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by: Aurora Watson

Welcome back to our special edition of Model Citizens for Bisexual Awareness Week. This time around, we put the spotlight on one of our top performers on Pornhub, Romi Rain. After 13 years in the industry, Romi's been nominated for over 10 awards and won the Female Performer of the Year XBIZ Award two years ago. So of course we couldn't pass up the chance to chat with the lovely Romi about her experience in the industry and what it's been like for her as a bisexual female performer.

How are you celebrating Bisexual Awareness Week this year?

I usually go to some kind of Pride event, but unfortunately, due to what’s going on, there’s not a ton of partying I can do this year. So, I’m going to focus on showing my support, post my own fun bisexual scenes and clips, and plan some stuff for the future. The community holds a strong place in my heart.


Did you know you were bisexual before you joined the industry or only afterward?

I definitely knew before --  I was in a poly relationship years before I got into porn. I think back to some of my earlier sexual experiences and they were with girls. I got to know intimacy more with females and tapped into my aggressive sexuality with males. It was a learning and growing experience on both sides, and I’m a very curious and direct person.

It’s funny because my mom and a few other people in my life thought I was a lesbian when I was younger because I was just friendly and affectionate with girls the way I was with boys. I talked to people of both genders very similarly, and I had crushes on girls the same way I did with boys, but I never thought that was weird.

When I was a kid, I was called names that confused me until I began to understand what they meant, but by the time I was teenager, I knew I was very much into both sexes. Then, when I was 19 and an exotic dancer, I dated a couple of my coworkers. I remember sitting there in the club thinking, “Man, I understand why guys come in here and just stare at beautiful women dancing around for hours.” And it’s the same thing for me with men; I can stare at men for hours, too, but then they usually think I’m a little crazy!

Courtesy of Romi Rain

Sexually fluid content has been trending more and more over the years, why do you think that is?

I’ve personally always been a big fan of threeways; I feel like those can be some of the most intense, energetic, fun scenes, especially when everyone involved actually seems to like each other.

People ask me, “What’s the secret to a good threeway or to a poly relationship?” And the answer is simple: Everybody has to like each other. It sounds a little silly, but you have to make sure people are there for the right reasons.

I’ve also noticed a much more inclusive energy in the past few years. It’s not considered as taboo for men to be in intimate scenes with other men compared to before. It seems like it’s much more acceptable and fluid now, but then again, this is a bisexual woman talking. I think there’s still a little bit of stigma, especially for men, when it comes to exploring bisexuality.


Bisexual Awareness Week is really about accelerating the acceptance of the bi-community, so how can the industry help with that? Where can we improve?

I think people need to be more honest about who they’re interested in and what they’re interested in doing. Sometimes, people hold themselves back from exploring certain sides of themselves because they don’t want to be judged. There are times when performers are afraid to lose work if they did certain scenes they wanted to do, and that’s unfortunate.  I do think that is changing, though, because it’s just not cool to not be inclusive. There is more of an open dialogue and free thinking now.

Especially when performers have more of a fan base who supports and accepts them for who they are, it makes it a little easier and gives these performers more of a safety net. The more it happens, the more it’s talked about, the more people will just do what they want unapologetically. I think it’s fantastic because we can all learn from each other in so many way.  

The industry has drastically changed in recent years, and having resources like social media and clip sites like Modelhub really saved our lives. I hosted a podcast where every single performer on it said the same thing, that if it wasn’t for social media and clip sites, we probably wouldn’t be as safe and secure to be as vocal. It’s incredibly important to stoke the flames and make sure you're cultivating your own fan base.

Courtesy of Romi Rain

As a female performer, how has being a bisexual performer affected your work?

Because of the cliché aspect of it, it’s not necessarily hard to be a bisexual female performer in porn. It kind of works in your favor because you’re going to be asked to do girl-on-girl or threeway scenes with another girl. No one ever really asks if you’re a lesbian if you’re in a girl-girl scene. There’s that double standard where females are almost expected to work with other females, but it’s not necessarily the same for men.

To be honest, I never really experienced too much stigma. In a lot of ways, people tend to be very happy that a female performer is actually visually into women. Even people who tend to be judgmental about certain people doing certain scenes, they would be upset if they see a girl-girl scene where they’re just poking at each other and not genuinely intimate.

People just need to loosen up a bit and be more inclusive. I would love for more male performers to be more relaxed with their brethren so I could have more penises around me!


Do you have any tips and advice for new Models and how they can grow their fan base?

Promote the crap out of yourself. I used to get teased when I was newer because I would retweet most things that had my name and face on it, and I would always tell people when I was shooting a new scene with a BTS photo. I would always be one of the first people to post when a new scene came out and link to it right away. I think it’s really important to keep your fans in the know. Even if you’re not shooting all the time or you’re not super busy, you can make it look like you are.

If you’re posting videos and photos of yourself, make sure you look good and the sound is good, because people and companies will take notice. If your fan base is growing, companies will want to be a part of that, so be sure your content looks good, clean, and professional.  

As far as advice for new Models, never do anything that you wouldn’t be proud to promote. I’m very much about quality over quantity. So make sure you’re taking care of your own business first and opportunities will slowly come your way. If you want to successful, to a degree, it has to be your life and you have to take it seriously and take pride in your work and yourself.  

I’ve realized that as much as sex is fun and silly, we do provide entertainment, and especially in these messed-up times, we really help people get through their day.


Follow Romi Rain on Twitter and Instagram for photos and video updates

Twitter @Romi_Rain

IG @RomiRain


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AndroAnonym 1 month ago

"I think there’s still a little bit of stigma, especially for men, when it comes to exploring bisexuality." THANK YOU LADIES! You and Charlotte Sartre brought up the same thing. Pornhub out-right feeds into this stigma every year with their Insights. The exclude gay and bisexual male content from being featured in the yearly bulk stats and demographics. But don't exclude Lesbian or Transgender. Basically excluding the G from LGBT and the gaze of millions of straight, bisexual men, women and g

ceepemcummin 5 days ago


Teona Teo 1 month ago

Thanks for such useful information) so interesting)🔥🔥

Kinkyguy-20 1 month ago

And we all need to learn to be more free and just express ourselves in the respect of others be free and enjoy!

AndroAnonym 1 month ago

and gay men. Hopefully pornhub works towards helping ending this stigma instead of supporting it with biases that orbit around a strictly straight male perspective. Keep up the fight!

EvJon 1 month ago

I want strapon

ceepemcummin 5 days ago

hell yea

EvJon 1 month ago

У вас огромный 😁

Retev 1 month ago


Bitchesme17 1 month ago

Make sure it’s not too hard (haha) but one that’s more flexible and gentle you don’t want to hurt them x

Covid__21 1 month ago

Wow wow wow

CumForKate 1 month ago

Interesting information!

Shyla Nervous 1 month ago

This has been one of the best Model Citizens articles yet! Great advice and extremely helpful. I just adore Romi Rain.

Asia Angel 1 month ago

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TheRealAudreyHamms 1 month ago

and say no to drugs

CumForKate 1 month ago

And watch my new video!)))🔥🔥🔥

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Nicky bella 1 month ago

I'm bisexual and I love amazing information li love you.. 💕💞🤗

365movies 1 month ago

Hey thanks for sharing this and as always you are welcome to come see our 8M view content

Alex Cum 1 month ago

I don't understand why society has a better acceptance of bisexual women than bisexual men, there is still much to improve.

AndroAnonym 1 month ago

Yep, as I mentioned here. Pornhub Yearly Insights clearly ban gay and bisexual male content being featured in their gender demographics. Only judging both men and women on "straight" and "lesbian" content. Which silences bisexuality in males and heterosexuality in females. I think that has a huge impact of people's perspective of sexuality as some regard as a "kinsey report". PH need to hold themselves to their own standards and end this bias in their reports.

CertPT2 1 month ago

Nuevamente, gracias por tu sabio comentario. Lucho con este problema. Mi novia y yo seguimos tu página. Eres nuestro modelo favorito.

PoorLittleMom 1 month ago

Are we all a bit bisexual?? I know I am

Kinkyguy-20 1 month ago

You need to read slow and understand every world in this article. Great thanks!

EvJon 1 month ago

Hi ❤

SugarBone21 1 month ago

Ну это самое, на этом наша компетенция все....

Luna Rain 1 month ago

Awesome article! I love hearing the diverse perspectives from the awesome community of Pornhub models!

monoLola 1 month ago

WOW! so sexy woman!!

SadAndWet 1 month ago

Thats a great advice, thank you!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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Great advice!

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Imjemimabrown 3 weeks ago

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omargood11 3 weeks ago

The most beautiful thing in life is freedom And the most wonderful thing if it was sexual orientation Go on and forward I hope to be with you

La caballota 1 month ago

Hi beby

Curious N Naughty 1 month ago

You're so freaking beautiful!!

best erotic 1 month ago

bisexual translates ''多様性''or ''diversity'' in Japan I'm straight but wish 多様性 expands more....

Retev 1 month ago


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TheRealAudreyHamms 1 month ago

thank you Romi for the advice and encouragement I will try to get quality in my projects to come, better light better audio better poses better editing better story and dialog I've got some ideas I just gotta put into motion that my fans will enjoy, its tough trying to rebuild my base after losing everything, see I have this nack of being banned from all social media platforms except Instagram and Pornhub since nobody has the proper gender for me and since I am an alter ego

dasichanu 1 month ago

Very useful

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Natalia Kapretti 1 month ago

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unknown 1 month ago

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Asswurx 1 month ago

With no offense to Rami, this all fine and dandy however F/F is so common it's almost not remarkable. In our humble opinion we would love to see a male featured.

schmoovebi 1 month ago

I had no idea I was bisexual till I was 35 and at a bar with a woman I was in love with when a gay guy hit on me, My initial response was a polite "Thanks!" But after that night i started to wonder "What if?" So I tried playing with an older man I knew and i liked it enough to keep playing with men. A year later I kissed her and after we finished making love she asked me if I had ever been with a man before. I told her that i have and learned she was quite intrigued with bisexual men

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Mrs Pretty Pussy 1 month ago

People judge too much need to worry bout them selfs if your happy I’m happy

MelanieQuezon 1 month ago

Nice Post

Jil and Greg 1 month ago

Hi Romi ! We very much appreciate your thoughts. And thank you for your advice. J

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Boondocker 1 month ago

You and Marilyn Chambers separated by years still say the same thing. Be comfortable in yourself be passionate about what you do and do it tastefully.

Boondocker 1 month ago

Marilyn Chambers is the first woman in my memory who openly and explicitly spoke about her sexuality in an open forum in an intelligent and educational manner. I read her works very much as I matured from a boy to a man. Of course it was illegal it's time for me to have my hands on the material but her sex education was more beneficial to me than any things learned from parents or the school. She did not talk raunchy sex she talked with delicate passion which is why you reminded me of her.

Melinda Mela 1 month ago

Yesss thank you for this article. Bi proud! 💙❤

Natalia Kapretti 1 month ago

Я люблю Би секс, спасибо за статью))

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stellaJC9192 1 month ago

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Couple_MF 1 month ago

Lovely ❤💘🥰

mscuriousa 1 month ago

This is great! I hope the Pornhub insight team doesn't exclude and erase gay male content from the gender stats this year with all their talk about inclusivity and ending the stigma of bisexuality.

Anarkotrafikantti 1 month ago

nice body

Little_blondy 1 month ago


jerk2porn 1 month ago


LonelyMeow 1 month ago

As I always say, do more of what makes you happy 😊

TurangaDen 1 month ago


MyShinyGirl 1 month ago

Nice article!👍🏼👍🏼

Steven Slung 1 month ago

This is great Romi. As a male who is I would say somewhat Bi, I found it very nice reading your article. Thank you!

YoungGirlViktoriya 1 month ago

sexy woman)))

The Impaler 1 month ago

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James Felps 1 month ago


SwirlLife101 1 month ago

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UNIVERVERSEX 1 month ago

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Cat Woman 1979 1 month ago

beautiful interview 🧡 😍

UNIVERVERSEX 1 month ago

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