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by: Aurora Watson

One of the main perks about the Model Program is that you get to decide which videos you want to upload and how you want to monetize them! Whether you want to make your video free-to-stream, pay-to-download, for-sale, or Premium, there’s always a way to make moolah from it.

Here’s a Crash Course on all the different ways you can earn money from Pornhub's Model Program

  1. Videos Free to Stream on Pornhub – Ad Reveue

If you make your video available to stream for free on Pornhub, we pay you 80%+ of the ad revenue that your video earns based on views. The ad rate is based on the performance of the ads around your video (like clicks and sales). The average rate per 1000 views for 2019 was $0.60.

  1. Videos Free to Stream PLUS Option to Download – Ad Revenue and % of Sales

If you decided to make your video free to stream on Pornhub and earn from ad revenue, you also have the option to add a price users have to pay to download your video. They can pay to download the video on both Pornhub and Modelhub. You set the price and get 65% of each sale (80% minus 15% processing fee).

  1. Videos for Sale on Modelhub - % of Sales

If your video is set as for sale under "privacy" during the upload process, users must purchase your video in order to watch and download it, both on Pornhub under your paid videos and Modelhub. You set the price and get 65% of each sale (80% minus 15% processing fee).

  1. Videos for Sale on Modelhub AND on Pornhub Premium - % of Sales and Viewshare RPM

On top of selling your video on Pornhub and Modelhub and making 65% of each sale, you could also make it available to stream for free on Pornhub Premium to members only. The average RPM in 2019 was $35.58 per 1000 views. Premium members also have the option to download your video, but at a price that you set, and you’ll earn 65% of sales.

  1. Fan Club on Modelhub

If you decide to enable your Fan Club, you choose what to include, from videos to photos to prioritized messaging to discounts and so much more. These extras would only be available to your Fan Club members who are paying the monthly membership that you set. It can be anywhere between $0.99 and $99 a month, and you get 80% of all your Fan Club subscription revenue. Click here on how to set it up. 

  1. Custom Videos on Modelhub

You can also allow fans to make custom video requests and like other video sales on Modelhub, keep 65% of the revenue (80% minus 15% processing fee). Once again, you choose what you want to include in the video and how much you want to charge for every single detail from the quality to the acts to the clothes to the length. Click here on how to set it up. 

  1. Tips on Pornhub and Modelhub

Once you sign up for the Pornhub Model Program, there will be a big tip button on both your Pornhub and Modelhub profile pages. So be sure to encourage your fans to tip you ⁠— you get to keep 80% of your tips (95% - 15% processing fee). You won’t see the tip button on your own account when you’re logged in, but users will!


Video Trailers for For-Sale Videos

One way to encourage viewers to check out and buy your for-sale videos is to give them a tease and upload a trailer. So when someone views the trailer you’ve set up, an ad for the full-length video will appear underneath. Viewers can then click on it and be redirected to the for-sale version. Since the trailer will be treated like a free-to-stream video, you'll earn ad revenue on it, however, you’ll make up to 30% less on this specific trailer video because we’ll be giving you a space to advertise your for-sale video. Click here for more info on trailers.


How to Earn an Extra 5%

If you decide to opt-in for Exclusivity, on top of benefiting from our fully-automated copyright protection service, we also offer a 5% payout increase for your free-to-stream videos on Pornhub. Click here for more info on Exclusivity.

Note: You must own the exclusive copyright of your content in order to opt in.


Promote your Content with a Coupon Campaign

One way you could boost your views and grow your fan base is to create your own campaign, promote it on your social channels, and offer fans a discount. Under your Coupon Manager tab, you can create a name, decide on the discount you want to offer and the number of times it can used, and select your start and end date or whether you want it to be ongoing. This is a great tool to use to encourage users to check out your page. We’ll also be adding more coupon tools and features in the future, so stay tuned and click here for more details on how to set it up!


For more info on the Model Program and earnings, check out our Help Center.

You could also check out our Crash Course on all the Model Program feature here.


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NICOLExBRUCE 10 months ago

I don't feel like this is useful for me I already know everything stated in the post ... Why don't you describe in detail how videos get featured? Or why the fuck I see still the same videos on homepage?

squir7een 10 months ago

It’s a puzzle for all users)))

Alena Ass 10 months ago

I understand that there should only be luck!

squir7een 10 months ago

The only thing that worries most is the algorithm that selects the video for the site’s home page. I understand the creativity of all users of this site, but sometimes it is offensive to see users who haven’t been on this site for months fall into the top.Many people give this site years of time,a lot of money, nerves and power but the site still doesn’t give them a chance to show up on the main page.This injustice makes me very angry and disappointing :-(((

DADDY ORGASM 9 months ago

I keep saying x videos pay more, if pornhub had the same system as x videos i would be paid. i never see good money with pornhub. why i need to sell videos just to make money on here.....you get money from just videos on x videos, dont even have to sell any videos at all.

XOMILFDILF 10 months ago

I agree! it was quite discouraging

XOMILFDILF 10 months ago

I agree! it was quite discouraging

Succubus Sin 10 months ago

First comment~ Thank you for all you do PornHub; but do you think you could fix the block feature and stop all the community feed spammers~

PrecumX 10 months ago

Pornhub, please fix the GIF generator, it's automatically deleting the gifs after few minutes after creation.

Just_BigAss 10 months ago

realy !!

Succubus Sin 10 months ago

Yikes can’t delete my content you exported on other sites.

Succubus Sin 10 months ago

PornHub could you also let uploaders know their content is exported to other sites....where we get more views and traffic, but no money or view credit towards our PornHub. Just looked at your sister site with my videos and found I have more views there, but I’ve received 0 PornHub views or money for them....

Alex Cum 10 months ago

it smells money money money money money

Succubus Sin 10 months ago

Sorry to hear that : ( The spammers are ruining it for everyone.

Latinlovesex 10 months ago

That's rigth all the time they are blocking my videos ):

Succubus Sin 10 months ago

That’s nice. Got anything helpful to add?

UnicPorn Couple 10 months ago

I love being watched while I take the dick, no matter how I make money.

Succubus Sin 10 months ago

Is it true our content is downloadable for free on your sister sites??

Succubus Sin 10 months ago

Yeah, it’s a powerless feeling.

MissCinn 10 months ago

Yes! I tried to block a spammer because I don't want to see it but it didn't work.

Succubus Sin 10 months ago

Exactly who I had in mind Miss Titty.

Succubus Sin 10 months ago

Also, improving the featuring system or giving us more tips on how to be featured would be great. Certain tags are more likely to be featured than others?

unknown 10 months ago


young_strawberry 10 months ago

I know that my videos are not the best, they are probably not even close to the avarage of the good videos on the site, but i notice everyday videos from unknown ussers with couple of thousend views to be feautured. Which is very demotivating. Everything else is great

Alena Ass 10 months ago

We also want to get millions of views!

Mars_X 10 months ago

I've invested 3,000 dollars to shoot porn with pornstars and 4 months later, my earnings are 30 dollars. Maybe I'll get my money back ** y***s from now lol. The number of views are a joke, really. It's just good for amateur couples who can shoot for free.

FinDom Goaldigger 10 months ago

I am new in porn/model hub. But in my paysires for 1 month I earn more than 30$. I not shoot porno or even nude. Just dance, tease and fetish content. I do all videos on Chinese cheap phone. Maybe you have problem in marketing. You give all for free, not try sell videos.

Them Fucking Swedes 10 months ago

Correction, it's only good for 1% of the amateurs ph chose to feature. For the rest of us it's slim pickin' when it comes to views.

TheMacedonia 10 months ago

Better page of internet 😍

Alena Ass 10 months ago

The best users on the net!

UnicPorn Couple 10 months ago

I love being watched while I take the dick, no matter how I make money.

AndroAnonym 10 months ago

Hi guys. I'm not a model but let me hit ya'll with a truth bomb from the analysis of an outsider (FRESH PAIR OF EYES). Not all of you are going to make a lot, or even a little money. Any person that decided to become a model here isn't just automatically going to be a success. You have to hit a gap in the market in order to be so. A highly desire market that isn't being fulfilled. This could mean anything from you looks, image, design, or even hitting a psychological or emotional chord with you

AndroAnonym 9 months ago

By "model", I mean, lookwise, of course.

AndroAnonym 9 months ago

@daddy orgasm you'd have to fork out for models to be the stars. So I don't recommend that one.

AndroAnonym 9 months ago

@daddy orgasm I didn't suggest you had to be a model. The opposite in fact, but you have to find your market. As a male, you have three options; attract gay male audiences (what most males tend to do because it is easiest, yet their a small demographic), attract female viewers (harder because female sexuality is misunderstood but profitable because they make up 50% of the market and are currently a VERY untapped force), or appeal to straight male (very oversaturated market and.. cont..

DADDY ORGASM 9 months ago

i'm fat and not exactly a sex symbol, so explain why i make more on x videos than pornhub....the answer is the system pornhub use sucks. It has nothing to do with looks. If you actully watch porn you will see not all porn is good, but they do gain views. i have videos on pornhub that i have on x videos, but on x videos i have 50 times more views and pay. its the system not the person. Your math is way off my friend. I wish i was wrong but these are hard facts.

Empress Katanya 10 months ago

uploading a trailer is a disadvantage then? if you dont get a sale you lose 30% of ad revenue that was already 0.60? Its better to just make a long and short version and do 2 uploads One free and short The Other long and paid

teenyweeny123 10 months ago

Would you guys ever consider doing a % revenue share of newly referred model accounts vs a $50 bounty? I think it will incentivize current models to aggressively recruit new members as well as become a very appealing offer for affiliate marketers to push. Seems like the entire internet is currently talking about "onlyfans" as the main selling platform. A rev share model is such an appealing offer it could motivate people to shift the entire internet and allow PH to completely dominate the space

Succubus Sin 10 months ago

True. It’s the reason why I’ve been considering OnlyFans as well.

Yoni Koko 10 months ago

Thanks for sharing, I’m aware of most of these methods but what I would like is access to more statistics and algorithms of how to get featured or where sudden jump in traffic are coming from. Would be great to have something like google analytics be integrated into this platform or at least more data available to us. Thanks!! (;

horny69rabbits 10 months ago

What am I doing wrong? Why do I have no income with redtube, Youporn and tube8? And why hasn't the support service responded to me for several weeks?(((((((((((

Pornhub Nat 10 months ago

Since those three sites are much smaller they transfer only a few hundred videos a day and it depends on the category they need. Some people will not see any transfer over to them for months. It's just a bit of luck and continuing to produce 1080p minimum content that is longer.

horny69rabbits 10 months ago

I have a premium video that hasn't been generating revenue for a month. Under the video it says that I should contact the support service but they have not responded for a month

Escape4u 10 months ago

We have emailed three times about this over the past couple months to no avail. We don’t understand either. We keep getting a blanketed statement stating it takes time to upload and can only do ao many uploads per day or something like that. We are not understanding why it’s taking so long....

Mikeyy D 10 months ago

I need to know the same thing smh

Brittney Pleaz 10 months ago

These are Great OPTIONS!!!!! The CORE of why we are here is to choose what we want to do with OUR videos/pics. Otherwise you would find OUR videos only in our dresser drawers. Great platform to display ourselves how we want to. We (Brittney Pleaz) knew the OPTIONS from the beginning, but the hard part is what to do next and when to do it. With going PH Premium, WE can see the performance of our videos in different arenas. The best part is seeing the affects of OUR decisions, and then adjusting.

babyygirlx 10 months ago


SlugsOfCumGuy 10 months ago

I tried for months to make it on YouTube, feeling p******d by them at every turn. Decided to get my cock out on Pornhub instead, and it was almost an overnight success! Thanks Pornhub! x

Teona Teo 10 months ago

Thank you for the important information, it is very useful to us, PornHub you are great!)

GingerrPeach 10 months ago

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. It’s taken me 3 months to make $50 dollars lol. I post regularly, engage w subscribers, I’ve done everything mentioned in here but people don’t want to tip, don’t want to buy custom and aren’t buying for sale 👀👀👀 I had a flip out moment and deleted all my videos for about 3 weeks but I’m almost back up to 5k views in less than a month and I’m over 1k subscribers. How are you guys/gals making money?!??

Sweetie_Fox 10 months ago

Pornhub change my life for the best! Thank you! 😘😘😘😘😘

Escape4u 10 months ago

Question....Hubby and I were considering setting up an OnlyFans account as well...we opted out of PH owning our material for exchange of higher pay rate...so since they don’t own our content....can’t we upload our same stuff to other sites such as OnlyFans??

Jizzabelle Trash 10 months ago

as far as i know, if you click 'exclusive' you can upload any of your vids to premium (pay per view) sites but not free sites.

Hottie2Naughty 10 months ago


hotcouplekink 10 months ago

Thanks 😊

UnicPorn Couple 10 months ago

I love being watched while I take the dick, no matter how I make money.

MyShinyGirl 10 months ago

Pornhub as always well done, everything is clear and understandable. I think it’s cool for young channels to write an article on how to work with tags and titles in order to attract more attention to your content. Thanks 😊

Sziopnb 10 months ago

I want my dick suck

OliviaBelle 10 months ago

Very useful information for me, since I'm just starting posting videos Thanks!

TreFreakyAss 10 months ago

I need more subs & adds I will sub back & I need more openly sexual females looking for some good dick that I can record

unknown 10 months ago

This is the best article! Many beginners will be useful! Thank you very much!❤😘🎂☺

Kyle Chaos 10 months ago

How long have some of you been monetized? It used to be way easier to just let Pornhub users make the algorithm go around. Views seemed higher for original content providers 4 or ** y***s ago. Not saying it's over-saturated, but I think many people are misled into believing we have much of a say as to what a company does when we upload our videos to their company. Having your videos put out on Pornhub network sites shouldn't be a problem. It's still generating your traffic

Brittney Pleaz 10 months ago


Black Donkey Dick 10 months ago

Awesome thanks 😊

noexcusegirl 10 months ago

Thanks for the information xx

Katya Shien 10 months ago

Thank you for informing and explaining everything in a very accessible and clear way

smuttmuffin78 10 months ago

Your lucky if they even send you your check!!!!!

TaylorTrap 10 months ago

Thanks for the info!

unknown 10 months ago

There are really many ways you can make money! I use all) Forgot to write about the recommendation for another model - this will bring you $50

Just_BigAss 10 months ago

Nice informations ! thanks PH )

CreamPinay69 10 months ago

Thanks for the reminder. This is very informative. Love yah Pornhub. 😘 😍 💕

HeilSOSken 10 months ago


Alex Cum 10 months ago

I had no idea about the coupons, it seems to me a good way to increase visits

Book Pirate 10 months ago

Still not making enough $ xD

unknown 10 months ago

We appreciate the help ❤

MissCinn 10 months ago

I'm intrigued about these trailers.

Amat3urFitCoupl3 10 months ago

This is really good information for us newbies, Good luck to everyone ❤️

unknown 10 months ago

Thank you! My numbers are good but hoping to get some new material up soon and do even better

RoleplaysCouples 10 months ago

Let's make the best category - AMATEUR! May it be forever! And thank you PORN HUB for this opportunity to share our hot moments of sex life!

Dorica24 10 months ago

stupid and sensual money

SexyAnomi 10 months ago

What's up with Paxum? Some sites stop working with him. Problems with the bank with which they worked.

Carly Curvy 10 months ago

Great info

Are Jaye 10 months ago

Hot tranny with massive loads here!! Feel free to indulge

ConchShack420 10 months ago

Thanks babe a lot for that. Learned some things I didn’t know

Azusss 3 months ago

@pornhub I am a Indian male pornstar but I never received any cheque in my address I mentioned to my PornHub ac

Sophia Rock 4 months ago

Very helpful thanks

MellB2911 7 months ago

Such a shame algorithms working Great only on new models. You make a little bit break just because you have some more important things to do and 💥 . Your vids can’t even reach 1000 views or takes forever. Sad 😞

WestCoastCnx 8 months ago

This is super helpful for someone who is only just trying to get started. It would be awesome to have a mentor or mentors. As a gay man living a bit of a double life I'm never sure where to go to ask for help or tips or to be shown the ropes.

Kinky_swap 8 months ago

Great posting and super informative.

unknown 9 months ago

Nem valaszolt az uzeneteimre es Meg se nezte.... ilyenkor hol lehet panaszt tenni?! Rajtam huznak hasznot es semmit se tehetek ellene...

unknown 9 months ago

Kedves Pornhub Szerkesztoseg! Engem atvertek, ugyanis Lara Kiss nevu munktarsuk Jo ideje nelkulem uzemelteti az oldalam az én kifejezett keresem ellenére. Nem beszelve arrol h a videoim utan semmi penzt nem kaptam, most latom h kettot Meg is vett valaki... Kerdem en, ez nem a szemelyisegi jogokkal valo visszaeles?! Alairattatott velem egy papirt a rendezo amirol azt mondta h ez egy alkalmi szerzodes es utana meg fennt vtam egy darabig az oldalon penzt remelve de Lara Kisst azota sem tudom ele

skter10 9 months ago

I agree!

bonnieclyde3 9 months ago

Hi I'm new to porn hub kinda lol .. and I really don't know how to use it

DADDY ORGASM 9 months ago

Pornhub is great but the issue is the system. you want people to hustle content and sell other s**t, but our videos should be doing well too. Thats your job as a site to hustle that end of the deal for us little people. Just for once please eplain why we get paid so little and get so little views compared to x videos. Thats all im asking, your next forum should be explaining this issue, not telling us to work harder knowing its a dead end.

DADDY ORGASM 9 months ago

I'm so sick and tired of Pornhub trying to pimp us out. We work hard and its not like they dont see my comments. FIX YOUR SYSTEM AND PAY US CORRECTLY!!!! The views are TRASH...You keep the same videos and performers in the spot light every day. Can we get some shine??? I posted a video here and the same video on x videos. How come the video here only has 500 views but on x videos i got 10,000 views in 4 days?? Maybe your company isn't playing our videos in other countries.

supa_freaks 9 months ago

Hello pornhub 🥰

xhalfangelx 10 months ago

Thank you for this post 3

unknown 10 months ago

Very informative and please keep posts like this coming!!!

caseyjones0808 10 months ago

Is the 1000 views per video or it's for tue entirety of the views you have for all of your videos?

cumslopp 10 months ago

Loving the options

dmonstahh 10 months ago

Pornhub Please Subscribe , 😈https://www.pornhub.com/model/dmonstahh

Hummer001 10 months ago

Why can't I upload video's.

Likajoi 10 months ago


Bianca Bangs 10 months ago

Thanks for laying this all out in a clear and concise post. - Bianca 😘 https://www.pornhub.com/model/bianca-bangs

kinkycouple199969 10 months ago

Thank you for the tips

Tionna Tease 10 months ago

thank you.

Southern_Cumfort 10 months ago

Awesome thank you! Are we allowed to cross promote to our live cam site?

FinDom Goaldigger 10 months ago

Thanks. Very motivation system for earning money. Your program is more more better than You Tube. And on YouTube my videos banned or age restrcted. I don't know why.

Fer louuu 10 months ago

Hola soy new

Sweetfeet03 10 months ago

I am new, I thank you for belonging and I tell everyone that they are incredible, I would like more subscribers, please help me, if I reach 150 subscribers I will be encouraged and upload my first video😔❤ https://es.pornhub.com/model/sweetfeet03

BoneyardBoy 10 months ago

I was aware of most of this since I got started in October but I'm finding it really difficult to build a fanbase using only pornhub. It's hard to enter contests because I can't see anything about them until they're over most of the time and I would really like more ways to actually participate and keep everything here.

rl_2020 10 months ago


btsxxx 10 months ago

Thank you for the tips!

KinkyPrimals 10 months ago

This is fantastic! Thank you!

Brawster Nyc 10 months ago

Yes from new york

unknown 10 months ago

so cool ty ❣pornhub

Adytzaeu1 10 months ago


MissNikkiSex 10 months ago

Like share and subscr To my channel ! You won’t be disappointed 🍆👅💦

BreeWonders 10 months ago

Sexy alert 🚨 check out the link in my bio gorgeous 🔥💯❤️

BrenDiQ 10 months ago

Have you seen my Video(s) yet?

Tiny pussy 10 months ago

I have a question if we just upload here ir we can upload wit same acc in pages like youporn tube8 redtube I see thats page on pornhub model payments

nebelwan 10 months ago

Those rates though 😬

Pstone808 10 months ago

Awesome post, this info helps a ton!!!

Fetishss 10 months ago


Fetishss 10 months ago

pathetic totalmete,1000 views and the Ad revenue returns $0.60 .. YEAH

Fetishss 10 months ago

1000 views and the Ad revenue returns $0.60 ,1000 views and the Ad revenue returns $0.60 ... This beyond pathetic .pathetic totalmete

KingOfCreampies 10 months ago

That's $600 for a million views. I'll take it!

Likajoi 10 months ago


KingThelo 10 months ago

Great to know thank you !!

Corybbc00 10 months ago

The drizzle and Trixie story it's about two friends who fall in love with a broad future ahead of them with twists and turns on there way of living. There is a Sacramento ironic plots Wake up it's time to go to school guess who gets up and he brushes his teeth watches his face and he press he is to leave out the door to have a successful future and education on the way he meets up with his walking buddy foolio, folio knows that dizzle is just a upper-class k*d who is dad is going to support h

deefunstartshere 10 months ago

Surely with the growing success of the platform over such a prolonged period now performers should be better rewarded... particularly amateur models that generate a lot of your traffic it appears and are certainly more innovative in their contributions

PrincessIsabela 10 months ago

love you Pornhub ^^

spicybbclive 10 months ago

Pornhub is the leader in the industry the others just don’t add up to the resources pornhub offers thanks PH

onehourcouple 10 months ago

Cool! We'll use the coupon feature for a Independence Day sale on our videos!

asg01 10 months ago


alfabetico80 10 months ago

hello boys and girls, beautiful and ugly. I'd like to work in the Hard, and collaborate with a porn actress ...

Otf Monk 10 months ago

This is wonderful ❤

LadycreamyPr 10 months ago

i need help

rasiya0079 10 months ago

I try many time. But they rejected.. i think this not work in india

GoddessRosie 10 months ago

Thank you for this informative post!

MySpareRoom 10 months ago

Thanks, support for newbies is alway appreciated

Alena Ass 10 months ago

It’s great that we can earn by doing what we like!

unknown 10 months ago

Excellent! :-)

young_strawberry 10 months ago

Everything is great but also would be nice if the videos from PH transfer automatically to the other sites faster. I have 40 videos on PH and just 10 was transfered to YP for a whole year. Sadly i make more money from Ad rev from YP then PH. I just can't understand the algoritum who choose which videos to be feautured.

unknown 10 months ago

of course

MissTease 10 months ago

Very useful info now to film more videos!! Xx

awquitesy 10 months ago

Awesome Article! Very insightful and useful information. Thank you so very much for sharing.

Candy Maze 10 months ago

Thanks for all this precious information

Melownee 10 months ago

I want to be a model but the verification is taking so long 😭😭😭

MikeSpyAndLadyPink 10 months ago

Let’s go to the movies 🔥

shyazngirl 10 months ago

woohoo that's so cool. I'll definitely check all these out. help me out!! I just need 50 more subscribers to hit my next badge

KingOfCreampies 10 months ago

Subscribed! Good luck!

Miss Ania 10 months ago

Thank u PH 😍

GoldenTeen 10 months ago

It is very interesting article for beginners

James Felps 10 months ago


Anna Stayshon 10 months ago


unknown 10 months ago

Thanks for the info. We're at $12 lol

Empress Katanya 10 months ago

You guys have to do Better on that AD Revenue 0.60 per 1000 Views and we dont even get 100% so its about 0.55?

melvanluckey 10 months ago

I make porn reaction videos. Can these videos be monetized somehow? If not no biggie. SMACK GANG

MrRellXxl 10 months ago

So since xvids pays more, should I start an platform on there and split my content between both sites? Really just looking for the pros and cons between both sites and where I can maximize my rev but also keep control of my content.

Double Eva 10 months ago

We will try our best,,😀😘

Fetishss 10 months ago


TheVyxx 10 months ago

Good tips

Parisbenz 10 months ago

Visit my page for the videos you’ve ever seen!

Brittany Vain 10 months ago

Check out my page! 💋

ArtLabHD 10 months ago

Thats right!

horgan2 10 months ago

I'm new here

CASALSOLELUA 10 months ago

Oi amigos ! Dão uma passadinha no meu perfil. Muito vídeo amador real Brasil 😗

Mya_Rick 10 months ago

Great info and now I’ll become nastier

babiqueen 10 months ago

Helpful information, can’t sanity to get featured and start my own fan club 😏😛😛 Thanks pornhub ❤

Mikeyy D 10 months ago

Is anyone getting paid any descent amount of money for their content?

Jizzabelle Trash 10 months ago

wouldnt say decent money.. but currently earning approx - $400 p/m

Escape4u 10 months ago

Very informative article! Thank you PornHub!!🧡🖤💋

hotredheelgirl 10 months ago

Is this real that we get payed for this ?

kokotoranta 10 months ago

Good info! thanks ;D

CasalAventura 10 months ago

Great tips!!! Thanks PH team!!!

Mary Celeste 10 months ago

Thank you so much Pornhub! I'm really having a good time in here

Dirty Marie 10 months ago

I’m using Pornhub correctly from reading this and we’re making $$ and doing what we love to do!😈😈 We both love 💕Pornhub 💕 Thank you for running such a great site!😘

couplediaries 10 months ago

That's goood we are a new couple here and we need that article ❤

MelanieQuezon 10 months ago

Thank you

German Sex 10 months ago

Thanks for this great blog article! We love it here on PornHub. 🍆 We have a lot if fun! ❤

PinayLadyboy 10 months ago

Getting laid + getting paid. 😍

KingOfCreampies 10 months ago

Where is the option to stream on pornhub premium? Also a question for experienced models.. have you had videos that were getting stable amounts of views and then they just drop off? Last Thursday we had 4 or 5 videos that went from 3 to 6k views a day to half that on each video. Just a massive drop with no real rhyme or reason.

Jizzabelle Trash 10 months ago

yes... same here

Cocksmithcmr 10 months ago

Thanks for the opportunities pornhub ❤

unknown 10 months ago

thanks for the great post, love it here . I just miss a bit a traffic Option for newer models that we can promote here ourself, but so far its okay

cumslut469 10 months ago

Thanks, Pornhub! 🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡🖤🧡

Hot Lanka 10 months ago


Ashley Bay 10 months ago

Thanks! Good to know 😁

Kyutty 10 months ago

Such a good post for new models!! ^^ Thank you!!♥♥

richtrb 10 months ago

Also stop underagers !!!

Kang Kong 10 months ago

Hey everyone I am new here please check my content and give input we upload custom content as well for 10$ per 10mins

Sweetykatty 10 months ago

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