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by: pornhub


The disappointing news today comes just two days after Pornhub instituted the most far-reaching changes to safety in any user-generated platform’s history onto already existing safeguards. Unverified users are now banned from uploading content -- a policy no other platform has put in place. Only those in the model program and content program can upload, and we are currently implementing a new verification process that will be released in the new year that will allow verified users to upload as well.

As we move forward and onward, we are here to say we’re working on solutions for you. Transactions on site are temporarily disabled. You will continue to make and earn ad revenue.


Your ad revenue will not be impacted, it will continue as normal.
Your subscribers can continue subbing to you and engaging with you.


We continue our work to champion for sex workers rights and be a platform for content creators everywhere to share and monetize their work.


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CuteCross 1 month ago

Time we all moved to a different site, I guess...

mskittydelgato 3 weeks ago

It's coming for all of them. The war on sex workers

AnastaciaChristian 1 month ago

Hello! Come and rate a hot blowjob 💦

Tbr50 1 month ago

Well. Say goodbye to alot of your viewerbase

AnastaciaChristian 1 month ago

Hello! Come and rate a hot blowjob 💦

Maskurbater 1 month ago

This has become a poor ,sorry site

Cranksy 1 month ago

You fucking idiots ki***d your own site.

calamus 1 month ago

Agree, why can they remove our uploads just like that?, it's like theft. In the end I suspect that they only want members to make money on. The site was better at first.

simplypetite 1 month ago

They had too. They had some..questionable( illegal and criminal ) ...content being uploaded and I guess didn’t have the resources to go through them all. So this is what they decided to do

Vidyagame 1 month ago

Agreed, these fucking morons have no plans for what they are doing, and it will cause people to go to literally any other porn site.

WackAMole7 1 month ago

That’s so awesome now they won’t steal verified users views. Tired of seeing unverified videos with millions of views when we only get a few hundred...

AnastaciaChristian 1 month ago

Hello! Come and rate a hot blowjob 💦

HighVoltage66 1 month ago

The question to me is: What happened with that millions of views of some unverified uploaders??? ___ How did it change the worth of 1 million views???

bimaster420 1 month ago

They could work for pornhub so you don’t get the money they do

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

they will come back visa and mc after all the scum is out, about time to have a real platform for amateurs and (some) pros...its called THE PURGE...is there really a need for the stepdad fucking the stepdaughter delivering pizza with her study friend while stepmom is stuck in the dryer....cmon...ill be getting hate mail for this comment i dont care.. no more stollen contents of mine getting millions of views. . keep getting my stuff stollen..they(leeches) reupload with tags....clean the swamp

TsLeslie26 1 month ago

I agree with you

Rochi Hot Bunny 1 month ago

Let's just hope they don't put some trick on the little creators

Only_choice 1 month ago

Exactly ... this is how I understood things, and I think it is very positive for true content creators

Thecreams 1 month ago

Right tho

AggressiveSpooning 1 month ago

AGREED! This post acts like its a bad thing but it's so much better than the way it was.

Cassie Clarke 1 month ago

agreed, the ad revenue and views should be used on creators first not stolen content

TheSophieJames 1 month ago

Exactly all those cam ladies who had shows stolen and rev***e porn victims the spammers been making a lot of money from uploads

Amber Haze 1 month ago

so how exactly are we not going to suffer from this? you cant process payments... how do we get paid?

TooSoonForBBC 1 month ago

Of course we suffer. We can't make transaction, we can't get new fans or sell custom videos anymore. We are screwed

forsakenoutlaw 1 month ago

Through ad revenue alone until this is sorted out

LonelyMeow 1 month ago

We just don’t right now... so use other sources rather than PH

Harlowe Blue 1 month ago

I’m only commenting again bc I accidentally deleted my initial comment. I fully support and am behind pornhub 100%- however i am not naive to the fact that this is the beginning of an all out war on porn. It’s easy to say “this will be good for models” but the truth is- this is bad for Content creators On and off pornhub. If the CC companies can decide what you Can and can’t spend your own money on, then they basically control you. Think bigger. I’m so sad about this. Love you PH

Emma Lovett 1 month ago

Bitcoin will solve a lot of these issues.

isabellamout 1 month ago

that's true

LonelyMeow 1 month ago

And you realized just now? We all get controlled and spied for years already 💥

Cris Fabio 1 month ago

Hello! How will my subscribers now pay for videos and fan club? Visa and Mastercard refused to cooperate with Pornhub. It's just a disaster.

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

I admit, it ducks luv

Covid__21 1 month ago

Will the Porn hub lose its users, as well as its audience?

Angry_Beard 1 month ago


Wicked Fellow 1 month ago

Unverified accounts are the source of the content problems, and whenever we find our stolen content on this site it is by an unverified account. But PornHub continued to allow unverified accounts to upload because it was good for them, they got free content that they didn't have to share revenue with. (unverified uploads are not monetized) Now because of the Times piece drawing attention to the problematic content, Visa and Mastercard have stopped working with PH, and we will all suffer for it.

Luxurious boy 1 month ago

_______this is a tragedy for us !!!! this is a tragedy for the fans! it's also a tragedy for Pornhub itself !!! I hope that soon everything turns as it was). or maybe Pornhub will come up with something!

PDoggsBitch 1 month ago

I was verified. I’ve been verified since I got on here. And for years before that I had a previous account. They took my verification away even though they have a photo of my ID. My checkmark is even gone. Along with my profile picture, all of my videos, and my cover photo. Which is bullshit. My stuff was legit, and I still got hit.

PrincessHaze 1 month ago

Will this impact our fan club subscribers as well. Also iof you use visa or MasterCard o guess you can no longer buy videos on here

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

they will come back visa and mc after all the scum is out, about time to have a real platform for amateurs and (some) pros...its called THE PURGE...is there really a need for the stepdad fucking the stepdaughter delivering pizza with her study friend while stepmom is stuck in the dryer....cmon...ill be getting hate mail for this comment i dont care.. no more stollen contents of mine getting millions of views. . keep getting my stuff stollen..they(leeches) reupload with tags....clean the swamp

Georgie Laroche 1 month ago

If there is content that has been uploaded without your permission to the site, the team would be more than happy to have it transferred over to you. Send the link over to models@pornhub.com

Only_choice 1 month ago

I completely agree with you. So many people uploading videos that are from other people to benefit from it.

TheSophieJames 1 month ago

I have raised this issue about unverified accounts uploading content since spring 2017 when I found my stolen content on here the issue has been addressed only when it had to be. Money was made on it and it was featured many times as well yes legitimate people will suffer due to greed

thebullo 1 month ago

I am afraid i have not understood very well: i am a verified user, so why i'm not able to upload? There above i read: " unverified users are now banned from uploading content" but i realize i just can't upload anything as well. So, my verification what was for??? This is pretty unfair!

calamus 1 month ago

Agree, why can they remove our uploads just like that?, it's like theft. In the end I suspect that they only want members to make money on. The site was better at first.

thebullo 1 month ago

@PDoggsBitch === Yes; it is so strange and very sad they took your material away with no explanations. Just incomprehensible...

PDoggsBitch 1 month ago

I was a verified user with the blue checkmark. And they took my profile picture down. My cover photo down. And all of my videos. That were verified with me. And they have my ID on file to know I’m 30 years old. I got hit and I didn’t even do anything wrong. They stole everything from me.

thebullo 1 month ago

@Unworthy!Honored2 i didn't see those links (maybe i wasn't able to) so i'm in Model program. Since i didn't intend to do so, i will think about the possibility to come back to "simple" verified user in the future. Let's see... Anyway, thank you for the information.

thebullo 1 month ago

@Nisha i didn't know what to do and now i joyned the Model program (but i didn't want to!)...

Unworthy1Honored2 1 month ago

Hey, you have to become a content partner and agree you wont load your content anywhere else! When you click upload and get the message about only verified users, there are two links, click then one i think says partner i think (if not that then its the other one lol) apply and it takes a few days but you should be OK. If they ask for ID its the “wrong one” but u can do that too if you liked.

Nisha Marble 1 month ago

I have the same problem

Arabteen 1 month ago

Let's see how many of my fans are going to embrace cryptocurrency, Pornhub could have been more transparent about this instead of saying it's business as usual. I already have fans writing to me to say goodbye 😥

215ForYourPleasure 1 month ago

SNS the system is up and down at the moment. I believe we will have to wait until the dust clears to see what functions we are actually left with

SnipsNSnails 1 month ago

grace_holes, I don't doubt your own experience, but I have tried subscribing to fan clubs, through both Pornhub and Modelhub, and received the notice that purchases were currently disabled. It's hard to know what's up.

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

Thats what i meant, c ca je disais, faux compte, fakeaccounts...

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

Wow....already gone no longer a model...clean the swamp...

grace_holes 1 month ago

but after all, a subscription to a fanclub still works with the introduction of a mastercard on modelhub. I was convinced of this yesterday. subscribed to my fanclub, from another account, using a master card, payment was successful

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

They will be back if they love your content luv xxx

Marikzzzz 1 month ago


KingDynamite 1 month ago

Yes Bitcoin Should be implemented as a payment

Heraharding 1 month ago

I am totally in. I wish here would be bitcoins instead of fascist mastercards and visa

Miaart 1 month ago

What do you think the new payment options will be for customers? because I think that from the crypto menu, no one will use the fan club to pay a premium account or to buy a video. what do you think is coming? it's an unfair attack on pornhub

Jefferson Keane 3 weeks ago

Just getting the average guy to even create a pornhub account to buy videos, is hard. Getting them to use crypto... maybe 1/20...

grace_holes 1 month ago

subscription to a fanclub still works with the introduction of a mastercard on modelhub. I was convinced of this yesterday. subscribed to my fanclub, from another account, using a master card, payment was successful

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

they will come back visa and mc after all the scum is out, about time to have a real platform for amateurs and (some) pros...its called THE PURGE...is there really a need for the stepdad fucking the stepdaughter delivering pizza with her study friend while stepmom is stuck in the dryer....cmon...ill be getting hate mail for this comment i dont care.. no more stollen contents of mine getting millions of views. . keep getting my stuff stollen..they(leeches) reupload with tags....clean the swamp

Unworthy1Honored2 1 month ago

I was talking to a friend on here yesterday, i dont think anything is coming. I think the titanic is sinking and platforms learned nothing from the fall of tumblr.

Toystest 1 month ago

I've just lost 41 of my videos....I have lost 41 my videos..... someone flagged them and delete from my profile((((( What has happened???(((( My best videos has been deleted too((( What a bad day!!!!!!!

UrufuzuRein 1 month ago

We was verified couple (and even uploaded all documents for model program, it was already in processing) who uploaded our OWN footjob videos. Now it`s all gone: our videos -- gone, profile pick -- gone (and cant be changed) and today they even got our verified mark. GJ, WP.

ReallyXMedia 1 month ago

Same here, i lost 8 videos as well, and few of them very good ones, so to see your total viewing numbers that 200.000 views are just gone, without naming any reason why the videos are down or reported, is just an awful service and unfair.

FlyLikeNasa 1 month ago

Contact support, they're usually very good at handling whatever issues you might have.

MariLewdVi 1 month ago

Understand you. I lost 9 videos today for no apparent reason, some of them were also pretty good! ;(

Goddess Kyaa 1 month ago

We seriously need a better statement.... more information on what has happened and what the PH team will do to get sales back for us is vital. Right now you have thousands of creators panicking because people depend on their income from PH sales.

Maiia 1 month ago

We (the legal, verified creators) have been asking you to do this for literal YEARS and the fact that you worded this announcement as if you decided this on your own volition is beyond insulting. You got bullied by credit card companies into complying with the 2257 laws you should have been following all along. FIX THIS before your complacency causes more irreparable damage in this community. IT'S A GLOBAL PANDEMIC FFS and you're hurting those who actually earned a legal living on PH!

Kennyfangel 1 month ago

As a pornhub premium member, I've just found that my premium account has been cancelled because of this. No premium, less reason to visit. A lot of other people will be the same

fel21217 1 month ago

I just cancelled.

Amy quinn 1 month ago

How will this not cost us money. 2 major cards blocked pornhub today

MariLewdVi 1 month ago

It all sounds good, but PH you urgently need to do something about the videos removals from verified models. I didn't get too hurt, I only got about 16 videos removed in the 30 days (They didn't break community rules), but some people are losing their best videos!

UrufuzuRein 1 month ago

We was verified couple (and even uploaded all documents for model program, it was already in processing) who uploaded our OWN footjob videos. Now it`s all gone: our videos -- gone, profile pick -- gone (and cant be changed) and today they even got our verified mark. GJ, WP.

MariLewdVi 1 month ago

@HighVoltage66 Yeah, I hope so. This morning, I lost 20 more videos.

HighVoltage66 1 month ago

It just seems the checking software has some bugs. Hopefully they can fix it soon.

Jordan_Siffredi 1 month ago

I'm just getting started, I have a very small channel. But a video in which the title had reference to the game Call of duty was deleted. So I think it might be related to that

MariLewdVi 1 month ago

@Jordan_Siffredi In truth, I don't even know which exactly videos they deleted. There are over 500 videos on my channel and it's simply unrealistic to track it manually. And PH didn't even send any notice about about what video they removed. =( But usually not, I don't mention the name of the games or brands in the video title.

Jordan_Siffredi 1 month ago

What kind of videos did they delete? Did the title have references to something known? Brands, games?

MilkyFantasy 1 month ago

Everyone get a Cash app and have your fans tip/buy from you through there. If Pornhub really cares about us then they will not mind us Models suggesting alternatives like this. Goes straight to your debit card instantly for a fraction of what PH takes from us. It's even free if you don't mind waiting a few business days for the transfer. You even get $5 for using my shameless promo code SLDKMJJ There are other options people. Just hang in there while PH jumps through the hoops for the CC corps

Vivian Rose 1 month ago

I wish I could do that! Cash app isn't available in my country We don't have a lot of options here.

Bootydevine 1 month ago

This situation with MC & Visa sucks ass! I know this is not my major income platform, but I did sales and also I have many model friends that their major income is PH/MH! Uhh this could of been prevented if ONLY Verified Models would of upload in the first place! But lets be positive for the future! Sending good vibes! Xoxo

Jess Ryan 1 month ago

Vague statement. Now those who aren't "in the know" have to google what happened. I find it funny to read "thank you" from models for the new implementations that PH I'm sure didn't want to do freely. Otherwise it would have been done a long time ago. Reality was at the door that made them take action on features models probably have been asking for for years. (Thank the CC companies) This isn't new, I remember reading about these victims over a year ago. Should have been taken seriously then.

Unworthy1Honored2 1 month ago

There were so many issues with their knee jerk response... first the reaction they gave, made it seems as if the article were correct and PH is complicit in s*x traffic or ch*ld ab*se... then, blocking their verified/premium users effectively cutting the porn they are able to put out. Now, losing basically all of their premium users with this CC BS...

215ForYourPleasure 1 month ago

Ps... this is the new page since they tore my premium account apart!!!

Unworthy1Honored2 1 month ago

People are so short sighted with this porn theft... how many users only found you and bought your content because they saw you and your name on a random upload? There isnt really any way to know that? You mean law abiding citizens follow the rules and criminals resort to crime? If they cant load them here, they will run to XV or start an onlyfans for u as i already have for myself incase this thing implodes.

Tia Mor 1 month ago

Xvids just got hit by the same restrictions placed on Pornhub. You can't upload new content, and the only income models are earning is the rev share. No video purchases are allowed to be made with Visa or Mastercard. Pornhub was just the first domino to be tipped. The rest of the lesser porn sites will be tumbling down in rapid succession. I don't like stating the obvious, but why doesn't Pornhub create their own cryptocurrency? Or better yet, collaborate with other porn sites to create one?

Ava Cheeks Animations 3 weeks ago

Yes, or start your own credit card company specifically for porn, you guys got the money, Let's fuck up the other major companies, they will lose not you guys but you have to do something about it!

noservice10 1 month ago

okay everyone time to leave

beastasy 1 month ago

My verification, profile picture and uploaded pictures disappeared.. Why?

calamus 1 month ago

Very bad judgement, I hope they will reconsider this after all the criticism.

beastasy 1 month ago

lol like 2020 dind't fuck up enough already. Well, thanks for the response guys.

PDoggsBitch 1 month ago

They did that to me as well. I was verified. They had my ID on file. They deleted my profile picture. My cover picture. All of my views. Along with all of my videos. I had 60 videos. I was actually legit. Why did I get hit?

MartinJ77 1 month ago

Sadly PH doesnt answer to that. They have done this to me without an warning.

Zentai Fantasy 1 month ago

now pornhub just needs to make an ACTUAL contest where new and talented creators can get the spotlight a bit... everyone is sick of seeing step sis jerk off step bro while stuck in the washing machine

Heraharding 1 month ago

I read that mastercard and visa stopped to work with PH, so how watchers could pay us if CC is not possible anymore?

RopeBunnyCouple 1 month ago

Everyone on this thread really needs to educate themselves on the situation. Restricting uploads to verified members is a good thing. But Visa and MC have cut ties with PH, meaning no one can download your content, join your fan club, send you a tip, or request a custom, which is very bad thing. The only way to get paid from PH now is through ad revenue. So your content may not be pirated any longer, but you can’t sell anything any longer either. You’re going to lose money and views.

PDoggsBitch 1 month ago

What about the people that were verified, like me? I actually was verified with my ID on file and they deleted all of my vids, views, and profile pic and cover pic. Why would I be hit when I was legit. That’s messed up!

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

I don't have videos for sale, never bothered, but yesterday i still got 3 custom demands bought and paid for...theres always a way. 😘 love your pegging...

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

You will get more views love, less tips i agree..😘😘

Angry_Beard 1 month ago

My private content must remain my private content, and I do not wish to disclose my documents or my face.

Kyutty 1 month ago

I think that's a good decision but PLEASE dont make it worse for your verified models!! ( I got a bunch of videos deleted. A while ago i contacted the support team because of the same thing, i got my videos back but now it's all gone again. Please help us!! I'm not the only one in this situation!

MariLewdVi 1 month ago

I fully support you !Lost about 16 in 30 days .. and 9 vids today

Olivia Harper 1 month ago

I've started using this platform more now that only verified users will be allowed. I'm hoping there are some good solutions moving forward so creators can still get paid for all the content they put out.

PDoggsBitch 1 month ago

I actually was verified with my ID on file. And they took my check mark. They took my profile picture. They took my cover photo. And my videos that were verified with me in it. I had about 60 of them. Why would I get hit when I was actually legit? That’s bull

THE EVIL BBC 1 month ago

This site is going to fade away because of this (and something that rhymes with BonlyTans)

LonelyMeow 1 month ago

hO hO hO say Santa 🎅🏽 ❤ finally a good news in this terrible year

LonelyMeow 1 month ago

...the good news was related to the fact that now everyone who wants to post on PH need to be verified....of course not be able to use Mastercard and Visa is a problem but I think it's temporally and in case,....will be find other options as crypto or token...

TBoy Cody Lee 1 month ago

I wouldn't call the fact that users now can't use mastercard or visa good news.

Emma Goodhead 1 month ago

Maybe start paying content creators the industry standard

Pornhub Nat 1 month ago

Thanks for the comment, this is something we've always strived for - we pay standard or above: 65% for video sales is the standard across all top clip stores; 80% tips and fan club is above average, and our ad revenue is 3 times higher than the leading competing tube site.

Glero 1 month ago

What about visa and MasterCard decision?

mistressheels 1 month ago

So no cc how do the fans actually purchase videos and tip

Rem Sequence 1 month ago

PornHub, could you please let us know what the payment methods will be? If users cannot pay via CC bill, how will they pay for content?

RopeBunnyCouple 1 month ago

They don’t know. Without access to Visa or MC payment systems, there’s no way to make purchases.

SophiaB 1 month ago

Is there any resolution to the Visa/Mastercard issue in sight?

bondagebella 1 month ago

The porn industry in the US alone makes around 11+ billion $ . Plus there’s at least 200000 diagnosed porn addicts in the us. Without porn North America would be screwed especially during COVID, there’s just no way. If MasterCard even did permanently go through with it, there will be new credit cards and payment services everywhere. Everyone that regularly watches it probably won’t think twice about switching. I’m sure MasterCard knows that.

bondagebella 1 month ago

The media makes money by instilling fear and causing panic. Pornhub is a billion dollar company. They need a little time, don’t complain about lost content if your gonna completely restart an account. There are other options. Snap for example

Randy Strotter 1 month ago

I believe that Visa/MC will come around once PH finalizes all the changes and the news cycle outrage machine moves on.

bondagebella 1 month ago

I’m calling the credit cards bluff. But worst case scenario there’ll be new credits or encrypted etransfer services competing to partner up with pornhub. We just gotta hold on for a while and find our own way until this blows over. I have faith pornhub is gonna take care of us though

PDoggsBitch 1 month ago

I was verified with a blue checkmark. You took that away from me. What the hell? And all of my videos are gone. That’s completely stupid if I was already verified.

MartinJ77 1 month ago

Same thing happend to me. All my content dissapeared without a warning.

Paul Lynx 1 month ago

I wish PH had their own bank, issued the cards with appropriate design for everyday use and paid us directly, haha. Imagine the cashiers' faces when you pay with your PH card, LOL The way of the future! \m/

Sexpert_91 1 month ago

Just when we thought 2020 couldn't get any worse. 🤣

Faith Eros 1 month ago

I would say that PH also has unqualified support team. Sometimes they delete your videos without any explanation then they deactivate your account then activate it back. When you ask a support team what's going on they say that I even haven't been approved as a model. However, I was nearly 6 months ago approved to their modelhub. That's when I became hesitant about this platform.

Ebonythicky 1 month ago

Well this sucks 🙄

Vape 1 month ago

I am very angry !!! my videos and photos have been removed !!! I am a premium and verified user and have been treated like all fake users !!! after 16 years of registration ...

Only_choice 1 month ago

I'm confused. So where do we stay? Is it still possible to make payments with visa and mastercard or not? I understood that the only thing that has changed is to limit uploads to certified accounts 🤔

Only_choice 1 month ago

Thank you

JuanZf 1 month ago

No, payment system doesn't work.

Ava Belle 1 month ago

Allow unverified users*? Is that what you meant on the last line 1st paragraph?

Tiago LeeRock 1 month ago

I think it’s saying that they will start with models and then when everything is sorted verified people can upload as well

Penny Comaro 1 month ago

Oh no this is not good news at all. If methods become too complicated a lot of members will just not bother with the hassle. Starting something as complex as a wallet and having to add funds to it just to purchase content will seem too much 🤔😓

Julia and Jon 3 weeks ago

has everyone's video ad revenue dropped? our revenues have fallen by 3 times. is it the same for you? Viewshare earnings from videos

D4ddiesFav 2 weeks ago

I haven’t even got my payout that was due the first week of December for November’s earnings. I know everyone is going thru this rn but It really sucks when you’re a smaller creator not everyone got a govt relief check. 😅

Mistress Awesome 3 weeks ago

On testing I have found that only registered users can view our videos, this will limit views massively. The average pornhub user isn't interested in signing up to have a 2 minute wank. Mine has dropped off to tiny amounts and it is no longer viable to upload any new content until they find a way for us to earn. Off to another platform for me as I feel let down with no updates coming from pornhub. Such a shame as always loved this platform to show off my work.

Him Is He 3 weeks ago

my fan club and tips with "Purchases have been temporarily disabled." Is a huge problem because I don't make much from ad revenue at all literally majority of my payment is coming from my fan club subscription video purchases and tips and you've completely taken that away and there is no say on when it will return???

D4ddiesFav 3 weeks ago

I never received my December pay out and I hit over $100. My supporters also cannot purchase any of my content on modelhub. anyone else having the same issue?

Appledaisy 1 week ago


Solange Sun 3 weeks ago

The same here baby, waiting for my december pay

Games Porny 3 weeks ago

wait a few days

SubPorn-Es 1 month ago

Just one question, when will they return the verified to the accounts that were already verified? How me

Naughtynikki777 1 month ago

Wow, I just checked my earnings for this month!! FFS please please, please figure out something soon.

SEWEET LOLLY POP 1 month ago

hope hopefully that business will back on track soon, good think we still have onlyfans or manyvidis.

SarahTheSissy 1 month ago

What really frustrates me about this, I had over 20 of my videos deleted. I was a verified user already. PH unverified me and deleted all of my content except pictures. I understand if you need to halt uploads, but to delete all of my content kind of sucked.

Msmesohorny 1 month ago

Is anyone else missing some of their content?

MartinJ77 1 month ago

Same thing happend to me.

SissyslutLeona 1 month ago

Well, congratulations on wiping out a giant portion of your porn with anyone who wasn't in the retro VHS classics, but I support the indie scene and will likely be going elsewhere.

kemamarias 1 month ago

I was verified user. what happened?

beastasy 1 month ago

idk same happend to me

Vape 1 month ago

Now even the profile and background image have been removed !!!!! I'm already verified ... what more do you want? resolve soon please !!! I also have a premium account and I pay tell me an alternative mode ... thank you

Vape 1 month ago

you also removed the profile and background pictures !!! i'm already verified and premium user what the fuck should i do more than that? are you kicking us out?

calamus 1 month ago

Agree, why can they remove our uploads just like that?, it's like theft. In the end I suspect that they only want members to make money on. The site was better at first.

matthis1986 1 month ago

You are a joke pornhub, but all is good, I've been watching icegay.org in your place🖕

Adamo_Eva 1 month ago

Welcome to THE PURGE 2020!!!

Gai356 1 month ago

So are old unverified videos going to be deleted?

Gai356 1 month ago

fuuck.. time to jump ship lol

Ahasvindi 1 month ago

If yes they have to delete 80% of the PH

Arabteen 1 month ago

2024, me: So yes babe, this how cryptocurrencies became commonplace in 2021...

bbwkittykat32 1 month ago

Thanks for deleting my content and taking my photos down 🖕

MilkyFantasy 1 month ago

Chickens coming home to roost. Pornhub should never have allowed unverified accts. to upload anything. How much stolen content have we found on the site? Does Pornhub give that ad revenue to the model who's content was stolen? Doubt it. "We continue our work to champion for sex workers rights and be a platform for content creators everywhere to share and monetize their work." Start by removing those horribly offensive "comedy" ads of the spoof porn scenes spamming your pages. So Insulting

Arabteen 1 month ago

Yeah with wannabe k.ids role play...

HighVoltage66 1 month ago

The question to me is: What happened with that millions of views of some unverified uploaders??? ___ How did it change the worth of 1 million views???

Nicky bella 1 month ago

Okay, let's go for this.

Dirty_wishes 1 month ago

Let's hope the work is going in the right direction!! And fight scammers! Not with honest models!🤯 I would also like the algorithm of the site to work more logically! It's a shame to watch pages with lame content gain millions, and good content at the same time gains a hundred thousand views! 👿👿👿

FlyLikeNasa 1 month ago

Good! Too many unverified accounts reposting stolen content and literally taking money out of people's pockets. Thanks for continuing to look out for us PH!

RopeBunnyCouple 1 month ago

No, not good. All purchases (tips, custom requests, video downloads, and fan clubs) are now disabled on Pornhub and Modelhub. The only way to make money now is ad revenue.

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

well said

ALetova 1 month ago

I think this is great news. There will be less stolen content, content downloaded without the victim's knowledge. It's fine!

TBoy Cody Lee 1 month ago

It's not great news because they've already lost Visa and MasterCard.

Alex21124 1 month ago

this is a good decision !! the main thing is that we are honest models

TBoy Cody Lee 1 month ago

This decision was made way too late MasterCard and Visa have blocked payments to the site.

Maximus_29 1 month ago

It seems perfect to me, since the models will be safe with cybersecurity. Thanks PornHub. 💪🏼😃😎

TBoy Cody Lee 1 month ago

It's far from perfect they only acted after the NYT released a very damaging article and as a result MasterCard and Visa have blocked this site.

TheSophieJames 1 month ago


Curious N Naughty 1 month ago

Awesome!! Thank you for the update!! This will be great for actual members!!

Cayde Harley 1 month ago

I agree. Hope the credit card issue is solved quickly. This will make a better experience for all, long term. MLLLHR, cayde

PassionBunny 1 month ago

Thank you for support of this industry! And for good updates! Hope that in next year will be better

noservice10 1 month ago

aight bois time to go to literally any other site, i’m not sacrificing good content for some faceless girl to promote her onlyfans

RobinStar 1 month ago

I lost all my videos.

Originalbigmeats69 1 month ago

I think something happened to be able to download as well... Porn shouldn't be about making money it's about the art of fucking, letting others see your animations as an art form. Remembering moments you share with your partner/or(s). If you want to tip someone you're watching money and they've verified it's them there's no harm. But the amount of users on this site and ad revenue should make up for it. phub is great cause it's free and everyone knows about it.

BBW_Queen94 1 month ago

Wow! I think this is incredible! Maybe I’ll be able to get more views then!

TBoy Cody Lee 1 month ago

Probably not since user can no longer use Mastercard or Visa and PH appears to be taking down content at random.

Thecreams 1 month ago

Me too

Arabteen 1 month ago

There is no price to protect chil.dren and women from a***e. At least, the models will have all the space to be seen, and for Pornhub, it's time to level up his game.

TyNASTE 1 month ago

Well I'm new to all of this so I just want to to build a legit fan base with consistent views so I'm glad this was put in place. Subscripe though

TBoy Cody Lee 1 month ago

Probably not a good idea to try and build a fan base on a site that can't process MasterCard or Visa anymore.

Appledaisy 1 week ago

Any news about the paying of december earnings?

Mistress Awesome 3 weeks ago

Any news on visa or MasterCard ever likely to be approved again? I don't want to but feel I may need to move to another platform soon if no updates. I do hope it gets resolved as I do love the PornHub platform. Perhaps I should have already moved over but it feels like cheating on my beloved PornHub fan base. Please, please can we have an update.

Jefferson Keane 2 weeks ago

I'm in the same boat. People keep messaging me, asking why they can't buy my videos, as they only get an error message, making people think its .y problem they can't buy it. No information from pornhub... Idk. Pornhub is the most user friendly for creators, but if its useless as a way of selling vids, and the way pornhub is treating their creators... it may be over.

Julia and Jon 3 weeks ago

What platform did you switch to to earn money?

Chrissy Brooklyn 3 weeks ago

Well if Premium still is accepting Crypto, why can't you let us accept crypto in Modelhub. Your just profiting on us, but not allowing us to continue profiting our business models on your platform. When will this temporary disability be gone? What are the next steps for us?

Dolly White 3 weeks ago

What a joke, ad's aren't going to pay us anything. So now we can't actually do our work and make earnings? Definitely going to have to move to another site since this INSANE change.

SophiaB 3 weeks ago

When will Visa/Mastercard start accepting Pornhub transactions again?

Gregore Erotic 1 month ago

Oh crap, that's why subscribers were stumped when it came to joining my fan club, dang it. Hope this is resolved soon.

Kbug13 1 month ago

Dang what the heck thanks for letting us know

Danzilla00 1 month ago

Can't tip anyone or join a fan club. This sucks.

Heavenly Naomi 1 month ago

My payment for this month is going to be half of what I would normally make. I’m still grateful but hot damn this is disappointing

Camilla Tootsie 1 month ago

It's not just purchases, pornhub/modelhub are late with payment, now you're asking for new verification photo and re submit bank info... WTF ARE YOU PLAYING AT? It's December and this is when you choose not to pay me my earnings. RIDICULOUS AND UNFAIR

Roberto06081976 1 month ago


wallcockblack 1 month ago

2020 year of s.h.i.t 🤧

2wetspots 1 month ago

Anybody know if fanclub subscriptions will still automatically renew?

Suga Daddy Zo 1 month ago

They won’t

Psy High 1 month ago

That is awesome to hear!!!!

mjfrk 1 month ago

I think your team needs to Recheck some things, i see alot of verified users but you guys took some of their ish down... so does that mean that if you dont have a high enough rank or enough content you guys think we are fake? thats one way to add on to the BS of 2020 thanks pornhub

Luxurious boy 1 month ago

this is a tragedy for us !!!! this is a tragedy for the fans! it's also a tragedy for Pornhub itself !!! I hope that soon everything turns as it was). or maybe Pornhub will come up with something!__________

Luxurious boy 1 month ago

This is a big problem and a disaster for porn actors and amateurs! after all, many received a lot of income from fans! there were a lot of tips and a lot of fans! this is a catastrophe ! I hope that soon everything will be decided and everything will be as before! let's believe that the porno hub will find a way out of this situation!___________

MartinJ77 1 month ago

I was an verified member and all my uploaded pics and videos are gone. Soooo dissapointed

Lilanimes 1 month ago

Im still verifed here but my badge is not visible wtw pornhub!

Yoni Koko 1 month ago

Sooo is this a good time to start an OnlyFans or am I too late to the party?

Wendy Williams 1 month ago

I would suggest just.forfans

KoiTheTinyThai 1 month ago

will the earnings for modelhub videos stay the same??

Mistress Milla 1 month ago

will it be resolved?

whusyourdaddy 1 month ago

I love pornhub the best page in the world thank you very much for your videos.

Mokra Asia 1 month ago

I need help pornhub support fast ;

FinDom Goaldigger 1 month ago

Bad news. I hope will be possible resolve this problem

naughtykellie 1 month ago

Thank you for working so hard for all of us

SoftApprouch 1 month ago

Lets hope that there will be solution to satisfy both, content creators and cunsumers

KimikosLeftNut 1 month ago

Honestly though, it makes sense. Frankly I'm glad that they put this into place, it means that there'll be a whole lot less distribution of illegal content. The only problem I have is that PayPal isn't compatible with my bank so I have to use other means to actually get my money if I want it.

Kinky Ranked Duo 1 month ago

Thats a nice change! No more views for fake accounts on fake uploads! Im suprised that this havent been done already in the past!

Deria 1 month ago

This is great for models, should have happened a long time ago.

Amber Haze 1 month ago

Not great when we now can’t get paid lol

jaymack52 1 month ago

That 2020 for u lol

unknown 1 month ago

I hope you guys can bring back PayPal.

Bucky Wright 1 month ago

How can our fans pay for videos and downloads since mastercard and visa aren't supported? What alternative payment methods are currently being accepted

TokyoDiary 1 month ago

I appreciate the new changes and more restrictions on uploads. However, I hope PornHub staffs are able to champion for channels/models. Bless everyone !

Taniamilf60 1 month ago

Hello everybody. It is difficult year. I hope that PornHub will continue to exist as a safe and responsible community, we will be able to give you positive emotions and help relieve stress, especially during this difficult time. Fans, we, the models need your support. Thank you.

BBCKASHES 1 month ago

Well it's good they are trying to make pornhub better and safer for all of us and as far as visa and master cards go maybe they should look into accepting BTC

Priscila Rhoades 1 month ago

Thanks for the information, I think this is for the best of this platform!

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

Yes finally....a purge

Mary Margarita 1 month ago

That's good I guess.

LonelyGuy68420 1 month ago

Maybe people will actually watch me now! Awesome.

Ganjah Goddess 1 month ago

MANG !!!! It's always sumthing !!! Now what are we gonna fucking do ?

BlazedBrak 1 month ago

Smoke more of the sticky icky and hit up Chaturbate

Nicky bella 1 month ago

Thank you very much PornHub

Trashpandausa 1 month ago

How do I cancel my subscription?

pajutheboss 1 month ago

give me you password. i will cancel it for you

Wirtoly 1 month ago

Thanks pornhub

Lady_Katarina 1 month ago

Im verified model, all videos mine)

TeenBodySex 1 month ago

This will filter the content a bit. Quite an interesting solution. But. Will this not become a source of new system bugs and etc.? For example, my account was blocked several times (as if it was unverified). Support, of course, solved this issue, but this happened twice already 😇. I hope this will not happen in the future.

Penny Comaro 1 month ago

I don’t want to have to take tips and payment in the form of crypto currency.... I just want to pay for my boobs with dollars 💵 lol 😆 It’s not cool at all 😕

BootyVidss 1 month ago

Maybe allow us to get paid via PayPal ? Instead of paxum or check? But I do understand the new role of wanting to verify information. Your taking steps to protect everyone and make it safer ☺

BADKITTYYY 1 month ago

Have you told customers yet?

okokok695 1 month ago

I’m available here in land over md The courtyard Marriott I am available for $50 sessions whatever you want as long as you record me for pornhub

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

THE PURGE...a period that in the end results in economical growth and gets rid of the unproductives.It will be good in the end

Charlie Forde 1 month ago

All the comments where people are complaining about the loss of unverified accounts... this was a GOOD thing. It PROTECTS a LOT of people. It protects US and our content from being stolen. It prevents criminal activities profiting. You want to have an account? Easy. Prove you're legit. Or move along and just be a viewer. But this Mastercard/Visa response is absolute bullshit. You want to make a show of stopping illegal and noncensual content? Stop payments to Facebook then too.

luhe1183 1 month ago

The best content is from unverified accounts. It's the most real. Professional porn is rubbish.

slutty4fun 1 month ago

just because you uploaded ID to prove age does not make you "professional porn" all of a sudden

filthadelphia4 1 month ago

What’s a fucking joke. Not one video I’m interested innnow. This site is absolutely garbage.

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

If this was your money maker...and budgeted according sorry...

WIFEANDI4U 1 month ago

I’ll change my setting to free download for my fans since there are issues with CC and MC. That’s the lease I can do. I love you all. Stay safe out there and I hope we figure this out soon. Thank you to all my fans.

WIFEANDI4U 1 month ago

I’ve updated all my videos. Changes may take up to 24 hours to take effect.

TheSophieJames 1 month ago

This is actually good news vast majority of unverified uploads is either spam or stolen too many people have been victims of unverified uploads hopefully other tube sites follow. Verified uploaders have had to compete with the spammers etc. Too many think they have the rights to upload others material this is good news for many. Many sex workers and non sex workers have been victims of unverified uploads this is supporting sex workers thank you

TheSophieJames 1 month ago

It is a great shame that legitimate models will suffer due to this, I first mentioned about the problem of unverified accounts back in spring 2017 I was having stuff stolen and could not understand how this could happen. Lets take a moment to think of the victims of these stolen uploads as well some people have really suffered.

Thehornycouplexxx 1 month ago

https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5fd2a75d52df4 Thank you for the update , here’s one from the hornycouplexxx 😈💦 hot new video released tonight


thank goodness! i remember flagging a video that somebody stole from autumn falls and got over 700k views from taking her video and screen recording the whole video and posting it as their own! thank you pornhub for implementing this new policy! Us content creators thank you greatly!

Felly Angelista 1 month ago

Payment Method please for Indonesia 😉🙏

h0ras0001 1 month ago

I hope we'll get a full announcement on payment options in the coming days. Guessing this will be a months long battle with the cc companies and if I have to mail a check to pay for my account I'll do it but I hope their will be an easier option available for now.

Devin and Brandy 1 month ago

O wow,does that have anything to do with why we seem to have lost about 100k views ?? Hopefully these bugs all get fixed

Min Moo 1 month ago

We have also lost around 30k views... Why???!!!!! We are verified 🤷🏼‍♀🤷🏼‍♀🤷🏼‍♀🤷🏼‍♀

TrulyRoger69 1 month ago

We lost 2000 views ☹

Lirgisolo 1 month ago

Yes, I also lost 100th views again

TBoy Cody Lee 1 month ago

There was a New York times investigation into unverified users uploading illegal content. MasterCard and Visa ceased allowing their cards to be used for Pornhub. I would suspect that other payment platforms will follow.

LuscioussTee 1 month ago

Great news💪💋

LonelyMeow 1 month ago

Btw I hope that this serve as a lesson for PH. You did whatever you wanted and let anyone post any crap cause you greedy and now look what a mess. Merry Xmas 😒

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

THE PURGE: a time of cleansing that ends in economical growth and rids the unproductives( leeches)

Onerealblonde 1 month ago

thank you pornhab right direction. go to my profile😘😋

Analisamelchotoo 1 month ago

You just wanna make all the porn premium and I'll never paid for watch porn I'll never use this page again post date the amateur porn is much better than profesional and you delete it all

Sassy Pearl 1 month ago

I make amateur videos. For free. Check me out

Ahasvindi 1 month ago

I already Lost 200K views

Lirgisolo 1 month ago

Yes, the same trouble

BlackTerceira 1 month ago

Pornhub staff, thank you for keeping us in the loop. As a suggestion, Pornhub should implement crypto payments asap. PayPal is allowing people to purchase crypto and you pay some of us with USDT. Perfect time to bring crypto to everyones attention so they may keep paying the great sex workers. Accept the top coins as payment. The entire crypto market is undervalued. You can accept crypto payments now and they will grow in the future. WIN/WIN for us all.

okokok695 1 month ago

2676163269 8330 Corporate Dr Hyattsville, MD 20785 United States Room 122

RonnyRockit 1 month ago

Hey im newly verified model I love to f*** I love p*** I love stroking my cock I'm from Massachusetany girls want to make any pornos with me let me know on a bad day im almost 8 on a good day9 I love pleasing girls hit me up I just got in a bad accident crash my motorcycle and broke my neck so I could really use the views and the shares guys and girls thank you

KaleaNixs 1 month ago

its time for bitcoin to be in place here

Lovetopleasealways 1 month ago

Don't like it

Web440 1 month ago

Excellent 👌 idia for porn hub family.go ahead

Promo4popeye 1 month ago

I like this i can stand behind it , lol

elmo1983 1 month ago

I wanna be a porn Starr.

PhoebeFox 1 month ago

This is an amazing idea. Since I am relatively new and adjusting to this it has been a slight concern for me and I agree completely.

Cocksmithcmr 1 month ago

This is great news!

Flordeliza Leon 1 month ago

It is a hard decision for sure but PH you have done the right thing. It is commendable that this platform strives to remain safe space for all consenting adult content creators and consenting adult audiences. Protecting against those who vio***e human rights within sex work and the adult film industry is a constant battle. But, if anything this platform has empowered models and content creators to do their work on their own terms, minimizing the risk exploitation.

SlickSlimyWalt 1 month ago

Get Verified! 💯

Meri-Mouse 1 month ago

I think there is nothing to worry about!

Baby jai 1 month ago

Check me out

Hechicerasex 1 month ago

Visit my channel guys 😍 we r new here..

Fuckin_Savage1 1 month ago


BeardRides247 1 month ago


Littleslut2020 1 month ago

Got it thank you

Amy Delaney 1 month ago

Thank you for the update!

Stallion and Bunny 1 month ago

This is great news for models like us! Nobody should be allowed to upload adult content without verifying the models appearing in it. And not just on Pornhub, but on all porn sites. Obviously they are only going after Pornhub now, but there are tons of other sites which will still allow the uploading of unverified content. The government needs to step in and ban any website which hosts unverified porn. This has been going on for too long and the amount of illegal content out there is staggering.

AggressiveSpooning 1 month ago

This is great news. There was nothing but risk and unneeded competition.

Gothandhot Yesterday

When can we get tipped again and our fqn club?? Jezus how is this not gonna affect us

ballbreakingcouple 3 days ago

Do we have a timeframe in sight for when purchases will be enabled again?

Obey Rei and Lee 1 week ago

Yikes! But ok, I understand you have to make the changes and quickly. We are sooo happy we have been producing content for SideOfLight.com as well. Things like this greatly affect the livelihood of a lot of people and anyone with a pay subscription-base should have been informed in advance so they could begin doing the proper work so they do not loose as much $$$ as the instant hit caused. But since we are on the topic of changes, there are a lot of things that should be implemented.

Obey Rei and Lee 1 week ago

Account: • Uploaded photo and video album categories • More details of payments and advertisement earnings • The ability to move videos from Fan Club, Private, and Public... Fan Club : • Categories and better indexing UI for subscribers...Front End UI:• Better navigation system on account pages• Option to pin and feature posts to the top of your account page• Option to create forums for your subscriber to use and also the ability to feature them on the front page of your account

Priscila Rhoades 1 week ago

After I accidentally deleted my fan club photos , I can't upload any new photos again.. Any thoughts about it? Thanks!

JoseYuri 1 week ago

What happened to vids posted prior to verification?

AlleyKatt 1 week ago

It took three months for you guys to remove a video I reported that someone had stolen from me and you kept refusing to do it until I signed a consent for that gave you permission to give the thief my personal information. I told you then that you needed to do something about your problem personnel and unthinking policies. Seems like now you probably will now that it’s costing us ALL a LOT of money.

NotReallyHere420OG 1 week ago

Well, things have gone downhill here. Got verified to then no longer be verified. What a joke.

Creamybisaya699 1 week ago

i’m so sick and tired of masturbating myself to s***p every night, this is just sad. I wanna be loved by someone and grow old with this guy but all he does is drinks and smokes his life away but i just wanna be here for him for every step of the way of his life like we used too. I miss her so much, i miss his laugh i miss eveything about this him. i would do anything just to get the dick like i used too. I just wanna ORGASM.

rychsavage 2 weeks ago

Okay people, maybe you all can shed some light on this situation for me. Before January started, I was verifed and had a considerable amount of my own content on my page. Now all of a sudden, my verified status is gone, all of my content is gone and no one from PH is responding to my emails. Any ideas as to how to go about regaining possession of said content? Re-verifying is the least of my worries. It's the lost content that matters to me.

Dalaota 2 weeks ago

I have been here for months. How am I supposed to make money if I cant upload anymore videos? Also i was apart of the model program and a verified member but I legit cant do anything with my account This. Is. Bullshit.

Taco_Destroyer 2 weeks ago

Anyone looking for another content creators to make something

Jason Xen 2 weeks ago

i guess all the verified users are stuck in circle jerk...

Jason Xen 2 weeks ago

The hell?!! y'all could of just banned them from uploading, you didn't have to delete their videos? my favorites are gone.Out of all the years ive been on here, I've only masturbated to less than handful of verified ph users. i don't find many of the top models here that attractive, to be honest.

Colily 2 weeks ago

Is there no way things can be payed through Paxum?

vidyaisurika 2 weeks ago

Ok. Noted

realtobydick 2 weeks ago

My December earning were calculated last week then today suddenly dropped by 30%. Is this connected?

Valery_katrich 2 weeks ago


Patriciaxxx01 2 weeks ago

Does crypto payment method qill be affected?

King_rastaman 2 weeks ago

Why can’t I send upload an avatar picture it keep saying “content has to be reviewed

Tsthamy 2 weeks ago


Makehercummm 3 weeks ago

Not fair to all good PMV Porn Music videos AND all the other good vids out there are all now gone

Winterlover1987 3 weeks ago

how to get back all my private videod

Alipatiya 3 weeks ago


Tedddy30 3 weeks ago

Well if you are verified you still can’t upload I would have said all uploads except People in the model program are banned from uploading so I am really done with this groups doing this they should be stopped

Neneriko666 3 weeks ago

so , how do we get paid?

piotrmichal 3 weeks ago

Podejmę pracę jako aktor

degenr8 3 weeks ago

Yeah ok it's january when is this new verification process coming out?

Hulk8704 3 weeks ago

Alguna mujer en Estados Unidos que quiera grabar conmigo 🤤

CaribBaDGaL 3 weeks ago

I’m New Here , Happy New Years 2021 let’s make it A great ONE 🍭💋

Hisslut38 3 weeks ago

Sucks balls ugh

5868alex 3 weeks ago


Daviskelly39 3 weeks ago

I was verified and they took my content down. My ID was on file. Stole my check mark. Deleted my profile picture. Deleted my cover photo. And deleted 60 videos of mine that I had made.

roxgx 3 weeks ago

¿Temporalmente? Ya lleva mucho rato asi

babypi3 3 weeks ago

Heeey ladies ❤ im just waiting to get verified 😘

Slav Thruster 3 weeks ago

I got a questiong N..so i was trying to get into model prog..i still cant upload and i send pics of my documents,and icon become a moddel dissapeared..is there a waiting period?

MysticalQueen 1 month ago

Let’s Make this money!!!

Realhardcoreporn 1 month ago

The got banned most likely because they we not PCI Compliant in some way. Most likely someone’s anonymity was broke and someone got their CC used fraudulently. It could of been a clerical mistake.

itsjustme1977 1 month ago


Ava Cheeks Animations 1 month ago

What about american express?

samsquantchtpb 1 month ago

Man, just get the cockhero videos back on. I don't GAF what you do.

DrGYDmil 1 month ago

Maybe this app is a bit confused. I am not a robot. Have a real name, address and mobile phone number. Some folks may not. However. My app needs to be a no-brainer approval of your (our) verification process. Once approved, you guys, and girls might take me up on my standing offer to fuck on-cam in public view online. We'll put-up a Do Not Disturb sign, and roll the tape. Let's get-on with-it. Make-it easy for me. Please. Thank you

unknown 1 month ago

Basically what I’m hearing you say is Pornhub is now no more than a “Facebook” that allows adult content, Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Mistress Awesome 1 month ago

Have PornHub come up with a workable solution for payments yet? Just had an email that rubs salt in the wounds.... as its my birthday coming up I can keep 100% of payments for the month.... this would be great if any of my fans could actually make payments, pay for videos or continue fan club subscriptions 😞Hope things can be resolved very soon

cremedelapeach 1 month ago


Gagirl199197 1 month ago

So we have to be verified or in the model program to upload content?! That’s fucked up

Butt Sniff Leader 1 month ago


DHY725 1 month ago

This is amazing I just got verified


This pornhub is the Best.... I wish I had learned of you when i was like 12yr old...I was already shooting meth & bang all night...I heart boken for we could make so much money... I am truly a freakoziod,

Jazz Bikini 1 month ago

Biden will save us

XLcock4you 1 month ago

Um i want in

House Keeping 1 month ago

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DoUrden69 1 month ago

How long does it take to become a verified model

Starbotty 1 month ago

I need partner for making video Xarta 29 Australia

Sra Exibe 1 month ago

I assembled my profile a few months ago. As our idea was very well accepted by the users of the site, we decided to invest in the site. In early December, I invested heavily in equipment to improve the quality of my videos, camera, guimbal and a smartphone with 48mp. And now it happens.We spent almost 1,900 U$D , obviously counting on the return on sales. And now , what do we do ???

Yanah Blayze 1 month ago


Babyrock27 1 month ago

Nice idea.

morbiusrg 1 month ago

So, to be clear, as a customer, I can no longer download videos unless I pay for them. Correct? If so, please refund my payment to you immediately! Thank you.

Asapbang400 1 month ago

Let's make videos girls

wallcockblack 1 month ago

Serious visa and MasterCard will be banned

AgathaHarris 1 month ago

Yes, very sad news. Let's hope that everything will be fine and that all this is done for the sake of people and a great goal for our benefit.

Ninja Shaft 1 month ago

This is nuts

Saliva Bunny 1 month ago

Great news! I hope we will get more traffic soon, and PH will earn more from us than from unverified videos.

mandep0 1 month ago

Confused for what will be next verification process

transadrianaxxx 1 month ago

great initiative!

Brooke Blaze 1 month ago

We pretty much started doing amateur porn as a full time job and have been making at least $4k a month just off of Pornhub..since December 12th not 1 single dollar. Glad we still have Onlyfans and manyvids or we would be screwed

Suga Daddy Zo 1 month ago

Same thing here. Quit my job and 3 days later the purge happens

RubyGrae 1 month ago

Hubcoin please

ChezzaLuna 1 month ago

Thank you for your ongoing support and updates. Transparency is amazing from pornhub and I am glad to be a part of your work toward equal treatment for sexworkers of all kinds. I am excited for what's to come 😉

BiBBCSLUTboi 1 month ago

You've broken the site. Verification can't work as avatar uploading cannot be done. I get messages like "your content needs to be reviewed before you can use it"

calamus 1 month ago

Agree, why can they remove our uploads just like that?, it's like theft. In the end I suspect that they only want members to make money on. The site was better at first.

Briar27 1 month ago

Well this site went to crap. Related content doesn't even show related content to what I am watching or searching for anymore. Its a mix of crap I don't even have interest in. Downloading videos is no longer an available option either. Even on ones that had the option before for free. Now only some videos are downloadable but you have to pay for each? These new changes suck and I am glad I canceled my Premium membership now. Can't even pay with major credit cards from what I read here. I'm out.

calamus 1 month ago

Agree, why can they remove our uploads just like that?, it's like theft. In the end I suspect that they only want members to make money on. The site was better at first.

Shhickwitit 1 month ago


Soccere22 1 month ago

Hi. I'm happy be here

jowpikadura 1 month ago

eu acho bom pois sem os usuários verificados postando vários videos que não são deles as pessoas vão visualizar mais os nosso conteudo e ficara melhor com relacao ao forma de pagamento eles vão dar um jeito pois iria perder muita receita assim como estava perdendo com usuários não verificados que postavam ate videos que não eram eles mesmos

couplediaries 1 month ago

Am with because i know what happening so pornhub is working to save itself... but am thinking about how we will get paid now.

wawawawa23 1 month ago

Porn has always been a subject of debate, here in America they could never really do anything about it because we just don’t have those laws, it’s a free country, it seems though that freedom is leaving and fast. We’ll be entering a new time here where corporations and politicians not only tell us how to live but change the rules to make sure we follow suite

SnipsNSnails 1 month ago

Do we know when Pornhub will once again allow purchases? Is it dependent upon the hope that MasterCard and Visa will reconsider their ban against the site once Pornhub somehow proves itself worthy through the effective implementation of its safeguards? If so. have the credit card companies indicated a willingness to reconsider the issue? If not, is Pornhub looking into alternate methods of payment for its models? Or is that temporary disability a placeholder until something definite happens?

kikomaxx22 1 month ago

Share it

Pinoy_blowjobs 1 month ago

My video views are doubled right now but I have not received my payments yet.🥺🥺🥺

spencersteez 1 month ago

Is that why my profile picture is mia fml get bent

Punk bdsm couple 1 month ago

Trump!!!!! Damn!!!

Punk bdsm couple 1 month ago

Awesome, now it narows out people that just want $....We do this cause its fun, and hot....This never was our plan for a living

AshleyRoseStar 1 month ago

This does need r help anyone use this as a last resort of income. A lot of people have lost their jobs and hom due to the pandemic. A lot of people have tu need to porn as a last resort of financial survival including those who work in the medical field who are working their butts off day in and day out on their feet constantly 247 treating anybody and everybody they can on a daily being over worked and underpaid this is not the way how you tell people we have your back to help you out in return

Camilla Tootsie 1 month ago

Is this why models are not being paid this month?

LeRoy Swells 1 month ago

Thanks for the Update Pornhub.

unknown 1 month ago

Has any verified couples had their content put back up ??? Yet

A1XQT 1 month ago

I don’t even have the feature to delete my account anymore. Anyone else have that issue ?

pinaychubbyme 1 month ago

i have a strong feeling that something good will happen

Alexis and Nina 1 month ago

Okay , so....now what 😬😞?

VanessAlyssa3x 1 month ago

Would you like to see more? ❤

iamBabyArm 1 month ago

We already turned on by this news. Such a good job. We will be uploading more with this motivation!

A7flix 1 month ago

Ok thanks

John Dong 1 month ago

I get no views lmao!

John Dong 1 month ago


JustinConrad 1 month ago

Are you going to let us know via blog post about the ban from Mastercard and visa? A lot of us are gonna loose a lot of money..

SoftApprouch 1 month ago

Is there any news on this topic ?

isabellamout 1 month ago

I hope everything gets better and fixed soon! 😖

Fembear4u 1 month ago

Shouldn't be a problem identifying yourself for verification. Porn will never die

Sexz234567890 1 month ago

si kokot

Paul Lynx 1 month ago

I'm sure PH will figure something out soon. But it is sad we can not simply work honestly as verified models and get what we deserve for our content right away. That sucks. And not in the way we'd like to. Vote for direct transactions to models' cards! =)))

Paul Lynx 1 month ago

That's disappointing how freaking (yes, they, not us are freaking) society robs us every day of joy and pleasure without really harming anyone. I only joined PH a year go and wanted to go full scale on it, but as soon as Im' in - paypal is out. That was the easiest way for where I'm at. Alright, I got into Paxum, but they just stopped working with Visas... Ok, I'm gonna get Mastercard, but... this time Visa and MC stop processing PH all together... Is it the world going against me every time?

Ava Cheeks Animations 1 month ago

Please please impliment paypal.

Tia Mor 3 weeks ago

Paypal debit and credit cards are issued by Mastercard. Paypal is also reliant upon Mastercard's already established financial infrastructure.

UrufuzuRein 1 month ago

We was verified couple (and even uploaded all documents for model program, it was already in processing) who uploaded our OWN footjob videos. Now it`s all gone: our videos -- gone, profile pick -- gone (and cant be changed) and today they even got our verified mark. GJ, WP.

MartinJ77 1 month ago

They took all without sn warning. All my content is gone. Some of the vids was only here.

Vivian Rose 1 month ago

I am so, so, so happy that only verified users will be able to upload now, that's been a long time coming! However, I am thoroughly disappointed in the CC companies. It's all a PR stunt to make themselves look good for the general public who still judges and looks down on SW's and p*orn.

Patriciaxxx01 1 month ago

just a question, Can i still get my payment on next month? im using verge transaction. and can i still upload videos right now? Thanks for the answer

CrazyItaly 1 month ago


Lovetopleasealways 1 month ago

I make love for free!!!

b0yst0ys 1 month ago

Please explain clearly. So from the above we still get paid for fan club memberships and ad revenue from free to view videos, but not for pay to view videos? Users cant purchase paid videos, is that right? What about paid videos that we set to be viewable to Pornhub Premium viewers, do we get paid for those still? Needs better clarification please.

Martin4381 1 month ago

Was ist los mein Profilfoto ist entfernt worden und meine eingestellten Videos worden auch von meiner Seite genommen! Warum ? Ich bin ein verifiziertes Mitglied.

YingTakingYang 1 month ago

TBH this is going to help us in the long run, having verified content for us struggling to create content by unverified views being stolen by randoms will benefit us in the end. We hope the purge helps gets mastercard and visa back on because its money at the end of the day they will be back.

papapilas 1 month ago

Sadly, even your offer of Premium accounts has been a disappointment. Although I salute your decision to make this, especially with all the sneaky captures from public toilets that I see here, that humongous offer of premiums made revenues from commercials go down. I stopped at $0,38 for months. And I don't have a community with enough size to ask them to subscribe to my onlyfans or justforfans.

Rastagop 1 month ago

we complained about this year, imagine that this is not the end..

LonelyMeow 1 month ago

Can I suggest Paxum or Bitcoin or Revolut? 🤔

RomanBase585 1 month ago

That’s so awesome now they won’t steal verified users views. Tired of seeing unverified videos with millions of views when we only get a few hundred.

RomanBase585 1 month ago

That’s so awesome now they won’t steal verified users views. Tired of seeing unverified videos with millions of views when we only get a few hundred...

Kebrii 1 month ago

Thank you so much for your change PornHub, I'm happy you'really actively supporting safe environments

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

Clean the swamp

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

To me its fun and i spend more than the comebe

Catpaws 1 month ago

I'd really like to know how this will affect payouts.

JePenne and Frostberry 1 month ago

"We continue our work to champion for sex workers rights and be a platform for content creators everywhere to share and monetize their work." - so the problem is you waited too long to add any sort of content filtering from random people, and now verified models have to suffer for it until a solution is found. Try being proactive next time?If you were championing for sex workers' rights, you would have done this before this whole scandal, which let's face it, isn't the 1st time it happens.

HunnyBunny33 1 month ago

Hey my puss is waiting be suck

Daddydickdripspussy 1 month ago

Well hell i dont see a problem with this.. It honstly would keep fake profiles away

Randy Strotter 1 month ago

The problem is, now the average viewer isn't going to have a way to pay for ANY transactions on the site (No Visa, Mastercard, or PayPal). So verified content will get all the views, but the potential income from from it is all but eliminated. The average viewer isn't going to run out and invest in cryptocurrency to pay for their porn. That's the real disaster here.

Mattweiser19 1 month ago

Paypal por favor!. Gracias

mikenaim 1 month ago

do they accept bitcoin?

Lucio marave 1 month ago

thats great, maybe now i can maybe get some views on this platform.. hopefully, one day

VeronikavonK 1 month ago

WOW, THats a really good new, tons people who steal the videos and re- upload them gonna be down for a long time, lot of scammers get down.

naughtykellie 1 month ago

Thank you for working so hard for all of us

NubianQueen001 1 month ago

Sad we are financially impacted even more now that MC and Visa pulled out!

LadycreamyPr 1 month ago

sweetie i need big help from you i send 1,000 messages you owned me $

Ahasvindi 1 month ago

I already have a Custom Video Request which i have accepted and yet not delivered.. what if i delivered the videos now.. ? i will get the payment ?

Persa NeL 1 month ago

✔ . Noted

kenzieexoxo 1 month ago

Sharing this before it happened would have been really helpful to those who are relying on income for next time please!

JoeyMarks89 1 month ago

I can't even upload cuz my dick is soft

Nisha Marble 1 month ago

Is it mean we can not upload video for sale until new year? Because My video today was faild as both of us are verified!

Lady Bellatrix 1 month ago

What a week its has been! First they impliment verified users only for uploads

ilovemymistress 1 month ago

They deleted some of our videos without warning as well

Eddybrockxx 1 month ago


Likeextasi 1 month ago

why have all the photos from my profile disappeared and I can't even see those of other users ???

tigerling 1 month ago

I can’t find my favorite content and browsing history,wtf

red_xxx20 1 month ago

I love sex.....

Putolunasexyl 1 month ago

Sexy damn baby

Emerald Foxx 1 month ago

I'm going to set all my videos to free download. It's my pleasure to step up and help my people out, as well as help to support PornHub who have given me the opportunity to make these videos and make myself actually feel sexy again!!!

Lady Bellatrix 1 month ago

Technically, you can't. Downloads were set to for sale only on Wednesday. And now there is no credit card option for fans to pay for anything...

LonelyMeow 1 month ago

so as always this year, a good news and a super S..T one XD

mpanduro12 1 month ago

love to work for you love sex

Johnny Hardon4u 1 month ago

Thank you.

Miles Medina 1 month ago

Oof. I mean I've only made like 2 dollars but it's still 2 clams.

MrDickFitswellin69 1 month ago

Other sites use tokens and bit coins. Would that be a possible change that could work?

DesiTopTaboo 1 month ago

some cost effective payment method will help lot..

NickyDickyyyyy 1 month ago

I’m new to the porn industry and I have many videos to upload but since I am not in the model program I cannot post... sucks but I know you guys will figure it out! I love this site!

ready4itall1 1 month ago

That sucks... hopefully things will get better. In the meantime I’ll try to keep pleasing as many people as I can!

divine3721 1 month ago

bout time. clean up all the catfish

Sexybishal 1 month ago

wow good

Benji Malaki Titi 1 month ago

It's pretty bad, pretty stupid. Hopefully everyone learns to adapt to this new environment (thanks 2020). I'm just going to assume that most porn will be banned by MasterCard and Visa. They crypto ecosystem is still underdeveloped, but again hopefully, the community implements more accessible solutions soon. Good luck everyone! Stay Safe!

Annnale 1 month ago

Been here almost to yrs. How can I not be verified user? This is crazy!

Lilanimes 1 month ago


Natural42G 1 month ago

I'm proud to be a member of this community ~ I am quite new, but really enjoying the experience. Good lookin' out Pornhub! ❤

PH__ESPORT 1 month ago

I’m a new don’t know everythink😞❓

b0yst0ys 1 month ago

Idiotic move, this the last place that kind of porn would be allowed, all its done it ruin the earnings of the rest of us. Theyre just scoring points because PH is the biggest brand whilst destroying our earnings.

Wolfiegirl17 1 month ago

I just hope the verified models aren't going to be affected too hard in all the changes. One of my videos got flagged and removed shortly after upload when I had filmed it myself and it was a solo clip. Yet the preview is still up that was supposed to be a teaser for the paid clip. I know quite a few more who lost even more videos from false reports or something going on lately.

BlackCholo 1 month ago

Check my page out if you love me🖤

b0yst0ys 1 month ago

honestly, not being funny, but i dont see what option we have but to upload elsewhere too now? Most people cant be bothered to create Paxum accounts when they can get content without needing to elsewhere. PH have been wrongly singled out because theyre the biggest brand of online porn. PH is probably the least likely place illegal porn would be allowed, but the rest of us earning money here are now being made to suffer. Fanclub

b0yst0ys 1 month ago

and For Sale earnings will become non-existent here now (whilst achieving nothing in terms of actually removing chil-d porn from the internet). Still, i'm sure the bosses of Visa

bellasfantasy 1 month ago

Make sure to check my profile. Nasty videos coming up today!

dgslsp 1 month ago


Luthber 1 month ago

we are waiting to see if this changes will benefit us all

brwll 1 month ago

i am verry exited for this site.

Krausar Gaming 1 month ago

my most of the videos are disable for pending reviews from a month and now only 40 videos shows out of 60 other 20 are still disable for pending review ,my earnings has a huge effect.....

nairobitoxic 1 month ago

okay great.

alicatty 1 month ago

Anyone else getting most thier videos deleted .. I lost almost half my videos , videos that suppously got reviewed months ago with the first purge they had now they got deleted .. lost millions of views

Beachside Bunnies 1 month ago

Great news, I too am sick of unverified accounts re-uploading my hard work in animation. There are still a few accounts with my videos, i should probably flag them for deletion so they can't re-upload my work again. Thanks for the update. Disappointing news on visa and mastercard - I can assume we wont see many purchase downloads during this time.

Lovetopleasealways 1 month ago

Love it

Marital Sex 1 month ago

Welcome from nrw hot vid ! 😈😈https://pl.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5fd36e97d6764

Natalia Kapretti 1 month ago

Thank you pornhub.I am confident and calm that my videos are protected)

Cassylibertine 1 month ago


Asia Angel 1 month ago


Kimmys feet 1 month ago

Sometimes a purge is needed...i wish more of my sisters in CBT FEMDOM would join. You know who you are girlfriends...

CHRISSYPEPP7 1 month ago

Well that's unfortunate Devastating

pajutheboss 1 month ago

now get ready to loose 50% of users

Jaymoneybills 1 month ago

Who knows but I'm new to this all so add me on fans only. And here houston texas Houston beaumont area.

Lirgisolo 1 month ago

Maybe deleting videos will be enough?

Lirgisolo 1 month ago

That's all right, but why delete videos of models

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

they will come back visa and mc after all the scum is out, about time to have a real platform for amateurs and (some) pros...its called THE PURGE...is there really a need for the stepdad fucking the stepdaughter delivering pizza with her study friend while stepmom is stuck in the dryer....cmon...ill be getting hate mail for this comment i dont care.. no more stollen contents of mine getting millions of views. . keep getting my stuff stollen..they(leeches) reupload with tags....clean the swamp

lovestheass 1 month ago

This is awesome!

Kimmys feet 1 month ago

Yes it is

AndyGaro23 1 month ago

Por que ya no aparese el icono para descargar videos que paso

AllyTheCat 1 month ago

Now mf's can stop uploading my videos without my consent and making profit from it. Idc if it happened to me once or twice, that was still an awful experience. And now I am glad this is happening so that type of thing won't likely occur. Thank you PornHub. 🥰

AlphaBreederNine 1 month ago

Unverified users are dangerous grounds anyways. Verification greatly reduces the risk of abhorrent behavior on the platform. 0

SIRH1GH 1 month ago

Según yo ya estoy verificado y no puedo subir nada aun, wtf

BlazedBrak 1 month ago

Can we post videos of Patrick Mahomes?

Vienna_1991 1 month ago

Verified users are now prohibited from uploading content? So I have never uploaded my videos and pictures commercially, but always voluntarily and once in the Lokdown, would this platform like to be able to access account data? So I have an adult representation and in this case have no own rights to my account and therefore no account data is available ~ so if there is no improvement from 01.01.2020, I will delete my Akkaunt here again - since this new policy is discriminatory against people who

Marikzzzz 1 month ago


Dirty_wishes 1 month ago

Friends!! Did you guess why ph removes our videos from profile???

Yourfreakscouple 1 month ago

Thank u pornhub

RawLoaders 1 month ago

This is interesting. The above says my revenue won't be impacted. But all of a sudden, my entire catalogue has been demonetised even though I AM a registered user with IDs uploaded regularly. Master Card/Visa aside, it seems to me Mindgeek ran out of cash to pay us before xmas and needed a way to buy their time.

violet october 1 month ago

Thank you for the update! I am wondering though........how are members still able to purchase videos and join fanclub? Are they already being awesome and using crypto? Or is there another method they are utilizing that I don't know about? I'm happy, but extremely confused.

CheatingFwb 1 month ago

We just started this month. Were glad to join everyone. check out the page like and share. Thank you all for bringing us here.

Millieseet 1 month ago

Thanks for sharing

big_ukrainian_ass 1 month ago

how will it affect the monthly payments to models?

TBoy Cody Lee 1 month ago

Why has PH not officially notified us about the MasterCard and Visa Situation?

YesDaddyMex 1 month ago

Sirocsir Uchiha 1 month ago

Yea fix something

SmashingCrushSandr 1 month ago

Wonderful.Now nobody can't black***l us models to if we don't do free things, they will upload our free chat videos recorded on PH. Thanks

My_Wife_SexyDreams 1 month ago

It's Ok. Thank You for information.

Tahlia Raven 1 month ago

Groovy 😎

CapellaHot 1 month ago

Wow, not bad pornhub 💘

elleviolette 1 month ago


LilSalem 1 month ago


Polipoldino 1 month ago

Ci sta!!

alicatty 1 month ago

any one missing videos on your profile

HighVoltage66 1 month ago

Yes, a lot of VAs are missling videos and views. Stay cool - they will fix it hopefully soon.

Holly_sweety 1 month ago

this is good news, it is definitely one of the best platforms

Boobs Ross 1 month ago

Unrelated, why do I suddenly, randomly have premium. I didn’t sign up for that.

MarcoAntonioIximo 1 month ago

Always hard Always hard Always hard

alidareaper 1 month ago

I’m a verified user and when I search my name up and go to my profile all of my videos are still there. But when I log in and go to my videos I don’t see them . What’s going on ?? I have my models ID’s uploaded and everything.

Dirty Dannybear 1 month ago

Sorry ph☹

Plum bae 1 month ago


anhlekg 1 month ago

Rat tuyet voi

Themuffinmann21 1 month ago

Well at least us legit models can still benefit and who knows maybe we can see some newbies

Wettest Daye 1 month ago

PH needs to accept cash app cards or start a gift card service Since visa and MasterCard pulled out. But I am actually very happy unverified ppl aren’t able to post anymore that’s great. But with that happening I would think our ad revenue would increase instead of staying the same

James Felps 1 month ago


khalifa_porn 1 month ago


SexwithMilfStella 1 month ago

This really is good news and should be celebrated. You'll end up with a safer site, one less spot critics can poke holes in, and piracy should drop WAY down. Good move Phub!

Ceskarmx 1 month ago

Hola babys, excelente día 😘

Gellai2925 1 month ago

Pwde bang kumita dti

JairusAsian 1 month ago

How can i change my payment method thru paypal?

HighVoltage66 1 month ago

PayPal is no longer supporting customers who have adult content.

Pink Milk 1 month ago

I think this is the concern 💞

SuperDrogo 1 month ago

bien hecho, mas seguridad nunca esta de mas

Nik Arab 1 month ago

i think its gonna be a good idea

Yesseyames69 1 month ago

Y wont it let me upload photos. I'm in the model program.🤔

PH__ESPORT 1 month ago

yes it’s really good

Cassie Clarke 1 month ago

finally, sick of having to get content removed for Randoms uploading for no reason

HighVoltage66 1 month ago

It just seems the checking software has some bugs. Hopefully they can fix it soon.

nonamenofaceTR 1 month ago

Thank youuu 💋

gemito306 1 month ago

pagate poco

SaltyKunchik 1 month ago


NewYorkTimez 1 month ago

Seems fair to us 👍🏿👍🏽

Jack The Dicker 1 month ago

Nice at least us verified amateurs won't have our videos reuploaded

Martha Slavin 1 month ago

I think it is a great news. will be less a stolen contents

PoorLittleMom 1 month ago

Isn't this protecting content creators and people?

realcodyjohnson 1 month ago

So whats exactly changed for verified users ? I just cant watch mine video ..site sendin me straight to model hub even if i click on”see on pornhub”

Afrodita Jones 1 month ago

Hiii! I am new around here and I am trying to enter the modeling program since my profile has already been verified. My question is what method of receiving the money can I do better being from Spain? and ask what is VAT? thanks for your time, sweet kisses

Sissi Viter 1 month ago


SashaTeeny 1 month ago

Good job guys👌👌

Emilka2020 1 month ago

z jednej strony to dobrze bo powinniśmy uzyskać dzięki temu większą ilość wyświetleń moim zdaniem ph w ten sposób pomoże nam zweryfikowanym użytkownikom zwiększyć oglądalność

Kinkyguy-20 1 month ago

Safety first, that's good

Dadonpee 1 month ago

Good stuff

CumShotGoldChamp 1 month ago

Well. Damn. And I literally just got my first payout last month after posting for four years... oh well. Still a fun hobby, though!!! Glad I didn’t quit my real job.

sanduni1995 1 month ago

hello, i'm from srilanka, i'm try to be a model, but i have my government id only, so how can i become a model? please help me, i have mail to modelhub, but still not replay.

SwitchKitchen 1 month ago

I am glad your team is taking the necessary steps. Hopefully relationships with Credit Card Companies can be repaired. I do not think the article written by the Times was fair. I am scared for sexworker rights and the clamp down on payment systems elsewhere.,.

hornyjohny66 1 month ago

Thank you for updates! Love you PH

Ho1y Ho1e 1 month ago

This is just wonderful! I just cum from this news 😁❤🔥🔥🔥

xMassageLovex 1 month ago


MissBRITISH 1 month ago

Wow big changes safer for everyone

Candy Camille 1 month ago

what are the disappointing news? i think is awesome and safety for all of us

Devilish Siren 1 month ago

Thank you for the update ❤💋

DADDY ORGASM 1 month ago

The views and pay is crappy on pornhub, why not add other things to the list. just fix the site all together.

Tato450575 1 month ago


a1exaisdaddy 1 month ago

Does this mean any of my videos that have been uploaded when I was unverified will be removed? Because o e of my videos have magically disappeared

Bambifirst 1 month ago

ok, thanks 😘😘

Double Eva 1 month ago

Приветики всем)

Alexxxa_martin 1 month ago

How good, excellent

Toystest 1 month ago

Hope everything will be good for you and for us...

SexyTwosome 1 month ago

Thank you, we can't wait ;D

FemboyBear 1 month ago

This is very saddening for those just starting who want to grow within the platform. Wishing luck to all of us 💓

D3nilson 1 month ago

Follow me

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