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by: Aurora Watson

Next up for Bisexual Awareness Week is the one and only, Lance Hart! Since joining the industry, Lance has built a name for himself as a performer, producer, and director, was featured in magazines like GQ and XBIZ, and won a ton of awards including the 2020 AltPorn Male Performer of the Year Award. Not to mentioned he's married to the lovely Charlotte Sartre from yesterday Model Citizens blog, making them a power couple in the industry.

So keep on scrolling and get to know Lance a little more.


Are you doing anything this year to celebrate Bisexual Awareness Week?

Not particularly, I’m bisexual all year.  I had a bi foursome a few days ago with Joanna Angel, Baby Sid, and Levi. I’m filming a bi threesome on Friday with Brooklyn Gray, Aspen, and Dante Colle. Does that count?!


What sort of misconceptions do you think people have about bisexuality? About bisexual performers?

I guess the most common is that people want everything to fit into a box. They want gay people to only be attracted to the same sex, only be romantic with the same sex, and only jerk off to fantasies or porn with the same sex. Then when someone says they are bisexual, people assume that all those things must be exactly split 50/50 down the line.  It just doesn’t work that way. Many bisexual people only date the opposite sex, but enjoy hooking up with the same gender, or some variation of that.

Courtesy of Lance Hart

So Bisexual Awareness Week is about accelerating the acceptance of the bi+ community, how can the industry help with that? Where does the industry specifically fall short and how can we improve?

I think if everyone in porn made maybe 10% more of an effort to be open-minded about what bisexual means, it would go a long way. Instead of saying, “Oh that person did that, I saw it on Twitter, so that means they are straight/gay/bi or whatever label,” maybe just take a second and wonder about it without drawing any conclusions. We need to stop making stuff like that matter.


What does it mean to you to be part of the LGBTQ+ community? 

I’m 41 and I’ve been through some stuff, but I’ve been extremely fortunate to end up where I am. It’s my job to watch out for younger people in the community or those that are struggling for whatever reason and help them be happier.


How has your perception of the industry changed over time since joining?

It’s much smaller than I thought it was. I started in Tampa, Florida, and figured that out in Los Angeles there were millions of sex workers constantly working in porn every day.  It’s not really that big.

Courtesy of Lance Hart

What sort of lesson/advice have you learned over the years you wish you knew when you first started?

Just because you understand something about sex or relationships doesn’t mean everyone else has already learned what you learned. Be patient with people. Let them deduce incorrect things sometimes. Everyone doesn’t have to know everything. Forgiveness is key to being happy.


What have you learned about yourself since joining the industry?

I’m not into being submissive at all. I thought I was because I like getting fucked in the ass, being called a slut, eating cum, and I like my balls getting smacked around; so I figured I must be submissive. But, I kept getting angry when people “dommed” me. As it turns out, I just like those things, but that doesn’t mean I like being told what to do. 


How has COVID affected your work and collab projects with other content creators?

I completely shut down for months to stay safe at home with my wife. Recently, we’ve been out shooting again, but very spaced out. We leave many days between shoots to retest and minimize risk. We can’t shoot every day like we used to.


How do you feel about expressing your identity on PH?

I just post whatever I think people will like and never look back! :)


Has the marketing of bi-content changed over the years?

It does seem to be growing, and I sure hope it grows more!  I just spent a ton of money and effort starting bifuck.com. :)


Follow Lance Hart on Twitter and Instagram for photos and video updates

Twitter @lancehartfetish

IG @lancehartofficial


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NoFace_NoTrouble 1 month ago

Lance HART is a very cool bisexual, an idol for many. I have a positive attitude to bi sexuals, they are free and happy people )

weavs92 1 month ago

Luna Rain 1 month ago

Awesome article! I love reading about the perspective of all of the amazing models on here

monoLola 1 month ago

omg, he's so handsome!😊

Kinky Maja 1 month ago

a fantastic read!, And a great message! Hope everyone is having a great day btw

Dickerman420 1 month ago

Wow I’ve seen your and I like it! I had a couple of new experiences with friends separate occasions. Immediately worried of I would be viewed gay straight bi?!?! @MadameX2019 helped explained this to me. You are neither you are you and that’s it. That’s not important. Explore express and feel good that’s all that matters. Thanks!! This was good to read. !

Nicky bella 1 month ago

It's all sexy around here so hot. I love it

Cherry Lips 1 month ago

Ok, you have already officially convinced me, I am bisexual, I fucked the girl from the previous post and this very hot guy. 😋 And if it can be both better. Pornhub stop destroying my sexual beliefs ☹. Next time interview someone with ugly feet and missing teeth. Thank you 😉

6996Incognito 1 month ago

Good 👍

Covid__21 1 month ago

Интересная статья👍

Ixcuina 1 month ago

Cool article! Give us more to read

2coquinsx 1 month ago

you're so hot ^^by the way cool article !!!

PookeyandVanity 1 month ago

Honestly enjoyed reading this from start ro finish. Alot of warm hearted down to earth in this community. And Lance Hart your one of them for sure.💜💚

unknown 1 month ago


PolishCouple_BDSM 1 week ago

3 Lance and his Cats

Dravenfox 2 weeks ago

So amazing

krakenbarrel 3 weeks ago

This was really refreshing to read, great to read perspectives from like minded people. Especially enjoyed this part ❤️ “Be patient with people. Let them deduce incorrect things sometimes. Everyone doesn’t have to know everything. Forgiveness is key to being happy.”

glovesmeister 1 month ago

Post what you like and never look back, I love that

Fetishss 1 month ago


ChicaEnLlamas99 1 month ago

LGTB is an amazing collective!

HotcouplefromtheV 1 month ago

Add us! We just started today and want friends and followers! We’ll add new content a lot as we fuck a lot !

Jil and Greg 1 month ago

Very cool interview. Thanks a lot

Natalia Kapretti 1 month ago

I love bi sex, thanks for the article))

SLhansi 1 month ago


Polysweet 1 month ago

Interesting person) You are great for living in harmony with yourself. It may seem strange to many people.

besssarab 1 month ago

Очень интересно .

Chubbylicious Pinay 1 month ago

So cute.....

CockDogg 1 month ago

Now If only Pornhub had better tagging categories for uploading bi videos, instead of the slim pickings that force you to choose straight or gay

Dirkdoug 1 month ago

Great article

Rich_forever313 1 month ago

Support the new comers check my page out

Jizzabelle Trash 1 month ago

Great article and pics- your black boots are to die for!! xx

Rosieliky 1 month ago

Absolutely love it!!

Mickey Swallows 1 month ago

Enjoyed this article!

Love69guy 1 month ago

me: orders a ps5 for myself cat: *stares catly at me* me: orders a pssssspssspsssspssss5 for my cat

MelanieQuezon 1 month ago

Hehe nice article 💦

Mrs Pretty Pussy 1 month ago

That sounds great 😍

SapioScorpio 1 month ago

Love there's more than just vids on PH ❤ THANK YOU for sharing! 🌺🌹💥🌹🌺

JnTease 1 month ago

Forgiveness is definitely something I’ve struggled with. Truly important in life.

BlackQueenRaven 1 month ago

Love hearing your thoughts! I can definitely relate to loving what is traditionally thought of as ‘submissive’ kinks yet but identifying with being a submissive. “...that doesn’t mean I like being told what to do” That’s SO me too! See you at the next meeting!!

stellaJC9192 1 month ago

Awesome article 👏 👍... Check out my content 👅💦🤤 comment/rate/ add me!(: I'll return the favor..... just give me a heads up(:

Realstumper 1 month ago

Good stuff and keep up the good work

Carly Curvy 1 month ago

MyShinyGirl 1 month ago

Great article!! Like always )👍👍

iMILKYWAY 1 month ago

Nice read ...Nice looking guy 💋

That Flexi Lexi 1 month ago

This was a great read! Thanks!

AllyTheCat 1 month ago


Natalia Choyz 1 month ago

Realy harismatic person thise guy .

curiuskinkycouple 1 month ago


Johnny Donda 1 month ago


dorisstar 1 month ago


Melinda Mela 1 month ago

Those 4 and 3somes definitely count

Cat Woman 1979 1 month ago

Cool 🧡 😍

BeautifulSexyGirl 1 month ago

Mmmm, cool boy!!!

tallntandude 1 month ago

Cum check out my video's

Ivan Seagull 1 month ago

Great couple🙂

Anna Mole 1 month ago

Sexy boy 😍

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