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by: Aurora Watson

As promised, we've updated our Coupon Manager tool and added in some new perks for you to utilize to help promote your content and grow your fan base!

Here’s what we’ve added:

- Ability to include specific users

- Ability to exclude specific users

- Ability to apply coupon to specific videos

- Ability to apply coupon to all videos, including future videos

- Ability to limit the total number of times the coupon can be used per person



Here's a refresher course on how to create a Coupon:

1. To get started, head over to your Model page and click on the More Stats & Tools tab. You’ll notice we’ve added a new tab here labeled Coupon Manager.

2. When you create a Coupon Name, keep in mind that you can only use letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores ( a1-_ ) and it must be at least three characters.

3. You now have the option to apply the coupon to all your videos or specific videos.

4. We've also added a Customer section  not only do you now have the option to make the coupon available to all or specific users, but you can also exclude certain users by simply typing in their name.

5. Once you fill out the discount percentage you’d like to offer, you could set the number of times the discount can be used in total and per user. You could also keep track of how many times it’s been redeemed at the bottom of the page.

6. The next step is to decide on when you’d like to start your Campaign. You have the option to select an end date and time or make it an Ongoing Campaign.

7. Once you’ve completed each step, click on Create Coupon. All your coupons will appear at the bottom of the page so you could keep track of what’s Active, Scheduled, and Expired. You can ONLY edit and delete coupons that are Scheduled, not Active.



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SecretCrush 2 weeks ago

This is so good! We have been looking forward to this feature. Now we can spoil our top fans with presents 💝 🎁

Dickhead0400 2 weeks ago

Send me something buetiful

Miss Titty 2 weeks ago

Agree, this sounds good and we can spoil our top fans. I wonder if the Snapchat Spammers will do the same...

huhuezo90 2 weeks ago

Nice good!

LosAngelesCouple 2 weeks ago

we need a fix for messages being delivered blank.. so annoying.

sadeghgh17 2 weeks ago


Teona Teo 2 weeks ago

Great news!! it will definitely be convenient for us))) thanks !!! 💝 🎁💝 🎁

Erect Dick 2 weeks ago

Good news, thanks for your efforts!

RolaKiki 2 weeks ago

Nice good

huhuezo90 2 weeks ago

yes this is very good

UNIVERVERSEX 2 weeks ago

Let's make everyone horny!

blackbradpitt815 2 weeks ago

Yes like me your biggest fan in Tempe Arizona. 💧💧

Elic Chase 2 weeks ago

Yes I have some people in mind! 🤔

meliknox 2 weeks ago

Awesome!!! I have several unused coupons. Would be nice to be able to delete expired ones to reuse the code. To celebrate the change; Here's a coupon for a free video: FreeKnoxVideo (1 coupon per user)

Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago

Can the block system be upgraded please?

PinayBoobs 2 weeks ago

yes please give us more block options

Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago

I know, but doesn't hurt to ask again.

monoLola 2 weeks ago

They’re never listening

ItxMolly 2 weeks ago

I never made use of any coupon whatsoever. Just watch my videos and go fuck yourself

Succubus Sin 2 weeks ago

I don't see myself ever using this coupon system.

FuckForeverEver 2 weeks ago


Bootydevine 2 weeks ago

Niceeee!! This is great update! I can put a specific coupon discount for a vid or customers! As well give our best costumers a great deal coupons!!! Thanks PH!!!!! Xoxo

Julie Jess 2 weeks ago


monoLola 2 weeks ago

so truee

blackbradpitt815 2 weeks ago

Not as nice as your latest video. 1🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Erect Dick 2 weeks ago

Good news, thanks for your efforts!

Covid__21 2 weeks ago

Хорошая новость!

Harlowe Blue 2 weeks ago

What an awesome update! Thank you ❤

Hidden Kitten 2 weeks ago

This is perfect! Thank you SO MUCH! Really needed this for some specific fans and supporters! 💗

Morgpie 2 weeks ago

What I've been waiting for 😭 Thank you! 💖

The BBFS CoMpany 2 weeks ago

Awesome! I applied this coupon update to my most popular content. Enjoy 50% off. Thanks PH & @Aurora Watson

Justin James 2 weeks ago

I like where you guys are going with this, it's the continuous improvement that makes the platform great. My only bugbug with it is the name lol. Seriously every time I read or hear coupon, I think of my mom clipping coupons when I was a k*d haha. I prefer "promo code" to be honest.

Filakia 2 weeks ago

“Suburban Step-Moms Meet to Coupon Clip & Lick Clits” 🤣 ... my next girl/girl video idea. Thanks!

Shekeepsuckingme 2 weeks ago


Diontrell2 2 weeks ago

Good feature I need a content partner frfr or someone to do videos with daily n run this money up

isabellamout 2 weeks ago

Yaay finally c:

Alexi Jordan 2 weeks ago

This is great! Can spoil my fans even easier! 🎁

Mia Marley 2 weeks ago

Really nice!! Great news!

Mary Margarita 2 weeks ago


RolaKiki 2 weeks ago


fap2it 2 weeks ago

Nice! The posibility to add thumbnails for video while uploading would be very useful as well.

Analeasex 2 weeks ago

Ohhhh yeees baby! Coupon and anal presents🎁🎀 for our dear fans 🍑💦🎉

TrevorWong 2 weeks ago

100% off gift give away ! use coupon 22july to unlock all my videos!

huhuezo90 2 weeks ago

Thanks Pornhub.

SexyExhibitionist 2 weeks ago

This is a great way to encourage more sales

MonSucre 2 weeks ago

Let's see how it works! Use the code COUPONS to get 20% off all my vids

CapellaHot 2 weeks ago

Good update🎁 Friends please support my profile, I recently started and try very hard ❤❤❤

SexwithMilfStella 2 weeks ago

Very cool, great new feature!

Wildkittens 2 weeks ago


My_Little_Bitch 2 weeks ago

Yeah 😍😍😍 great news ❤❤❤

Keonna Brown 2 weeks ago

To see more exclusive content subscribe to my onlyfans www.onlyfans.com/KikiBabii89

Tia Mor 2 weeks ago

Has anybody had any of their "coupons" used to purchase a video or turned in for a free video? I've made several different "coupons", and even direct messaged the code to my fans for 2 free videos, and not one "coupon" has been redeemed yet. Not even the "coupon" sent to my paying fans for 2 free videos. I know that I'm filling the form out correctly or it wouldn't let you proceed to the end. Has anybody else had this experience? Is there something else that I need to do that I've overlooked?

CumSweetRide 2 weeks ago


MissThickums28 2 weeks ago

Just a ebony bbw trying to get noticed

Filakia 2 weeks ago

To celebrate this new update, I’m giving EVERYONE a coupon for 100% off one of my videos! If you happen to like what you see, give the devil her due & subscribe for more! Coupon Code: MmmItsFilakia 💋

Filakia 2 weeks ago

Yes!!! Thank you for these helpful updates!!!

tiny_pusssy 2 weeks ago


BehindTheFace 2 weeks ago

pornhub is be shine!

Nicky-Chan 2 weeks ago

Nice, I started using it after the update 😍

Sarah_dreams 2 weeks ago

mmm, how cool)

MariLewdVi 2 weeks ago

Aw what a nice update

juan69px 2 weeks ago

some want to record videos with me

YoungGirlViktoriya 2 weeks ago

sounds good

King Kooda 2 weeks ago

Let’s do it

HeilSOSken 2 weeks ago

This is a great idea, implemented in life, it will saturate the life of models. My subscribers and just people who like my content are waiting for new contests, gifts, and all thanks to this update. Thank You Pornhub! 😘♥

TheFeetCouple 2 weeks ago

Super nice! , thank you a lot

PrincessIsabela 2 weeks ago

I'll create lots of discounts for my fans from now on, thank you Pornhub =

Theunkownshawty 2 weeks ago


sadeghgh17 2 weeks ago

Nice work

MsStacy08 2 weeks ago

Great! ❤

skter10 2 weeks ago

I agree!

danybigpen 2 weeks ago

good new sex porn

LovellyGirll 2 weeks ago

Nice improvement!!!

SuperDrogo 2 weeks ago


siktiren-melek 2 weeks ago

this is very niceeee❤

BruhXHot 2 weeks ago

That's really good. Thank you very much, this will help our business and customers.

Brooklyn Rivers 2 weeks ago

Very cool! 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🧜🏽‍♀️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gayformenxxx 2 weeks ago


Marlyx-ExtaX 2 weeks ago

Great thx

PrincessIsabela 2 weeks ago


ALEXANDRA C 2 weeks ago


ParrotGirl 2 weeks ago

Great, thanks

caribbwoy00 2 weeks ago

Oh nice ⬇Checkout my videos⬇ https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5f176de0dff2b

UnicPorn Couple 2 weeks ago

Great! So i can drink more piss for my special fans!

SmilyRose 2 weeks ago

Great news❤❤❤

1SuavecitO 2 weeks ago

Dig it

Cherry Lips 2 weeks ago

Great news 😍 Thank you pornhub

Catpaws 2 weeks ago

Oh hell yeah.

huhuezo90 2 weeks ago

i love pornhub.

huhuezo90 2 weeks ago

Thanks Pornhub, you are the best.

AdamStark96 2 weeks ago


UNIVERVERSEX 2 weeks ago

Let's make everyone horny!

Suga Daddy Zo 2 weeks ago

I’m a little confused. Does this coupon only work for paid videos or fan club as well? I have some loyal fans I would love to award a free month to my fan club

Carly Curvy 2 weeks ago


Muslimwifeyx 2 weeks ago

This is nice!! Is there any chance you could include discount coupons/gifs on fans membership? x

lovegay294 2 weeks ago


Hellboy23 2 weeks ago

Thats great news😉

Swallows babe 2 weeks ago

Good news) I like it)

Red Fox 2 weeks ago

Great NEWS! Thank!

blackbradpitt815 2 weeks ago

I hope to get some more content so I can benefit from this 🏆🏆🏆

Tionna Tease 2 weeks ago

Thank you guys again for all that you do!

MyShinyGirl 2 weeks ago

Great news!!!👍👍👍

Hunter Largo 2 weeks ago


Anna Brickhouse 2 weeks ago

Ugh finally!!

Molodipyan 2 weeks ago

Thanks ❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏

Serena Perelli 2 weeks ago

love it!

Kinky Babies 2 weeks ago

This is an amazing feature! Thank you!

twix1989 2 weeks ago

Interesting 👍

Jackmansex 2 weeks ago

C'est bon à savoir. Thanks 👍

Molodipyan 2 weeks ago

Все русские пары топ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Подписывайтесь если не сложно🐰🐰🐰

unknown 2 weeks ago


Hot Pasik 2 weeks ago

Thank you very much) very important information)

IsabellaFern 2 days ago

Just keeps getting better!

WonderWhiteBoy 6 days ago

Hey all I’m just getting into the porn scene and looking for woman who would be interested in shooting with me! I’m 18 years young and I would love to meet you

Austiniow 1 week ago

Snapchat cattierney

2joint26 1 week ago

This is so good!

prettyjahbless 1 week ago

this sounds perfect

EricRobin48066 1 week ago


handymancock 1 week ago

guys , you can watch my first video here.. es.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5eb98ada07304 dont forget to subscribe, like and comment

Kgsexcastelocash 1 week ago


Lustraf 2 weeks ago


Doris Dawn 2 weeks ago

Excellent updates, Thank you!!

mesexy75 2 weeks ago

I'm really New I'm a come back from last year but I'm down for whatever

Funkikeestudio 2 weeks ago

Me parece muy bien

Mistress Liza Bell 2 weeks ago

Perfect ! I like this, imma use it and see how this goes

dorisstar 2 weeks ago

nice advice

EvaAlba8 2 weeks ago

Hello everybody😏😘

stillswinging 2 weeks ago

Being Verified is tempting.

mami SquirtZ 2 weeks ago

pornhub.com/model/mami-squirtz Single mom cash $perseusnoah

TaylorTrap 2 weeks ago

This is a great tool

MissCinn 2 weeks ago

This is great! I really wanted to allow my Fan Club members to see my paid videos but I can't until downloads are paid.

p1ncheput4 2 weeks ago

This seems like it can be useful to help market and network. If used properly just like any bussiness it can be a great tool to get new subscribers and fans, retain old fans, promote new content, etc. Also who doesn't like to get discounts on things....

zweedz1 2 weeks ago


luis23wilson 2 weeks ago

KL awesome

Luna Rain 2 weeks ago

Thank you pornhub

Mrs Nelson 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the update...had tried to use this feature in the past and it didn't work right, but we will def. be utilizing this! *When our videos do not load right for customers that purchased our videos, I would link them a coupon code to another clip site so they could view the content, (sometimes the tech group gets swamped and customers get impatient) but now I can just keep it on the same platform and distribute codes immediately.

lionesio 2 weeks ago


cherrycandle 2 weeks ago

That’s great we can do some gift like this 😍 🎁

JuraiBell 2 weeks ago

Its very good)

tallntandude 2 weeks ago

Check out my video's and pics

LonelyMeow 2 weeks ago

My mom use coupons when buy food at the grocery .... not sure I fit for this 🤔

danybigpen 2 weeks ago

nice good sex

HerLittleSecret 2 weeks ago

Looking good, let’s test it right away.

b0yst0ys 2 weeks ago


Hattabi4ik 2 weeks ago


couplediaries 2 weeks ago

Thanks 😘

Bianca Rose 2 weeks ago

That's something for our fans to get spoiled with 💋👌

KawaiCouple 2 weeks ago

Here comes discount! :-D Thank you PH

Lana Slave 2 weeks ago

Good news for our fans!

Thereal Jackie 2 weeks ago


danielapedifeet 2 weeks ago


xlkyng 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the upgrade. We will be giving out coupons for our loyal fans and paid subscribers.

Toystest 2 weeks ago

Rename Fanclub in FunClub )

Selinaroyaty28 2 weeks ago

Pornhub is advancing and growing, this is good news indeed

Cuddle Couple 2 weeks ago

Thats nice!

jackcole_07 2 weeks ago

Hey guys ❤

MissAnee 2 weeks ago

This awesome..Anyone here who wants to join model program please DM me

JakBeast 2 weeks ago

Awsome! Been looking forward to getting this added! Great way to share some extra love with fans!

THESTARTOFUS 2 weeks ago

Omg! This is awesome! Can’t wait to have our fans enjoy this Update 😍😍😍

House Keeping 2 weeks ago

I can’t wait to fck her iiiiin the ass again

MySweetSlut 2 weeks ago

FINALLY!! ive been waiting for this feature so long 😁😁😁

Sirena Sweet 2 weeks ago

Perfect! ❤

Brazilian-Horny 2 weeks ago

WoW that's sounds good!!

UNIVERVERSEX 2 weeks ago

Amazing news, let's make everyone very horny with these coupons!

MewSlut 2 weeks ago

Nice! thank you so much

Pia Sigla 2 weeks ago

Nice improve improve. Kudos to PORNHUB

Ella Bolt 2 weeks ago

Great job PornHub xx

Level3m 2 weeks ago

Come see my films and pics

NymphoandtheBeast 2 weeks ago

cool. who wants coupons!!!! i will try to get everyone who wants one

Sex architect 2 weeks ago

What good is that gonna do every month same winners anyway

Empress876 2 weeks ago

nice....this will come in handy

Estrellas19 2 weeks ago

Great news! ❤

MissTease 2 weeks ago

Looks exciting! X

Ferrarifire 2 weeks ago


Covid Couple 2 weeks ago

Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

WetCherry 2 weeks ago

That's awesome

MiraDavid 2 weeks ago

thats nice

BRdelete 2 weeks ago

Nice♥♥♥ i'll apply this soon, thx pornhub♥

XOMILFDILF 2 weeks ago


HotAndNastyCouple 2 weeks ago

good news

Maggie Diaries 2 weeks ago

Thanks 🙂♥

NinaParker 2 weeks ago

This is great. Pornhub is definitely changing our lives ❤❤❤

India Summers 2 weeks ago

Yes! I love the idea of gifting loyal fans with big discounts!! 🥰

Garylayo 2 weeks ago


Joe LiL Fountain 2 weeks ago


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