to just allow verified models, for them to get payed for their work! Good move PH!

215ForYourPleasure 1 month ago

This has nothing to do with “stolen porn” appropriate name!

xlkyng 1 month ago

Lmao all these content thieves are upset. That's what y'all get. Taking content without permission zand reuploading to a paid platform. Stealing models videos and reselling them on your Twitter. F y'all. Thats some foul s**t. Now pornhub need to implement some kind of duration policy. Stop these 20-30sec vids. Make full videos atleast 3mins long. Unless its a preview to a paid or fansonly video.

vampydollxiii 1 month ago

People are so dramatic. Does it kinda suck because it was an extreme solution? Yeah, I agree. But on the other hand boo hoo now you have to watch verified creators which enables them to make money off that ad revenue and make more and better content for you! Getting verified isn't that hard, and I hope it helps the lovely people we get off to every day make money and protect their work.

Tbr50 1 month ago

Youre clearly clueless. People dont watch you verified models because youre boring and fake to them. There is no "make more and better content for you". Lots of people have various different kinks that most of you verified people dont touch. Or if you do its so easily faked that most wont pay attention to you and would rather go to another site.

Arivats55 1 month ago

Heyy Dick Head I Was Verified And all My Content vids and pox have gone!!! i dont make money out of it or people and it wwas never the way years ago on here We are not All Tarred with the Same Brush*** Its your sort of Comment /=Fuck U Jack ime ok Does Not go down too weel With Me 7yrs On Ime near fed Up With the Crap Ands shite thats on here anyways

Cherry Lips 1 month ago

Finally a good strategy, out the stolen videos. You are going to lose a huge amount of users but at least you do not encourage piracy. Really congrats

BossyBabyXXX 1 month ago

This is so sad, and so unfair. PH is doing everything they can to make their content verified and consensual and yet they are still the bad guys, while FB, YouTube, Google, and even grosser websites like Motherless are taking very little heat for hosting even worse content. We need to keep supporting our verified users and studios, but this is making is very hard.

Rapsfan82 1 week ago

Where can I find some good homemade porn this site sucks !

headda123 1 week ago

Pornhub sucks now; wish I hadn't just renewed my premium membership!

yoodog7 1 week ago

This sucks instead of deleting all unverified just make a policy to report illegal content. No need to fuck over amateur porn users.

Julia and Jon 3 weeks ago

has everyone's video ad revenue dropped? our revenues have fallen by 3 times. is it the same for you? Viewshare earnings from videos

Hunter9484 3 weeks ago

Move your stuff to x v i d e o s Com. This place is dead

DatLuckyGal420 3 weeks ago

I need to be able to download

Hunter9484 3 weeks ago

Come over to x v i d e o s .com we moved there

Omarii23 3 weeks ago

Yeah PornHub... you’ve ruined everything😒...

SophiaB 3 weeks ago

What is the status with Mastercard/Visa? When will they start accepting Pornhub transactions again?

Dave_Karter 3 weeks ago

All my favorite videos now are gone. Thank you very much пидорасы вы суки. After all those years you just putting down your pants and sh*t every subscriber with words "Hey we deleted all your favorite videos just because we can! And turning Pornhub in Onlyfans!" Im leaving this sh*thole and go to x videos.

Hunter9484 3 weeks ago

We moved all our videos there

coyote311 3 weeks ago

I moved over to x videos under profile spiritofthecoyote and am working on uploading my content to that platform. Good luck to anyone staying here as it is going to become a ghost town. This site and anyone who support it deserve to be cast into oblivion.

Curtis Snow 3 weeks ago

If any unverified users would like me to upload their videos please let me know

RockiPOF 1 month ago

I'm not understanding at all. I had a photo uploaded to my profile and I went through all your hoops of sending you pictures of me and everything else to verify my account and now you have taken my verification away? I had no content uploaded nor was I collecting any money, I can not understand why you would remove my picture and my blue verification check when my account WAS verified!? This is garbage and if this is how pornhub is going to stay I will no longer be using this site.

BKLMA 1 month ago

So what's the point of an edit profile button if we can't even EDIT THE FUCKING thing?

beatrix08 1 month ago

RIP pornhub

Dusty_L 1 month ago

Sadly PornHub is dead now

TheTrooperGuy 1 month ago

Welp, every video worth coming back to is gone. Guess I will be too.

Darklight 1 month ago

This verification thing is terrible used to love this site for freedom and adding fun, but way is now it's just a shame really 👎 (Add too much advertising before streams even start which also new and site quality dropped hugely.)

blackowned70 1 month ago

Pornhub just cut their own throat. I’m done. There are plenty of other way better sites out there. Pot gun just alienated 99% of their usership. Congratulations! We haven’t seen a ship sink this fast since the Titanic. Got too big for its britches. Good riddance.

Harry900 1 month ago

I swear those videos better be coming back, most of the videos in my favorite list are gone now, just review the content and delete the stuff you don't like, but lemme have my favorites back

ApexPredator85 1 month ago

This is bullshit! If there was any illegal content here... that's a result of your fault and system being unable to build algorithms to review all the content in the platform. So you choose, delete whatever is not uploaded by professional accounts and ruined all your site. The only thing you shown is that you are unable to resolve your problems.

ApexPredator85 1 month ago

In another perspective, you also show your true face, you only care about what brings you money, but you forget that the one who brought you the fame of the best porn site on the internet was not the professional accounts, but the amateur community. The internet is becoming more censored everyday because of people like you taking extreme decisions to make us ''safe''. It's censorship masquerading as public safety and the sort of thing you would expect from the government, not porn.

wallcockblack 1 month ago

the intention is good but it has too much of an impact on us, and it looks a.b.u.s.e.d ..... 2020 we also lost the pleasure of posting and downloading on pornhub

parkerj 1 month ago

There was nothing wrong with my videos. 6 years gone. And the other sites are terrible. This was a bad decision and you will lose alot of members

carpepueraV6 1 month ago

This website has lost its purpose. I pity the producers, yes a lot of their stuff got leeched, but it got them noticed, and increased traffic to clips4sale. Facebook has a million times more reported cases? RIP PornHub. A competing website will take advantage (no doubt on Russian servers).

Analisamelchotoo 1 month ago

Girls in only fans did this

paul987109 1 month ago

Then hey, "Morality in Media" and Exodus Crap, either neuter and spay the population or legalize prostitution, you crumb-headed hypocrites.

kdm112360 1 month ago

Lousy motherfuckers, 5 years they deleted from me to. Videos that I've saved on here instead of taking up space on my phone or computer are now gone. Personal Videos that I've shared. X hamsters doing the same thing, your own videos on their you cannot download and get them off there and 90% of the videos you can't download no more. It all happened within a week, hope they realize the money train they lost in all of us. Fuck this site, They could have at least warned us

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Oh boo fucking hoo. They got busted in turning a blind eye to t r a f f i c k i n g, but you’re upset about your mediocre porn being gone.

GoUltraNSFW 1 month ago

Because of you, I lost everything

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Maybe now you can get a life.

AFreshLoad4U 1 month ago

I am one of the many that have had all their personal content removed. I verified my account two years ago. I do have the achievement badge, and the top of the verification page says I am already verified in big green lettering. I have recently changed my user name. Has this action caused my account to now be unverified somehow?? I did not see that in the change name screen. I am guessing that all my content is now non recoverable? Please advise what we can do to remedy this.

Tasteesquirt 1 month ago

If you go to advanced member search now, the verified option has been removed...

zhongqingaijiang 1 month ago

i want my vedio back you fucking idiot

EatYouFromDaBack 1 month ago

This platform is weak asb now

tattoogirl20 1 month ago

if you think this is weak sub to my only fans🥺 https://onlyfans.com/tattoogirls20

Forbiddenlove22 1 month ago

How the heck can i get my profile verified if I cant upload a profile picture? The verification says you half to have a profile picture.

RealJediMasterYoda 1 month ago

Bruh i lost my verification

KingOfStraps843 1 month ago

yo my account has been verified years ago now my avatar is gone, & i cant upload new content !!!!

PeterKrass 1 month ago

...and this is exactly how you place your company/website into the history books under the category "totally destroyed itself and the years of trust of its customers/users within a blink of your eyes"

4p4n00 1 month ago

What @Asswurx said is most likely the case. The whole place is a tier system now. People like you and me are faceless. They only care and cater to blue checks. Its the mark of the beast.

Asswurx 1 month ago

That's because you are a verified user not a verified model. there is a difference.

Luv2cum614 1 month ago

All of our videos and pics are GONE what is going on?? They weren’t backed up! And we were verified members! I was told yesterday that it would be restored but everything is still gone HELP PLEASE

anubathewhite86 1 month ago

Months of uploads gone as a armature uploader, so glad I save everything to my hard drive. Let's just castrate and sterilize everything else on the internet too. Because it's so much easier to site purge than to do it correctly. Just like fishing with grenades.

an0nym0u5 1 month ago

Do we have to be in the model program to upload? What if we do it for fun, not money? Bad decision.

Promo4popeye 1 month ago

Sup wit this people with no sex life can’t never let ppl fuck and b happy 🙄

Ines_ganged 1 month ago

i agree with more control, just can´t understand why a non-comercial user can´t upload a profile picture and if it is verifiyed by PH... i verify myself but not interested in sharing my address anf full legal name. non-sense

renimasks 1 month ago

2020 Cancel culture is too strong!!!

NutHadMe2Weak 1 month ago

What. A. Waste. So much content just got lost.

unknown 1 month ago

So we were verified and all our videos are no longer visible and we at 8.4 millions views down to 0 what do we do ???

Hunter9484 1 month ago

Me & my wife having making and posting our videos for the past 3 months its up to 127 videos ... so many people loved our videos we were getting 100k views a month we had almost 1000 subscribers we enjoyed making these videos and turning the viewers on we got great comments and were having fun doing this for the past 3 months. So now all of my 127 videos are gone plus over a 100 photos Im a very pissed off person.

Three6ix 1 month ago

2020 you really fucked

ToesSmellGood 1 month ago

I had some serious content on my channel. I did not save/download any content on my phone or laptop. I live for this website i think this is the biggest day of my life i might have to actually give up my foot fetish wtf

KOLLDADDY 1 month ago

I'm verified and all my content is gone. ¡can't get any worse!

pixieservesHim 1 month ago

Happy to keep providing ethical porn

mds20172017 4 days ago

I am a premium account holder. Now I can't see the videos of my subscribers via premium account. It shows as no videos, but without premium account, I can see those videos. What's going on. So why should I pay for the premium account.

Hunter9484 6 days ago

Your wasting your time on here. Its never getting better ... there are better sites that piss on pornhub

Hunter9484 2 days ago

X v i d e o s pisses on pornhub. Im only there 1 month. And i got over 1 million views. I was on here for 3 months and got 300k views

1000kills 5 days ago

Wgat others are there that aren't virus-risk. Im on xhamster, spankbang and vk.com. PH was way better than those sites tho.

AlleyKatt 1 week ago

After all the time I’ve been here and I used to even be in the top 500 models, now they’re overreacting to this situation and in doing so they are ruining this site.

Sealherlips 1 week ago

Oh, is PornHub still pretending they give a single fuck about victims?

JerzzeyItalian 1 week ago

So that's wtf happened to all of my pictures and my verified account being unverified out of the blue. Jesus christ, Xtube is becoming better than Pornhub nowadays lol that's sad

Balmmaker 1 week ago

Suck a dick, Pornhub

myAudi 2 weeks ago

I hate how you even can't change avatar or cover image anymore. Like wtf?

Ecatonchiro 2 weeks ago

I am a newly Premium User and, a this point, I want a refund as the service I paid for is no longer available.

narkotikz 2 weeks ago

Lucky you didn't purchase Lifetime like i did

honymoxx 2 weeks ago

Thanks now all my playlists are empty. Not paying for this anymore. BYE

Adallace 2 weeks ago

Very bad changes, this is disappointing.

Hunter9484 2 weeks ago

This place is dead. Move all your stuff to x v i d e o s .com. you will get 5xs the views..... I moved 3 weeks ago and im up to 200k views PH sucks now the videos that are still here are boring ... you aint making no money on this site anymore

Tokugawa2005 2 weeks ago

That's all good then but please stop making the videos that have been unlisted come up in searches and recommendations. Really annoying to see a video you want to watch but then can't because it's been removed.

Spartan393 2 weeks ago

So you removed the pages of verified individuals too now (1/8/2021)?? Why should I stay with PH?

rexcaleb 1 week ago

@cheekyjtx PH hungry for more ad revenue so they can throw pity money at the Models to beg them to stay

cheekyjtx 2 weeks ago

verified accounts show up as empty on premium, but if you search on regular pornhub, their free videos are there. WTF is this?

Hunter9484 2 weeks ago

Dont stay. We all moved to x v i d e o s .com

huyue20101 3 weeks ago

This place is fucking dead go to x videos instead* All my favourite videos are gone forever,fuck you pornhub! More like onlyfans2 ,shit designer

ched_21h 3 weeks ago

Fuck you, half of my playlists are empty now

Detroff 3 weeks ago

да блять нахуя мою аватарку удалили?

AliceWeaver 3 weeks ago

I am trying to upload a new video at the moment (Verified User, obviously) and it got taken down as soon as it got uploaded. Considering leaving this site.

Hunter9484 3 weeks ago

We all moved to x v i d e o s .com we had 127 personal vids on here and we only started 3 months ago. But PH crapped out

Sassy Pearl 3 weeks ago

I have the same problem. Has yours been resolved? And what did you do?

TheRealWeiss 3 weeks ago

What the fuck were you thinking? This platform is no longer "user-generated" after these changes.

parhamnoor 3 weeks ago

You must notify us a month before your removal so then we could at least download our main contents , shame on you

ShawnsterBear 3 weeks ago

They just deleted all of my photos, videos and cover image. I worked hard for some of that and some of which can not be replaced as my only copy was on PornHub. I'm really considering deleting my page. As soon as I can find a better porn site I'm outta here. XTube did the same sh*t too.

Hunter9484 3 weeks ago

X v i d e o s .com is where we all moved to. I had 127 personal vids on here but we moved. Hunter-9484

coyote311 3 weeks ago

x videos is where most of us are going.

Daviskelly39 3 weeks ago

They need to fix this up💔😭😭😭

V_Eyes 3 weeks ago

those 2 groups who are so dedicated to abolish porn fucked a lot us -.-' all my galleries and playlist gone...damn!

diaperboy-1986 3 weeks ago

I have been verified for years. Now all my work on here is gone. Every video, every photo. And not even an email to tell me this was happening. I'm just lucky I have everything duplicated on xtube or I would have nothing. Thanks for keeping your content creators in the loop. It's not like we don't keep you afloat or anything.

coyote311 3 weeks ago

x tube is doing the same. Better move to x videos quick.

SoftApprouch 1 month ago


ElizidElizar 1 month ago

Why are already purchased videos disabled? If they're already paid for and you've decided to arbitrarily block them to try to prove a point, you owe us all refunds for the purchase price of everything we purchased.

BKLMA 1 month ago

do a chargeback if they don't you paid for an item they took away if they don't refund it well that's there problem now

mariamischievous 1 month ago

So sad for all the sex workers just trying to make an honest living ☹

215ForYourPleasure 3 weeks ago

Thats the part that no one is mentioning! The same day these rules went into effect, i saw someone posting about actual prostitutixn, (no judgement but) i been around for almost 4 years and it was the first i had seen of that around here. And it was a little worrying.

jahblk 1 month ago

I mean really you guys really suck ... person stuff shouldn't be just deleted stop from sharing maybe but darn ...... So people don't even have copies to their original contant .....

abshoutouts1 1 month ago

So that’s where all my videos went. Thanks Bye!

Kimmys feet 1 month ago


Greaseman46 1 month ago

Thank you for contacting Pornhub Support. We are working on a verification process which we hope to launch in the New Year. Until then, access to all videos and photos (including profile pictures) has been suspended pending uploader verification. Please stay tuned for more information! If you were previously verified, this also applies to you and you will need to be re-verified in 2021. Exact date is to be determined. Please note that the recent changes across our network for all users

pcnaughtysims 1 month ago


santaira 1 month ago

Time to move to another site. Good bye Pornhub!

LewdLila 1 month ago

rip my account...

KroketKing 1 month ago

All my favourite videos are gone. I'm still premium but I have too buy all the videos I likes before, why can't I Watch those anymore?

Forever_free 1 month ago

Pornhub is not at all the same.

Vellfarr 1 month ago

What's the point of having the option to 'upload an avatar' if I can't actually upload one.

unknowsupreme32 1 month ago

My profile plc, my background, my verify tag and MY VIDEO ARE GONE wtf happened to your system???

Ray love 1 month ago

2020 you've been one hell of a year

Analisamelchotoo 1 month ago

2020 is a bad year when even pornhub destroyed itself

VenusX13 1 month ago

Yup - time to find a new site... I´m out.

Wizbiz17 1 month ago

All this really does is fuck over all any animated content creators on this site it doesn’t really even fix the problem.

Reddbunnie 1 month ago

So I've been trying to get verified for sometime now. The first time, I uploaded an avatar it said that 'pornhub is not accepting avatars now' (just paraphrasing). Few days later I tried again and now it said ' Your content needs to be reviewed before you are able to use it.' I can't upload verification image without avatar. Can this be fixed anytime soon because I can't even upload photos to show it's me. Thank you now and in advance for your efforts.

BKLMA 1 month ago

Oh yes I love how 80% of my fav videos are now gone all my videos are gone and so are any photos I had even profiles one I guess you all just hate money or something now.

ShyWifeEmily 1 month ago

Wow, all of my favourites are gone, and my viewed videos have gone from 2700 to 1300, shows just how much has gone. 😢

ahmed_kabeer 1 month ago

I had verified my account and they still deleted everything Really sad I had my 3 years hooked up films collection Its all gone Im heart broken

arnepoptrip 1 month ago

BRUH i'm verified and took down my videos and idk the reason why. Maybe because of tags as "teen" and "young" idk i find it bullshit.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Nope. They still allow the use of c h i l d porn tags such as teen.

anamelessuser234 1 month ago

this is bullshit. please fix this. so many great vids are gone.

Greaseman46 1 month ago

So now we have to submit a drivers license?? A Passport??WTF

triskele69 1 month ago

Oh man, hardly any of the good videos survived. If you're already mucking out, delete those horrible CGI clips.

RussianMilf94 1 month ago

2020 really sucks, and not in a good way!

swimmer99b 1 month ago

When will the portal work again

glaze_u_good 1 month ago

The rodent just followed pornhub's lead. Sites are going to start dropping like a stack of dominos

coyote311 1 month ago

what rodent?

BaddChica 1 month ago

This is why I'm saying it pointless running to other sites.. they are all under the same umbrella

Scav3ng3r 1 month ago

I was verified and all my stuff is gone anyway.

SydSubSlave 1 month ago

I was already verified but my content has disappeared and my verified status is also gone. I appreciate the reasons why you have done it but it seems poorly executed!!

blowjobme 1 month ago

I wonder what the new PH-blockchain-based substitute will be called. Any programmers out there, now is your chance to strike gold.

unknown 1 month ago

Why can't I add an avatar photo?! What's going on?? I'm a verified user!!

Luxurious boy 1 month ago

This is a big problem and a disaster for porn actors and amateurs! after all, many received a lot of income from fans! there were a lot of tips and a lot of fans! this is a catastrophe ! I hope that soon everything will be decided and everything will be as before! let's believe that the porno hub will find a way out of this situation!

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Oh you poor things. Guess you’ll have to get real jobs now.

aroundtheworld 1 month ago

So we can't get our pics and videos back from what i gathered?

ILovePanties2020 1 month ago

Well fuck it, I am doubling down, I hereby declare that from this day forward I will consume twice as much porn and jerk off twice as much. Seriously major over correction I think, but assholes with lawyers is not appealing. We can rebuild, I just my profile photo back fuck..

DeliciousTidepods 1 month ago

So will my account be deleted since I’m not verified? I’m not putting my face on here just so I can comment on videos and on the very slim chance of my family seeing my profile I don’t want to explain my sexual tastes

TeamRiot 1 month ago

@Tbr50 As we all know, going from not paying to paying for porn especially porn you're not interested in is a no go for a lot of people.

Tbr50 1 month ago

@TeamRiot we get to pay for garbage porn...

TeamRiot 1 month ago

That's a good point. For the free users who aren't sex workers what's in it for them?

ShaggyThePowerful 1 month ago

STG none of this woulda happened if ya'll had a better moderation team.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Exactly. They would zero in on copyrighted material immediately, but CP and other illegal stuff? Nah, they didn’t have time for that.

ClonedMind 1 month ago

Can't share or even download porn? See you later.

JustAnotherHal 1 month ago

See you on Spankbang!

Hunter9484 1 month ago

My wife and I were enjoying uploading our personal homemade videos .... If anyone knows where else we can upload them for free let me know. We have been making videos for years and have thousands but only shared 127 on here since we started 3 months ago

Grieves1138 1 month ago

Can't you just verify these videos yourselves and put them back up? At least some If them?? Give these videos some kind of license or something. It would be totally worth your time.

Tasteesquirt 1 month ago

What a joke. You can't even upload an avatar right now to try and get verified. Good job PH.

davefrommendo 1 month ago


MissLexiLoup 1 month ago

Free Speech and Sexual Freedom for Consenting Adults are basic Human Rights that are part of the definition of any Free Society. Benjamin Franklin and other Founding Fathers of the US would be offended by unreasonable and punitive restrictions on Sexual Freedom in the USA. In the 1800s in Victorian times, there were no restrictions on Sexual Freedom for Men. The USA right now is still controlled by a form of Facism. We are hoping that the new US President will observe our Constitution.

KrazyKevin67 1 month ago

They even took my blue check it was there yesterday when all this began now it's gone so I'm assuming they wont even be reviewing my videos.

ellyu 1 month ago

i was literally verified and still got taken down, what the fuck!

ellyu 1 month ago

yes i had a blue checkmark

OhYouPrettyThings 1 month ago

My videos and profile pic were removed. Tried re uploading my pic but says that it's currently disabled. So took a photo with the note to get verified and then gets rejected because I have no videos or profile picture... what a joke.

IKnowYouWantMe_BG 1 month ago


BestBJhunter 1 month ago

Millions of views gonzo. They removed every one of my vids 😩🤷🏻‍♂ Ty every for the support over the years! We had a good run. Will be contacting my lawyers if they won’t at least give me MY own videos back. BestBJhunter will be back better. Someone hmu who knows how to brand/edit & market for a cut $$

UrufuzuRein 1 month ago

GJ! All my content was removed, my profile pick was removed (and cant be changed!) and today i even lost my verified mark. And i uploaded ALL documents you needed for model program check. Well played.

mrsamcheung123 1 month ago

Fuck you, i have just got lifetime member

littlemamixoxo 1 month ago

this sucks and i know the majority will agree #bringtheoldpornhubback

xavier9542 1 month ago

Ikr, I was wondering wtf is going on? I can't find nun of my videos on my profile. I literally have to search for my own fuckin videos..... wake up people they trying to take every single thing from us including posting our own porn videos

Lauralife 1 month ago

Sooo you fucking ruined the site? Yeah no I'm out, thanks 2020 you really fucked this year. Even pornhub has apparently lost their fucking mind, I'm sure this won't blow up in their face.

Sefnen 1 month ago


thekramers 1 month ago


mfloyd1965 1 month ago

For anyone who has the titles of the videos they watch saved, try googling them to see if they've been uploaded to other sites. I found a few of my favorites already elsewhere. Probably a good idea to save them this time around too...

lascivia100 1 month ago

Everything in my profile is gone. Delete everything without giving me any chance to back it up.

garandx 1 month ago

You even took the memes.

TheDoomSlayer93 1 month ago

welp rip all the doom eternal music i uploaded

HagridPS1 1 month ago

when you read the comments, it feels like youtube rewind all over again

FantasyFunFap 1 month ago

Hmmm... just a thought. What if Pornhub created their own credit card? It could be used for online purchases or day to day purchases and regular retail stores. Make the interest rate slightly lower than Visa/Mastercard. Part of the profits could be used to help combat sexual exploitation. I would for sure get one. Just sayin.....

OneTightFit 1 month ago

Shall we brainstorm the best alternative sites in the comments?

orderthepartysub 1 month ago

This is the ultimate lesson to take away here: Government can only encourage society to act certain ways; the true rulers of the world are the ones who decide whether your payments go through.

Lord_Mountbatten 1 month ago

rip to my 2000 videos now only 100

Nicole Gives 1 month ago

How long does it take for a flagged video to be reviewed? Shortly after a fan got mad at me for refusing to let him star in a film, my fastest growing video was flagged. Not sure if it was him, or a software glitch somehow thought this thirtyfour year old was too young?

Venus et Vulcanus 1 month ago

No no no no... you see situation i so f...d up that if some little s..t decided to not just flag but REPORT youre video through ph they taking video down IMIDATELY to review. We are 1 month here and already our fastest growing (pushed by algorythm) video down. So what would you say if that little s..t.STALKER do it again? Ph is unable to doing business. Sorry.

ceyesofblue24 1 month ago

I am verified and my content was still removed

WhisperDaddyASMR 1 month ago

So then why was all my content removed when I am verified?

Znak666 1 month ago

go to the x_video

Knova Knecks 1 month ago

I am verified and part of the model program but my videos are pending review. I am very confused.

TBoy Cody Lee 1 month ago

Several of my videos are "pending review". It's very frustrating that PH is suddenly enforcing rules that at beat are ambiguous to it's users ( I've been told that the banned word list for videos is purposely kept secret). It's also concerning to me that I have to monitor the news about this situation because I don't trust PH to give me the necessary info.

BossKory 1 month ago

Prudes, gotta love em

mattdark 1 month ago

Better yet, as you remove the content from actual creators, I can still do a generic search, and find a tonne of rip-off videos that unverified accounts have uploaded, stealing other users content, but they have been left untouched. Pretty pathetic way this has been handled, and is just going to push people away to other sites that wont mess them around.

starultraZZZ6 1 month ago

LOL thats retarded

pcguy1 1 month ago

I hope mastercard and visa don't come back.

215ForYourPleasure 1 month ago

They are driving the paying audience away. I just made this new account as a partner i guess but my primary one was premium and before i figured out how to get back to uploading i was just going to go back to chaturbate. I honestly think this is just going to become a HUB. 10-30 second clips then a link to onlyfans, snapchats, personal sites, IGs ect which might lead to more money for creators if consumers cash app directly or something.

earthking1 1 month ago

u know what is the problem?in iran we have no visa card our banks is banned for your site!so we can not be able to verifiy to your fucking new plan i just upload my photos and that was my happyness ty god ty amircan people to this pain ty my country ty cornhub ty mom dad for this place this time this all pains ))))))))))) bring my profile back pls

Kamil118 1 month ago

This is worrying since if the audience leaves I doubt if pornhub can sustain itself on just creators. But at the same time people are willing to spend ridiculous amount of money for porn so maybe they will be fine.

Taniamilf60 1 month ago

The same hypocrites burned withes and served as inquisitors. It is witch hunting

Only_choice 1 month ago

My simple question is: Why Pornhub, and not just any other website? I think it’s easy to understand what’s going on here. Pornhub is a porn site, but much more secure and controlled than most "normal" sites

huyue20101 3 weeks ago

This place is fucking dead go to x videos instead* All my favourite videos are gone forever,fuck you pornhub! More like onlyfans2 ,shit designer

corsa1974 3 weeks ago

A verified uploader also can upload illegal content. You should block them as well. The only guaranteed safe content is no content. Stay really safe and progressive! More than YT, FB or instagram!

215ForYourPleasure 3 weeks ago

Randy, the OBVIOUS difference is, there is none! There’s no way to know that the person in the video is the person on the ID when most amateur’s don’t show their face! Furthermore, I’m still getting requests from “men” with women’s names and Avis with nothing but little dick videos, or the account will actually say “female” and still its a guy’s account... or i love the one where one person has multiple verified accounts with the same videos on it... how?

Randy Strotter 3 weeks ago

The blatantly obvious difference is, with a verified account there is an actual identity. Which means accountability and a pretty good disincentive to post illegal material.

215ForYourPleasure 3 weeks ago

They honestly are uploading illegal content

Arivats55 1 month ago

7yrs into this site as a verified member Pornhub Not On No Email Prior Warning Us Of this Fact Thats Unacceptable Weather Rules Or Not You Fucked Up Peoples pix/vids If You dont Have them Held ,,And You Have Let Us Down .. Ime sick Of seeing People On here Making Money Its Not all about that ((as it Was Of old)) so ive repied to aresponse via my email stating that my photos vids must be returned to me by the 24th december or after 7yrs ime deleting*** sorry ..the idea and situation i understandt

ItsMisterE 1 month ago

Rest in piece pornhub, I'll remember you as the best porn platform.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

It’s not that difficult to have an approval process and have someone review videos as they were uploaded. But you were too lazy, and didn’t care about the “you know what” that was on this site so you didn’t even try to combat it. And now you’ve completely destroyed your entire community because you took the easy way out of removing everyone’s content instead of simply reviewing it all for illegal activity like you should have done in the first place. Like cutting off your hand due

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Oh piss off. They would take copyrighted material down in minutes, sure. But CP? Other crimes? They completely ignored that.

pixieservesHim 1 month ago

They were reviewing. We had videos they wouldn't allow to even go up. And ones that went up and then got flagged were taken down within minutes. It wasn't enough.

Thepainting23 1 month ago

Right everyone, what new site are we all going to??

SirenaBeachNX 1 month ago

As I said on Twitter: While restricting uploads to only verified users was a great move, I don’t see how disabling all videos from unverified users is of any help. The amateur videos were a big part of the site so I don’t understand, why not just grandfather in videos that didn’t have illegal content?

idoenjoythis 1 month ago

I Never thought PH would obey and destroy itself from the inside like this. PH literally was The Best porn site on the net, for uploaders, watchers, users, everybody. Now it became the total opposite. Before PH started tearing itself apart there was around 13,7 million videos. Now a week later, the total amount after the brain-dead activists won and PH almost deleted the site itself, there are only some 2,9 million videos. Why not delete the remaining 2,9 million while you are at it.

Yourb4e 1 month ago

Report this shittty profile named pixieservesHim . The user is spamming comments supporting Pornhubs complete lack of respect for people that supported and made this site what it is. Report this weak rat spamming comments to be noticed. Nobody cares what you think I'm sure 95% of users will not even stay on this site. I hope your profile booms and sinks like this site will wholeheartedly

WhiteguybigD 1 month ago

Bullshit they just want you to pay for premium

Memedaris 1 month ago

Soooo when are all the 2d, 3dcg, etc videos coming back that AREN'T illegal content? What a fucking joke. You nuked your website.

Riser66613 1 month ago

Let’s all move to xhamster! Any recommendation for a good site?

Hardbodyhardercock 1 month ago

So for the people who weren't verified but were only uploading their own content, will it be re-uploaded at a later time once the bots have been purged? Because some of us just like sharing content and have no interest in becoming a verified model and was just doing it for fun

rpgnerd 1 week ago

When is the new verification plan getting implemented? I was already verified but not a part of the model program. I don’t want to be part of the model program. All of my content was of me and uploaded by me. Removing everyone that was verified but not part of the model program without giving them a way to become verified again and upload content is ridiculous.

LKOIijssw 1 week ago

I think hopefully by next month. I mean can it take a long time to do this

Troy6in 1 week ago

When will the verication system launch

KYcouple7986 1 week ago

My video says pending review. I have completed all of the required steps over a week ago and was approved. How long before video is back up? Customer service form does not work.

LKOIijssw 2 weeks ago

Lets hope that this is fixed by February

coyote311 1 week ago

Won't be anyone left by then. Come to x videos with the rest of us.

Book Pirate 2 weeks ago

Sooo... how much longer will my videos be "PENDING REVIEW" ? It's been a month already.

PmvvNc3hU5W5sYyieB 2 weeks ago

Is there any way how to cancel my Premium subscription immediately and get the money back? I have Premium prepaid until 2022, but now it makes no sense for me when there is no content. Literally all my playlists and feed are empty now. I understand that this situation is not easy for Pornhub and that all content from the non-verified accounts is deleted now. I love content from the verified accounts and never liked fake porn from studio.

rexcaleb 1 week ago

Read up if you can do a bank chargeback - service delivered significantly different from what was promised

Games Porny 2 weeks ago

Dear Team, I have over 100 videos under review (more than 2 million views), in those videos, in my opinion I'm not committing any terms infraction (they all gameplays of porn games from steam and patreon). How long is this going to last? Would I get back my videos?I understand that this is a very hard situation for you and your team (and all the MindGeek firm). However, by my side as a model, due the uncertainty of the PH future, I'm having a very bad time too.Please keep us informed!

RikjkjR9 2 weeks ago

This is a load of crap. They say its a safty thing. THEN they say its a responce to outside presure and cencorship. They say they removed the download option to keep the page safe so onwantet media wont return…. But they have REMOVED the unwanted media laready to ensure only aproved uploaders have medi on the site so why no Down loads??? Ohhhh I f you pay to subscribe you can download… THEN the isues dissapears….. Bring back the Download option and limit uploaders if you like or Im gone

DirtyMissMaryJane 2 weeks ago

My account has been showing as fully verified for days now- but all of my old videos still say ..."please join model program to be reinstated" "pending review" etc.. I've double checked that there's no other information I need to fill out, and my account IS fully verified. I was able to upload new content... But my old previous videos are still pending review, and say to join the model program- I'm at my wit's end and can't seem to get any technical support. Help!!!

Hunter9484 2 weeks ago

Bring all your videos to x v i d e o s .com. we moved ours there got a 150k views in 20 days. This place is dead

Babiizee69 2 weeks ago

Let’s hope 2021 is a better year for all!

studdedcockring 2 weeks ago

I’ve done what was suggested (joined model hub and verified my account) as far as making my videos viewable again. So what’s the hold up with unlocking my videos?

DirtyMissMaryJane 2 weeks ago

Same! My account has been showing as fully verified for days now- but all of my old videos still say ..."please join model program to be reinstated" "pending review" etc... I've double checked that there's no other information I need to fill out, and my account IS fully verified. I was able to upload new content... But my old previous videos are still pending review, and say to join the model program- I'm at my wit's end and can't seem to get any technical support.

Layla Frost 3 weeks ago

Hello Everyone,Since the Pornhub shutdown it made me work even harder to finish my tube site of things. I will be launching Hoemade Video Feb 1st! Models can make money on my site with paid fan clubs, payper view, premium views and few more as I develop.If any of you are interested in my site to earn money on please message me and check out what I have built so far (Still developing backend and front)You can sign up and upload but wont be ready for launch until Feb 1st - hoemadevideo.com

Potsdamer 3 weeks ago

One of the biggest falls i ever saw. Welcome to onlyfans 2.0

EllieSenpai 3 weeks ago

did anyone's banner photo get replaced with a generic one and their pfp deleted for no reason????

RavenRaja 3 weeks ago

ok fuck you pornhub you took down all the videos i watch ALL OF THEM. you guys fucked up cuz those content partners n model program ppl videos are boring as fucking hell so im done with this site

Omarii23 3 weeks ago

I can’t even change my profile picture cause it needs to be ReViEwEd🥴, reviewed for what? It’s a picture of me, what next??? Next thing you know we’ll have to prove we’re not robots to watch porn🥴

Erraticboy 3 weeks ago

You are the site where this issues happen the least yet you are the only one that has gone full block of everything. Now I can even upload a profile pic of myself ;( when will the block be lifted. I suspect due to my young girly face your system will flag my selfies once its been applied.

Lirgisolo 3 weeks ago

Almost all of my fan was gone

Jason Xen 3 weeks ago

some get grease monkey so we can code back in the og ph site

AlcalyPH 3 weeks ago

Ellos solo quieren jodernos, mucha gente vive de esto y les encanta!

Footman175 3 weeks ago

Does anyone know that when Pornhub is back, it will improve that our private and public videos will be visible to other users, as well as profile pictures? ☹

NaughtyK76 3 weeks ago

Tell you all what, let's be absolutely honest here...While there may have been videos on the site that were of the wrong kind I find it a little odd that it still wasn't super easy to stumble on by accident. This seems more like the first step towards becoming YT part 2. Get rid of all content that doesn't drive a reasonable amount of revenue. I'm sure verified users pay a percentage of their revenue to PH it should be another couple years till that percentage goes way up. Good luck everyone.

Adrianm55 3 weeks ago

yup pornhub is cancelled. Thanks

parhamnoor 3 weeks ago

But what about our time finding videos?! Who will respond?

JustinConrad 1 month ago

What about the visa and Mastercard ban? Haven't heard a word on your end on that situation

pwnage12 1 month ago

Why wouldn’t they just make the uploads all private instead of removing OUR videos/photos? Now my own personal spank bank I’ve accumulated throughout the years is gone. I uploaded them on here to hide from my wife so no backups.. screw you PH. Xvids has better selections anyway.

sitonmyface85 1 month ago

Ph doesn't care what you have to say about this decision be they won't even let my post up here! You suck! Jus cuz you weren't making money off certain verified users doesn't mean we weren't real people who use your site! I guess only prostitution is allowed here now

Northern-Boy 1 month ago

Lost everything - thought I'd been hacked! They even changed my profile pic to a woman!

torislegs 1 month ago

So, no money from premium views, no money from sold clips, no tips. What the @#"' any news????

rexcaleb 1 month ago

no card payments, no tips, much much less ad revenue. The new reality for at least the next several months,

sissy_vanessa 1 month ago

PORNHUB is NOT a social media platform!!!

Jessica Bloom 1 month ago

Why are payment companies such a bunch of prudes! Anyway now that videos take a while to be published and varified, can you PLEASE add an option for us to select a thumbnail and upload a thumbnail with our video during the upload phase instead of having to wait until it's been processed? I'm bored of refreshing my video list waiting for it to become available for me to add a thumbnail! xx PLEASE

tone3366 1 month ago

ho, so that's the reason some of the best videos are gone. Ya rat bastards.

JojoAmori 1 month ago

When will the visa/mastercard payment back in system? or if they wont ever? this is BADD.

ArabKink_femdom 1 month ago

That's my question too. I hope they answer this question soon

toastedpretzel 1 month ago

What the FUCK This is some bullshit.

NorgesPar 1 month ago

So sad to see my favorite site getting targeted by these damn moralists, who wants everything they don't like banned. Often going to extreme lengths to get their way.Damn. Don't let these douche-bags win this fight! 3

DeadlyViperzzz 1 month ago

Well I won't be using my most used porn sight no more porn hub had everything I liked now you got barley anything left after you purged like 80% of your content im into a lot of stuff furry, vore, animal vore, animated characters, etc now it all gone so guess what pornhub you went from top 1 used in my.book now going to last used cya wont be using this platform until all removed content is restored

JustJosh1023 1 month ago

What's REALLY annoying with all of this is that you can find "slamming" videos of people shooting up meth but all the popperbate and cumpilations vids were taken off of here 🙄

Lycreamy 1 month ago

Verified amateur here... nothing of mine was taken down, but I have been told over and over that my FanClub cannot be paid for, nor tips paid either... because all purchases are disabled until further notice (see last blog entry) I sure hope this gets figured out soon, or I may have to start looking elsewhere 😪

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

It's getter resolved, check the news, visa is starting to ease

ShagNasty45 1 month ago

I tried getting verified several times. Followed all protocol and guidelines to submit my verification picture and kept getting rejected. I did way more than required. Been a member for many years but, I'm outta here. HUB just took a steamy pile!

Joley 1 month ago

Welp, the year is still 2020, so can't say I'm all that surprised by these changes. At least not all is lost and we still have access to porn since it's not completely gone from the internet.

kzigterman 1 month ago

Why did so many users have their profile pictures removed also

Greaseman46 1 month ago

Pornhub says we will all have to be re-verified in 2021. No dates given.

ArabKink_femdom 1 month ago

We are with you in hard days, but don't reject my harmless videos. There is nothing illegal in my video. I'm verified model program i don't want trouble for myself with uploading illegal content. Your content review system is not doing well.

VipCrusher40 1 month ago

You certainly have content about the videos, but check the forbidden words in the caption or tags

Clarabela Liang 1 month ago

my content got nuked and my verified badge was removed, hopefully it all returns to normal soon

melhemx 1 month ago

all non-verfied user lost their wallpaper and profile picture as well, WTF.

unknowsupreme32 1 month ago

Same here

horndog8944 1 month ago

Is this why all my pics n vids are gone

unknowsupreme32 1 month ago

Wtf happened to my profile plc and title background??

BKLMA 1 month ago

seems you have to have a verified account just to have a fucking profile image good job guy's im done

hotdogwater39 1 month ago

My favorited videos are gone, reduced to atoms.

shiv34 1 month ago

on 2020 I'm outta here

cocaleaf69 1 month ago

We don’t want to hear this crap

taviasami 1 month ago

how can i get verified if you took down my pfp and won’t let me upload a new one ?

priyallsharmaa 1 month ago

there was one vid which i use too watch everyday, and now its gone😭😭😭

VonSchwartZ 1 month ago

I Use to make compilation video's and I understand that I used downloaded footage from PH and elsewhere. Reading all of the above I understand what the issue's are but most of us got totally blindsided by the sudden withdrawal of all unverified content. Some of the footage I used was with consent of it's owners and some even send me whole wetransfers to use in my compilation vid's. Making those takes a lot of time and effort and it hurts not to have a platform for these creations anymore.

VonSchwartZ 1 month ago

how about you stop trolling around and piss off!!

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Way to completely miss the point

girlblue93 1 month ago

Oh wow, just found out about this. A lot of people will leave pornhub because of this, I guess

flipylol 1 month ago

rip pornhub

headwhore 1 month ago

Ummm can I please get my content down then for my own enjoyment! If you don’t want them that’s fine but I’d like a copy of my personal vids

ProDragonMaster 1 month ago

This sucks and I think it’s time to jump ship. I guess it’s back to defeating Dragons and conquering my RPG dreams instead of jacking off.

Beachside Bunnies 1 month ago

Any other verified model users still getting their videos disabled? Just woke up to having 50% of my videos disabled for 'review'

cosabella 1 month ago

Is this decision temporary (at least possibly temporary)?

TeamRiot 1 month ago

I think the decision is final.

CUTIEGURL30 1 month ago

They took my profile picture, they took my rank, and they deleted all my videos from me. You did a very cruel job. PH.

Asarius1985 1 month ago

I hope in the coming year they will increase the income from advertising, since I always post videos for free, the income is very small.

286981 1 month ago

the worst year!

celebrity3DClones 1 month ago

Hi ....I understand that you take off all my private videos for security check ,but why in the hell you take off also the avatar photo of my account and also the background image ????

lilyandchad 1 month ago

There is a problem in the Christmas contest! We entered it and we were 2nd place until suddenly our video was out of the contest!! That is not normal! So we had to put it back in the contest, but then we were 3rd 2nd place (it just does not make sense, there is 3 person in 2nd place). We clearly have more votes than the ones in 1st and 2nd position, because they were 5ft and 6st position when our video was removed. Please solve the problem as fast as possible😕

SexWorkTalk 1 month ago

To verify our accounts we need to have an avatar photo, but currently 'Avatars can not be uploaded right now.'???

Dimwillys 1 month ago

As if 2020 couldn't get any worse, now porn is ruined too.

Jeremy Krenke 1 month ago

Im glad i got verified on every platform

sddikluvr 1 month ago

Are all previously verified users not verified any longer? If so, can we get re-verified?

flyyn 1 month ago

OnlyFans is really about to pop off now.

AnitaVergara 1 month ago

The registration form for the model program it isn´t working either. I only have left the step 3 to become a model. When will you fix this bug?

Noryll 1 month ago

I really hope they come back, this just seems like such a huge overreaction. “118 incidents? Remove dozens of thousands of videos ASAP!” It really feels like you should have implemented a review process for videos and then taken down ones that are bad based on your policy, not just nuke it all with no shred of subtlety.

Tbr50 1 month ago

Not thousands. They removed 10 million

Jeywynn 1 month ago

ok but they're not gone forever right.. ? like, is there a way to verify each video or photo? cuz this literally blows a fat load.

SammieTease 1 month ago

They still exist. I had one in my history and the page pulls up with how long its been there and the view count. Just says disabled until the verification process can start back up.

unknown 1 month ago

RIP Pornhub

lillith_rose 1 month ago

I'm verified but my avatar is gone. Why

Jman9221 1 month ago

Did anyone else LOSE their verified status?? I've been verified since Apr and I lost that and all my videos too even though they were all solo play vids.....

PornBobNight 1 month ago

Fuck you PornHub !!!! You took away my account! Without any explanation!!!! I'm leaving this place her days are numbered

hunterben99 1 month ago

It's disgusting that I lost my verified status!

marskiller99 1 month ago

Wth pornhub

JustinConrad 1 month ago

What about the fact that visa and Mastercard banned the use of their cards on pornhub? Will you be creating a new portal so people can still make purchases? 2 of the biggest credit card companies just screwed all of us hard workers on here.

Kelli Sparks 1 month ago

Ok, I guess I better check to see whats been removed. FUCK 2020!

TheRealityOfMyBody 1 month ago

Omg. I am so sorry if your videos or your favorite videos got taken down! I know it can be hard work put into making these videos, even amateur ones.

Luv2cum614 1 month ago

Tasteesquirt we are SO UPSET

MRYOSOJMLF 1 month ago

I was once verified now my contents are gone ; photos and videos. Okay.

bsxpass 1 month ago

i go back to xhamster after years here this site has become a disappointment

cheapwhorelover 1 month ago

Pornhub jumped the shark.

redled 1 month ago

I seriously doubt if PH has permanently deleted anybody's content; it's just not visible right now. Visa/MC seems to have cut off PH's main source of revenue, but I suspect that advertising revenue opportunities will exist forever. With PH's vast archive of content, advertising revenue should provide enough revenue to support some kind uncensored upload/download website that the morality police can't touch. As for PH's now defunct modeling program, I suspect that will eventually return, but p

SponkTobe 1 month ago


Vape 1 month ago

today another news !!! the verification has also been removed ... they are throwing us out..!!!

AvengerSRT6 1 month ago

Wow, you're really stupid. I've been here twelve years. Watched a lot of great content, met a lot of really nice and interesting people, including the love of my life. Now it's all gone. You have completely destroyed what made Porn Hub so fun. Congratulations, morons.

JParker4758 1 month ago

They didn’t address why they’re removing our verification checks in the statement.

UsamaBenJerkin 1 month ago

You had a nice run, but it’s your fault for caving in to the demands

Blowtard 1 month ago


wylcsn 1 month ago

Fuck you New York Times Fuck you

Puscmouf_Gloryhole 1 month ago

Well damn. I wish I had of known. I would have taken my sjit down myself. AFTER I SAVED THEM TO MY CLOUD. gone forever

IGiveAllTheFucks 1 month ago

Oh wow look a little problem that you could've fixed over time with moderation, but nope you decided to nuke your site and make it a cash cow, I extremely hope you bring back everything (except for all the R*** vids, rev en ge, etc etc obviously) or else you're gonna lose a large portion of your user base- wait scratch that you already are, I've been using this site for a good year or so now (probably) and had a playlist that was at least an hour long and poof they're all gone. good luck PH.

ther0ller 1 month ago

bye bye everybody

PaigeEmerson 1 month ago

If I get verified now will I get my content back?

hmusubi88 1 month ago

OH u have got to be kiddin' me.....ㅠㅠ Most of my favorite videos are mostly gone, and all that's left are verified creators' vids....ㅠㅠ ㅇㅁㅇNOOOOOOOOOO.....ㅠㅠ My 3D Hentai, HENTAI collection, huge titted amateur vids, and other stuff.....ALL GONE!!!!!!! ㄴㅇㄴ......U have got 2 be kidding me....

MOSSIMO32 1 month ago

I just saw this whole situation streaming on BBC’s ticker. I still don’t feel any better about losing all of my verified videos

bigchung92 1 month ago

Bummer. Lost my verified status and personal stuff I had from an ex. Time to move onto a less crummy site.

pronebone97 1 month ago

Pornhub's demise is near. What a sham.

SmallDickAsian15 1 month ago

How do we get verified ? I'm so sad I've had my videos deleted ?

miste_gun 1 month ago

no !!!!!!!

ronnierice1092 1 month ago

Perfect,,,, I finally decide to join PH just before they hit the iceberg and start sinking,,,

Murzynpro 1 month ago

Well this kind of sucks ngl

Bender696968 1 month ago

this is FUCKEN!! bullshit that you guys are doing this to unverified content creators cause your ass's have high standers to get verified i have tried to get verified but have gotten turned down by your staff

quicksilver451 1 month ago

pornhub has a real problem...insex.com in the 2000's ran into the same problem and closed overnight. As a consumer I like the steps pornhub is tasking to protect me from content which might bring on anything with the word 'investigation' to me personally. I feel for channels like wicked fellow where they are small and he details how to succeed on here in is blog videos. I do wonder if something like ccbilling might be option for pornhub. ccbilling has always been easy to use for me...

missamateur1 1 month ago

What happens to all our reviously uploaded content, i cant get that back now

RedDante5 1 month ago

WTF is this... I am a verified user and had my own videos uploaded. now do I have to verify myself again? some help me please...

Venus et Vulcanus 1 month ago

One of our videos is "pending review" because someone flagged it as "i cannot even use this word content". Once more were gone of this site. Thx!

Goddess Rossie 1 month ago

I guess all one can do is leave, or weather the storm.

MOSSIMO32 1 month ago

There should’ve been an actionable item that we automatically saw when we logged in telling us what we need to do to not lose our content!

cunnilingus_prime 1 month ago

I'm verified! Been verified. How do I fix this?

hornydoll6969 1 month ago

Wow this is messed up but maybe they don’t really have a choice anymore

onehourcouple 1 month ago

The attack is mostly from the New York Times and is using the same method they did with the NRA, going after their banks. Guns and porn is not the same thing but this is about freedom of speech!

Tobbe66 1 month ago

I deleted "you". Shoo comment of mine.

RobloxMaster12345 1 month ago

This is fucking lame

myaathokne 1 month ago

the end is near

MattTheFreak 1 month ago

good job, you just drove away a large amount of your userbase.

tattySoul420 1 month ago


CyberSecureGuy 1 month ago

Why can't I change any of my settings back to how they were?

hasalternate 1 month ago

If there can be a TraffickingHub campaign, then why not a CultHub petition to go along? I'd be the first to sign.

HeyuZhang 1 month ago

bad news

gaggedwolf 3 weeks ago

bye bye pornhub

Hunter9484 1 month ago

50,000 views in 12 days on new site Come on over x v i d e o s Hunter-9484

coyote311 3 weeks ago

That is where I moved to as well! spiritofthecoyote is my profile.

sarthias 1 month ago

I just want to upload videos and not make money from them. I just love the idea of people watching my videos. Dont want to make money so I dont have to explain any income to family or taxes. I just got verified (though my check mark hasn't appeared). Do I need to join the model program to be able to make videos?

Eva Angelica 1 month ago

I survived the great porn purge 😂

CatieJamesAnderson 1 month ago

We, too

Lil Miss Princess 1 month ago

I guess my issue is with content being removed and flagged recently that had no reason to be flagged and removed. As a verified phmodel you would think your video with only you in it wouldnt be flagged for weird stuff. Like seriously lol. So i feel the pain thats happening here. Alot of sites and communities are an issue but its really not here as much as elsewhere sadly so idkkk. 😔🤷‍♀

BaddChica 1 month ago

I really feel bad for everyone who lost their content.. I hope you all get it back when everything is back to normal

Blasteruk 1 month ago

I m really confused... I donno who decides to reviews but the way of doing it completely wrong. One of my free videos is taken down. There is nothing wrong that is against the rule on the video but it is taken down. And no explanation, no taking down reason? Wow good job! I really appreciate your works on clear and safe porn but what you are doing is went out of control.

bobbotot 1 month ago

this is terrible

Panda9566 1 month ago

gg porhub you just literally deleted all video interesting of your site now people will go to other site better than you you just broke everything interested in your website

Random_Dude_2 1 month ago

What is it? Why do you reject us? Well, I'll go to Xvid, they at least accept everyone.

IFUCKH0ES 1 month ago

Im confused as hell, im verified and also part of the "model" program, i make ameteur vids with different models and upload the ids and what not, now PH is saying im missing IDS and my videos are not "monetized" if i look for my page after loging out i cant find it and my videos have not gotten any views in a few weeks, WTF IS GOING ON?

Jovonteese3 1 month ago

A severe and highly questionable decision that will have as a final result serious consequences for the activity and permanence on this site.

Kamil118 1 month ago

Also, the site is shitting itself right now, I can't even respond to my own comment

Kamil118 1 month ago

This is worrying since if the audience leaves I doubt if pornhub can sustain itself on just creators. But at the same time people are willing to spend ridiculous amount of money for porn so maybe they will be fine.

Arivats55 1 month ago

wot is goig on my comment here has just dissapered hers my thought after being a member for 7years yes seven.. the past two years i have noticed a lot more Spam Fake accounts which always reported pornhub have addressed that . alsi as far as i am aware its no longer the ordinary people ie it seems like theirs more Want your Money People Couples and Pro"s etc /who are using the platform to sell porn .thats not why i joined it was for years many many amaeture people and its sad now and its making

vhan99 1 month ago

The end is coming D: everythins is gone

Taylor Dane 1 month ago

I'm verified & none of my content was removed or taken down, but I noticed this morning that a lot of ppls Avi's are missing (including verified & premium users). also is anyone else having issues w sending / receiving payments? bc yesterday 2 diff users told me 1 was unable to order a custom video & another was unable to send me a tip, so I tried using a friend's device & I got the same result for purchases of any type... it says "payments are currently disabled".

Sealherlips 1 month ago

“We are committed to taking every necessary action.” Except for taking action and preventing CP from being on your site BEFORE it affected you financially. Fuck off. You’re doing this for money.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

requirement that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter have yet to institute. That’s because when those sites find CP, THEY REMOVE IT. Quit playing the victim because you enabled CP.

sSHAWNy 1 month ago

Why doing something stupid and crazy like that . You have many people have videos and any one ned good videos search on p h now you deleted everything really really!!?? Go to hell please

Liz Noneya 3 weeks ago

I feel like the change is good. But, it should have been that way from the beginning. I hope there will be no more issues ever again. There will always be people against porn, and sex work. And there will always be porn and sex workers.

icanlickubetter 1 month ago

I verified my account last night, and today all of my playlists are back, favorite pics, my header picture....the only things still missing are my own pics and videos, and i just have to reupload those. So damn, come on people and have a little patience. If you lost videos and pics you uploaded here, thats on you for not having copies saved on your own computer or backed up somewhere.

beyondclarity 1 month ago

I can't even use custom profile pictures or backgrounds anymore of LEGAL girls. You're website is absolutely boring with ZERO customization options for your users. THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH "PROTECTION". THIS IS 'LITERALLY' A CENSORSHIP AGENDA. You could have done WAY better with a different approach. PORNHUB IS DEAD.

AdamRiverLove 1 month ago

Its true, there were so many people making money from content that didn't belong to them. I am a model and I appreciate this step, although frustrating for users who had built up years worth of favourited vids. Sorry guys! Take your mind off of it with one of my vids hehe

naughtykellie 1 month ago

What are us amateur models supposed to do now??? Just when my account was gaining some momentum too. What can we do to help?

BlueRockLover 1 month ago

Has pain content, is verified, and uploads semi-regularly. You are anything BUT amateur!

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Who gives a fuck? Get a job.

Phoebe Haze 1 month ago

It's real! I was surprised to see the number of videos dropp so much. Really interesting move! Hope it will not scare away too many people, there's plenty of amateur porn still on this site

Unworthy1Honored2 1 month ago

No one said anything about stolen content

Asswurx 1 month ago

Freely sharing porn that the original creator will not get paid for is not cool!

fireblade_j2 1 month ago

Bunch of fucking incels down below, bailing on PH who is being victimized by SJW assholes masquerading as victims rights groups using the power of public relations to shame people into compliance. I challenge every one of you to go on social media and fight against this transparent attack on freedom of people to make an independent living.

cumslut469 1 month ago

Hey everyone. Most verified users who upload content are amateurs. I'm verified, have uploaded a few videos when I'm in the mood. Trust me. Nothing professional about holding my phone with one hand while I play with my pussy with the other. 🧡🖤

Freakyfootgirl93 1 month ago

RIP Pornhub --- Karma is a f***ing b****

pandoraboxxx69 1 month ago

Guess I'm moving to a new platform.

Arivats55 1 month ago

ERRR what the F**** is going on ??? just logged into my Profile Today And Find a Huge mess?? i am a Verified Member Of 7yrs No bad content always gpone with the rules and also supported Spam given reports On Doibtfull Profiles And i find all My own Personal Photos and Videos Of Myself Have GONE Why the Above statement Is Not enough sorry A Reply Is Needed Before I go Ballistic Tell Ya.Arivats

HeWhoIsBored 3 days ago

Fuck these people.

Jerkstore9000 1 week ago

Fuck this. Pornhub is ruined. Fuck.

MrHappyandQueen 2 weeks ago

Don’t miss out!!

Malyn Macari 3 weeks ago

Take the offense, and do a class action suit against them. Come at them with power, money, and strength in numbers.

gabriel2323 1 month ago

ALL WORK through years WASTED and i take value time work alone cut film and make the film in hd and i lost everything pieces of material move and i was verified to, i check out model program and the are still pay out the model money on bank checks which is problems for some countries which one cannot redeem bank checks like in sweden have to open up a bank account abroad to get your money out and you can get to big trouble with the tax authorities

jonathan_fracassi 1 month ago

Hello. Unfortunately this happens because there are many users who do not make good use of the site. Browsing the site I found some deplorable situations. There are also scammers. Now the moralists have easy ground to win. A giant site like this is not easy to control. Remedy? Everything you do could be wrong, even worse. I have supported models with tips of over $ 2000. Now nothing works anymore. My credit card company has terminated relations with PH. We'll see.

FitBeasts 1 month ago

Trust me - I DO feel the pain from the visa/mc situation, but they'll fix that sooner or later. But I also feel a spike in video views now that all that stolen and re-uploaded pornstar content is missing from the site. I know that there were many real prersonal videos that amateurs uploaded here for fun that aslo got deleted and that's too bad, but there's no possible way for PH to filter trough 10-15 million videos...

Lina Precious 1 month ago

Simpsons haven't done that 😮

BananaCreamMuffin 1 month ago

Pornhub, what the fuck?

icanlickubetter 1 month ago

Let's all just have a little patience and not freak out. If you weren't verified, get your account verified. It takes very little time and effort, and if we all do it, it will greatly help this wonderful site that has helped us so much.

DickGameNormal 1 month ago

Just a couple that like to fuck here. Please don't delete us too. 😔🙄

Giovannihasentered 1 month ago

well you taking down videos is not gonna stop a weird guy from doing stuff is it? you really want to help? donate a million dollars to some fake activist organisation and let us do our thing... don't get me wrong i hate these people too, but i don't pretend to be a superhero and try to save everyone, some things are beyond our power...

Giovannihasentered 1 month ago

sealherlips i have no solution, but at least im man enough to accept that, i am not taking shots in the dark getting rid of a million innocent to take down one or two weirdos, like other people said the site could hire people to find these videos and take them down one by one. also what in gods name possessed you to call me a youknowwhat? didn't you hear the part i said that "i hate those weirdos too"?

Sealherlips 1 month ago

So your solution is “let the p e d o s share their c h i l d porn. We can’t save everyone, so let’s allow MORE of it to float around. Fucking retard.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Found the p e d o

Derri_224 1 month ago

I don't mind the removals, some people really got spied on and it's humiliation on a innocent person, especially those in the gym, it's totally unfair and unasked for. Those people who have done that deserve jail, it's plain harvesting and crual. Make your own.

Sealherlips 1 month ago

Tbr50 is a p e d o.

Tbr50 1 month ago

I don't advocate for this but last I checked its not illegal to firm people in a public space. So no they dont deserve to go to jail

Derri_224 1 month ago

Now it is better to find a real creator.

Cumcreampieme 1 month ago

Also PornHub can we have a forum to talk with other people please?

Raba Erre 1 month ago

Internet me está educando ❤

bllybttnlckr 1 month ago

Initially, I was upset at the decision to remove almost everyone's videos. Then I started thinking and it didn't take me long to reach a conclusion. Good. What pissed me off as someone who thought this was also like a social networking site was how so many would upload good content and keep it private, and then not befriend others because they themselves either didn't have their own content uploaded or they didn't share the same kink as them.

TFB88 1 month ago

Would get reverified, but you can't unless you have an avatar up (y'all deleted my avatar too) and you can't upload avatars atm so...fix your s*** first

bellybutton93 1 month ago

You've ruined my life

SensualKitty 1 month ago

Not sure if you sent out a warning about this or not, but a lot of people lost their content because of this. This really could have been handled a better way. Everyone who thinks amateurs are gone are wrong. There are still tons on here, including myself. Unfortunately change is going to be the thing on PH and I hope that doesn't make me lose my fan base

ShareTheLoads 1 month ago

Here we go AGAIN; Conservative values attempting to run the nation. The USA was formed by a group of people who were TIRED of "choice" being taken away from them by a leader who was distilling his personal values. In that case it was religion. Roughly 244 years ago these men said enough, and sailed West. Conservatives have a habit of taking away freedoms at the behest of their opinion, while the rest of us ensure freedoms are not decided by conservatives.

SolidOcelot34 1 month ago

Questionable thing to do because most of the videos I watched were from unverified users. Now your platform is basically an advertisement board where porn channels upload their previews. No reason for me to use your site anymore.

QuiniLynx 1 month ago

Sorry to hear you are being attacked by these groups. I understand the action that was taken. Stay alive PH, this fapilous world wouldn't be the same otherwise. Good luck!

Sirocsir Uchiha 1 month ago

Pornhub still slacking personally on making sure things are in control

jim-n-brook 1 month ago

I’m glad we are verified already and can understand the security and appreciate the safe guard against assholes poaching my videos. I have seen people complaining about loss of their content and now I know why..... It wasn’t yours to post. I saw a guy on here with a hidden trail camera spying on his mother in law in the bathroom. Disgusting little fucker, he should fry!

Adrianm55 Yesterday

Pornhub is canceled

LKOIijssw 20 hours ago

Pornhub ain't cancelled. It is going under some maintenance. Quite possibly in the next month we will see the old videos return

RandomNinja75 Yesterday

Wow! My Playlist is gone. Search results bring up the same videos for different words. Premium isn't Premium anymore. Canceling my subscription. Ruined a good site.

LKOIijssw 20 hours ago

Just keep high hopes and do not give up on pornhub. They went under fire. It aint there fault. It is those who uploaded illegal content