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by: Aurora Watson

Another month has come and gone and we couldn't be more excited to announce October's Model Program Winners of the Month!

Models of the Month (Pornhub)

Both of our Model of the Month winners get a free year of Pornhub Premium. Pornhub Premium gives you access to full, uncut HD scenes, plus no ads.

Amateur Model of the Month: lolly_lips


Professional Model of the Month: Luke Longly


Amateur Newcomer of the Month: Carmen Cash


Professional Newcomer of the Month: Sharok


Newcomers of the Month (Modelhub)

This month's newcomers won because of their exceptional hard work, their amazing fan clubs, and their great engagement online. Each will receive a $500 bonus!

Rose Monroe your fave


Jemma Sinn






Modelhub Models of the Month

The top 20 Modelhub earners all win a cash prize! (Between $50 and $1000)

  1. Xev Bellringer
  2. Danika Mori
  3. Rai Blue
  4. Asa Akira
  5. JUNE LIU (SpicyGum)
  6. SecretCrush
  7. Shaiden Rogue
  8. Purple Bitch
  9. ImMeganLive
  10. Sextwoo
  11. Katekuray
  12. Meana Wolf
  13. Crystal Lust 
  14. Mary Moody
  15. JackPlusJill
  16. Zilv Gudel
  17. Korina Kova
  18. Mark Rockwell
  19. Reislin
  20. Misslexa

Top Videos of the Month (Pornhub)

All of our top-viewed videos for the month receive a cash prize! (Between $50 and $500)

  1. Girl Watched Porn in VR Glasses and Masturbating her Pussy, then Guy Fucked her - lolly_lips
  2. Morning Sex with Beautiful Girl Lolly_lips on Breakfast - lolly_lips
  3. WTF?! She is so WET! Pussy Eating and Pounding till Creampie - MrPussyLicking - MrPussyLicking
  4. Stepsis Stuck and I Finally Fucked her Tight Ass and Wet Pussy - Lana Emotional
  5. Real Amateur MILF Lets me Record her while we Fuck. - yinyleon
  6. Beautiful Redhead Bitch! can't Stop Cumming on Her! MollyRedWolf - MollyRedWolf
  7. Real Amateur Wife wants to know how Deep the Dick can go inside her Asshole. - yinyleon
  8. He Fucks me and makes me Cum while his Girlfriend is on the Bed next door - Amateur SEXTWOO - sextwoo
  9. My French Stepmom wants to be Friends ImMeganLive - Kyle Balls WCA
  10. He was trying not to Cum Fast but Failed because He's Obsessed with my Boobs - Mini Diva - Mini Diva

Congrats to all of this month's winners! Wanna be eligible to win next month? Sign up now!


All Comments(138)

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SlugsOfCumGuy 2 weeks ago

Well done all. I can only dream of being in the top ranks!

Jemma Sinn 2 weeks ago

Thank you! 3

FaceLessOfficial 2 weeks ago

Never give up! Be hard

Just_BigAss 2 weeks ago

Nice ))

Alex Cum 2 weeks ago

Mary Moody, I'm glad you're among the winners, yours was a great video

Mimi Boom 2 weeks ago

We all keep dreaming about that chance... ❤️❤️❤️

RochiandJossi 2 weeks ago


SwirlLife101 2 weeks ago

OMG We Won!!! Thanks We have Been Working Hard and really appreciate all our Fans .... SwirlLife101 NewComer of the Month!!! This world needs more Interracial Lovin and Fucking like us

SwirlLife101 2 weeks ago

Thanks everyone

XDelightfulX 2 weeks ago

Yessss! #teaminterrracial

AlPimPim 2 weeks ago

Congrats guys!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😉

loliiiiipop99 2 weeks ago

That’s awesome!!!! Love your content and please come check out mine haha 😆

SwirlLife101 2 weeks ago

Thank you @pixieservesHim

pixieservesHim 2 weeks ago

I might be just as excited for you as if we had made the list ourselves!! Congrat-u-fucking-lations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrBTailor 2 weeks ago

Oh damn! I see some new names in the winners circle. Hey congrats to ALL the winners, old and new, doesn't matter! They work hard!! And a few of you have no idea how hard it can be to get that angle...just saying. Love all y'all's work.

MrBTailor 2 weeks ago

@Jemma Sinn you're welcome 😘

Jemma Sinn 2 weeks ago

Thank you! 3

TinyTaya 2 weeks ago


BSM507 2 weeks ago

@TinyTaya Says the chick who wins something every other month 😜

Toystest 2 weeks ago

I mean REGULAR names means REGULAR high quality))

Yalarila 2 weeks ago


Miss Fantasy 2 weeks ago

Congratulations!!!! 🎉 These guys really deserve their place here 👏👏👏👏

Jemma Sinn 2 weeks ago

Thank you! 3

kinkyt33n 2 weeks ago

Congrats to all the winners! :*

LonelyMeow 2 weeks ago

First of all congratulations to the winner but not to PH and I tell you why.You giving every month these free money to the first 20 models that they already make lots of money and I find it quite odd.Second, you could help generate more traffic to the lower ranking models, at least the ones that show faces on contents or post the highest number of contents. Unfortunately you don't. I m sorry to say but I will probably remove my PH content.

Nikki Rose 2 weeks ago

Congratulations to the winners, we are trying to make our way to that spot as well. Hopefully one day.

Nikki Rose 1 week ago

Thank you for the encouragement Jemma, I love the positivity from this community.

Jemma Sinn 2 weeks ago

Keep up the hard work! I'm sure you will!

Yoni Koko 2 weeks ago

Good job to all the models out there! Glad to see there are new names on the list and hopefully one day ours will be there. 😉😘

Jemma Sinn 2 weeks ago

Thank you! I appreciate the support! Wishing you the best on your journey 3

BadHoleQueen 2 weeks ago

Congratulate everyone 💕 💋

THESTARTOFUS 2 weeks ago

Congratulations to all the winners!! 🎊🥳 well deserved to all! Hard work and dedication pays off 💕 can’t wait till we reach that list one day 🙌🏽

Jemma Sinn 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much! I wish you the best! Kick ass 3

Belmonty1987 2 weeks ago

I just recently subscribed to your channel and I would be surprised to see you on all those list soon great videos

horny69rabbits 2 weeks ago

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! You are all very hot and I would love to fuck you all=)

Vanillaproteinshake 2 weeks ago

congratulations, all sexy

Shaiden Rogue 2 weeks ago

Congrats to everyone!

Amat3urFitCoupl3 2 weeks ago

Well done to all the winner 😍💋

kendalkink 2 weeks ago

Mann, better luck next time

Estrella Steam 2 weeks ago

Congratulations! ❤

estaley87 2 weeks ago

Congrats to each and everyone of you

Jemma Sinn 2 weeks ago

Thank you! 3

Felicityflicks 2 weeks ago

Well done all 😉

Kianaleta 2 weeks ago

Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊💋💦🌎

Hawaiian Hunch 2 weeks ago

Congrats to everyone. I've seen a lot of dope content over the last couple months! Keep up the growth everyone!!! Add my page for some real freaky content 😉

MsStacy08 2 weeks ago


Straight Muscle Guys 2 weeks ago

Very sexy models!

Corrina Karma 2 weeks ago

Congrats Everyone!!! 3

couplediaries 2 weeks ago

Congratulations 😍

Mari_Saldy 2 weeks ago


Naniclub 2 weeks ago


MissGxoxo 2 weeks ago

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉💟


Congrats 🎉🎊

Covid__21 2 weeks ago


LucaXMia 2 weeks ago

Congratulations !❤❤ Love

Papi leche2020 2 weeks ago

I am new I would like your help to become an excellent model in pornhub

MagicCookieGirl 2 weeks ago

Congrats everyone! See you next month 😘

luxurious boy 2 weeks ago

I congratulate everyone who won))). well done, keep up the good work! and of course we will be equal with you))). all good luck and success !!!

Jemma Sinn 2 weeks ago

Thank you! Wishing you the best

Eatfirstjaye 2 weeks ago

Congratulations all

Chessie Rae 2 weeks ago

Congratulations to all the winners! There was alot of hot videos this month ❤

Anarkotrafikantti 2 weeks ago

Amateur Model of the Month is very cute

huhuezo90 2 weeks ago


Thelittlepussy18 2 weeks ago

Hi, come to my channel and see how juicy I suck a dick

WolkLisa 2 weeks ago


Toystest 2 weeks ago

Cool) regular names - regular high quality)

FunCouple1308 14 hours ago


Kathrisem 15 hours ago

I wish be there 😥😥😥😥

BreeWonders 5 days ago

Congratulations!! Hi we’re quite new to this.. so check us out please 💕😻

gavr1313 5 days ago

о дааа)

Curious Mommy Boy 1 week ago

To those who happen to see this 1. I should have started years ago 2. I want to collaborate to help each other make money and open to any style any degree

Curious Mommy Boy 1 week ago

Damn I am so ready to be the best

realcodyjohnson 1 week ago


Dezellayla 1 week ago


HANNK713 1 week ago

@hannk713 instagram help!

AnnaMelae 1 week ago

Hi I'm new mhmm I'm very interested

allcuffedup 1 week ago

Hi I’m new!

XoBlondeXo 1 week ago

I was suppose to be eligible, then pornhub took my 200$ in tips for the month 👍 They said payments are always "adjusted". Anyone else have this issue? Then no email responses?

Derek Yu TV 1 week ago

Congrats to all winners! 😉

Cheerwine1917 1 week ago

Great job everyone!

Gold ari boy 1 week ago

Congrats to all

lolly_lips 1 week ago

Thanks for your words, I m glad to see that, and good luck to all my friends

DrunkHighNHorny 1 week ago

Can't wait til its our time

royal562 1 week ago

Long way to go

Eva Winter 1 week ago

Neat, would love to get bigger someday to achieve something!

thebabe0000 2 weeks ago

Good job guys

Beautifulflower12 2 weeks ago

I would like to have a reward.

butterpeekcams 2 weeks ago

Working hard to get there.

couplediaries 2 weeks ago

My dream 😢

MiztressQuinn 2 weeks ago

Cum to our vids and let us know what you think!!! We are new here.

S0ftp1nkpuss3 2 weeks ago

On my way 💯

granben 2 weeks ago


Jazz Bikini 2 weeks ago

I would love to work with Asa Akira, I dream about her !!

kinganthonyking 2 weeks ago

Well Done All of you.

Lisasweet6 2 weeks ago


Rich_forever313 2 weeks ago

Congratulations everybody love the content check my page out

MyBadReputation 2 weeks ago

Hope to win sometime!!! I'm uploading new hot amateur content from Argentina!!! Kissess to all and congratulations to the winners!!

Nikki Rose 2 weeks ago

Any amateurs looking to help each other out message me and let's help promote each other

Just_BigAss 2 weeks ago

Congratulations guys)

Kaycee X 2 weeks ago

Félicitations aux gagnants ;p J'espère qu'un jour j'en ferai partie aussi! =D

bcmercado 2 weeks ago

Check out my profile guys my pussy looks wonderful

YesDaddyMex 2 weeks ago


KWolfT 2 weeks ago

Congratulations to All Well deserved

Jemma Sinn 2 weeks ago

Thank you! 3

WackAMole7 2 weeks ago

One could only wish...😫

Pornika Bhabhi 2 weeks ago

Congratulations to the winner's

freakysexcouple 2 weeks ago

Still trying to figure it out on this

pinay tita mama 2 weeks ago


Trixy Banks 2 weeks ago

Check out my content im sure you guys will love it 😋😋💦💦🍆👄 THROATGOAT

beautyandmaster 2 weeks ago

Great job to everyone. Wish I would have made the list.

alexxxnuse 2 weeks ago

Maybe me next time

Lola-oil 2 weeks ago

bravo a tous!!

Sexy Bambolina 2 weeks ago

Vote sexy-bambolina 😅❤❤‼🔞🔥🔥

Carly Curvy 2 weeks ago

dpanal 2 weeks ago

Congrats to all the winners! Good Job! Take a Look at my Profile and Enjoy the Free Premium Videos COUPON Use this Discount Code DPA2020FREE2 at checkout to view or download my premium or paid videos for free! https://pornhub.com/model/dpanal

MyShinyGirl 2 weeks ago

Congratulations for everyone!🌸

dorisstar 2 weeks ago


xtrade0064 2 weeks ago

great guys ! good luck

DildoLove19 2 weeks ago

Congrats guys?

pixieservesHim 2 weeks ago

17 million views in 30 days is mindblowing!! Congrats. This list is 10 amazing videos

junior1808 2 weeks ago

Heyyyyyy good for you all

Hot Mom Anna Fire 2 weeks ago


MsCheska 2 weeks ago

Congrats to all winners. If you have time, go and check my videos. Thanks 😘💦

Mia Dakota 2 weeks ago

congrts to you

LonelyMeow 2 weeks ago

Bravo 👏🏻 🤠

Ana Flower 2 weeks ago

very nice

Emilio Elio 2 weeks ago

Felicidades a todos 🥳

runnerbean87 2 weeks ago

One day, my name will be up there!! A girl can dream lol well done everyone x

Hattabi4ik 2 weeks ago

IsheS 2 weeks ago

congratulations, it felt great to be on this list in 2018 😜😁

SweetLadymaria 2 weeks ago

Mmm hope to be on this list one day!

RoxxyErotix 2 weeks ago

Congratulation to the winners , I will work hard to be on that list

lirjana dolp 2 weeks ago

Congratulations to all winners 🔥🔥

Vita Minka 2 weeks ago

Congratulations to this month's winners:*

wifemiss 2 weeks ago


Solobackfucker 2 weeks ago

Cum and visit my profile Hubbers. 💦

Kate Utopia 2 weeks ago


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