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by: Aurora Watson

Black Friday is around the corner and we are excited to announce our big plans! We’re offering viewers 15% OFF ALL VIDEO PURCHASES on Pornhub and Modelhub from Friday, November 27 to Monday November 30, but don’t worry, IT’S ON US! Meaning you’ll still be getting your 65% cut off your original video price.

For example, if you set your video at $10, you’ll receive $6.50 with every purchase. During the Black Friday event, that video will be marked down to $8.50, but you’ll still receive $6.50 with every purchase (65% of the initial price).

And, as an added bonus and a big thank you for participating in the event, we’re also giving away $1,000 EVERY DAY that weekend. Every video sale = an entry into the raffle where we’ll be picking one Model at random from Friday to Monday during our Black Friday event.

So be sure you get a piece of the action, update your content, and let your fans know about the 4-day sale! We’ve also put together premade graphics for you so you can share the news on your own social media and encourage your fans buy your content and help you win big.

 Premade Graphics for Models 

(If you need a quick photo editor, check out Canva.com - you can add your profile picture in it and then upload the layovers as a new layer to go on your photo!)



All Comments(161)

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DuBarry 4 days ago

Mmmm ... Despite the pandemic, the wonderful PornHub site is constantly giving its visitors new surprises. It's good! Life goes, on and life is sex! ) Who agrees with me - add as a friend!

HoneyBunnyBA 3 days ago


Doris Dawn 3 days ago

I do

Quin Hart 4 days ago

life is sex, haha true, but i don't get any :/

RochiandJossi 4 days ago

how much truth in a comment!πŸ‘ πŸ‘

cinnabum 4 days ago

They are super proactive about keeping us updated. We stan you, phub mods πŸ’•

mein_schatz 4 days ago

Recently sent you a friend request

CumsTooMuch 5 days ago

Wait... I can sell videos here?!?! Who wants a cumshot???? haha

Lorraine Mortis 4 days ago

Hi, I'm new, I hope you can go through my videos and leave your comments: 3

wallcockblack 4 days ago

I have see your video ... what u eat broπŸ˜’ i want ur secret

MaxiLovers 4 days ago

Mmmmm your cumshots are amazing πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ€€πŸ’‹

Cum_Lovers 4 days ago


Devilish Siren 5 days ago

https://www.pornhub.com/gif/25151742 give me a cumshot just like this baby. I want it all over my body sexy 😘

Devilish Siren 5 days ago

I want a cumshot baby

Tonya696969 5 days ago

I want to see

Succubus Sin 5 days ago

I didn't realize models only got 65% of their videos...

MandieMaytag 4 days ago

Most clip sites take 40% so this is good.

pixieservesHim 4 days ago

We get 100% of our videos, but only 65% of the ad revenue. So for every 1000 views, we get about $0.65 For sale videos earn differently though

Succubus Sin 4 days ago

Hmm, the more you know. Thanks for the info, at first glance it feels like a lot.

SecretCrush 5 days ago

I use to stream my own content on my membership website, using high risks merchants I constantly had people join, watch/rip all of my content then give me a charge back. Using model-hub we no longer need to worry about chargebacks so It kind of balances out It's connected to the largest porn network in the world, so as far as exposure goes it would cost in marketing to get anywhere near that!

KaraTart 5 days ago

It's a pretty standard industry rate. Many Vids pays the same cut, and my girl fund used start at the same rate. Pornhub has, imho, the best community surrounding it, and the largest user base as is backbone. I wish it was easier to get featured, but beyond that quip, they are a very decent 'boss' lol

WetCherry 5 days ago


horny69rabbits 5 days ago

I didn't sell any videos during black Friday last year! = ) I hope I get lucky this time!πŸ€­πŸ’‹

HoneyBunnyBA 3 days ago


Olga_Sunrise 4 days ago

I didn't quite understand in which settings to make a mark to pin a video for advertising the contest? Tell me.

Jetsfan1983 5 days ago

The magic 8 ball says β€œYES” you will get lucky this time. Fans, Please don’t let my magic 8 ball fail me. Support @horny69rabbits

Mimi Boom 5 days ago

You will this year Honey πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Salixxx Katz 4 days ago

PORNHUB is the best! it is like Facebook, but it is real us not fake...thats why I love it

Wildkittens 5 days ago


furystrikesback 5 days ago

If you are into squirters, check me out. I can squirt my height! Happy Black Friday!

BBCcityboy 3 days ago

I've watched you for years. Never a bad drop.

hopemw 2 days ago

Love πŸ’˜ it!

EvilToysKam 4 days ago

Good news!!!

Carlitos_men 4 days ago

It’s good

Brittney Elle 4 days ago

Isn't that lovely. I'm new on here, I'd love to make some new friends and fans. Feel free to add me.

Curious N Naughty 4 days ago

Excited for My chances to win!! Good luck to everyone and thank you pornhub for the opportunity!!

kinkyt33n 4 days ago

Cool! ty Pornhub! 3

mein_schatz 4 days ago

I've only been on PH for two weeks now, and now comes such a great event! I will definitely take part in it, thank you guys. Finally, there is a reason to upload new paid videos

Just_BigAss 4 days ago

I love PH , nice news)

Fit Loving Couple 4 days ago

good job ! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Marie Jayne 5 days ago

Omg 😻😻 I get a few days off soon so I guess I'll be recording a bit of fun πŸ™ƒ

LongKiss56 5 days ago

Wow!! This is cool We will definitely take part in Black Friday!

Analpasion 5 days ago

thank you

Honey_Birdette 5 days ago

Happy Black Friday Pornhub πŸ’°

CuconEntertainment 5 days ago

Excellent news, Good luck everyone.

Alex Cum 5 days ago

So everyone to participate guys, I'm analyzing what to buy that day

Veronica Taboo 5 days ago


MonSucre 5 days ago

That's a good deal! Go support you fave models

Carly Curvy 5 days ago


Princessreneexo 31 minutes ago

Yay! πŸ’— I’m new to the site, if your into petite college girls come check out my page. I just shot my first time trying anal with my toy...I will definitely be uploading my videos here now 😻😻

BunnyandKnelly 2 hours ago

We ready for everything

purp2you 3 hours ago

I’m new checkout my page ! Thanks πŸ™πŸΎ

LuscioussTee 6 hours ago

Hey guys be sure to head on over to my page if you want to see a big juicy pussy, and a fat round assπŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦Like, Subscribe to LuscioussTee, you wont be disappointedπŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

MsLilyRose 11 hours ago

Come see me! xxx

cb10gauge 17 hours ago


10inlouisianabbc 19 hours ago


FrenzyCouple Yesterday


Tomyboyporno Yesterday

I love do the squirt szex! ☺

iTrapXXX Yesterday

That’s wassup

xXxIdoLxXx Yesterday


Martha deluxe Yesterday

Me gusta es una super pornostar Yo me iniciΓ© en lo amateur Martha Deluxe

Blessedd94 2 days ago

Anybody want to see a bbc cumshot ?

Lisasweet6 2 days ago


JDawg0656 3 days ago

you know what they say!

HoneyBunnyBA 3 days ago


Lux Neon 3 days ago

Thank you Pornhub! Well done incentives for everyone! Love to see it 😊

HairySadie 3 days ago

That's amazing! Hopefully I get some sales during those days 3

Mscocklady69 3 days ago

πŸ‘β™₯β™₯β™₯ love ...love..love ..πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ³β€πŸŒˆ

dxbillu 3 days ago


Ms_Jenna 3 days ago

can't wait, my customers love getting deep into me. thanks pornhub!

prettybrowncocc 3 days ago

Any suggestions

mololetka30 4 days ago


MelThaGod 4 days ago

Time to make some videos πŸ’™

Nicole Pearl 4 days ago

It's my first Black Friday with Pornhub, I hope it goes great for me!

My Creamy Baby 4 days ago

Hello everyone I invite you to come and see my gallery of photos and videos, if you like pov and squirting this is the place haha ​​if you like it please do not forget to subscribe and leave a comment I leave here one of my most viewed video https://es.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5fa4845128858

NewYorkTimez 4 days ago

Probably have the best free amateur content on here lol jk Check us out!!

Joylee18 4 days ago

Good too know hopefully I can sell some

parejapornhub 4 days ago

excelente!!!! ya me puse caliente!

Olga_Sunrise 4 days ago

I didn't quite understand in which settings to make a mark to pin a video for advertising the contest? Tell me.

Gem Stoned 4 days ago

Hell yeah! I'm excited. Thank you!

Ely Mira 4 days ago


Cat Woman 1979 4 days ago


Annabella'sSecrets 4 days ago

We have never sold videos on Model Hub, hope this is the right time! πŸ€—πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜β€

NymphoandtheBeast 4 days ago

Would love to sell a video and get entered to win 1000$$

Austin Wolf 4 days ago

How cool!

Intimate Secret 4 days ago

Esto esta interesante

Lorraine Mortis 4 days ago

WOW nice.

Sexy Bambolina 4 days ago

heyyy new video on model hub !!! hurry up 75% discount on video https://www.modelhub.com/video/ph5fb679c306352

Olga_Sunrise 4 days ago

I didn't quite understand in which settings to make a mark to pin a video for advertising the contest? Tell me.

MsNika18 4 days ago

i love porn hub

Jetsfan1983 4 days ago

I thought that at this same time last year there was also a promotion offered for a spectacular deal on signing up as a premium member. I was looking forward to seeing that promotion again as I recall it was a great value. Does anyone recall?

pixieservesHim 4 days ago

That's pretty awesome! I always put videos up really cheap and end up being in like 18 cents lol

Bianka Swool 4 days ago


Hanna Robin 4 days ago

Nice. I invite everyone to my channel. https://pornhub.com/model/hanna-robin

magnolia2017 4 days ago

Guten morgen !

Greek Booty 4 days ago

Visit my page ! πŸ˜‰

Katrin Ray 4 days ago

Very nice πŸ‘

Promo4popeye 4 days ago

Subscribe to me if you like big dicks and thug kisses

Promo4popeye 4 days ago


Girlyvixen 4 days ago

Purchase my videos guys πŸ˜„

Jason_Adonis 4 days ago

Check out my profile for big cumshots!

ClePiper216 4 days ago

Nice πŸ‘ Add Me

Natalia Kapretti 4 days ago

This is good news.I hope this will please the fans

Ladyathena 4 days ago

As always, pornhub proves to be an exceptional site! Always ready for new promotions

hotcouplekink 4 days ago

Awesome πŸ˜‹ x

black swan 4 days ago

black friday

asmapishawar 4 days ago

Ok hope will get good experience working with pornhub.

wallcockblack 4 days ago

Hi i have et communauty in my whatsapp Group 789 people see my vidΓ©o .... i want make paternership with someone so , i’m french sorry if a make Γ  mistake βœ¨πŸ•Έ

The original Bubblez 4 days ago

thats good having a black Friday sale.. 😝😝😝

Lady_Katarina 4 days ago

Good idea ❀

Meechi0303 4 days ago

Anybody wanna make amateur video in fort Smith area inbox there number serious inquiries only

Pinkpeep 4 days ago

Omgggg!! Mostly everything I do is free!! Might have to change that

Pussylover_52 4 days ago

Good luck everyone ❀

Katekuray 4 days ago

How will I select models and give 1000 $ randomly?

Lana Slave 4 days ago

Good luck with that!

Candy Camille 4 days ago

Yeah thats amazing!!! Thanks PH

Kinkyguy-20 4 days ago

perfect let's pee all together it's warm in winter!

Cum_Lovers 4 days ago

Great news, we hope we'll get lucky with a win someday!

BeautifulSexyGirl 4 days ago

Cool!!! Thanks PH


Can’t wait ❀

Ludiasz 5 days ago

Come subscribe me!

SecretCrush 5 days ago

Great Video, Thanks for adding our footage xx

Nikki Rose 5 days ago

I'm hoping to see some of these so called sales lol

mastercokal 5 days ago

Any girl for filming?

Pink_wow 5 days ago


Meri-Mouse 5 days ago

this is good news, I think all models and users will be happy)))

Salemvonxxx 5 days ago

I love this! Be sure to check out my thick latina ass and my fat pussy then everyone!

LovelyJohnXXX 5 days ago

Amazing! love black friday PORN DISCOUNTS!

My Creamy Baby 5 days ago

Come see and enjoy my videos and my photo gallery but better watch this video and if you want leave a like or subscription https://es.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5fa4845128858#1

Couplecrazybr 5 days ago


FloraJean 5 days ago

Awesome! I am a new model to PH. Take a look at my sexy femdom videos!

SheisMelany 5 days ago


Pleaz Brittney 5 days ago

I’m going for the thousand dollars a day! I hope they include nobodies.

WetCherry 5 days ago


LaDiablasexy69 5 days ago

hey i’m trying contact you have problem with this

AllyTheCat 5 days ago

But every video that I have that's listed to be bought is $1.00 πŸ˜‚

MilfPAWG40 5 days ago

That is awesome!

PinkMoonLust 5 days ago

Happy Black Friday Season πŸ˜œπŸ’‹πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

ohhhreneee 5 days ago


PiperJonesNfriends 5 days ago

I have yet to get a video sale, now would be a great time!

Youngriich 5 days ago


LuscioussTee 5 days ago

Yessss cant waitπŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŽI'm so readyπŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Kandii Kitten 5 days ago

manifesting tons of sales !!

Bunny Hustler 5 days ago

Wow, such a good news

Mimi Boom 5 days ago

WOw have u seen the black friday sale on Pornhub toys? , have to finally invest in and get some of them!!

pinaychubbyme 5 days ago

great job

Not so innocent Milf 5 days ago

Ooo come check out my videos.

alexamato 5 days ago

super, please fuck my ass!

Curious Mommy Boy 5 days ago

I hate that I already had recorded the perfect and truthfully honest video for the toy contest and can't access it because I can't recover my email since I got a different phone

PookeyandVanity 5 days ago

Alright lets get to work!

Hawaiian Hunch 5 days ago

Yes!!! 😎

Cara Vega 5 days ago

Look mom Im famous!

TeenBodySex 5 days ago

sounds cool! but our couple is not very popular yet. And our videos aren't bought that often.)

xlkyng 5 days ago

We got FHD Content for sale. And more will be added before black friday.

OhMyDamn93 5 days ago

I'm with it!

Hot Mom Anna Fire 5 days ago


M0rningstar Bach 5 days ago

Ojala y pueda vender uno Mucha suerte a todos

TaylorTrap 5 days ago

Sounds good

Cocksmithcmr 5 days ago

Amazing, with my increased popularity lately I'm sure to pull in a couple sales, thanks for taking the hit for us pornhub!!

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