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by: Aurora Watson

While you may know Pornhub Models Sia Soon and Big Sexy, you may not be aware that these two are actually a couple in real life! So we decided to have a chat with them about how they met, how they manage to balance work and parenting, the lessons they learned since joining the industry, and advice they have for other couples.


Did you to two decide to join the industry together and what influence you to join?

Sia: Yes, we did it together. We do everything together. It was a mutual decision.

Mark: We started doing it after we started a relationship with one another. I've been doing market research for many years. Sia and I then thought, "We have an exciting sex life. We should do this and see what it's like and share it." It’s a way to earn an income and we were looking for a way to add extra income. We’re open-minded people, so we thought let’s give it a shot and ran with it.


Is there a reason why you decided to create two separate accounts rather than just one as a couple?

Mark: It’s because we appeal to different audiences. The content that I create is more for a gay male audience whereas the content we create together is more for like a straight audience. So people that want to see me don't necessarily want see me with a female model. They would like to see me with a male model, and I want do that. But it's really hard to find male talent here, and now with COVID-19, l don't know when we're going film with another talent again. Sia’s profile is more female-female content.

Courtesy of Sia Soon and Big Sexy

Do you do this full time and how do you manage balancing your time filming at home and parenting?

Sia: Since we’ve got kids at home, I do a lot mothering, and during my spare time, I cam.

Mark: She used to waitress and work at her sister’s salon as well, but now with corona, she’s boosting her hours online. We hustle. If anything, quarantining has shown us that maybe we live our lives this way and just be in the house and not go out.

Sia: We’re fortunate to have a five-bedroom, double-story house, so there’s lots of space, and we all need our separate space.

Mark: In South Africa, there are a lot of security gates, and we actually have one separating our first and second floor. So when we’re filming, we’ll be upstairs. So for example, when I’m upstairs working, Sia will be downstairs doing some school stuff with the kids and vice versa. And at night when the kids are sleeping upstairs, we’ll lock the gate and work downstairs. So we’re very fortunate to have a big enough space to do that.


How is it parenting and being part of the industry? Is it something you try to keep separate or are you open about it with your kids?

Mark: So between Sia and I have, we’ve got 5 kids, and while we simply say something like, “Mom’s upstairs working” or “Dad’s upstairs working,” we’re getting closer to the point where that conversation is going to happen.

Sia: Generally in the house, we’re very open and comfortable in our skin, and I’ll walk around nude or at least topless at home. It’s South Africa, it’s hot, and I’m allowed to be naked in my home. And as for my oldest daughter, I’ve raised her to be very proud of her body and very strong. I taught her to be proud of how she developed very quickly. So I think when I do have that deep conversation with her, I will be honest. I will tell her in an empowering kind of way because at the end of day, I don’t think she will be too bothered by the details because I’m her mom and I provide her with everything she needs. Of course, though, it is something to really wrap your head around at a young age because the content we create is for over 18. So explaining it to somebody under 18 will be challenging, but like I said, we’re open people and this is an empowering thing.

Mark: I think it’s about saying, “Look, this is you taking control of yourself and your own body – that’s what you’re doing.” I think it’s empowering for you to do it, but everybody has their own opinion and choice. We think about consent, and while doing role-play stuff can make that confusing for someone who’s under 18, in the end, we are doing this for adults. Someone who is not an adult and doesn’t even understand sex yet isn’t going to understand why we’re doing role-play and what it means when it comes to desire and consent and sexuality. When they’re adults and if they have questions, then I’ll explain it.

They’re too young to be having that kind of conversation with them. Right now, we’re focusing on, “Your body is your body, and you need to be in control of that and treat it like a temple. It’s precious, it’s wonderful, it’s beautiful, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. As long as you feel safe and happy and you’re not hurting anyone else, then that’s it.”

Courtesy of Sia Soon and Big Sexy

What have you learned about yourselves, as a couple and individuals, since joining the industry?

Sia: I’ve learned so much about trust and my own sexuality.

Mark: I learned a lot about my own insecurities. I was always sexually confused, so I think in our relationship, in a lot of ways, it was a sexual awakening for me. Taking it online was also kind of part of the discovery for me. In a lot of ways, it’s been about peeling those layers of my own insecurities and trust, and getting to know one another.

Sia: It’s like a rebirth; it’s kind of exciting.

Mark: Falling in love with someone who I feel I’ve been in tune with is cool.


What sort of scenes do you like filming most?

Sia: I like filming with a lot of people.

Mark: It’s always fun if we can get other talent to film with us. I also like roleplaying. We try to give people what they want, so we’re just trying to throw everything against the wall and see what sticks.


How would you describe your work dynamic? How are you similar or different?

Sia: I think I get very overwhelmed with little details, and I think he's very tedious about things. So I think he's the yin to my yang. And where he starts stressing out about things, I'll know how to calm him down and put him back on track. I think we work pretty well together. We do have disagreements, but I'm very good at being quiet and speaking with my eyes, so not to completely kill the scene.

Mark: While I’m more the type to have a to-do list and will schedule us in like at like 11 a.m., she’ll say, “Okay that’s cool, but you’re about to touch me and we need to get our chi on a good note.” Sia brings a lot of the life, energy, joy, and fun to what we do.

Courtesy of Sia Soon and Big Sexy

What kind of advice could you give to other couples who are thinking of joining the industry together?

Mark: I say go for it, especially now with the way things are. I think a lot of people think it’s quick money, but it’s definitely not. There is opportunity and I think people should go for it, but have to work hard. You need to be dedicated and committed to it. It’s about getting online, putting in the hours, and trying to promote yourself.

Sia: It’s like having a normal job. Put in your hours, stick to a schedule, and try to be happy! Choose happiness when you’re doing it. The thing is, we enjoy our own bodies, playing with our bodies, and giving pleasure to other people out there. If you’re not feeling it, then take a break, but if you’re looking to make an income and a living out of this, them stick to it.

Mark: Work hard but remember why you got into it because sex is fun and can be something that’s powerful and can connect people.


What would you say has been your biggest succes and struggle to date?

Sia: I think, being a couple in the industry, and not just having him as my working partner, was a struggle at the beginning because of jealousy. It was a trust issue we needed to work on. Despite the fact that we’re a couple, I think anyone you work with in a partnership, you really need to be able to trust that person a lot.

Mark: Another challenge was sticking with it and treating it seriously like a job and being professional. It wasn’t that difficult, but we did have to remind ourselves to keep at it even if we weren’t going to get immediate returns. It was the hardest part and the biggest win at the same time.


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SexwithMilfStella 1 week ago

Yes, more blog posts with people like this! Couples, amateurs, those that aren't in the top 100 all the time. Keep this up Pornhub, love it!

Alex Cum 1 week ago

I agree with you, stories like this deserve to be published more often

Sexy bitch 13 1 week ago

I’m an amateur couple it’s so hard to make an impression our videos Rick but not top ☹

Big Sexy 1 week ago

Thank you Stella ❤❤❤

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Thanks Stella!!!!

Solo Girl 1 week ago

Can't wait to read about myself on the blog

KingOfCreampies 1 week ago

Wow! Less than half a million total views and model rank under 200! You'll definitely be there soon pulling those numbers. Congrats!

AnGelya G 1 week ago


MarieKlaire 1 week ago

Right after me))

Porn Cake 1 week ago

As Always, Cool💋

AnGelya G 1 week ago


Covid__21 1 week ago

You are great!

La caballota 5 days ago


AnGelya G 1 week ago


Big Sexy 1 week ago

Thanks Covid!

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Thank you! 😊

MERCEDES_MEOW 1 week ago

Well said 👌👌👌

FaceLessOfficial 1 week ago

cute couple

Teona Teo 1 week ago

That's for sure!)))

AnGelya G 1 week ago


Big Sexy 1 week ago

Thanks Mercedes!

Sia Soon 1 week ago


DADDY ORGASM 1 week ago

Me and my co-star been married 14 years. CHEERS TO YOU, MUCH LOVE.

Big Sexy 1 week ago

Yay!!! You guys are awesome!

Sia Soon 1 week ago


Jizzabelle Trash 1 week ago

My husband and I do the same thing- we have separate accounts, but also make content together. We're very fortunate, just like Sia and Mark, to be able to juggle family and make content. It's been perfect during coronavirus to be able to work from home. All the best to you both!! xx

Jizzabelle Trash 1 week ago

We're in

Big Sexy 1 week ago

Awesome!!! We would love to do a virtual collab with you guys. Let us know 😊

Jizzabelle Trash 1 week ago

That sounds like a great idea- we're in Australia. Let's talk xx

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Thanks for reading Jizzabelle! So cool you guys can do this too!!! Maybe we could record a skype video together for our profiles?

RoleplaysCouples 1 week ago

🥰🥰🥰🥰 great!!!!!!!!!

Big Sexy 1 week ago

Hey guys! Hot profile! Message us if you would be keen to collab on a quarantine video over skype

YungHippy 1 week ago

Amazingly spoken 👌🏻👌🏻

Big Sexy 1 week ago


Sia Soon 1 week ago

Thank you!!! 😊

Thelittlepussy18 1 week ago

We're a couple too)

Big Sexy 1 week ago

Hi guys!

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Hi!!!! 😘

Teona Teo 1 week ago

Very interesting! it is like a fairy tale)))

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Yes it is!!!! 😊

Big Sexy 1 week ago

Hey peeps, shout out to our fellow independent creators! For those looking for more exposure, Sia and I are looking to coordinate an independent creators virtual summit/festival. It would be a way for us all to cross-polinate our audiences and hopefully grow our viewership. If you are interested in participating please hit either myself or Sia in our DM's

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Yes! Please message us if you would like to be a part of this summit or if you are keen to collaborate in any way 😊

smooth-rose 1 week ago

Thanks, needed this xxx

Miss Titty 1 week ago

Well said! Brilliant article I must say

HeilSOSken 1 week ago

Interesting story!🔥😍

PrincessIsabela 1 week ago

congratz guys

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Wooohooo!!! Thanks so much for the love and support everyone! Yes real independent models like us do exist and yes we can succeed in this business! Let's get it!!!!

Big Sexy 1 week ago

Yes!!! Thank you to aurora as well!!!!

dalagang_filipina 1 week ago


huhuezo90 1 week ago


Chubbylicious Pinay 1 week ago

Keep...it up.mam...mrning

Covid Couple 1 week ago

Great Blog. We have something similar over here, we started during the quarantine, and have now teamed up and been working hard. Good to see others doing the same and keep creative flows going. Best of luck to the both of you

Big Sexy 1 week ago

Thanks so much guys! Pop us a message if yur keen to collaborate on a virtual quarantine video

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Thanks Guys!!!! ❤💙💚💛💜💛💚💙❤

TrevorWong 1 week ago

Basically they satisfy all sexual orientations.

Big Sexy 1 week ago

Hi Trevor 😊

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Yes. Yes we do 😉

DrGreysAnatomy 1 week ago

Interesting and thanks for sharing. I just started with Viva Athena and we are on our way

Sia Soon 1 week ago


lovestheass 1 week ago

Great couple 👌🏻

Sia Soon 1 week ago


MelanieQuezon 1 week ago

Cool post!

MelanieQuezon 1 week ago

More power to ya sia

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Thanks Melanie!!!!

Mary Konopelka 1 week ago

😍like this comment to show your love for Pornhub❤❤❤

Lady Footfetish 1 week ago

Real love on PH, it's so sweet, but I don't believe in love

Big Sexy 1 week ago

It can happen!

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Awwwwwww. ❤💙💚💛💜💛💚💙❤

MarieKlaire 1 week ago

We have no chil***n, and we do not have time to record a video. You have 5 and you are releasing content, you are cool!

Big Sexy 1 week ago

Thanks for the support ladies!

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Thanks Marie! We only have 2 9f them in the house with us full tkme as we are a blended family. But like we said, we are fortunate to have a big enough space to be able to make everything work 😊

MarieKlaire 1 week ago

@Solo Girl It's not just cool! It's fantastic! Well for me so for sure))

Solo Girl 1 week ago

This is really cool!

MasonSupreme 4 days ago

Great story! Welcome 😍

unknown 1 week ago

Thank you for sharing this. It motivates me to do more. Love it. 😍 😘 💕

bigdoomes 1 week ago

very reassuring that others are also mature enough to be in a relationship. gratitude to all others w self respect & others that hold a high regard for themselves.

Anaconda Savage 1 week ago


Alex Cum 1 week ago

a very interesting couple

ALEXANDRA C 1 week ago


Christy Sapphire 1 week ago

An interesting and instructive article! As a young couple, it was very interesting for us to read it!👍👍👍

EleoMish 1 week ago

❤️There are really very important words for other couples

Mari_Saldy 1 week ago


MissAnee 1 week ago

We'll done 💋💋❤

Sia Soon 1 week ago


Ninfetinhaa 1 week ago


1SuavecitO 1 week ago

He ant me https://www.pornhub.com/photo/693192471

Neighbor_boy 1 week ago


Meri-Mouse 1 week ago

I wonder who would also like to get into the pornhub blog, would like to write an article?

curiuskinkycouple 1 week ago

Congratulations on your success

Big Sexy 1 week ago

Thank you!!!!

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MissCinn 1 week ago

Nice 😘

Mei Amai 1 week ago

GREAT! I cant imagine but I love that they do what they like at all costs.All the good luck to you 💖

JilandGreg 1 week ago

Well done and well spoken. We admire so much your determination and professionalism. Best of luck

Big Sexy 1 week ago

Thanks guys!

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Thanks Jil and Greg! 😊

Carly Curvy 1 week ago

DaddynRose9994 1 week ago

Love it. Wish i had it like that haha

mytitiz 1 week ago


Fantasymilf67 1 week ago

Wow...very interesting and inspiring also. I think the concept, and reality of integrating our "civilian" life with what we do here on Pornhub, is a challenge that we all aspire to. Especially for those of us who aren't full-time models or actors. Well done Sia and Mark! 😘👍

Big Sexy 1 week ago

Thanm you fantasy milf!!!

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Thanks so much for the support❤💙💚💛💜💛💚💙❤

Curious nymphet 1 week ago

Congratulations on the videos !!! we are also a couple and we love being on pornhub !!!

RideONi95 1 week ago

That was a great interview and I learned a thing or two especially if I decide to become a couple with someone. Awesome read. Check out my page

xlkyng 1 week ago

We are waiting on our Model Citizen Moment. Hopefully it happens. If not. We still Appreciate Our Fans & day1s

Shyla Nervous 1 week ago

It is nice to see a real life couple enter this industry together and become so popular! Congratulations and continued success to you both!!! xox

Sia Soon 1 week ago

Thank you Shyla 😊

Lucy Moe 1 week ago

i like this 3

mololetka20 1 week ago


xlkyng 1 week ago

A good read.

ebonney1985 4 days ago


Franchy Lily Rose Yesterday

Aww thanks for sharing ya.

p1ncheput4 3 days ago

There was some great information in your interview thanks.

Maegash 4 days ago

Congrats, you are great! ❤❤❤

Ceekitty101 5 days ago


Quentin Nolan 5 days ago

Wow This is Great stuff. I am 26 and I have been thinking of joining the industry as well ( with my fiancée) this article is as insightful as they come. Thank you Guys.PS: Huge fan of you Guys, hope you let me Join some day.lol

WhiteMonster69 5 days ago

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LiCioUzNaztY 6 days ago

This is fucking amazing I am all down for the love and the hustle 😜

Jania62 6 days ago

I have this fat juicy pussy and daddy's BBC with no one to help me make him cum

WonderWhiteBoy 6 days ago

Hey all I’m just getting into the porn scene and looking for woman who would be interested in shooting with me! I’m 18 years young and I would love to meet you

Succubus Rayne 6 days ago

Thank you for the inspiration

Wilmsex 6 days ago


IslaCox 6 days ago

What an amazing couple! I love how down to Earth they are. Best wishes to you both on your career 💗

MoonCouple 1 week ago

When I read these interviews I understand how many people like me want to try to have a better life, through an unconventional job that doesn't suck your life like many of the traditional jobs. My boyfriend and I, when we embarked on the model program a year ago, we really wanted this: to be free. Managing our time, managing our effort to the best (and believe me working on PH requires a lot of dedication), and simply living peacefully without having to be closed 8 hours in the workplace. Did we

Cockslinger850 1 week ago

I’m trying to get my views up like you lol any pointers?

EvaAlba8 1 week ago


horse2387 1 week ago

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C h o p C h o p 1 week ago

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Harnesstors 1 week ago

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Whorestrainer 1 week ago

Thanks so much...! This is really recognizable, for you to share this really helps with our own process. Oh and you look so hot ...!

Bigboi10190 1 week ago

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MiissV 1 week ago

Loved this post! So inspirational

sexynfun 1 week ago

That was something

Bigdickbigtits4 1 week ago


Kween Bee 1 week ago

https://www.pornhub.com/model/kween-bee . We Are A Couple Also 😏

tjfendii 1 week ago

Then let me know how my videos are

Daddys girl 94 1 week ago

Come check out my videos

BehindTheFace 1 week ago

I love PornHub!

Sarah_dreams 1 week ago

guys well done good luck in your work

OHO-YEDPED 1 week ago


First_TH 1 week ago

Nice also bro 🔥🔥🔥

Endorphina_G 1 week ago

I love PornHub. Now I am not shy. here you can understand your desires and not be afraid to open up

AlphaCoupleX 1 week ago

So awesome and sweet! We started the same way 🥰

sinfire66666 1 week ago

omg sooo sexxy

Alena Ass 1 week ago


Vallery Flair 1 week ago


FoxyAleksa 1 week ago


AndroAnonym 1 week ago

I can't stand when they call male-centric stuff "gay" and female-centric stuff "straight". Yeah, if you're only referring to men. Straight women exist though. It should be split into female-centric, male centric and the both/straight stuff. It would attract more female and LGBT viewers.

Truhomie024 1 week ago


Ja Tee 1 week ago


EvaEverett 1 week ago

Great advice, we're a new amateur couple starting out so this info is like gold!

BigBlackAsianStick 1 week ago

Welcome to the family 👏🏽👏🏽💕

Penny Paillette 1 week ago

Always nice to hear about real couples and the love behind the sex !

Archer Legend 1 week ago

Excellent! You're setting a great example of confidence, control and professionalism. Thank you so much for sharing.

LosAngelesCouple 1 week ago


123sweetgirl 1 week ago


Mrs Nelson 1 week ago

Thanks for sharing guys! Much love and hope to see more articles shared like this!

Mila Lane 1 week ago

Love it! 💕💕

Natalia Kapretti 1 week ago

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Magi111 1 week ago

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Sir OG X 1 week ago

Awesome success story, keep up the good work.

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PookeyandVanity 1 week ago

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Lovely Lana 1 week ago

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FairyinLove 1 week ago

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Sia Soon 1 week ago


Anjalisingh45 1 week ago

Good solution get chance earn more money

Anjalisingh45 1 week ago

Good job

Hot Pasik 1 week ago

Nice cool

PoorLittleMom 1 week ago

We can relate! Thanks for the share! 😄

Sia Soon 1 week ago


PasionPeru 1 week ago

Perfect 🤲✌😍😍😍

CoNOverTH 1 week ago


bigspade1 1 week ago

Check us out subscribe more content coming soon https://www.pornhubpremium.com/users/bigspade1

KingDickTee96 1 week ago

I love it I want to get with some and be as happy as y'all are

TenoriTaiga 1 week ago


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